ROCK Fitness and Performance, Ashburn, VA Video November 17, 2018, 2:08pm

Videos by ROCK Fitness and Performance in Ashburn. Our Mission at The ROCK is to challenge our members, physically and mentally, with customized programs to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

Saturday morning RISE AND BURN🔥🔥🔥

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Happy Mothers day from The ROCK! We just finished making breakfast for mom and now we want to give you all a Mothers Day gift as well! This is the LAST WEEK to join our 6 Week Transformation Challenge! Today we are offering $20 off of the challenge! TODAY ONLY! This is our way of giving back to all the hard working mothers out there who are looking to make a change in their life. For more info: Sam J Juzbasich Amy Phelps

Mental it all just in your head ? How powerful is our Brain? Is mindset just a concept of positive thinking or does our brain actually react to our thoughts? Are we stuck with the life we have? At The Rock We are about empowering and inspiring our members and community to TAKE ACTION. it all starts with you, we are here to help guide you with the tools and resources to be successful Join us this Saturday at The Rock or on FB LIVE at 10am for our talk on Mental Health. Check out our 6 week mind-body transformation challenge! Sam J Juzbasich Amy Phelps

Full house for the 4:40 today! Join us for more flexin’ fun during our 6 Week Sexy By Summer Challenge! Details here ⬇️

Sam and Amy are excited to announce our Sexy by Summer 6 Week Challenge! $900 value Grand Prize! $100+ in rebates and other opportunities to earn CASH for referrals! For more information visit here: Also, join our Challenge Facebook group here:

Legs and Abs at ⛰The ROCK⛰ . 4:40pm Class was crushing that leg day today! 🔥💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ . Check out Poppa Sam with that epic leg press! Killed it! Cindy Juzbasich Sam J Juzbasich

Ivana G. Getting it done this morning at the 6:15! See you all next time! Barbell hip thrust have been shown to build better glutes than any other compound exercise. Come join us for the next leg day to build a better booty for the beach!

Full house for the 4:40 today! Come join us next time for some good times and get your sweat on!

Bonnie Coulbourne getting it done at this morning’s 9:15 class! Gettin’ dem shoulders fired up for summer!🔥💪🏻

9:15 class crushing it this morning! Summer is approaching! Let’s get those bodies ready for the beach! Sam J Juzbasich Lori Morelli Pendergast Sandi Koenigsberg Cleary

Sam J Juzbasich has a special workout for the ROCK STRONG crew this morning. I set up my personal HIIT stations this morning so they get to see how my mornings can be. 3 stations: 60 seconds ON 15 seconds OFF 2 sprint intervals of 40 ON 120 OFF REPEAT Through the 3 sets of stations

From this morning’s early small group training! Glute and core day at The Rock! Big shout out to Reagan for increasing her max every week!! I hope to See more of you at the next one!

Morning classes getting it done this morning!

Ladies at the 9:15 are getting it this morning. They are gearing up for the challenge that starts next week! Come join us to get your New Year transformation on! #resultsnotresolutions Lori Morelli Pendergast Sam J Juzbasich Sandi Koenigsberg Cleary

The 5:30 Isabody crew is in the house! Congrats to Cindy who is down 4.5lbs and -1.2% body fat, Poppa Sam who is down 11.6lbs and -1.9% body fat, and Karen Kokiko for her 3lbs loss in their first week on our new 30 cleanse/weight loss program! Awesome job! Sam J Juzbasich Cristelle Rodriguez

This morning’s class was packed! Great to see everyone getting their workout in before the feasting tomorrow! DON’T miss our two boot camps tomorrow! 7:45 and 8:30am! SEE YOU THERE! Sam J Juzbasich

5:45 HIIT class is burning this morning!! Let’s get it!!!

Saturday morning RISE AND BURN🔥🔥🔥

Kickin’ it with the 8:30 class today! Leg day for the win! Sam J Juzbasich

8:30 class crushing some deadlifts this morning! Get it ladies!!!

Morning back and HIIT workout! Well done ladies! 🔥💪🏻 Sam J Juzbasich

Here’s the 4:15 crew gettin’ it done! Join us for the 5:30 Upper body and HIIT!

Our 545am Rise and Burn 🔥 crew starting off the day with a metabolic fat shredding workout 💪 keep up the hard work and dedication ladies!!

4:30 Butts and Guts class! Check out that 740lb leg press! Awesome job! Can’t wait to see you all at the next one! Cindy Juzbasich Sam J Juzbasich Amy Phelps

Saturday morning boot camp! Let’s get it!

Reagan and Ana hitting deadlifts like a boss this morning! Epic job ladies! Today: Butts and Guts at 5:30 and Sweat Box at 6:15 with Amy. Tomorrow: BOOT CAMP with Amy at 9am! Be there or be square!

