Valerie's Crafty Designs

I have a love for craftiness that I inherited from my great-grandmother and grandmother. I have always enjoyed creating crafty things.

Growing up I spent many days with my great-grandmother and grandmother. They both were very crafty and created beautiful afghans, quilts and dolls, all of which I have all throughout my home. For years my friends have been encouraging me to sell the things I make. So I finally decided to take the plunge. Of course I don't make quilts or afghans but do think of my grandmother every time I sit down to put something together. She was very special person and taught me most of what I know when it comes to being crafty. **Because most all of my items I make are customized I cannot offer returns/refunds. If you are concerned about the sizing of an item please ask for a size chart of discuss with me my opinion of the shirt.**

This might be the funniest pregnancy reveal shirt I’ve ever seen. I hope her family catches on to the joke and they enjoy celebrating.

[06/22/19]   It's that time again. I am cleaning and organizing. I have updated my clearance section on my website to help clear some things out of my house :-) These are items I have made in the past for a show and I've saved them but I don't really do shows any more so I am trying to make room in my basement. Please use my website to order, as I have inventory tracked there. You can still select local pick up or I can ship as well.

When a group of you are going to see the NKOTB and you all can’t decide on the same shirt you choose both 🙃. Perhaps there will be a wardrobe change half way through the concert 🤪🤪.

Things have kind of been a whirlwind these past few weeks but I’ve gotten a lot of things made 🙂. I thank every single one of you for your business and allowing me to help bring your visions to life 😀.

More fun father’s day shirts. I love the apple and tree one, I thought it was such a cute idea.

Whose going to see the New Kids in a few weeks? I went a couple years ago and it was so much fun. These shirts will add humor and sparkle to these ladies night.

Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Gift Ideas

Do you see a theme here 😂😂

Father’s day will be here before you know it and I think these three people all saw the same Facebook ad on the same day 🤪.

I have three of these transfers available. They would make fun teacher gifts. They will be polyester shirts, athletic wear material and have to be white. $17

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when you get a night without hauling children around. Baseball was canceled due to a random rain storm and my daughter got a ride from a friend to basketball. I managed to knock out 18 shirts tonight yeah!! So thankful for all of your referrals and continued business 😍

If only I had all of my fancy equipment when my kids were graduating from preschool and starting kindergarten. These will be so cute to use every year for first day of school pictures.

I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. Sports with three kids has taken over our lives!! I tried something new this week with sublimation transfer and I love how it turned out for a kindergarten teacher friend. I also personalized a sports ball bucket which would make great coaches end of season gifts if anyone is interested 🙃. Thank you all for continuing to bless me with your business and paitence these days as I try to squeeze in as much as I can in my days while getting my kids to sports 6 days a week 🤪😂🙃.

It is almost time for summer! As the school year closes these make fun gifts to give to classmates or your own kids.

End of year classroom gifts. My kids will soon be too cool to hand out things to their classmates so I'm living up the last few years of this kind of fun :-). Personalized bubble wands $2 and $2.50 with personalized tags.

When I first started selling my creations I would get asked if I shipped. I never really wanted to turn people away but shipping things scares me. Was I using the right envelope, did the package weigh too much? I would always just end up going to the post office because I didn’t want something to be returned. Well now I am a shipping master 🙃🤣. I’ve gotten all the tricks figured out and the post office is so fancy now I get notified in PayPal when I haven’t paid enough shipping, too bad they don’t notify if I pay too much 😆. Another group of Arbonne shirts going out. I am almost done with these. I’ve fulfilled about 140 orders so far and close to 170 shirts with about 30 more shirts to go 😅. I am so thankful for all of these orders and look forward to seeing all of the group pictures:-).

Time just keeps flying by. I can’t believe we are already into May. So much for me getting organized for teacher appreciation week 🙃. I have a few bags and clipboards in stock if anyone wants something personalized for their favorite teachers. I’m still working on the shirts for the Arbonne conference and am hoping to get them all finished this weekend. I am slowly making a dent day by day. Besides those shirts I’ve made a few other things this past week 🙂. Thank you all for your continued business, it is very much appreciated. Also I

Valerie's Crafty Designs's cover photo

[04/27/19]   So as my little crafting business is growing there are some things that I need to address. I have been contacted a few times recently for returns. Sadly, I cannot offer returns on the items I make as they are all customized. Of course if something is received damaged or defective I will gladly correct those situations. If you are concerned about certain sizing please ask me for a size chart or my opinion on the shirt as most shirts I order I have ordered or worn before. Thank you for your continued support of my business.

Finished 18 shirts tonight, didn’t quite make it to 20 but it was getting past my bedtime 😴😴. All these white ones are packed up and ready to ship out in tomorrow’s mail. Thank for you supporting my business as always 😍!!

