Angela Newton Roy Photography

Angela Newton Roy Photography


Angela, you are such a talent. Thank you for everything. I am over the moon with my photos and whole experience! xoxoxo

Specializing in Interiors Photography, Newborn & Family Photography, and Brand Photography. I shoot medium-format film for newborn/family work and hold an MFA in Interior Design

An iPhone snap from from a day where I stopped, looked up, forgot about what’s going on for a minute, and said hello to Spring.

#anrpinteriors⁣ | Let the light in. ✨Dining views from a recent shoot with @ahickmandesign. Love the light and color palette! ⁣⁣
Design:⁣⁣ @ahickmandesign
Photography: @angelanewtonroyphotography

#anrpfamilies | This precious baby girl isn’t so little anymore, but her mama is still just as beautiful! (And I still love this picture so much). Film: @richardphotolab @filmsupplyclub #contax645

@shotgundouble gave her clients the perfect work-from-home space in this beautiful Alexandria home office. One of my favorite parts of the design is actually hidden! It’s the hidden radiator in the left side of the cabinet and the hidden printer on the right. Lindsay’s design capabilities with custom cabinetry and millwork always blow me away with every space of hers I photograph! 🙌🏻👏🏻⁣

Design: @shotgundouble
Photography: @angelanewtonroyphotography

#anrpinteriors | Did you set the table for an elaborate holiday dinner last night, or keep it casual like I did? Either way I could definitely linger in this beautiful Del Ray, Alexandria space, designed by the lovely @shotgundouble.⁣

Design: ⁣@shotgundouble
Photography: @angelanewtonroyphotography @ Del Ray, Alexandria

#anrpinteriors | Give me a beautiful office space like this and I might just make “work from home Saturdays” a thing. ⁣

Designed by the ever so talented @pennointeriors (and Queen of custom window treatments!) @ McLean, Virginia

I’m missing being at our church today, but I’m thankful that no matter where we are or what is going on in our world, the message of Easter is still the same. The HOPE is still the same. The LOVE is still the same. The REDEMPTION is still the same. The VICTORY is still the same. Happy Easter everyone! Film: @richardphotolab

#anrpinteriors | In the spirit of something we are all doing very often, I heard there was a hashtag for #prettyplacetowashyourhands and I will admit, when you are in a gorgeous space like this it does make it more fun! I had to share the recently photographed stunner designed by @shotgundouble. Staring at that wallpaper would easily make me wash for way more than two rounds of “Happy Birthday to You” 😂 Swipe right to see the full-frame shot! @ Del Ray, Alexandria

#anrpinteriors | I don’t mind foggy, rainy weather like we’ve been having this week if I’ve got a space as cozy and beautiful as this! Collected art, interesting books, and warm tones - give me a coffee or 3 and I’ll gladly stay all day! 😉 ⁣

Beautiful vignette design by @alison_giese
Photography: @angelanewtonroyphotography @ Burke, Virginia

#anrpfamilies | Monday’s made better with baby snuggles and love. 💕 Film: @richardphotolab @filmsupplyclub #contax645 #kodakportra400

#anrpinteriors | I saw a meme recently that said “my weekend is going to be lit. And by lit I mean full of youth sports and grocery store runs”. And while that may normally be true, tonight we are actually getting dolled up and heading to the @chanceforlifedc charity event in DC! Looking forward to a fun night benefiting a GREAT cause! (And to #parentsnightout!)

#anrpbrands | Wrapped a fun @districtloom for @anthropologie product shoot today and loved seeing all of her new beauties that will be listed on @anthropologie’s website soon! So hard to not want to keep them all!

#anrpinteriors | Had a fun product shoot this morning with the talented lady behind this beautiful office, @alison_giese! I loved our chat just as much as shooting her beautiful wares. If you love beautiful mood boards, great design, health & lifestyle tips, with a dash of Texas pizzaz and a mean green thumb, you should be following her!!

#anrpbrands | With Monday being a holiday and being out of the office last week, this picture is an actual depiction of what my week feels like so far - whizzing by faster than I realize! I’m looking forward to two fun product shoots this week too. First up is @alison_giese tomorrow, followed by @districtloom for Anthropologie on Thursday. It will be Saturday before we all know it!

