Red's BBQ & Pizzeria

Red's BBQ & Pizzeria


Those Wagyu, chedder and jalapeno sausages were the best sausages I ever had. Perfect amount of smoke and the flavor was outrageous. Thanks Red.
Sooooo good! Thank you Red!
New to the group here's my latest video
All ready for deliver. Red my brother I hope you enjoy it as much as I do making it. # afamilyofflavor
Just saw someone had some Reds, I gotta know when and where I can come get some!!
What times the food start this weekend !
Nice job tonight, bro! You killed it! And check out your sub boost!!!!
Hey Bro. I am sure you follow Harry Soo. but if you don't, here is a video he just uploaded and I instantly thought of you.
Holy Freaking WOW!! I picked up brisket, burnt ends, chix thighs, sausages, slaw, garlic mashers, pulled pork and pickled onions from Reds BBQ Pizzeria. I was blown away. This was some of the best brisket I have ever had. Super tender, moist and perfect amount of smoke and S&P. Everything was absolutely amazing. I already ordered for next weekend too. You GOTTA try his food.
What!!!! CONGRATULATIONS 🎈!!! This is great news! I will recommend your Q to everyone I know! Way to go!!!!! So happy for you!

Veteran Owned and Operated. Three Distinct Culinary Genre's to Ignite Your Fire! The American Barbecue Journey, Authentic Brazilian Churrasco and True Neapolitan Pizza

[03/12/20]   I'm gunna run some BBQ specials this weekend!! Who doesn't wanna cook and wants my MEAT?! LOL... Pit Humor is hard to resist, ha ha... Tell me down below what meats sound goooooddd!!!! Much BBQ Love y'all!

My huge shipment of @kosmos.q just arrived! Perfect timing for this weekends #bbq #itjustwins #reds I think #ribs sound good! What do y’all think?


2 more hours to get that great discount!!! All you can eat BBQ!!!!

HURRY! You have until 11:30pm TODAY to get a free kids ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket for ALL-U-CAN-EAT BBQ with Red's BBQ & Pizzeria on March 21st!

I’m so excited!!!! @square thank you for shipping this so fast! First event is coming up fast!!! #allthewayup #lovefamilypassion #veteranowned

Good Morning Y'all! A friend of mine just had her travel plans to visit her family in Italy cancelled due to the Corona virus and State Dept warnings for travel. As someone who LOVE putting on "Dinner and a SHOW" I know her passion and from what I've seen thru pictures is truly conveyed in her food! If you need someone to put on an Italian Cooking class, please see my friend Daniela Moro Williams Cucinamore, LLC - Italian Cooking Parties

Probably the best seller (among our appetizers) of this season: our Cacio e Pepe bites: the base is a small crunchy rice and almond cracker, topped with a fluffy mousse of Pecorino Romano cheese, lots of coarsely cracked black pepper, a little fresh ricotta cheese, and a splash of cream.
We then play with all sort of different toppings: in this pictures are a few slices of almonds, but we also use some dry apricots, dates, pistacchi, pine nuts, or dry figs soaked in brandy.
Ask for them at your next cooking party!

All-U-CAN-EAT BBQ Buffet featuring Red's BBQ @ ChefScape

Don't wait, get your tickets TODAY for the ALL-U-CAN-EAT BBQ event with Red's BBQ & Pizzeria on March 21! Today until 11:30am tomorrow, KIDS EAT FREE with the purchase of an adult ticket! #veteranowned Treat your tastebuds to a family friendly ALL-U-CAN-EAT BBQ Buffet featuring Red's BBQ! Free Kid Activities, Music, and Fun for All!

@unclestevesshake was a HUGE hit @redsbbqnpizzeria !!! Lucas’ reaction was filmed and on my next YouTube video! If you haven’t subscribed, you may want to!! So awesome!

Sunday Funday! Using for the first time: Uncle Steve’s Shake “original” @unclestevesshake #bbqpitdog @webergrills #sns @hatfieldmeats @etsmokerco @chefscape @villageatleesburg #bbq #spareribs

Sunday means... SAUCE DAY! I present to you: Angry Texan and Yellow Rose of Texas #lovefamilypassion @redsbbqnpizzeria

Help me out and go vote for Reds as “Best in Ashburn” for the following categories: BBQ, Pizza, Italian, Catering, and Event Avenue!!

