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Wednesday Wisdom from one of my favorite MDT mentors, gleened from another awesome episode of @jwardmdt ’s Case Conversations podcast. Nothing like stating the obvious in an obtuse way to catch your listener’s attention! What does this quote say to you? #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #mckenziemdt #caseconversations #strengthquotes #strengthandconditioning #strengthtraining #mckenziemdt #physicaltherapy #stronger #functionalstrength

Cherishing photos of Mom now more than ever. This one from 2016 is my favorite for Mother’s Day 2019, our first without her. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, future Moms and past Moms. #scudderphysicaltherapy #mothersday #missingmom #daughters #daughterslove

Well, well...look what I pulled off my leg this morning. It’s that time of year...TICK CHECK TIME!

After discovering a classic bulls eye rash on my chest in May 1999, and dealing with the symptoms of Lyme Disease for 1.5 years after, I feel fortunate to have been able to get back to nearly normal health, with the help of my own research and a good naturopath. 7 months of oral antibiotics had just been making me feel worse and worse, so I took myself off all meds, changed my diet to boost my own immune system, and slowly got back to exercising. In July 1999 I was barely able to carry my infant daughter up the stairs, but after another 7 months of a strict no-sugar-no-dairy food combining diet and cardio exercise starting with walking/running, I was back playing sand volleyball the next summer.

I’m still dealing with minor joint pains, but...who isn’t at age 55? Can’t say for sure if those pains are Lyme related, but I can say for sure that exercise ALWAYS makes me feel better.

Dealing with the effects of Lyme Disease? Let me help you find your path back to health.

#scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #lymedisease #lymediseaseawareness #lymesuccessstory #movementismedicine #nutrition #foodismedicine #physicaltherapy #naturopathicmedicine #loudounlyme #lymediseasesurvivor

Happy Monday morning! Connecting with nature while getting in some exercise is one of my favorite ways to start a new day. #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #morning #morningmotivation #mondaymorning #nature #riverview #morningwalk

A work in progress! YouTube channel is up and running! Check it out and subscribe 😊

How Valuable is Pain Education?

Knowing the hows and whys of back pain can not only help you feel better now, but may very well also make a significant difference in your financial well being. Check out this great video from Dr Melissa Cady’s Pain Out Loud YouTube channel:

Got Back Pain? Do you think you know everything about pain? This video will remind you of the potential cost of poor pain education.

I can make this promise for a simple reason. I can’t by law prescribe medicine. The only way I know to help you with your musculoskeletal pain is to evaluate it with movement, and treat it with movement. Movement is, it’s BETTER than medicine. #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #mckenziemdt #getpt1st #getmdt1st #pain #painrelief #movementismedicine #opioidcrisis #opioidcrisisprevention #avoidopioids

PAIN OUT LOUD: Healing Stories Matter

Check out this awesome “Baby Got Back Better” rap video! Produced by Dr. Melissa Cady, an anesthesiologist and “pain doc”, this is a very entertaining way to help people understand that movement is BETTER than medicine!

She mentions movement approaches with “directional power” , which refers to the McKenzie method and movement testing used to find directional preference.

Here also is her website: Pain Out Loud is an online pain community to educate and empower those with pain to minimize drugs, injections, and surgeries.

Every day is Mother’s Day for me lately. Found this gem at a cool shop in town. Such true words by an honest man. I owe much of my success in life to her excellent example as a wife, mother, and teacher; and to her overall awesomeness as a human being. Thanks Mom 😌 #scudderphysicaltherapy #refocus #remember #reminiscing #appreciate #thanksmom

I put together this video for a networking group, and thought I’d share it here. Just a little intro to Scudder Physical Therapy & TelePhyzio. Please share with anyone in Virginia or Maryland who might benefit from this!😊

I feel so blessed to work for these two pillars of the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy approach. I’m so fortunate to have such esteemed mentors during these twilight years of my career. @jdrath85 and @waynerath have helped thousands & thousands (probably hundreds of thousands!) of workers across the US with their workplace injury prevention program. It has been my privilege to bring the Duffy Rath System to employees in the Wash DC area over the past few years. I was so happy to catch up with Jean & Wayne in person today, and finally get a photo with them!

