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I’ve been asked why I started a telehealth physical therapy practice, aka TelePhyzio by Scudder Physical Therapy. Well, a recent presentation by the CEO of CBInsights, a prominent tech market research company, indicates that healthcare is being disrupted and technology companies are leading the revolution (think Amazon, Google, and evening Best Buy!). Physical Therapy, along with other traditional health care services, are evolving as I write, and will soon never be quite the same. High value healthcare delivered non-traditionally is the current focus, and that’s what I deliver. I am just riding the wave of change while I can! See the $31B bubble in the 2nd slide? That’s telehealth.
Uh huh...yes.
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If you responded “No” to this survey, you are correct.😧
I actually tell some of my patients, who show a directional preference for flexion (bending forward), to go ahead & slouch a bit! 😳
Some spines need to round forward to keep mechanical pain under control. However, “some” means fewer than 20%. Chances are very high, around 80%, that if you are having low back or neck pain, it is due to spending more time than not repeatedly bending forward or sitting in a rounded forward position. 🙄
The body needs a break and movement or movement/positioning in the opposite or extended direction can help! A lot!! 🤗
Reach out to me if you need help figuring out which direction of movement or posture is what your body needs. Link in bio, of course 😉
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Is Couch Potato on your Thanksgiving menu this year?
If you get low back or neck stiffness when sitting in the couch potato position, take a break and stand up, walk around, and maybe even look up at the ceiling and do a few standing back bends. Movement breaks can make a big difference! Even #riothelabdog knows this 😊
Keep spine pain out of your holiday plans!
But, if you do need help, reach out to me! If you are travelling & not home, I can still help you with a TelePhyzio session! See link in bio.
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Congratulations to all high school volleyball players on your club tryouts results!
As a former collegiate player, club & high school coach and volleyball Mom, I know the game. As a physical therapist, I know how to get injured players back on the court!
Do you know the top three most prevalent volleyball injuries?
Just ASK:
🏐A =ankle (usually lateral sprain from landing on fellow player’s foot)
🏐S= Shoulder (often diagnosed as rotator cuff tendinitis, tear or SLAP lesion)
🏐K=knee (jumpers knee, meniscus tear or ACL injury)
Are you dealing with one of these problems? Or any other joint or back/neck pain? Let me know how I can help you or your volleyballer get back in the game!
I can come to you, via the Internet, and get you started on the right path to playing again!🏐
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Thinking of a special veteran today, my father William J. Voegeli, who served in the US Navy during World War II. We recently found a shoebox full of all the letters he sent home to his family during his time of service on the USS Appalachian from Dec 1943 to May 1946. As a young 18-20 year old, his letters clearly told of how much he missed being home with his family. One letter, dated Nov 9, 1945, told of the 75 minute excursion that he and a group of fellow radio techs took to Nagasaki, just 3 months after the atomic bombings there. He included a hand-drawn map of the area, and later sent photos of what they had seen. “All of this was flat, and when I say flat, I mean just that. Here and there stood machinery, but most everything was leveled to rubble....Only one bomb did all this, remember!”
My father died in 1994, at the age of 69, of a glioblastoma (brain tumor). He and his oncologist wondered if his presence in Nagasaki soon after the atomic bombings there contributed to his demise. Whatever the case may be, we are all proud of him and his service during World War II. A heartfelt thank you to all our veterans today!
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Take away message: MRI tells the truth, but not the whole truth. It CANNOT tell you if any “abnormal” finding is the source of your pain. 🤔
Repeated movement testing with careful monitoring of symptoms, as in the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy assessment system, is a much less costly way to determine mechanical causes of musculoskeletal pain! 🤕
See your MDT PT or chiro before getting that MRI. They can help you determine if an MRI or X-ray is needed to rule out a red flag condition (ie, fracture, infection or tumor); or if an imaging study is likely unnecessary and how movement in the right direction can relieve your pain. 🙂
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Hey Friends! Can you show #scudderphysicaltherapy and #telephyzio some ❤️❤️❤️ today? TIA!! 😄🥰👏🏻
(PS, I’ll return the favor...!)

