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M&T Bank was founded in 1856 in Buffalo, NY as “Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company”. M&T Bank is a community-focused bank that serves the northeastern region with branches in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, DC.

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Paying for College Responsibly – Resources & Insights | M&T Bank

For many high school seniors, college is just around the corner and now is the time to determine how to pay for it. This 1-2-3 approach can help your student pay for college responsibly by focusing on money that doesn't need to be paid back — like college savings, scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities — before considering other options. #plansmart #communitybank

library.mtb.com Six tips you should know before making the big decision. Use the 1-2-3 approach to help your student pay for college whether they’re studying on campus or online. When you’re planning for college, the first question is often which school to choose. But equally as important is the question of how...

A deadly gas explosion in Northwest Baltimore rocked the local community, leveling homes and leaving many residents without essential items.

Over the weekend, we presented more than 1,000 relief goods collected by our Reisterstown Road branch to Baltimore families in need. Read more from WMAR-2 News Baltimore about how the community worked together to aid those affected by the blast. #communitybank


Who's ready to spice up their dining experience? This week the Virtual #SpotlightShop is featuring Ekiben, Baltimore's premier Asian-fusion cuisine restaurant. #SupportSmallBiz

It may sound scary that your past debts and payment history can remain on your credit report for years, but the good news is this means a history of on-time payments may help your credit score for years. Explore some credit-boosting tips in our article, “The Road to Building Your Credit Score: 5 Simple but Powerful Tips.” #CreditMyth #MoneyMentor
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Working with a Financial Advisor – Resources & Insights | M&T Bank

Navigating finances can be a challenge, especially when it comes to more complex matters such as investments and taxes. But your finances don’t have to be complicated to benefit from professional guidance. We partnered with The Financial Diet to break down what you’re thinking; What do they do? How can they actually help with your money? And do they really only help rich people? #plansmart

library.mtb.com What does a Financial Advisor do and how can they help you manage your money? You’ll learn everything you need to know in this article.

WNY is our home. These are our neighbors. This is our responsibility. #ItsOurJobWNY #communitybank https://www.thepartnership.org/ourjob/


Most Powerful Women to Watch: Michele Trolli, M&T Bank

Help us congratulate Michele Trolli, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Operations Officer, and one of American Banker's “Most Powerful Women to Watch.”

As a woman in tech, Michele has always been a forerunner. Today she is a leader of M&T’s efforts to reimagine the development of new banking products, services and channels that delight our customers. Michele is also spearheading our effort to quickly adapt to the new normal during the pandemic and beyond. Read more. #womenintech #communitybank


americanbanker.com Trolli is using her experience heading up technology and operations to transform the bank's hometown of Buffalo into a regional tech hub.

Desde que comenzó la pandemia de #COVID19, muchos han experimentado despidos o suspensiones laborales, pero hay maneras de ayudar a proteger su salud financiera a largo plazo tomando decisiones inteligentes con su dinero hoy mismo. Aquí encontrará algunas ideas que lo ayudarán a empezar. #communitybank


Since the #COVID19 pandemic began, many people have been made redundant and have experienced layoffs or suspensions, but there are ways to help protect their financial well being in the long term by making smart decisions regarding their money. Here are some ideas to get started. #communitybank

As we gear up for fall weather, the Virtual #SpotlightShop will be featuring WhitePaws RunMitts, keeping you warm during your morning jog with their cold weather running accessories! Check out their goods and continue to #supportsmallbiz.


Mortgage Refinancing – Resources and Insights | M&T Bank

“If you look at today's economy, mortgage refinancing is probably the biggest bright spot out there today, giving homeowners an opportunity to leverage the equity within their home and actually use it for a great reason.”

Listen to our conversation with mortgage expert Dale Vermillion on the historically low mortgage rates we’re experiencing and the three areas where mortgage refinancing can help make the most difference for consumers. #MoneyMentor

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library.mtb.com With the economic downturn resulting in lower mortgage rates, a mortgage refinance may be an opportunity for you. Learn more about mortgage refinancing and its potential benefits.

