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Red's BBQ & Pizzeria


Don Red, Last week I was distracted by Vanish. But today? I will go through the day with bittersweet feelings. Missing you, missing the Crew. #IAMAREDHEAD #REDSMAFIA #THEELITE10
Many of you know my's the Reader's Digest Version: Red hired me to sell his T-Shirts... My quota yesterday was 1,000. I have 8 kids (1 of which called CPS on me yesterday because I was helping Red all day)...I am paying alimony to 3 exes. Andrew Dunn (BBQ Dunn Right) also ran his mouth and told everyone my secret. If I didn't sell all of Red's T-Shirts, I risked deportation. I didn't sell out the shirts, I tried my hardest (except when a sexy daddy rolled up; I lost focus)...Call me crazy, I am looking for #4. Back to the story... ...What remains are Red and Black T-Shirts, in Size Large. These T-Shirts need to be sold so I can stay here. Besides... I feel for anyone that has to home these 8 bad-azz kids. The T-Shirts are $25. If you are local, I may be able to personally deliver. PM me if you are interested in buying a T-Shirt.
Red has hired me to sell his T-shirts on Saturday. If you've seen me on previous Saturdays, you know that I also try to bring a little goodness to the small ones. If I do not sell my quota on Saturday, my position may be in jeopardy. I have 8 kids, and am paying alimony to 3 exes. I need this job. Buy a T-Shirt... $25.. that's all it will take. (T-Shirts come in Red or Black).
Red’s pizza kit was a huge hit for dinner tonight!! Toddler and husband had fun making it and grandparents had fun putting more of their own toppings on it! We all had different ideas of what we want to do (how thin or how thick and what toppings) so we’re planning to order more to get everyone go crazy with their creativity!
Just look at that I don’t even need to say anything else 😋
Best lunch ever, thank you!!
We brought our red white and blue for some spirited food. Clara made friends and enjoyed blowing bubbles out the car window. I heard my name being shouted and saw my student as one of the volunteers! I took a selfie, looked up, and saw her heading my way for a selfie! So super proud of our community right now! We left with our bellies and hearts full.
Red it was great talking to you today. I am looking forward to collaborating with you in the near future. Keep up the great humanitarian work you are doing especially in the Northern Virginia area. America needs to know of more Outstanding people like yourself.
Thanks, y’all are awesome!
Great BBQ! Supporting the community. Thank you Red Banks
When will there be an opportunity to try the Texas Twinkies? Wanting to try them bad!
Those Wagyu, chedder and jalapeno sausages were the best sausages I ever had. Perfect amount of smoke and the flavor was outrageous. Thanks Red.

Veteran Owned and Operated. Three Distinct Culinary Genre's to Ignite Your Fire! The American Barbecue Journey, Authentic Brazilian Churrasco and True Neapolitan Pizza

This Sunday @beltwaybrewco @redsbbqnpizzeria will be serving up the best BBQ and Neapolitan Pizzas! Another surprise: Pork Belly Burnt Ends seasoned with @kosmos.q ! #itjustwins #teamkosmo #competitionbbq #bbq #texas #texasbbq #youtubechannel #redsbbqandpizzeria #pitmaster #lownslow #offset

I’m so pumped about Sunday! I normally take all holidays off, but I feel like spending this awesome Dad’s day celebrating not only with my family, but YOU! Texas Twinkies will be on limited supply, BbQ like no other and Red Force One!! Come celebrate Dad’s, Brews & Que @beltwaybrewco this Sunday!!! Who’s down to partake?!

I thought the @tmobile and @sprint merger was going to be helpful. I’ve received 100s in credit because service is so bad... and I LIVE in a large suburban area just outside Washington DC. I’m so sick of this horrible service. Maybe it’s time to go back to @verizon

Just got a new toy for #redforceone from @webstaurantstore!! This beauty will keep all my pizza ingredients amazing 🥶!!!! Who wants some pizza?!

Day 3 - enjoyed a 2nd full day of juicin’! Energy is high, tummy is noticeably more flat, not feeling hangry, truly loving these results!! I’f your sick of how the Quarantine has treated you, hit the reset button and join me!! If you give them my email ([email protected]) they’ll see the Reds Mafia is growin! Suck up a weeks worth of juice and say “buh bye” to the #covid15 @squeezedonline @redsbbqnpizzeria #juicecleanse #takeownership #healthy

Good Mornin’ BBQ n Pizza lovers! DAY 2 of the @squeezedonline juice cleanse and I lost 5 lbs in 24 hours! I’ve drank more than 160 oz of water as well! More bathroom breaks than I’ve ever had in my life, no gym (but I will go today)! Juices are very tasty and I like all of them. If you need to loose weight for mental health then I know this will help you!! Take a look at then, if you do decide, join me on this weightloss journey!!! If you give them my email, use my email as a referral: [email protected] looking forward to having y’all join me!!!#letsgo #juicecleansedetox #ownyouractions @redsbbqnpizzeria