[02/26/20]   Red Force One is a mobile kitchen that specializes in serving up the best memories, combined with the best US BBQ, Brazilian BBQ and Neapolitan Pizza! When you add the surround sound music and TVs... Red Force One is the destination!!! Bookings for the summer, Graduations, Wineries, Breweries, Special Events.... are filling up and I could not be more proud to be coming to an event NEAR YOU!! Starting with an All You Cab Eat BBQ Bar featuring Brisket that’s been brined in Guiness, @ChefScape on March 21!!! Link will be below! Get your reservation now!!!

Tonight’s meal is a special one for Andre and David I have prepared quite a line-up to include 15 yr barrel aged balsamic vinegar, black truffles n mushrooms, prosciutto, pepperoni, and of course the crowd pleasing Nutella!!! If anyone ever wants to throw a private party, Reds would be thrilled to make it super exclusive!!! Amazing kitchen gear all purchased @srestsupply

Not only did my stickers come in, but We did it! With the help of all of you, you helped me reach a cool milestone of 2,000 Red’s Mafia Strong on Youtube!!! Let’s see how far we can go. #grateful @kosmos.q @carsonrodizio @chefscape @lemproducts @yodersmokers @marraforni #teamworkmakesthedreamwork @pitbarrel @wineingbutcher @team_mathias00012 to all the companies that have helped me along the way! Thank you kindly! @ Red's BBQ & Pizzeria

This latest video is in Portuguese, for my brotha @acaifit.brasilia and business ventures between 🇧🇷 and 🇺🇸!! Bbq and Açaí :

What I’d love to teach you @chefscape, the evolution of Neapolitan Pizza! From “00” flour to the freshest pizza you’ll ever eat! Did I mention were gunna eat a TON!! #neapolitanpizza #lovefamilypassionbbq

Hello Insta Family and Amigos! Please, if you have a second read what Matthew wrote and is trying to raise! Any and all support is truly appreciated. Thank you so much for your generosity and support!
“The Little World Cup” hosts the most diverse football players from around the world participate in an amazing international event. The largest youth international football tournament in the world. More than 300 teams and almost 5,000 participants make for a memorable experience April, 2020. #GreekUnique #OldGloryGym #soccer #sponsorship #mundialito2020 #ussoccer

It’s memories like the one I create with Giovana (daughter below), from amazing courses at the Marra Forni #thepizzauniversity, that I want to give back to my community. A one day course that will show you how easy it is to make not only Neapolitan Pizzas at home, but delicious memories like this. Ones that transcend time, time... it’s the most important gift you can give someone! Spend 4 hours with me and gain enough knowledge to grow your garden of love!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! Chefscape tickets only purchased in advance, the honor to spend time with y’all, will be mine.

This is my special Valentines Day Breakfast with my Lucas! Thanks to @discoverypto for working so hard because these little moments mean the 🌎 to me! #lovefamilypassionbbq #redsmafia #familyfirst

Wanna learn how to make pizza like this at home?? Come join me and Chefscape on Feb 22! Only 20 seats, some have already been reserved! I’ll show you a different style we’re gunna make together and eat daily until then!! Tickets are purchased thru eventbrite

From my time learning all the tips n tricks at Pizza University, I’ll show you how to be the Neapolitan Pizza Maestro in your home!!! First event for Red's and Chefscape Village at Leesburg!!!! This will be an amazing 4 hour experience with me!! I look forward to meeting new people, laughing, learning, eating, and creating memories with YOU!! #RedForceOne Reserve your seat: @ Chefscape

When only the best will do @kosmos.q @redsbbqnpizzeria a winning team that makes memories! Book your next event now! [email protected] #itjustwins #bbq #neapolitanpizza @marraforni @thepizzauniversity @ Loudoun County, Virginia