Making the minimum payments on your credit card can be a great start but paying the balance in full can be even better for your credit score. Learn more about the myths and facts of payments and credit scores. #CreditMyth #MoneyMentor

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For high school juniors, college is on the horizon. September is when parents and students should begin having the college talk to determine things like what major to pursue and how to prepare financially. Learn more about how to #plansmart to ensure you’re ready for what’s ahead. #CommunityBank

This week is National Small Business Week — a celebration of businesses who play a critical role in supporting the communities in which we live and work. Business owners continue to face extraordinary challenges this year and are worthy of your recognition and support. Shout out your favorite local business by tagging them in the comments! #supportsmallbiz #communitybank

All our actions, both big & small, have an impact on how fast WNY recovers from the #COVID19 pandemic. We're committed to doing our part to protect our neighbors, support local businesses, and keep our economy running. Join us! #ItsOurJobWNY #CommunityBank

Durante el Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana celebramos la rica historia, cultura, contribuciones y logros de los hispanoamericanos. Entre el 15 de septiembre y el 15 de octubre, compartiremos algunas de las varias maneras en las que estamos elevando y fortaleciendo el bienestar de las familias de la comunidad, desde ofrecer educación financiera en español hasta asistir y colaborar en organizaciones dedicadas a invertir en el crecimiento y la sostenibilidad de empresas hispanas y comunidades que servimos. ¡Siga sintonizado! #hispanicheritagemonth #communitybank

During National Hispanic Heritage Month we celebrate the rich history, culture, contributions and accomplishments of Hispanic Americans. Between now and Oct. 15, we'll share some of the many ways we're uplifting and providing for the well-being of families in the community – from offering Spanish language financial education to supporting and volunteering at organizations dedicated to investing in the growth and sustainability of the Hispanic businesses and communities we serve. Stay tuned!
#hispanicheritagemonth #communitybank

Overdraft fees happen when your account goes into negative balance—learn more about why these fees occur and how to prevent them. #MoneyMentor

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on the Maryland SPCA and this year’s (virtual) Festival for the Animals. Check out the #SpotlightShop to help support area animals in need of a home. #SupportSmallBiz mtb.com/spotlightshop

Building up your credit score can be a long and frustrating process, and claims that you can pay someone to quickly “fix” it can be tempting. However, accurate credit history cannot be changed and inaccuracies can be disputed. #CreditMyth #MoneyMentor

M&T Bank Buffalo Bills

“Until about 10 or so years ago, we used to tailgate just the four of us. And then we kind of folded into a tailgate party that had been going on since the 1970s, outside of a hotel room on Southwestern Boulevard. On a typical weekend, it probably had about 20 people at it. Now, a decade later, it probably has 50 or 60. And it's quite a setup. We have live music once a year. We have a band that performs. We have a very full bar, people rotate cooking the main course, and people try to outdo each other in terms of what they're cooking. It's an experience that started when everybody was in their twenties and thirties, and now we’re in our forties and fifties, and it hasn't lost steam of any kind.” – Michael W., Bills Super Fan (pictured with fellow super fans and longtime tailgating buddies, Craig W., Marty P., and Scott H.) #CommunityofFans #GoBills

M&T Bank Ravens

“When the Ravens first came here, I used to walk around the stadium. I had a big defense sign, and this girl, she was eight or nine years old, said, ‘Hey, mister. Are you, like, the captain of the defense?’ I wasn’t really thinking of it, but I liked the sound of Captain Dee. So, I went to Walmart and bought some of those white iron-on letters and ironed Captain Dee-Fense on the back of a t-shirt. Well, I went to the stadium, and people just started calling me Captain Dee-Fense. I started getting my picture taken, and then people started asking me to come to events. I said to my wife, ‘I wonder why.’ She says, ‘Well, I guess they must think you’re somebody.’” – Captain Dee-Fense, Ravens Superfan #CommunityofFans #RavensFlock

African Heritage Economic Initiative

Access to healthy food is important. We're proud to support the African Heritage Economic Initiative, who through its community garden, is working to ensure that affordable fresh fruits and vegetables are available for those who need them most. #CommunityBank

Surviving in college without being broke all the time — is it possible? Absolutely! Especially with a few helpful budget hacks. For instance, spend mindfully. Instead of making that impulse purchase, take a few moments to consider whether the purchase is really necessary. Upon reflection, you might find it can wait. Learn more hacks to help you keep money in your pocket this semester and beyond. #MoneyMentor #plansmart

Pizza, pasta, and salad for dinner? Order online from Hersh's, this week’s Virtual #SpotlightShop featured business. #SupportSmallBiz mtb.com/spotlightshop

Make a branch appointment for a time that’s convenient for you. Let us know how we can help you so your visit goes quickly and easily! #CommunityBank https://www04.timetrade.com/app/mtcorp/workflows/mtcorp-LPA/schedule?&ch=SM

Making timely payments is important, but is debt good or bad for your credit score? The impact can vary, but our article “8 Common Credit Myths Busted” provides guidance that may help you think differently about debt. #CreditMyth #MoneyMentor

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We love the Baltimore Ravens! This season, we're bringing you personal stories from our #CommunityofFans that remind us why we're proud to be part of the #RavensFlock. Follow the action on our M&T Bank Ravens page!