Let’s do this!! Family fun with Red and @beltwaybrewco !! Dad’s, Brew & Que

I’m tired of this COVID weight I’ve gained because of stupid choices, weak minded and lack of time to workout... @squeezedonline juice cleanse starts today! @goodmorningdc never fails for a beautiful sunrise! Join ME y’all!! Let’s do this together, if you wanna use my email to show I referred you: [email protected], regardless, let’s get healthy again! #juicecleanse #healthylifestyle #letsgo

Red Force One + Graduation Party = Amazing Time

[06/12/20]   For those that were not able to make your pick up time, you can come any time from 9 am - 11 am tomorrow!!!
If you come tonight just come to the front and give your name and we will take care of you!!!

[06/12/20]   Extremely excited about this Picanha delivery happening right now

It’s an incredible feeling to sell out of 50 lbs of Wagyu Brisket Jalapeño n Cheddar Sausages! I tried on and if you did not make this order... I’m sorry!!! @wagyu_beef @redsbbqnpizzeria

[06/11/20]   **SOLD OUT**
Just made these beautiful little bombs of pure bliss!! Only 14 lbs left!!! Claim yours today and I’m smokin’ them Thursday/Friday!!

[06/08/20]   Speakeasy Time... UPDATE: Halfway sold out!! Get your order in today! Will arrange pick up day and time!!

Red’s BBQ Speakeasy: Wagyu Brisket Jalapeño n Cheddar Sausage!!! This time I made 50 LBS!!! (Some left over to donate as well!!)

I will smoke them this week and I will let you know which day they are ready so you can pick up hot n fresh! Last time we sold out so quickly!

$25 per pound (will be 3 to 4 links), DM me with the # of pound you want!!! I’ll send an invoice via square, so give me your email!! You won’t wanna miss these babies!!!

These are not elevated sausages, these are game changin Wagyu Brisket Jalapeño n Cheddar sausages.

Will ship if you’re ready to pick up shipping costs.

[06/07/20]   Speakeasy Item dropping tonight! First come First Serve

@alphagraphicsloudoun came thru with the most amazing @redsbbqnpizzeria Flags!! Time to get them on Red Force One and fly my colors!! Highly recommended this family owned, local business!!! Thanks y’all!!!

Thank you our community! In 11 weeks of Red’s BBQ Relief, which is now a 501(c)3, We served just over 5,250 free bbq meals which equates to 159 meals per hour 😳! #veteranowned #communityservice #unitedwestand #brisketandribs2020 @phyllisrandallofficial @etsmokerco @redsbbqnpizzeria @marraforni

Hey @kosmos.q , I’m settled in for an all night smoke of Brisket, Pulled Pork, Baby Back Ribs, and Chicken wings! Got Red Force One @etsmokerco rollin... I’ve named my smokers Bonnie n Clyde! Ready and wanting to join #teamkosmos #itjustwins #redforceone my beautiful new customized @gutterpytents is the talk of the town! #veteranowned @ Hardcore Choppers

[05/28/20]   Red’s BBQ Relief Week 11: Secret Menu item #2

What? #RedsBBQRelief #ComedyRelief #LaughAtYourself

Had so much fun doing this video for my brothas n sistas in Brazil 🇧🇷!! Thank you @usfoodexperience

I’m feelin iNOVA in Loudoun for the next BbQ delivery!! Anyone on this page know if they wants some?

Getting ready for the week!!! Hope you’re ready and let me know if your comin by shouting out below!

GRANDE FINALE Week 11: On 5/23/2020 (Saturday) Hardcore Choppers/Hardcore Hotrods in Sterling from 1-4 pm Red’s BBQ Relief will be giving away FREE BBQ! We have served over 4,600 BBQ/Pizza Meals, my goal is to go over 5,200 meals!! That would mean we would have served over 158 FREE meals AN HOUR!!

We will have our most popular menu for you:
Menu: Texas Brisket, Baby Back Ribs, Catoctin Smoked Beans, and Dill Potato Salad!

@DJCLogos will ALSO be giving away a limited supply of FREE Customized Mask creations! If you do not get here early, I can guarantee you, you will not see any!!

Mission of Red's? We are more than amazing BBQ, we are the complete experience... the destination everyone is looking for to make memories and combining the best U.S. Regional BBQ, Brazilian BBQ and Neapolitan Style Pizza.

