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My PT Day of Service story. #scudderphysicaltherapy #ptdos #caregiver #caregivers #geriatrics

Mom has moved in! ✔️. House is on the market! ✔️ Next step, move to a more accessible home with an elevator. Know anyone who wants to move to Loudoun County, VA? Check it out in the MLS LO10367348.

Shout out to my fav vball team @jwupvdvolleyball for climbing the NCAA D3 rankings up to #3 (oh, and they beat the 2nd ranked team earlier this season...). Congrats girls and Coach Somera!!

Many thanks to my awesome SIL Chase for not only helping my husband move an old fridge out of our basement, but for also providing me great content for my Scudder PT page. Check out this awesome use of proper body mechanics for a functional pulling/lifting task! He maintained a good neutral spine and hip hinge the whole time. #scudderphysicaltherapy #squats #lifting #functionallifting #lowback #onelessbacktofix

Helping Mom battle some right shoulder blade discomfort which is worse at the end of the day. She has increased thoracic kyphosis and significant forward head posture on a normal basis. Now that she has moved in with us, I can treat her 24/7! Check back in a few days to see how she is doing... #octagenarian #seniorexercise #mckenziemethod #mckenziemdt #mdtformom #scudderphysicaltherapy

#nocaptionneeded #scudderphysicaltherapy #joyinthejourney #fruitsofthespirit

Here we go again! This will be move #10 over 31 years of marriage. At this stage in life we are upsizing a bit because my mother is joining our household. We are also gaining an elevator to assist her mobility needs. It s going to be an exciting adventure for all of us! Anyone looking to move to Ashburn, VA? I’ve got a nice Carriage home for you! #scudderphysicaltherapy #thegregwellsteam #lifeisanadventure

If you are a PT: what do you tell your patients about the meaning of their imaging results? If you are a patient: your imaging results tell us the truth, but not the whole truth...those pictures can’t tell us where exactly your pain is coming from OR how movement affects your symptoms. Check out the findings from this study. There is more research to support these data. Try PT 1st from a certified or diplomaed MDT practitioner! #scudderphysicaltherapy #getpt1st #getmdt1st #mckenziemethod #mckenziemdt #lowbackpain #neckpain #wellnesswednesday

I have a few personal goals in life. One is to die with all my own God-given joints in my body. The other is to still be able to turn a cartwheel when I’m 80! Check back with me in 25 years... 🤪 #scudderphysicaltherapy #cartwheel #nojointreplacementsforme #fitat40andbeyond #fitat50 #fitat55🙋

Hmm...! I’m liking this cute vegan ice cream shop name: Like No Udder. I’m considering updating the name of my practice to Like No Udder Scudder Physical Therapy!...what do you think?? 🤫😂 🍦#scudderphysicaltherapy #likenoudder

Northern Virginia Area MDT Study Group

Mark your calendars! We will be continuing our discussion from last month comparing MDT and other movement classification systems. Article list coming soon!

Had a great day presenting to 3 separate groups of employees—both office workers and manual laborers— about the importance of neutral postures, movement breaks with opposite direction motions, and proper ergonomics. Love educating as many folks as possible about the benefits of a mechanically-based approach to musculoskeletal health. I can help you too!#scudderphysicaltherapy #movementismedicine #ergonomics #mechanicaldiagnosisandtherapy

Bidding starts today, Sept 18, through Sept 28th! Help support the Stillbrave Foundation and childhood cancer research, and at the same time get your own musculoskeletal aches and pains addressed! Winners must be residents of VA or MD. Email [email protected] to participate!#scudderphysicaltherapy #stillbravefoundation #childhoodcancerawareness #septemberchildhoodcancerawareness #childhoodcancer

A #SmallThanks from Scudder Physical Therapy to you - September 2018

Cute little video by Google for Scudder Physical Therapy friends!

You made us feel really special last month. Now we're returning the favor. #SmallThanks To support more small businesses you love, add photos and reviews on ...