Still working on the shirts for the Arbonne conference next month. I shipped out about 25 shirts Sunday and am hoping to get 20 more done today, but have also been working on a few other things in between the conference shirts 🙂. Again I apologize for the delays lately I am hoping to all caught up next week. Thank you for your patience 😍

Finished up a large amount of shirts earlier this week then took my kids to Williamsburg for Busch gardens and a little history. I might have caused permanent scaring to my youngest after a roller coaster ride yesterday. Production will resume on Saturday when we return 😀😀. As always thank you all for supporting my crafting hobby 😍. Picture in comments of my permanent scaring of my youngest child.

Valerie's Crafty Designs

I also finished these cuties up these past few days. I still have a couple bags and bunnies left if anyone is last minute like me 🤪🐇

Spring break has finally arrived! Yeah!! No, this isn’t a picture of my laundry, although it resembles this for sure. These are all of the shirts I need to finish this week plus another box of white shirts that are on their way. So I apologize for my slow responses and forgetfulness lately. I have been swamped. I appreciate everyone for their continued business and keeping my house a big ol’ mess with shirts and vinyl.

Another week has passed, I can’t believe we are well into April already. It’ll be summer before we know it. I am so thankful for all of your support of my business, you all keep me busy busy and I appreciate it!! I am working on shirts for a larger order for an Arbonne Conference but will begin working on getting Easter things organized this afternoon for those that have sent me messages. 😍

It’s baseball season and I put off making this work of art until last night. I finished it with hours to spare before the clock struck midnight. Things are a little crooked but no one will care and I’m pretty confident I was the only parent that volunteered to make it 🤪😂

Well I was ahead of the game with my post last month but now Easter is quickly approaching. I am waiting on more of the burlap bags to arrive, hopefully that will be within the next week. I will have bags with blue, white, pink and green ears. The bags are $15, I have the stuffed bunnies shown that are also $15 and will be personalized with a name on one ear and the year or whatever you'd like on the 2nd ear. The buckets/tubs are $12 and I have these colors shown available.

Leading up to last weekend I wasn't sure I would be able to get all of the shirts I needed to get done, but somehow I always seem to get them all finished. I made over 40 shirts last week and I kept my kids fed, and alive :-) Thank you all for your support of my business, it is appreciated more than you know.



My kids go to Moorefield Station Elementary here in Ashburn and this year I started working there. They have three classes for children with autism and three awesome teachers for these classes. A few months ago there were posts on Facebook with schools that created sensory halls, these areas are great for all children in releasing energy and refocusing. Our 3-5 Autisim teacher is going to start raising money next month for our school to make one so I am going to be donating $5/shirt sold from this group below. I’ve added them to my website so it’s easier to keep track for me. I’m adding a link to a sensory walk example in the comments in case you aren’t familiar with them. Thank you!

National Autism Awareness month is next month and World Autism Day is on April 2. I am going to be making myself one of these shirts to wear on the 2nd. Which should I make?

National Autism Awareness month is next month and World Autism Day is on April 2. I am going to be making myself one of these shirts to wear on the 2nd. Which should I make?

Valerie's Crafty Designs

Valerie's Crafty Designs's cover photo

Phew I have been busy these last few weeks. Next week baseball starts again and my mom taxi will set sail. I need to find some new fun baseball designs to keep my spirits high as my toosh freezes until it decides to warm up here in VA. As always I am so thankful for the support of my business. I wish some of these Disney shirts were for us and we were heading south for some consistent warm weather!

Anyone going to Disney soon or a Disney fan. This was an extra from an order it’s a unisex large. $10

As March is beginning I’m trying to be better this year with Easter. Easter is later this year but I’m thinking of ordering some more bunny bags if I have enough interest. I will have these buckets and bunnies as well. The bags are great for the kids, the eggs stay in while they run around looking for more eggs. Even though my kids are older they still enjoy using them.

I’m kind of getting a late start with these but I have a small quantity of these cute bunnies, the blue eared bunny bags and these Easter basket/tubs. Bunnies and bags are $15 and the tubs are $12.

Finished matching Dr. Seuss shirts for me and my youngest for tomorrow. I’m pretty confident that because I rushed around to get these done for tomorrow that school will for sure turn from a delay to a cancellation 🙃. My oldest two wanted nothing to do with anything I make for school but my youngest still appeases me and I gave him the choices of all the images I have and he chose the one I was making for myself. 😍

Dr Seuss shirts, St. Patrick’s Day and gift tags 🙂. Thank you for keeping the dust off of my machine and keeping me busy, as always I am so thankful!

Dr. Seuss Read Across America

Dr. Seuss' birthday is coming up on March 2 and Read Across America Day will coincide close by. I'm going to be making myself this shirt to wear :-) I just created an album with all the shirts I've made in the past for this day.

Valerie's Crafty Designs's cover photo

Valerie's Crafty Designs

My sons class is having a Valentine’s Day bag decorating contest and he chose history as his category and chose to do a Martin Luther King Jr. theme. So while I was looking for ideas I can across this image and knew I had to make it into a shirt to add to my wardrobe 🤪.

As always I’m thankful for you all keeping me busy😍. More teachers and a little boy ready for the 100th day, although it looks like it might get pushed again because of the weather forecast ☃️❄️

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