Our amazing hosts and sponsors this week are: Hardcore Choppers/Hardcore Hotrods; Embrace Home Loans - Ashburn, VA; Veterans Realty Group; BandNation; David Donaldson (Keller Williams Realty Loudoun Gateway); Gutterpy Storm Tents

Northern Virginia Foodies Fox 5 DC ABC 7 News - WJLA WUSA 9 Myron Mixon's Pitmaster BBQ Trevor Baratko Loudoun Soccer 37 Media and Marketing Group The Real Husbands of Loudoun County Patch Loudoun Times-Mirror Red's BBQ & Pizzeria Reginald Parker East Texas Smoker Company Phyllis Randall @MatthewLetourneau #VeteranOwned #SmallBusiness #LoudounStrong #LeaveNoNeighborBehind

[05/24/20]   Week 10 Update! WOW!!! So many of y'all came out to show support for your neighbors, Red's and Honored Memorial Day in the ONLY way I know how... with a HUGE BBQ! The laughs, the songs, the air pumps, the shoutouts... IT WAS ALL AMAZING! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
Week 11: As Northern Va is preparing to enter Phase 1 at the end of the week, I am saddened to say that we will make this next Saturday out last Red's BBQ Relief event (for now) because y'all will have a ton of options and I have no doubt y'all will have so much going on. For 10 weeks, you have allowed Red's to be in your lives, feed you and your family, make memories together, in the crazy WIND, SNOW (in May), Pouring Down Rain, and hot steam sun... Thru it all, my promise to you was made with my heart. I will now make ONE LAST Red's BBQ Relief and I promise you, YOU will not wanna miss it. We are teaming up with @hardcorechoppers and on Saturday May 30, 2020 from 1-4 pm we will be giving out FREE BBQ! As a THANK YOU, to all of you, you all will decide what meat is smoked, in addition to Texas Brisket and WAGYU Brisket Jalapeno n Cheddar sausage!!! Limited supply, so you will wanna be there EARLY and claim yours! More details to follow!! What would you like to see on the MENU? (Must respond by close of business tomorrow) — at Red's BBQ & Pizzeria. Hardcore Choppers

Smokehouse Burgers
Smoked Chicken Wings
Smoked Pulled Chicken
Smoked Baby Back Ribs
Carolina Pulled Pork

Miss Teen Globe United States 2019-20

We are over 4,000 BBQ Meals given away! #RedsBBQRelief

Had the pleasure of being surrounded w/ so much wisdom & dedication to others
Reds BBQ & Pizzeria has provided free family meals to over 4,000 members of the Community during the Covid-19 Pandemic!!
He is a true Hero & a Role Model !

Carson Rodizio Mobile Roadcase Kitchen

Who's ready to celebrate?! Outside, BBQ, Pizza... coming soon we will all need reasons to safely gather and make memories together! I'd love if you consider Red's to elevate your amazing event to unforgettable!! #MakingMemories

‪#‎StatusQuoVsTheRodizio‬ ‪#‎CaveManTV‬ ‪#‎Catering‬ ‪#‎FoodVendor‬ ‪#‎BrazilianBBQ‬ ‪#‎Kickstarter‬ ‪#‎Grilling‬ ‪#‎BBQ‬ ‪#‎WorldRodizioRevolutionIsComing‬

ChefScape - Leesburg Food Delivery | City Cheetah

Just a reminder!! Only a very small amount of Pizza Kits, paired with the most amazing drinks... What's better on a Friday night!! #HULU #NETFLIX #REDS Help me sell out in 1 day!!! Much love y'all View ChefScape's menu and order online for takeout and fast, free delivery from CityCheetah in Leesburg near 20175. Check it out today!

We did it!! It’s official!!! Red’s BBQ Relief is now a 501(c)3!! Wow... I feel so blessed and I’m ready to be able to take Red Force One where ever I’m needed to distribute the best bbq and pizza!! Looking forward to the future!

ChefScape - Leesburg Food Delivery | City Cheetah

Just in time for the weekend y’all! We did it again!! Just a handful of kits available and 1 Red’s sticker on the bottom of a random pizza kit!! If you get that pizza kit, your family wins free BbQ dinner! (delivered by me!) just take a picture with it and tag me!

Preorder your pizza kit and drinks tonight with the amazing folks at Chefscape! You will have the option of picking it up at ChefScape or having City Cheetah delivering you the kit n drinks!! Sounds like and amazing a Friday/Saturday night to me! Date night? Family Night? Or just wanna make your own Neapolitan Pizza?! Here’s your link and please tag me in your pics!!!! I love to see your creations!!!