Accomplishment is so empowering.
Let me help you accomplish your musculoskeletal health goals!
We’ll both feel empowered. 🤩💪🏻
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Happy Halloween #loudouncounty! 🎃🎃🎃
Trick or Treat: guess where I took this Boomerang and win a Robin McKenzie Treat Your Own Back or Treat Your Own Neck book from #scudderphysicaltherapy!
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Winner will be announced at 8pm EDT on Halloween night!
Scary good luck!
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Could the McKenzie Method help with your back?

Check out today's Good Morning America segment on the McKenzie Method!
This is what I do as a McKenzie Institute Certified Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy provider! Let me help YOU too. Schedule a TelePhyzio session with Scudder Physical Therapy today!

Also, get the truth on three common myths about treating back pain.

Raking leaves for the kids to jump into? Or just because the HOA says so? Either way, that job can take a toll on your back. I can help you return to the task quickly and conveniently, over the internet. Simple movements, when performed in the correct direction, can “leave” you feeling much better! Check out my website at! 🎃🍁🍂#scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #lowbackpain #lowbackpainrelief #autumn #autumnvibes🍁 #fallfun #fallfun🍁 #virginia #maryland #loudouncounty

“Help! I just bent over to tie my shoe, when BAM! I got a sudden sharp pain in my back and now I can’t straighten back up!”
Do you know what to do in this situation?
1️⃣ Don’t panic—it’s likely that one of the vertebrae in your back has gotten pushed out of alignment and it will gradually be able to ease back in to its correct position.
2️⃣ You can help this process along by lying flat on your stomach as soon as possible after this onset of back pain. Try not to sit first if possible.
3️⃣ Lie flat on the floor or a good firm mattress if you can; if not, slide 1-2 pillows under your abdomen. Gradually try sliding the pillow(s) out as your pain calms down. This is a good time to have someone put an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas on your back for 10 mins (up to every hour as needed).
4️⃣ When you are able to lie totally flat, slowly begin to restore the straightening motion of your spine by lifting your chest towards the ceiling; try propping up on your elbows. If you can, hang out there for 3 minutes or so.
5️⃣ Try moving farther into that range of motion by putting your hands under your shoulders as when doing a push up, but instead, you’ll use your arms to push your chest only upwards as far as you feel comfortable going. If you can fully straighten your elbows, great. Then breathe out and let your low back “sag” as you relax into this position.
6️⃣ Don’t hurry this process! It might take several hours. Listen to your body and let the changes in your pain symptoms tell you if you are doing the right thing, in which case the pain will either be subsiding, or localizing to the middle of your back. If your range of motion is improving and the pain is decreasing or centralizing, that’s a green light, keep going! Try to do this movement 5-10 reps every 1-2 hours! If your range is not improving or even worsening the more your try this, and/or pain begins to spread to a larger area or down one or both legs, STOP. Contact #scudderphysicaltherapy for more help! #telephyzio
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I had the privilege to be interviewed yesterday at my corporate workplace injury prevention job for a live 30 minute Q&A session in honor of National Physical Therapy Month. I was asked a dozen or so questions about the profession of Physical Therapy, and was able to get a plug in for telehealth PT here. Let me know your thoughts! #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #duffyrathsystem #workplacewellness #physicaltherapy #nptm #movementismedicine #mckenziemdt

Ergonomic Product Review: Hermann Miller “Mirra” chair.

Did anyone else catch this Oct 1, 2019 Health article in the Washington Post? Check out my story today for my thoughts on this...


Check out my new YouTube video featuring a treatment testimony from one of our Peruvian translators, Ashley Reyna! Find out how I helped her with both a chronic knee pain and a low back pain problem!