“Most of my wardrobe is purple. It's got to be purple from late August through February, whether we make the playoffs, or we don't. I’ve got tank tops. I’ve got hats. I’ve got wigs. At work, we would have Purple Fridays. Being the administrative assistant that I am, I would sit in front at the receptionist desk, and when someone would come by that I'm friends with, I’d be like, ‘Where's your purple? Where?!’ So, they started wearing purple on Fridays, too. One year, my friends and I won tickets to the Ravens press room from the Baltimore Sun. We were told, ‘Wear the purple.’ So, we wore the purple—a lot of it—and we ended up on the front of the paper. This year, I will still wear purple. I'll go out on my porch when we win a game and holler with the neighbors. We all go out there when we win and hoot and whistle. So that'll continue. If we can see it on TV, it'll continue. Because no matter what, I still bleed purple.” – Pat Meyer, Ravens Superfan #CommunityofFans #RavensFlock


Virtual Festival for the Animals

We're sponsoring the Maryland SPCA's Virtual Festival for the Animals. For every mile walked by participants, the SPCA will receive $100, with an opportunity to raise $65,000 to support their life saving services. Imagine the paws-abilities! #CommunityBank

support.mdspca.org The Maryland SPCA's Festival for the Animals is going virtual! From September 9 to September 26, grab your pet for a classic walkathon to support homeless dogs and cats! https://support.mdspca.org/event/25th-annual-festival-for-the-animals/e269415

Anticipate your future balance with Cash Flow, our new award-winning money management tool. Cash Flow is built directly into M&T Online and Mobile Banking through Money Smart and analyzes income and expenses to help you budget in advance. Now more than ever, it's important to #plansmart. #MoneySmart


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Two college students from Rochester work together to donate 5,000 books to kids in need

Because their college campuses had been shut down by the pandemic, Grace Fjermedal and Katie Hobler had a longer stay at home this year. They took advantage of the extra time to give back to the community. Partnering with Rochester Education Foundation, they led a book drive for local kids who lack reading resources at home. They called it Grace & Katie’s Book Wagon.

When one of our team members heard about the drive, he asked one of our customers, Discover Books, if they would consider getting involved. They donated over 1,000 books to support the drive!

Thank you to Grace and Katie for leading the drive and to everyone who supported it! #CommunityBank

rochesterfirst.com Grace and Katie started their book wagon while they were at Mercy High School, and now stepped it up while they were on their “COVID break” from college.

Going to college can be one of the best investments you, your kids, or your family can make. But getting accepted to the college and programs of your choice requires some advance work. Read our stress-free guide for applying to college to help you stay on track. #PlanSmart


Feed your superhero obsession with this week's Virtual #SpotlightShop featured business, THIRD EYE COMICS, purveyors of all things comic books, collectibles, games, and more. #SupportSmallBiz mtb.com/spotlightshop

Happy Labor Day! Today we celebrate the doers and makers of the American labor force. To the hardworking people contributing every day, we salute you. #CommunityBank

#TogetherWeWillSeeitThrough has been our mantra through the pandemic, and our Business Banking team in Frederick County, MD put those words into action recently by collecting 350 pounds of food for the Frederick Community Action Agency Food Bank. #CommunityBank

It’s easy to break your budget on small day-to-day items like food, car expenses and more. Be mindful of your spending and take steps to make wiser choices about your money. Learn strategies, tips, and tools to stick to your budget and achieve your financial goals. #MoneyMentor #plansmart



We're working to uplift our beloved Buffalo and every community we serve by supporting local businesses, but together, we can do more. That’s why we've teamed up with the Buffalo Niagara Partnership and other local organizations to encourage collective action through the #ItsOurJobWNY campaign.

“We strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers and communities every day, but the COVID-19 pandemic makes our mission more important than ever. Quite literally, it’s our job to help sustain the local economy and local employment, while protecting the health and safety of our colleagues and customers, families and neighbors.” —Richard Gold, President and COO
#CommunityBank #TogetherWeWillSeeitThrough

buffalorising.com Buffalo Niagara Partnership (BNP) has launched a strategic economic and safety initiative aimed at getting businesses back on track, while keeping people safe. Basically, this campaign is a reminder that we should all be supporting local businesses more than ever. COVID has unleashed havoc on the

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