We just went live for for unit launch of Red’s Neapolitan Pizza Kits!! I have placed my sticker on 2 of the kits and if you find it, take a picture and tag me! Your family will win a FREE BBQ Dinner!!! Here’s where to order:

Use this link to order: @ Red's BBQ & Pizzeria View ChefScape's menu and order online for takeout and fast, free delivery from CityCheetah in Leesburg near 20175. Check it out today!

Photos from Red's BBQ & Pizzeria's post

I walk around with my eyes open (some times) and when things catch my eye, they are generally for a reason. I have no idea how much longer Red's BBQ Relief will continue on this particular segment, but what I do know is that it will live on! We are becoming a 501(c)3 and will be able to enact Red's BBQ Relief at any hint of need. Natural Disasters, Communities in need, Special Events, you name it. Count on Red's to be there with Red Force One.

This song is pretty special and in times of uncertainty, I look back and see that I am living out my dream. My dream to make memories with new people, take care of my community and serve once again... Somewhere Over the Rainbow... yes... somewhere... one day the sun will set on my life, but my legacy will live on. Spirts never die neither does my love for you... I hope to see you this Saturday at Gold's Gym. Just listen to “somewhere over the rainbow”...

This Saturday, @goldsgym_ashburn from 1-4 pm Red’s BBQ Relief will be giving away FREE BBQ for the 10th week in a row! This will be our Memorial Day Special, kicking us off will the voice of an angel, Maddie Shannon, singing the national Anthem! The amazing pizza maestro @thedonsbrickovenpizza will be spinning his talents on Red Force One’s Marra Forni oven!

Following that the curbside drive thru will be handing out the best Texas Brisket, Baby Ribs, Catoctin Smoked Beans, and Dill Potato Salad!

What is Red’s? We are more than amazing BBQ, we are the complete experience... the destination everyone is looking for to make memories! I hope and pray y’all join this veteran owned small business in celebrating Memorial Day. All my BBQ Love y’all! SHARING is CARING!!! So, SHARE this!!
@northernvirginiafoodies Fox 5 DC @nbcwashington Washington @abc7dc 7 News - WJLA @wusa9 @sweetzbakery @troy_cooks @trevorbaratko @loudounsc @37mmg @loudounsc @mmpbbq @myron.mixon @fox5dc @theburnva @visitloudoun @visitloudounfoundation @redsbbqnpizzeria @bbcharcoal @fivestarfirewood @etsmokerco @unclestevesshake @daviddonaldsonrealtor @embracehomeloans @veteransrealtygroup @ Red's BBQ & Pizzeria

Red's BBQ Relief: Memorial Day TRIBUTE... to all our fallen, you are gone, but NOT forgotten. Red's will honor your legacy by flying Old Glory high, Singing of the National Anthem (at 1 PM), preparing the best BBQ and Pizza Northern Virginia has ever seen, and served by an all volunteer force that stands UNITED FOR ALL and will ensure no one falls during these hard times.

Please join us: On Saturday, May 23, 2020 from 1-4 PM at Gold's Gym in Ashburn VA. As a Veteran Owned small business, this day fuels my core... For the last 10 weeks, we have given away over 4,000 free BBQ meals. This week is special... I request you join us in honoring those fallen men and women. Fair winds and following seas, until we meet again. Semper Fidelis...

PLEASE SHARE with your community/groups

Thank you to all our sponsors for making my dream of serving our community: @goldsgym_ashburn , @coachkelvin , @embracehomeloans , @VeteransRealty Group, @gutterpytents , David Donaldson (Keller Williams Realty), @chefscape , and Steve Brown (@unclestevesshake ) @redsbbqnpizzeria @fox5dc @wusa9 @abc7dc @oldoxbrewery @oldvirginiabbq @loudounsc @oneloudoun @ltmnews @theburnva @therealbigtwan2 @patch

I’m so honored and humbled by the Diplomatic Security Foundation support of Red’s BBQ Relief! I’ve always been proud to be working in the best organization ever and I had no idea this was even coming! Such a great surprise. Thank you to the board and the entire organization for thinking of Red's BBQ & Pizzeria

We had the honor last weekend to be able to present a $3,000 check to Red's BBQ & Pizzeria in Ashburn, Virginia, in support of its relief program providing free meals to those in need in the Loudoun County area. Reds is owned and operated by DS Special Agent Jason Banks.

Over the past few weeks, Jason "Red" Banks has been cooking up & serving free meals to those in need from his "rig" - a Texas-sized barbecue and pizza oven on wheels! As you can see in the pictures below, the rig is huge - it was made in Texas & weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of five tons!

A few of our board members went out to see Jason last Saturday, to deliver our donation in person.

We are thrilled to be able to help Jason continue his campaign to help feed some of those struggling during these uncertain times.

Way to go, Jason! Thank you for what you are doing for your community ❤️

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