#anrpinteriors | In case you need another reason to love black doors and windows, I present to you these beauties by @alison_giese! They make the space POP and I love how they perfectly tie in the black and darker neutral tones within this space. As a designer, Alison has been known to say that “black is the eyeliner of the room” and if my eyeliner looked this good, I’d never wash it off! 🤣 @ Burke, Virginia

Happy Monday! This is the lovely @arlenepenrosedesigns , another talented Designer you should be following if you like fresh, unique, and functional design! She is based in the Bethesda/DC area and is both an Interior Designer and LEED AP. She infuses effortless sophistication into both the residential and commercial spaces she creates for her clients. Her work spans the US and International markets, with projects as far reaching as Dubai, France, and Italy! She’s warm, fun, and committed to her clients, and is perpetually inspired by travel, fashion, and the beauty she sees around her. With a degree in Interior Architecture and a true understanding of both function and aesthetic, she creates spaces that speak to her clients individuality and appreciation for good design! #anrpdesignersilove #anrpinteriors #anrpbrands @ Bethesda, Maryland

#anrpinteriors | What are your Sunday traditions? Do you get together consistently with family or friends for a meal? Do you stay in bed a little longer to snuggle? Go to church? Catch up on favorite shows? I’ve always envisioned having a nice, cozy breakfast nook like this and having family and friends over for a meal when possible, especially as our kids get older. S L O W I N G down and savoring time together. That sounds like the perfect Sunday to me (add football and/or smoking meat of any variety for my husband and he’d agree 😂). ⁣

Design: @shannonclaire ⁣
Home: @vickytheodorou_ ⁣
Photographed for @frontporchlivingmagazine ⁣

Out of office. 🏝 Soaking up the last hours of an amazing time in St. John for my hubby’s birthday and feeling all the gratitude for a wonderful, super fun, issue free trip. I feel like especially when you have kids it can feel like a series of small miracles that have to occur to leave them and have a good trip and have all go well. It was better than we could have dreamed up and the perfect way to welcome Rob into the next decade! Happy place, happy people, happy times. 🙏🏼☀️

#anrpbrands | A little #thoughtthursday from the great Virginia Woolf - “The great revelation perhaps never did come. Instead there were daily little miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark.”

Light, layering, and a beautiful vintage rug from @districtloom! Loved this vignette and resulting image from our product shoot. ⁣

Brand: @districtloom ⁣
Styling: @wld_wst
Photography: @angelanewtonroyphotography ⁣
#anrpbrands #anrpinteriors

Childhood. ❤️⁣⁣
(Also titled: ⁣⁣
‘Sunday Funday‘⁣⁣
‘I love film so much‘, ⁣⁣
and ⁣⁣
‘Getting me excited for summer in 120 days...but who’s counting’ 🤣)⁣ @lindseyfrankdesign

Film: @richardphotolab @filmsupplyclub #contax645 #portra400 #anrpfamilies #richardphotolab

#anrpinteriors | This beautiful custom home by Architect Mark Sullenberger is stunning on the outside and has some GORGEOUS interior design by @rebeccapenno unfolding on the inside. With her eye for detail and ability to design unique spaces that speak to her clients, it’s going to be such a special home! Loved photographing the exterior ans can’t wait to tell the full story once the interior is complete! #architecturephotography #customhome

Want to hear about transitioning from one photography industry to another, specifically weddings to interiors and architecture? And a little on how the two industries are very different? I was recently interviewed by @jainekershner on her ‘Tea with Jainé’ podcast, where I talk about transitioning from the wedding photography industry to photographing interiors and architecture! How I made the decision (and pushed past resistance), why I chose interiors photography, and some tips on how to shoot interiors! Click the link in my bio to take a listen and thanks for having me, Jainé!!

#anrpbrands | I recently photographed this gorgeous rug, Harlow, for @districtloom during her brand and product shoot, and I was SO tempting to take this beauty home with me! She’s currently still available and on sale! You can find her (and bring her home with 15% off!!) on @districtloom’s website!