Peruvian translator Ashley talks about her experience being treated with the Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment method in Cusco, August 2019

It’s’s National Physical Therapy Month!
In a research article by Lewis E Kazis et al, Observational retrospective study of the association of initial healthcare provider for new-onset low back pain with early and long-term opioid use, BMJ Open (2019). DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-028633:
“To reduce the risks of short- and long-term opioid use, insurers should incentivize patients to see physical therapists...first or early on following a bout of low back pain, before seeing PCPs," says study lead author Dr. Lewis Kazis, professor of health law, policy & management at BUSPH.
In Virginia, you can be seen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy for four weeks without a prescription from a doctor; in Maryland there is no time restriction for direct access to PT. If you are located in one of those states, I can help you quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your home, over the internet. Telehealth PT is #TelePhyzio!
#ChoosePT early and first!
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Early morning walks with my pup offer the opportunity start the day off right, and maybe even to catch a gorgeous sunrise. Here are a few of my favorites shots from this morning.
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Check out my updated website, complete with a video of me explaining a bit about #telephyzio! Link in bio! share with your friends in Virginia and Maryland who need pain relief in a quick, convenient way!#scudderphysicaltherapy #online #telehealth #mckenziemdt #backpain #backpainrelief #neckpain #neckpainrelief #kneepain #kneepainrelief #shoulderpain #shoulderpainrelief #movementismedicine

Why do we as a society blame our muscles for all our aches and pains? It really “gets on my nerves”!! Our nerves are the structures that send information from the body to the brain. The brain is the organ whose job it is to interpret those pieces of electrical information from the nerves. If the brain perceives that the body is in danger, guess what it will decide? PAIN. Muscles can’t do that. They can only contract, relax, and act upon joints with force enough to cause motion around an axis. Pain may be perceived as being located over a muscle, or a tendon, or a bone; but in the majority of the cases of musculoskeletal pain, the source of the problem is not in those tissues. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy with advanced certification in diagnosing and treating mechanical musculoskeletal pain (MDT or the McKenzie Method), I can work with you to figure out the source of your problem to get you back to doing the things you love. Your muscles move you; stop blaming them for your pain, and contact me to help you sort out the cause—and the solution—to your pain.
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What does this EXPOSS (Extremity Pain of Spinal Source) research summary mean to you? It means if you have hip pain, there’s a 71% chance that it’s not a hip problem, but pain referred from the low back due to some kind of misalignment or derangement causing pressure on nerves. Shoulder pain? A 47% likelihood it is referred from your neck. And so on, for all of the joints shown here. Overall, pain in the extremities was referred from the spine in 43.5% of over 320 patients in this important study by Rosedale et al, recently published in The Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy last month.
What this means to me is that no matter what the diagnosis is or what an MRI might show, I will always screen the spine first, because if treatment needs to be aimed at your neck or back, I wouldn’t want to be treating your hip or your shoulder!
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A weekend well spent in Tallahassee! Check out my story for a few highlights. #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #continuingeducation #neverstoplearning #mckenziemdt

Northern Virginia area MDT PTs and Chiros: Mark your calendars! Next meeting coming up!

We’ll be reviewing the Advanced Clinical Decision Making course that a number of our peeps will be attending on Sept 14th-15th; and also practicing a few techniques with our Diploma members who will be assisting therapists as they prepare for their Cert practical exams coming up in December.

If we have time, we’ll also discuss Rosedale et al’s newly published EXPOSS study. It will be a busy Saturday morning!! 🤩👏🏻☕️

Not in the NoVA area? No worries! Zoom meeting link will be posted the week prior (use of the word “prior” courtesy of @jwardmdt 😉!)

I will #neverforget.

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What do you think is the biggest health problem Harvard Medicine is referring to? 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️

Yep. Sitting still.

And what about the cure?

Movement is medicine. Actually, it’s better than medicine!

If you are hurting and can’t move the way you’d like, reach out to me for an online assessment. Chances are high that, working together, we can get you moving in the right direction soon!
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