AE: Creating Elite, Ashburn, VA Video August 9, 2018, 1:55pm

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DC Jerk Press

Derek, doing jerk press 185lb x 2, not shown 205lb x 2, 225lb x 1.

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HL & Pull Up
Hunter L, Potomac Falls HS quarterback performing pull ups, eventually was using 25lb for extra weight for 6 reps.

HL Handstand Push Up
Hunter L, Potomac Falls HS quarterback performing handstand push ups ups.

GM Sled Pull
This was Grants 1st 1000lb forward sled pull. He was playing linebacker for Potomac Falls HS & is now at UVA.

Evin performing RDLs, straight leg deadlifts.

EW Forward Sled Pull
Elizabeth doing forward sled pulls, 600lb, 5 x bodyweight.

EW Backward Sled Pulll
Elizabeth doing backward sled pull, 600lb, 5 x body weight.

EW Handstand
Elizabeth doing handstands, for arm, shoulder, scapular, spine, & core, strength & stability.

DS 40yd Dash
Donovan, aspiring NFL cb, working on 40yd dash times. Here he runs 4.49s, much improved from 4.71s, before coming to AE. He had a hitch & hip imbalance that prevented him from sprinting correctly & optimumly. Before coming to AE he had tested outstanding in everything at the combine except for the 40. Even though he had over a 45" verticle jump!

DS Starts
Donavon, aspiring NFL cb, working on starts to improve 40yd dash time.

DC Side Sled Pull
Derek, NFL cornerback, doing sde sled pull 585lb.

DC Sled Pull
Derek, NFL cornerback doing backward sled pull 945lb.

DC Flys
Derek, working on maximum acceleration fly drills.

DC Jerk Press
Derek, doing jerk press 185lb x 2, not shown 205lb x 2, 225lb x 1.

DC Dips
Derek, NFL cornerback performing dips with 120lb for 1Rmax, got up to 4.

DC Bounds
Derek, NFL cornerback doing alternate bounds, working on transfering power & explosion to his first steps.

RT CryoSauna
Ronnie first cryosauna, level 2, 3 minutes, -110c.

MG CryoSauna
Matt first time cryosauna, level 1, 3 minutes, -90c.

JP CryoSauna
Johns first cryosauna, level 1, 3 minutes, -90c.

JW Cryo
James first time cryo sauna, only level 1, -90c, 3 minutes.

CB 200mRelay
Chloes 200m relay leg, practice.

CB Overhead Squat
Chloe fixing her overhead squat.

CW Hang Pulls
Chelsey learning hang pulls.

BW Hang Snatch & Squat
Bailey pracrticing hang snatchn& squat.

BW Hurdles
Bailey learning 3 step over hurdles.

BW 80m Hurdles
Bailey, best 80m asertive start & agressive race, 13.97s, just missing Nationals by .02s, USTAF meet @ Hampton U.

CJ Hang Clean
Casey performing hang cleans.

CJ Starts
Casey working on 10y starts.

BM Pullover
Billy finishes pullover before I could vid.

AT Rack Snatch
Art practicing snatches from rack.

AT Rack Cleans
Art praticing hang cleans from rack.

AC Backward Sled Pull.
Andrea turning around with backward sled pull.

AC Forward Sled Pull.
Andrea learning forward sled pulls.

Speed Training For Soccer.
Alex performing tempo training drills.

Lower Abdominal Training!
James & David demontrate corrective lower abdominal exercise.

3pt Start: Steve Tate
Learn or Re-Learn the mechanics of Sprinting AE: Creating Elite

Olympic Lift: Snatch by David Park
Want to get powerful and explosive? Get the right coaching from AE:CreatingElite

Monica's Squat
Monica getting back to squating in FF gym.

Monica's Start
Monica practicing her starts, after a long layoff.

Donovan's 40yd
Donovan practicing the 40yd after 5 weeks, 4.41s.

Margerete's Hurdle Hops
Margerete learning single leg hurdle hops.

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