I will never forget what I was doing this day 17 years ago. I will never forget telling my small children why I was taking them home from school so early in the day, or why I was crying watching the TV when we got home. I will never forget visiting Ground Zero a month after the attacks and seeing the hundreds of Missing Person posters plastered on the makeshift fences. My heart still aches for the families torn apart by this tragic event in the history of our country. I am proud to know PT colleagues who helped rehab those who survived injuries in the attacks on the Pentagon, and who continue to help to this day. God Bless America 🇺🇸 #neverforget #honor911 #tributeinlight #september11th #pentagonmemorial #911memorial

Hope you all have had a peaceful, relaxing Sunday, spent with people you love and who love you right back. I’ve got a list of folks I am praying for right now. Sending love their way too. Who can you pray for today? #scudderphysicaltherapy #soulfulsunday #pray

Today I’m sharing (bragging on, maybe) my beautiful daughter @gabbiescudder and her awesome nutrition knowledge. She is bravely dealing with an autoimmune condition called ulcerative colitis using nutrition to the greatest extent possible. She has had an interest in eating healthy since she was in high school, and now as a college athlete studying dietetics and culinary nutrition, she is on a mission to help others, both with and without UC, to find health through food. I am so proud of her and how strong she is becoming through this challenge. Maybe someday we’ll team up, eh Gabs? Please follow her account for all kinds of great nutrition info (especially if you are a college student yourself)!! #scudderphysicaltherapy #butitshealthy #ulcerativecolitis #ulcerativecolitisfighter #foodfitness #foodismedicine #movementismedicine

if you want to learn how to use simple movements to to heal your musculoskeletal pain yourself, with guidance, I can help you.

I empower patients to find the healing within. What’s your super power? #scudderphysicaltherapy #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod #empowerpatients #superpower

If you are in Northern Virginia this weekend, come join us for a MDT study group morning. Bring a friend! Contact @zelchtg or @drscudderpt for article links. #miusa #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod #getmdt1st #gettingmdtsmarts #scudderphysicaltherapy

As summer comes to a close today, I’m so thankful for the time I spent on beaches this summer, swimming in the Caribbean Sea in Negril, Jamaica and the Atlantic Ocean in Emerald Isle, NC; and wading in the Pacific Ocean at Laguna Beach. What a great way to reconnect with nature and to just feel healthy! #scudderphysicaltherapy #saltlife #negriljamaica #emeraldisle #lagunabeach

Thoughts for this Sunday from Laguna Beach, CA. #scudderphysicaltherapy #lagunabeach #soulfulsunday #mindfulnessmatters

Once a PT, always a PT. No matter where I am...
#scudderphysicaltherapy #disneyland #gait #paradetime

Back home from vacation, and wanted to share this concept I spent some time pondering while on the beach. Telehealth PT is cumbersome. I have TelePhysio on my business card. But I don’t use a telephone to treat my patients. The Australians are calling it Digital Practice. How about Digital Physio?!? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 or 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻??

A good take away from our stay in this beautiful beach town. Nice really does matter. 😊

This is the follow up text I received from one of my previous patients tonight. I had treated her last October via telehealth. She called this morning due to a sudden onset of symptoms which occurred at work today. She was worried. I listened her tell me the location of her symptoms (central low back pain and numbness of left foot), sudden onset today while standing and twisting, worse with any movements, but not feeling shifted as she had been when I first treated her. In the past, after self-correction of her shift, she was a good extension responder, so we attempted that while we talked over the phone. She was no worse, but with increased central LBP. I reviewed the traffic light guide and asked her to continue to do more standing extension at work and to follow up with me at the end of the day. As expected, she did well! Glad to be able to help guide a patient to wellness even while I am on vacation! 😎🌞👏🏻#scudderphysicaltherapy #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod #lowbackpain

Getting a dose of early morning sunshine with a walk on the beach is one of my favorite ways to start a new day! #scudderphysicaltherapy #walk #morningsun #morningsunshine #saltlife #crystalcoast

It’s a new day! Make it a great one. Happy Wednesday from Scudder Physical Therapy 😊😎🌞

Up at 6:00 am to catch an Atlantic Ocean sunrise. A bit cloudy and rainy but still gorgeous. Happy #mdtmonday everyone!
PS: I realize this has nothing to do with MDT least it is Monday 😉

Pretty stoked to have this view all week...
#scudderphysicaltherapy #saltlife #northcarolina #emeraldisle

Words I try to live by. Happy Sunday! #scudderphysicaltherapy #soulfulsunday #notasermonjustathought

SOC in NYC! Slouch Over-Correct technique can be used during long car rides to alleviate low back stiffness. Watch this little instructional video with me and my youngest daughter @butitshealthy 😄.

Another good tip: Use of a lumbar roll is a great way to passively maintain better spinal curves, but adding motion to prolonged sitting is the way to go!