#imaginethepossibilities when you get #redforceone, BbQ, Neapolitan Pizza and your boy Red! @chefscape and @redsbbqnpizzeria are setting up to be the most dynamic duo in 2020! Don’t miss out!!! Let Reds do your next event!!! @ Loudoun County, Virginia

This collaboration with y’all and Red's is a dream come true for me! I now get to truly set the stage for memories to be made while serving the best Regional BBQ, Brazilian BbQ and Neapolitan Pizza! Truly blessed and thank you to the amazing team Chefscape for believing in my vision! #RedForceOne #MakingBbQGreatAgain Marra Forni Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center #EastTexasSmokerCompany #LoveFamilyPassion

We are so excited to welcome Red's BBQ & Pizzeria and Red Force One to the ChefScape family!! Stay tuned for exciting events, special collaborations, and more!! #imaginethepossibilities

What’s best, your bark or your bite?! 😆 always inspired by my favorite folks @whitehallestate @celebrationshospitality Let’s get these BIG events rollin!!!

I went to @wooboichicken for the first time today and had the #3 (Hot)! The chicken was super tender, juicy, flavorful, crunchy on the outside and that heat was perfect! Was Hot, but the next level of Code Red is suppose to be pretty darn hot, so I had the level 3 and it was the perfect heat! Kinda stays with ya, but then goes away after a bit! Slaw is vinegar based and great crunch!! #spicychickensandwich #wooboichicken @redsbbqnpizzeria @ Wooboi Hot Chicken

The Ultimate Brisket Experience: Dinner & a Show is released! Unlike anything I’ve ever had and with an amazing group of people to share the experience. Reds Mafia is STRONG! Be honored for you to watch, comment and don’t forget to subscribe!!! #Wagyu #Brisket #yodersmokers (

From one ball of Neapolitan love comes 16 different pizzas we made tonight... just for fun, just for the family and just because the kids wanted to make their own!! Pizza night is not about the pizza, it’s about the memories you create while making them! Which is why I want to show you how I do it, so you can make your own memories at home! Shall we begin our journey? @marraforni @thepizzauniversity #redforceone #pizza #neapolitanpizza @grandecheesefoodservice @pleasanthillgrain #pizzaiolo

Banks Mafia mentioned they want pizza for dinner! What does dad do at 0700 on a Saturday, why make Neapolitan Pizza Dough of course! Who want to know all my tips, tricks n secrets to the best family pizza night ever? @chefscape and @redsbbqnpizzeria will be offering a 4 hour class soon!! Let me know if you want advanced notice!! #family #neapolitanpizza @marraforni @thepizzauniversity

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The wrong snacks before bed can mess with your sleep. Sleep & nutrition experts formulated Nightfood to be delicious AND sleep-friendly. That means less fat, less sugar, and less calories…PLUS, certain minerals, digestive enzymes, and amino acids that make it a better choice before bed. First two people to comment will get a VIP code to pick up 2 free pints of their own! @therealnightfood @harristeeterashburn #nightfoodicecream @redsbbqnpizzeria #afterdinnermintchip #cookiesndreams #healthy #icecream

Having a good time supporting the local economy @mojokitchen ! Thank you my bbq brothas! The Reds Mafia loved it and now time to get ready to head home @redsbbqnpizzeria @ MOJO Kitchen, BBQ Pit & Blues Bar

I’ve got a new “Red Eats the World” featuring @twistedokiebbq ... check it out, some them some @instagram love!!! #bbq #mobilefoodtrucks #gamechanger

Day before the @vdasoccer gets to work at the @jaxarmadafc invitational #u14 #ussoccer #usdevelopmentacademy #healthy @eathomespun #socalacai @redsbbqnpizzeria

First night in Jacksonville for the @jaxarmadafc invitational and had the honor of eating @gusto and we cannot remember when service has been that good! Gloria was truly the most amazing person and I felt a part of the família!! Wow... highly recommend this place!! @matheuszinho_7677 is now carved up and ready to perform! We will be back again before we leave on Monday, that’s how good this place is! @ Gusto

There’s just a nostalgia when you go on #roadtrips because it’s a mandatory thing to stop @crackerbarrel and eat!! I love digesting memories! #lovefamilypassion @ Florence, South Carolina

