Club Pilates, Ashburn, VA Video November 11, 2019, 8:14pm

Videos by Club Pilates in Ashburn. We believe that Pilates is the path to a fuller, more satisfying physical existence.

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Corp video of instructor

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It comes from your CORE. It comes from CLUB PILATES. Make 2020 YOUR year! #newyear #clubpilatesashburn

Teacher Training Inspire Others
Corp video of instructor

Sandra Bridges chat on using Pilates with her Cancer Recovery
Breast Cancer Survivor, Sandra Bridges on Cancer recovery with Pilates.

Introducing Try It On Tuesday's! Try on your favorite Club Pilates Retail and receive 25% off your apparel purchase! Snap a pic of you sporting your new gear and tag @clubpilatesashburn !

Beautiful day, great kids activities. Don’t miss out, there’s still time! @inmedpartnershipsforchildren funfest‼️😍 Come out and support an awesome organization!!! #clubpilatesashburn #clubpilatespotomacfalls

Have you used the Jump Board before? The Jump Board enables you to run and jump on the carriage without any of the impact on your joints! Come try our CP Cardio Sculpt class! #clubpilatesashburn #jumpinjumpin #cardio #cardiosculpt

The Pilates sitting box takes Reformer work to a whole new level - offering movements that include abominal work, stretching, prone exercises, and several modifications. What's your favorite move using the box?

Pilates for everyone member testimonial

YAAAAAS proudly add your name to the Club Pilates Ashburn Hall of Fame! 👏👏 You deserve it and we are so proud!! . . . #clubpilates #halloffame #pilateslover



Celina - Ashburn ball

Free Intro
Want to know what a Club Pilates Class is like? What will you experience during the 30 minute FREE Intro? Check out this video for more information on Pilates and Club Pilates. Check us out at Club Pilates Ashburn to start your practice!

Still time to post your double leg kick today! Abby and Jill show you how, though it takes a few attempts...

We are having a blast with #marchmatness ! Today’s exercise, the Double Leg Stretch is being excellently demonstrated by our member Kirsten! . . . #Doublelegstretch is a great exercise for abdominal endurance! . . . #clubpilatesashburn #marchmatness

Join Jill at a new time! See you Thursday at 12:30pm!! Club Pilates

March Matness Day 2 - Rollup
Today we're taking our mat outside! @sweetteaser_avl is taking us through the movement: "The #rollup. It's often the very first exercise in a mat class. It's fundamental - but it isn't. I've done thousands of roll ups over the years, and each one is different. Each one tells me about what's going on in my body, specifically, my spine. I sustained a low back injury years ago that makes isolating my lumbar vertebrae difficult - but this exercise and others like it have helped me regain mobility. I love teaching the roll up because it's like a measuring tool. I can observe the places where my clients are lacking mobility and muscle awareness. It requires abdominal strength. And simply, it just feels good."

March Matness begins with 100s!
It's officially March…and the start of March means #MarchMatness! Everyday in March is an opportunity to share and learn about Pilates Mat exercises, their original order, the benefits, and the fundamentals we use in class (yes-even on the Reformer and other apparatus) everyday! Today we're starting off strong with the #hundreds exercise! Check out @lorinjetter - a rockstar Club Pilates instructor who loves to include several variations in her movements!

Lying down while doing cardio...sign me up! Looking for some diversity in your workout check out a cardio sculpt class 💪‼️#clubpilatesashburn #dopilatesdolife #cardiosculpt

Controlling the glutes, the abs, and Wilson! Amber’s full CP Control 2.0! #clubpilatesashburn #feeltheburn #cpcontrol #gettingreadyfortheholidays

Put the fun back in functional movement! Take Ambers CP Control class on Thursdays at 8:30am. #clubpilatesashburn #dopilatesdolife #cpcontrol #barre #lesleebender #barreabove

Happy Monday! Let’s get this week off to the right start with some Pilates!!! Classes are filling up for the week so if you haven’t planned out your workouts for the week it’s time to get up and get moving 😃 💪 #clubpilatesashburn #dopilatesdolife #mondayfunday #fallintofitness

Members were feeling the burn today in Amber’s TRX class. 💪 If you haven’t checked out the CP Suspend class it is a must try to get some variety on your workout! Check schedule for availability. #clubpilatesashburn #dopilatesdolife #clubpilatesinstructor #trx #feeltheburn #bosu

Calling all future Pilates instructors‼️ Come to our information session Saturday, September 15th @ 1:30 pm learn more about the program and get a sample of how to teach fundamental exercises from our Master Trainer @brandilweston and to lock into our Early Bird specials which are ending that day 😮 Everyone that shows up will be put in a raffle for a $100 shopping spree at the studio 🎉🎉.

Meet Pamela Cresine, one of our fabulous unlimited members!! Check out her member testimonial to see how CP Ashburn has impacted her life! 🎥 Lydia Estep @ CP Ashburn #clubpilates #clubpilatesashburn #pilates #ashburn #broadlands #brambleton #dopilatesdolife #membertestimonial #fitness #pilatesmembership

Marta has the class working hard 💪 on balance in the CP F.I.T class tonight. If you haven’t been to one of these classes it is a must try! Check our schedule for available times for this class. #clubpilatesashburn #dopilatesdolife #hurtssogood #thursdayfunday

What do you do on a Wednesday evening? We jump for joy because we're halfway through the week! #clubpilatesashburn #clubpilates #ashburn #broadlands #brambleton #dopilatesdolife #pilates #cardio #cardiosculpt #muscle #jump #wednesday #humpday

We have 2 spots in both the Reformer Flow 2.0 class at 5:30pm and the Reformer Flow 1.0 class at 6:30pm. Stop in for class or to just cool off and say hi!

Happy Mat Move Monday everyBODY! Today, Beth, one of our awesome members, shows us how to do rollover with the EXO chair. The use of the chair intensifies the workout since your tricpes and biceps are working to keep the pedal in place. Your powerhouse also works to keep your body, specifically your back, from coming up or arching off of the mat, due to the resistance of the pedal. This move can easily be done without the pedal by simply placing your hands by your sides. Rollover is a full body exercise, working your shoulder stabilizers, triceps, biceps, abdominal muscles, hip stabilizers and flexors, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Here's how to feel the burn with rollover: - lie on your mat, arms by your sides -pressing your triceps into the mat, peel your spine up off the mat and begin rolling up and over your head - legs should be together, inner thighs (or knees) touching -feet should be pointed as you peel up - once you are over your head, separate your legs to be hip width apart, flex your feet, and begin rolling down - work against gravity, striving to slowly control your downward movement - complete 5-7 repetitions and then reverse the leg/footwork for the next set (on the way up: legs hip width apart and feet flexed. on the way down: legs together and feet pointed) TIPS: - channel your spinal articulation, peeling up and rolling down vertebra by vertebra - the less you press your triceps into the mat, the more your core has to work, in regards to both strength and stabilization - do not roll onto your neck, stay on your shoulders - if your body allows, and you are doing the move on a mat vs a chair, you may be able to touch your feet to the floor once you are over your head. Have you ever done rollover before? Let us know in the comments! #clubpilatesashburn #clubpilates #dopilatesdolife #ashburn #matmovemoinday

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