As Wayne said in a recent @mechanicalcareforum podcast, “It turns out there are a lot of walking wounded out there in the workplace.” What better location to reach these hurting people with education in simple self-care principles than right where they work? And what better approach than MDT? The outcomes of this system when applied in the workplace are astounding. Check it out at #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #injuryprevention #duffyrathsystem #mckenziemdt #mechanicaldiagnosisandtherapy #mdtintheworkplace #mentors #mentorship #blessed #lovemywork

Thanks to my former patient for inviting me to play on her volleyball team! Our first match was late last night, and I must admit I was rather nervous all day about going back to the sport I hadn’t touched in about 4 years. In fact, I had given my knee pads and volleyballs away when we moved last fall. But, just like riding a bike, I was “back in the game” in no time at all. What a great feeling! Even happy to be sore (everywhere!!) today. My daughters, who all played volleyball and were each coached by me at some point in time, are proud of me too 😌#scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #volleyball #volleyballforlife #stillgotit #movementismedicine #nevertoooldtoplay

Happy Earth Day! What are you doing today to blossom? What are you doing to sustain the earth, as well as yourself?🌷

Happy Easter Morning! Hallelujah! 🌷🌺🌸 #scudderphysicaltherapy #easter #sunrise #morning #heisrisen #heisrisenindeed

Afternoon Peet’s work date with the hubby. Time to re-evaluate and re-focus. #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #springcleaning #website #selfemployed #selfemployedlife

I can’t thank my colleague and friend @lynngrimmpt enough for this awesome surprise gift that arrived in the mail today. “TelePhyzio: It’s kind of a Big Deal!” Lynn Grimm, you are the REAL deal 😉👏🏻🥰.
#scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #kindofabigdeal #realdeal #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod #mckenziemdtfam #loudouncounty #virginia #neworleanshereicome #igottaplanatriptothebigeasy

Nature is springing up again in a spectacular way, bringing hope of renewal. #scudderphysicaltherapy #happyspring #newlife #renewal #nature #natureisbeautiful #bestrong #behopeful #nofilter

Exactly one year ago we were celebrating Mom’s 80th Birthday Bash weekend. Today, we are just beginning the grieving process after her passing 6 days ago. The verse “Life is but a vapor” keeps coming to mind. I’m so thankful for thousands of photos and countless more memories of her life well-lived. #scudderphysicaltherapy #memories #grief #griefsupport #alifethatmatters

I have heard people talk about hospice. I have heard only good about it. Ever since we made the decision, along with Mom, for her to be placed under hospice care, I keep remembering all those words of praise for this program. We have had so much amazing support from nurses, doctors, and volunteers in just the past 10 days, and I see now what people meant.

We still have a difficult journey ahead. But I am so thankful Mom can be here at home, with us. Yesterday #riothelabmix climbed up in Mom’s lap for the first time. This 81 year old woman, who never has been especially fond of dogs, welcomed his company. Just one of the heartwarming moments we have experienced here in this hospice house. 😌🐾❤️ #scudderphysicaltherapy #hospice #homehealthcare #family #doglove #caninecompanion #therapydog #therapydogsofinstagram

Who is joining us for the next NoVA MDT Study Group/Capital MDT Journal Club meeting this Sat 3/30? Bring a colleague or friend who is curious about MDT and enter a drawing to win a plane ticket to New Zealand to visit Robin McKenzie’s birthplace! Ok maybe not that...but bring a guest anyway! Zoom meeting link to be posted soon. See you there!
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I get this question from patients often. What’s so important about the chin tuck, or neck retraction exercise??

Cervical retraction is a backwards gliding motion of the vertebral segments of the neck in the transverse, or horizontal, plane. Protraction is the same only in a forwards direction.

Think about how much of your day you spend with your head in the protruded position, with your head positioned over your lap. Reading in bed, craning to see the laptop screen, even looking down at our phones involves protrusion.

Conversely, how much time do you spend with your head positioned back over your shoulders? Hardly ever, if you are like most of us.

Doing multiple repetitions of the retraction motion throughout the day, particularly when you are experiencing neck, upper back, shoulder blade or even arm discomfort (yes, even shoulder, elbow and wrist joint pains), is often a quick & easy fix. By moving your neck joints in the opposite direction of how they are moved & positioned frequently throughout the day, you can change the joint alignment and may very well be able to alleviate pressure on nerves coming off the spinal chord at the neck level.

Want to try it? Just imagine someone you are really not fond of coming in towards to to give you a wet slobbery kiss. You will naturally slide your head back as far away from those lips as you can. That’s retraction!

Let me know how it goes, how it feels and if you are able to use this movement repeatedly to alleviate any neck area discomfort.

#scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #neckpainrelief #neckpain #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod #movementismedicine #getpt1st #getmdt1st

Happy National Puppy Day from Scudder Physical Therapy! Wishing you all the endorphins, serotonins and oxytocins that puppy-petting produces! #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #nationalpuppyday #petlover #petlovers #happiness #feelgood #feelgoodhormones #naturalpainrelief #riothelabmix

Thanks to @mckenzieinstituteinternational for posting this article on LinkedIn.
“ many as 80% of adults report at least one episode of back pain. The other 20% never experience back pain at all. But it's not because their spines are normal. Imaging tests on these pain-free folks show as much degeneration in their lower spine as everyone else has... The question is, why don't these changes seen on imaging cause them pain?” When back pain does strike, the author recommends against MRI and other medicalization approaches; and instead seeking out PT for advice in getting your spine moving, safely and gradually, to desensitize the nervous system response and to get you back on track. I would take this statement a step further and recommend a McKenzie Certified or Diplomaed practicioner. We are trained to evaluate exactly what type of movement your spine needs to get the healing process moving—literally in the right direction. #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #lowbackpain #lowbackpainrelief #physicaltherapy #getpt1st #getmdt1st #movementismedicine #directionmatters #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod

May the Road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon you,
And the rain fall gently down,
And may God hold you in the palm of His hand,
until we meet again. ☘️

Enjoying this view from my backyard walks while I can. In a month or so, the blooming buds on all these tree will obscure this beauty, and a new kind of green glory will emerge. #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #nature #naturelovers #naturephotography #natureheals #naturehealsthesoul #naturalhealing

A recent kind farewell from a patient has been a blessing to me all week. #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #kindwords #kindnessmatters #helpingothers #healing #helpingothersgethealthy #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod

Wow. This statement from an employee I met with today struck me as quite profound. This person had been to a traditional hands-on clinical PT for an elbow pain problem, but was no better after multiple sessions. He was told that he just needed to change his work place ergonomics. The on-site ergonomist assessed his work station, recommended & made adjustments , then referred him to me. The employee quickly recognized a moderate improvement in his symptoms following a 40-minute modified MDT evaluation. Based on the symptom response to movement, I advised him in repeated neck movements (yes, retraction and extension). After seeing how he had just been empowered to control his symptoms, in his own office, on his employer’s dime, this was his unsolicited response. “Better than PT”?? I’ll let you decide. #scudderphysicaltherapy #elbowpain #elbowpainrelief #neckpain #neckpainrelief #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod #movementismedicine #workplaceinjuryprevention #workplaceMDT

This is what Scudder Physical Therapy is all about. I treat using the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. I help you feel better today, while at the same time teaching you how to treat yourself in the future. And, all this in the convenience of your own home, via the internet! Check out my website and let me know how I can help you!#scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #selftreatment #treatyourself #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod #mdtmonday #lowbackpain #lowbackpainrelief #neckpainrelief #neckpain #shoulderpain #shoulderpainrelief #kneepain #kneepainrelief #loudouncounty #montgomerycounty #fairfaxcounty #princewilliamcounty

My boys. So blessed to have had one for almost 32 years and the other for just 2 weeks ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks @drjarodcarter for posting this. I do believe cash-based services, along with telehealth services, are foundational bricks for building a sustainable health care system! #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #cashbasedphysicaltherapy #cashbased #cashbasedpt #mckenziemdt #entrepreneur #ptentrepreneur #healthbusiness #loudouncounty #montgomerycounty #fairfaxcounty

And a Rio runs through it...
#scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #riothelabmix #puppylove #rivercreek #potomacriver

How much water do you get in your system every day? This huge dispenser of fruit and herb-infused water is always on-tap in the corporate cafeteria where I work with employees each Wednesday. Today, it’s peach and rosemary water. This beautiful presentation of H2O reminds me & inspires me to infuse more of it into ME! 😄💦💦💦

Mom is still trying to get back on her feet after her 3-month hospitalization—literally. Having her own wheelchair and an in-home elevator increases her independence and allows access to all areas of the house. It was so awesome that she able to join us in a game of dominoes over the weekend. She just came down the elevator and pulled right up to the game table in her wheelchair. Mobility matters! #scudderphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapy #getPT1st #movementismedicine #mobility #mobilitymatters #wheelchair #drivemedical

Mom is in the house!! After nearly 3 full months of hospitalizations, abdominal surgery, and rehab stints, Mom was finally able to come home this week. I am thankful for my PT background as it will come in quite handy over these next weeks and months. #scudderphysicaltherapy #caregiver #caregiversupport #movementismedicine #riothelabmix

I’m honored and happy to be featured alongside my friend & colleague Tim Zelch, PT, Dip MDT in this month’s McKenzie Briefing Provider Spotlight! Thank you Marissa DuVall for asking us to discuss why we started this group 3 years ago, and why we still find it so rewarding. 😊👋🏻

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