Wishing you safe and pain free driving this end of summer weekend! #scudderphysicaltherapy #summertime #lowbackpain #cartravel #healthysitting

As a McKenzie Mechanical Diagnostic Therapist, my aim is to work with you to unlock your body’s ability to heal itself. A movement response assessment, which points to a movement-based diagnosis and a movement-based treatment, is the key to finding those truths. Let me help you help yourself. #mdtmonday #scudderphysicaltherapy #mckenziemdt #mckenziemethod #telephysio #painfree #hippain #kneepain #shoulderpain #lowbackpain #neckpain

Northern Virginia Area MDT Study Group

This morning Ashley Burger Canfield and Betsy Scudder attended a great lecture on regenerative therapies given by Drs Rodney Dade,MD and Robert Wagner, MD at National Spine & Pain Center in Fairfax. Great to hear straight from the docs about their use of stem cell therapy, PRP and prolotherapy to help patients meet their symptomatic and functional goals.

(Reposting this from back in May when I was fostering “March” from #wolftrapanimalrescue. I am having fun dog sitting him, now “Reef”, this weekend!)
See what a telephysio session with @drscudderpt can do for you. Online, save time. #movementismedicine #mckenziemdt #lowbackpain #neckpain #shoulderpain #kneepain #hippain #painfree #telephysio

Having fun puppy sitting for one of my former fosters. Check out his nice symmetrical bilateral cervical rotation! Only a DPT dog sitter would notice that.... 🤪🐾🐾

LeBron James made wearing a lumbar back support look cool all summer

If you have been my patient, you know that I highly recommend these lumbar rolls. Got yours? Dad LeBron continues to be the best LeBron.

Sending safe travel wishes today from Scudder Physical Therapy to the Mechanical Care Everywhere Cusco 2018 crew! #mceperu2018 #scudderphysicaltherapy #mckenziemethod #extendingthereach #furtherfurtherfurther

A good day is when you go to the 10th Anniversary Sterling Women networking luncheon and your business card gets picked for a wine bottle door prize! 😄👍🍷#scudderphysicaltherapy #wine #stonetowerwinery #sterlingwomen

Wednesday Wisdom: A quote by instructor Dave Oliver that stuck with me from my recent McKenzie Course D audit. Do you do this every day? Teaching patients how to do exercises is just a small part of educating them. Do they know when to keep going, or when to stop? Do they know if their pain is a good sign or a not so good one? Self assessment is key. Thanks for the pearl, Dave. #mckenziemethod #gettingmdtsmarts #scudderphysicaltherapy #patienteducation

MDT Monday: One of the impressive icons of MII, Colin Davies, “Doing the Davies” (Canadian version of The Dougie?) in Peru last year during the inaugural Mechanical Care Everywhere mission trip. Actually, he was treating this Peruvian woman who was the hostess at one of our hotels. 😊 This man was mentored by Robin McKenzie himself. I feel honored to know him and consider him one of my favorite mentors! #mckenzieinstitute #scudderphysicaltherapy #mckenziemethod #dothedougie

MDT Monday: One of the impressive icons of MII, Colin Davies, “Doing the Davies” (Canadian version of The Dougie?) in Peru last year during the inaugural Mechanical Care Everywhere mission trip. Actually, he was treating this Peruvian woman who was the hostess at one of our hotels. 😊 This man was mentored by Robin McKenzie himself. I feel honored to know him and consider him one of my favorite mentors! #mckenzieinstitute #scudderphysicaltherapy #mckenziemethod #dothedougie

Northern Virginia Area MDT Study Group

Attention all local PTs, Chiros, and MDs interested in learning more about The McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) Method! Check out this page for information about study groups, activities and special events!

A study group for Northern Virginia area physical therapists, chiropractors or MDs interested in learning more about The McKenzie MDT Method.

Whether you are current PT patient, a former patient, or a PT yourself: who is your Favorite Physio and why? What character trait of your Favorite Physio earned her or him that honor, in your opinion? I’d love to hear from each of you...What makes a great PT? #scudderphysicaltherapy #mckenziemethod #getpt1st #mckenziemdt #patientalliance #charactercounts #painneuroscience

Wednesday Wisdom!
Catching up on Mechanical Care Forum podcasts during my morning commute and this little gem really resonated with me. Always something to glean from and his #mechanicalcareforum podcasts!

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