Normally I’d be in my way into work, but this weekend we will be traveling as Banks Mafia to support @matheuszinho_7677 and his Virginia Development Team in the Armada FC Invitational in Jacksonville, FL!! Let’s go @vdasoccer may the team play to the best of their abilities, fight like lions and come back healthy! Can’t wait to see old friends as well! @ Ashburn, Virginia

[01/15/20]   YEAR OF THE RED!!! I am so blessed and honored to be able to make a HUGE announcement about the growth of Red's and this amazing Northern VA community we live in! #LoveFamilyPassion #RedsBBQandPizzeria #MajorEvents

Gotta love when your colleagues know how much you love @katzsdeli and mules it from NYC to Northern Va!! #pastrami #katzdelicatessen @redsbbqnpizzeria I've got this beautiful Wagyu Brisket to show you... Part 1 of 2!! Tell me what you think: @twinsace @dricky729 @dcprimesteak @chefbrad_dcprime @kosmos.q @yodersmokers

How to trim a Wagyu Brisket #Wagyu #KosmosQ #Reds #YoderSmokers

I've got this beautiful Wagyu Brisket to show you... Part 1 of 2!! Tell me what you think: Kosmo's Q Competition BBQ Products Yoder Smokers DC PRIME STEAKS

If you are interested in having your product featured on my channel, please contact me directly: [email protected] #27LBBrisket #YoderSmokers #BBQ R...

These beauties turned out so good! I don’t remember the last time I’ve had better meat in my mouth! 😂 @lemproducts @yodersmokers @redsbbqnpizzeria @ Red's BBQ & Pizzeria

**Sold Out** thank you for all the love and support!!
Here we go!!! ($20 per pound + VA food Tax))
1. Dan Nicholas
2. Matt Pestone
3. Matt Pestone
4. Matt Pestone
5. Caroline Rodriguez McCrory
6. Caroline Rodriquez McCrory
7. Richell Slepetz
8. Richell Slepetz
9. Antwaun Jackson
10. Sunny RooKanga
11. Bruce V Herdt Jr
12. Casey Holm
13. Jessica Lilienkamp
14. Antwaun Jackson
15. Alain Sheppard
16.Dan LaBert
17. Dan LaBert
18. Monika Buri
19. Monika Buri
20. Christian Marin (3)
21. Kelley Watt

Complete this statement... "I like my sausage like I like my..."

**Sold Out** Exciting news: I have made 20 lbs of Japanese Wagyu Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage and divided the links into exactly 1 lb servings! Because y’all are Reds Mafia, I wanted to give you MORE so you can really enjoy these flavors and tenderness of these beauties! Price: $20 per LB

I will place numbers 1-20 below, please assign your name to a number as each number represents 1 lb. Justin Miller has already claimed the first five pounds!! First come first serve. Pick up on Saturday with a window of 1-2 pm (if you need earlier or later I can work with you). If you want to eat them right away just say “Fresh” and I’ll wrap them in butcher paper, but if you want me to vacuum seal them, just write “Vacuum” and I’ll do that no worries!!

This sausage was the best I have ever had and/or made! I truly believe you will love it as well! I will do more in a week or so, so if you miss out now, don’t worry!! I’ll have more soon!

All my BBQ Love, Red
1. Justin Miller
2. Justin Miller
3. Justin Miller
4. Justin Miller
5. Susan Powers (Fresh)
6. Cory Weaver (Vacuum)
7. Cory Weaver (Fresh)
8. Mike Fraz Frasnelli (Fresh)
9. Sara Reece (Vacuum)
10. Jane Jing (Fesh)
11. Joe Chlanda (Fresh)
12. Alain Sheppard (Fresh)
13. Rachel Sturm (Vacuum)
14. Rachel Sturm (Vacuum)
15. Rachel Sturm (Vacuum)
16. Betty Fisher (Vacuum)
17. Philip Bubel (Fresh)
18. Chris Mogin (Fresh)
19. Jane Jing (Vacuum)
20. Herman (vacuum)

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