Center Stage Preschool

Center Stage Preschool

Center Stage Academy is a Montessori inspired preschool and child care center that introduces different cultures each month and focuses on the performing arts.

Center Stage Preschool is a mixed-age Montessori approach curriculum, that is also proud to offer a fine arts focus, along with a monthly global awareness theme!

At Center Stage in Ashburn, VA, we believe that children have a voice and a choice. We use role-playing games to introduce emotions, and equip them with vocabulary to help the children be able to communicate their feelings within their world. We also introduce many mediums and genres of the arts! Dance, theater, music, art, language, and instruments are all a MAJOR part of our curriculum!

Our Ashburn preschool classes serve children ages 3 to 6 years, and it is between these ages that children are in what is called the absorbent phase. Everything a child touches or experiences is absorbed and stored away for their future academic use. Being mindful of this absorbent phase, we have created an environment where all the materials and curriculum are available at your child's fingertips!

Center Stage in Ashburn, VA Summer Camps for Ages 3-6 are also a great way to find out if our yearly program is right for your family.

And, now you can send your Kindergartner to our After School Program in Ashburn, VA as well!

The best way to find out about our amazing preschool classes in Ashburn is to come and take a tour! Call us to schedule a perfect time, and we will see you soon!

Keep calm and Bike on!!

"Ahoy me matey"!!! ......... pretend play in Center Stage's new outdoor addition for the summer.

This is just the beginning of a great month and loads of fun with the Capstone students. Our Center Stage students are having a blast, getting ready for the Center Stage end of the year "Ball"!

The students learned about plants and their life cycle. They watched seeds sprout in jars and could see what happened underground as a seed grows into a plant or flower. The students enjoyed the whole process, especially when they got to help plant the sprouts in our garden outside!😀😀

Last week, Center Stage traveled to the west coast of America and spend a day at the Grand Canyon, learning all about it!

Being considered by many as one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon is a massive natural formation distinguished by layered bands of red rock. The Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado River. The river has run through this area for billions of years, carving the rock into a canyon.

Before leaving the students created their own model of the Grand Canyon. They colored sand in little bags and layering the sand in a container replicating the layers of rock in the canyon walls. Lastly, water was poured over the layers of sand in order to create divots, as a way to mimic the Colorado River carving out the Grand Canyon.

Let's Taco 'bout how awesome I am! 😊

Amazing art from our little Artists!

Learning about various landforms. How they are naturally formed and that landforms have different shapes! We love that our teachers always incorporate some form of hands-on learning.

Some giant frogs decided to make Center Stage their home for the summer!! The children love to play pretend!!!

This week we are learning about Canadian currency, Eh!!!

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We are located in Ashburn, VA and work with students throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington area, with programs suited to all levels of singers.