Not only does @nizucresort have beautiful beaches and tasty margaritas, but even the shadows there are pretty special! 😍 #anrpinteriors @ NIZUC Resort & Spa

Not only does @nizucresort have beautiful beaches and tasty margaritas, but even the shadows there are pretty special! 😍 #anrpinteriors @ NIZUC Resort & Spa

We didn’t get this much snow today, but we did wake up to a little dusting and a little guy sneaking in our room this morning saying “you’ll never believe it, there’s snow on the ground!” Love their excitement over the little things. Here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend! #contax645 #ishootfilm

#anrpinteriors | I see so many beautiful spaces as an interiors photographer, and this is one I could just plop down into my own home. @alison_giese’s office is so gorgeous and inspiring! The wallpaper, the color palette, the mix of textures, woods, and metal finishes. It’s the perfect place to be inspired and to create in for her clients! (Swipe right to see the uncropped version) @ Burke, Virginia

#anrpinteriors | This is the fabulous Lindsay of @shotgundouble, another #anrpdesignersilove! From the moment I met Lindsay to our first project together, I was struck by how down-to-earth, fun, stylish, kind, and cool she was. She’s one of those people you instantly feel comfortable around. Her work is unique and smart, being both brilliant in style AND function. I had such a good time working with her (and can’t wait to do it again soon!) It was collaborative, fun, exciting, and just felt so easy - and I know this is how her clients feel about her and her team. Smart, stylish, and a total professional that gets the job done and makes it so easy on her clients - what more could you ask for!

#anrpinteriors recent work with @veronicarogers_ ⠀⁣
Flying into Friday after what feels like a whirlwind week that included settling into new routines, some travel, and lots of computer time. ⠀⁣
I used to get a little blue in January after the high of the holidays is gone and with three more months of cold weather on the horizon. But this year I’m even more appreciative for each day and for the power I have to #createmyhappy! This year I’m feeling energized, excited for projects that have begun (and are to come), and grounded in the appreciation for the present day. Life moves so fast. So, so fast. And with my two littles at the most amazing and fun ages and a business I love, I know I’m so blessed. ⠀⁣
So...I’m no longer ticking the days off the calendar and looking forward to spring. Instead I’m savoring each day, the good and the bad. Slowing (yes slowing!) down. Soaking up my babies. And I’m greeting every day with an attitude of gratitude. ⠀⁣
What’s something you’re focusing on or feeling this January? I’d love to hear in the comments!

#anrpinteriors | One of my favorite interior spaces to photograph in 2019 was this beautiful dining room by @alison_giese! Those cool vintage chairs, the personal art, and the way she decided to wallpaper her ceiling - talk about a huge impact with a small change! It ties the space together so wonderfully, makes it feel like a hug to sit in, and I personally love how it reflects and adds dimension to the natural light in the space. This room really communicates her warm, approachable, collected aesthetic and I love it so much! Swipe right to see the un-Instagram cropped version! @ Burke, Virginia

#anrpfamilies | That newborn phase: pure love, pure joy, and a side of pure exhaustion (and a sprinkle of looking forward to when this time is in the past and you’re getting sleep again...and that’s ok.) It’s all mixed together, it’s all beautiful, and it’s all a part of the journey. Here’s looking forward to capturing more of this special time for special families in 2020. I have such a heart for it. ❤️ Film: @richardphotolab @filmsupplyclub #contax645 @marielhealy

Taking a deep breath and welcoming in all the peace and zen that this image conjures up for me. Every year the holidays truly fly by faster than the year before. ‘They’ say that happens, but the older I get the more I see it’s really true. I’m always a little deflated when they’re over, and at the same time excited for the fresh new year and what’s to come. My kids are still out of school until next week, so we are soaking up this time with them, and creating memories, still in vacation mode. It’s the first time in 13 years we haven’t had to line up a dog sitter, so a little spontaneous road trip might be in order. 😜

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours! I hope everyone is enjoying a season full of family, friends, joy, peace, generosity, love, and lots of laughter! ❤️🎄So thankful for this crew and for the birth of Jesus! Happy Holidays everyone!⁣

📷: My good friend, @audrawrisleyphoto

#anrpinteriors | Happy Friday folks! This stunner of a dining room by @alison_giese has me wanting to take a mental break, turn on some Christmas music (A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack please) and have a glass of wine with a friend. Such a beautiful space! And can we talk about that wallpapered ceiling!?! Makes such a huge impact. Don’t know what I love more, the ceiling or the Buddha and all the beautiful, collected artwork. 💕

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I specialize in Brand Visual Content Creation, Interiors, Newborn & Family Photography. I shoot medium-format film for my Newborn/Family work and hold an MFA in Interior Design. With a strong attention to detail and an exceptional ability to convey emotion, I visually tell the beautiful stories of families, spaces, and brands.

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