#flexfriday goes to these two young ladies for grinding it out this morning 💪 @reagan_flynn and Ana have been two of my most dedicated clients. they have transformed mentally and physically by challenging their thoughts and ideas of what the human body can accomplish when you really put your mind and your heart into it. Reagan has gain over 3 pounds of muscle and her strength has increase between 50-250% on a range of exercises in a couple of months and Ana has lost around 20 pounds and has become one of the strongest women who train with me in just 5 weeks. This is why I love doing what I do and nothing not even cancer is going to stop me from helping people and building the next generation of trainers and athletes (more to come on that in the future). Great job ladies, let’s keep it going the sky is the limit!

Another great day of small group training here at The Rock! Still more fun to come this evening! If you haven’t joined us yet, what are you waiting for!? 🔥💪🏻

4:15 and 5:30 were CRUSHING IT this evening! Great workout everyone! You missed out if you weren’t here!

We had a packed house for last night’s 4:30 and 5:30 Butts and Guts! Melinda even stayed for the 6:30 Sweat Box! Hope you see everyone next time!

It’s a love hate relationship for us too. Fasted HIIT circuits with @penderfit after the Tuesday/Thursday 530am RockFIIT class the morning to kick start the fat burning for day. Tabatta Bike Sprints: 6 sets 20seconds ON - 10 seconds OFF Push-Pull-Leg: 60 seconds FULL GO - 15 seconds off Tabatta Circuit: 2 times through at 20 Seconds ON - 10 OFF Repeat for 3-5 sets!! 7.5 weeks out of @npcnewsonlineofficialpage Max Muscle it’s GO TIME!! #fitness #fitnessmotivation #hiit #fastedcardio #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #fitlife #fitspo #cancerfighters #cancersucks #f**kcancer #chemobodybuilder #fitnessinspiration #beastmode #abs #muscle #fitnessmodel

Getting boot camp ready 💪💪💪

SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING IS BACK AT THE ROCK!! Its summer time and we are starting back our training camps for young athletes and anyone else who is interested in learning how to lift weights, run faster, eat right and get fit. We had a great training camp last year with some of our athletes making a big name for themselves in the state wide meets and tournaments so I am excited how much better we can do this year. My goal with this program is to EDUCATE them on the different forms of exercise and nutrition, EMPOWER them through their self-image, MOTIVATE them to be the best they can be in all aspects of life, and CREATE value in living a healthy lifestyle. Details: 1.) This will be for ages 10-18, I will have two classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One at 1030am for ages 10-14 and one class at 1115am for ages 15-18. 2.) Starting on Wednesday the 20th of June and Friday the 22nd, we will be having a free week of training classes. This is a trial week for me to evaluate each individual and see where I can help them improve in their physique, strength, speed, endurance and over all health. It will officially start Monday June 25th and go through Friday August 4th. 3.) Cost - You can pay as you go for $20/session or pay for the summer program up front for $15/session X 3/week for 8 weeks = $360. There will be plenty options to make up sessions if you go on vacation or cant make it one day so don't worry about losing sessions you will have to use what you pay for. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly on here or my number is 7034638478. Thank you and have a great rest of your day!

“What is your excuse?” I’m asking you this because we all make excuses as to why we can’t achieve what we want in life. Not only in fitness and health but in our personal, family and career goals. What is holding you back? I have let many of you know but it’s time for the rest. A month ago I was diagnosed with cancer. This has been eating my system for 7 months. But guess not letting it stop me from what I want to achieve in life, I’m here fighting harder then ever before. That’s Rock Fitness strong. That is who I am as a person and that’s why I created Rock Fitness to build a brand and Gym people who value being fit and healthy. I let it consume me for months but I decided no more BS no more excuses it’s time to grind and I want you to do the same. I’m here fighting and I am asking you to support me on this new journey of mine through cancer as I dedicate my gym, my life and time to helping other cancer patients who don’t have my knowledge of the human body and how to stay healthy during treatment...No excuses just get it done 💪 Sam J Juzbasich

Who’s coming out to boot camp on Saturday!? Want to thank the people below for coming out and burning fat! (Don’t y’all like the new drone footage!?) Lauren StockwellJason KarpCindy JuzbasichSam J Juzbasich

🚨Tip Tuesday! 🚨 agility is important in any sport. It’s either you or them. Might as well be you! With our customized workout/nutrition/supplement plans you could be new to fitness or a professional athlete and we can help you reach your goals! Questions/comments!? Well comment on here or DM us! We love to chat and answer any questions you have. #fitness #fit #athlete #speed #agility #personaltraining

Welcome to The ROCK!!
Hello Rock Fitness 💪 team!! This is Sam and Tripp from the Protein Bar now working together to to help you with your fitness goals!

Clean Game day eating for the crew...Sweet and spicy Chilli packed with ground Turkey and venison tenderloin. We borrowed the recipe from FitFoods with Claire with a few extra pounds of tenderloin. A trick to dieting is learning how to make healthy food taste delicious! Check out her page for more healthy meals!

HIIT and Abs class
Our 4:15 Thursday HIIT class KILLING IT today!! We are kicking the new year off in a pure fat burning mode. Keep up the great work team!! Karen Kent Sam J Juzbasich Jenifer Campbell Bluhm Samantha Allsup

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