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We specialize in digital marketing that connects businesses and people through online and real life engagements. Social Web Tactics is a digital marketing and sales agency focused on providing businesses and organizations the ability to connect with their audience using the latest and most effective digital technologies and tools.

At Social Web Tactics, our highly-skilled team helps your company tap into social media, share the company’s message through targeted campaigns, and connect with people online and in person to generate more meaningful engagements and sales. Based in Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC, our mission is to provide small and mid-sized businesses in the US and internationally the best marketing and sales solutions available, coupled with highly personalized support. Our company supports clients mainly in the US and Latin America, but we can offer support to clients in other countries on a case-by-case basis.

Mission: With our team of professionals we can help your organization build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, better optimize your web presence in search as well as real-time performance, increase viewer engagement, improve your brand identity as well as your core messaging and ensure you are capitalizing on your greatest strengths to reach your target audience.

Operating as usual

Studies show large #restaurant chains are recovering faster than independent #eateries, which are down 25% YOY and lag 20% behind larger chains. Try buying from local, small businesses. @slice - a #pizza app - is one way. Today is a fee-free order day.

What does it take to produce a successful #webinar - planning. To help you with #webinarplanning our colleagues @webinarexperts have come up with a detailed #webinarchecklist. Link in bio and here: #onlineevents #virtualevents #webinars

[03/16/20]   ADVICE: Many of us are traveling less, eating out less, etc. But for those moments when you do get a haircut or stop in a restaurant, I recommend you treat people in the service industry a little better. They are hard-working people... Please, be kinder, because they are likely very concerned about their jobs and what will happen next. Also... consider doubling or tripling the tip you normally would give. An extra $10 or $20 dollars or more will go a long way to easing another person's anxiety until these terrible times pass by. #coronavirus #business #helpingeachother

Ensure Your Message Reaches All Audiences - View

Govt agencies need to reach people w/ alerts and info about their services. However, millions suffer from visual and other disabilities that prevent them from receiving messages. Register for this @Carahsoft webinar w/ @AdobeGov, "Ensure Your Message Reaches All Audiences," to learn how to create emails that are accessible so you may better engage the people you serve. #AdobeCampaign #EmailAccessibility #EmailDeliverability Engaging with both internal and external customers often requires telling the story of your agency and its mission in a compelling manner. But how do you ensure your message is reaching your targeted audience no matter who the reader is or how the message is received?

[08/16/19]   "Your mindset has a direct impact on how you perform in life as well as the quality of the results you get." - Ian Wallace Harper #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation

[06/03/19]   "Always remember... Your focus determines your reality." So, focus on your brightest goals and dreams. #MondayMotivation #MotivationalQuotes #Motivation

Netcasts and Podcasts

Launching a Netcast, Podcast, Webinar series w/ discussions on improving #businessoperations and #marketing. Event 1 (4/9): How To Choose The Right #MarketingAutomation System for Your Business. Register at: Reg is free. Visit the post for more.

LinkedIn's new "Confessions" promo on advertising says that to be effective with ads on their network you need a minimum monthly budget of $3,000 to $5,000. If you are going to spend $60K per year JUST on LinkedIn, chances are that your total ad budget is $300K or greater. In other words, if you don't have that budget and yet you still want to reach LinkedIn members, you need to look at other ways. #Advertising #linkedinadvertising

[01/27/19]   LinkedIn's new "Confessions" doc says that to be effective with ads on their network you need a min monthly budget of $3K to $5K. That's $60K per year JUST on LinkedIn. Too much? Then you need other ways to reach LinkedIn members. #Advertising #linkedinadvertising

Networking 101: How To Network At Events and On LinkedIn (An Introduction)

Networking is essential. Join us on 1/30 for a free, 2-hr workshop on networking at events and on LinkedIn. We will discuss ways to engage people, good LinkedIn profiles, and have some role play. In DC and online. Register: #howtonetwork #linkedin Networking at events and online has become essential in today's competitive job market. You need to be seen in-person and online, and be able to build relationships with people in both space in order to unlock opportunities and have a chance at the job you want. In this two-hour workshop, we will: F...

Part of our marketing for a new #coworkingspace in #washingtondc. The name is Ecofy @ecofydc but will soon be changing to VOC - Visual. Open. Constant. If you’re in DC stop by and check them out. 1899 L Street NW.

Papa Gino’s closes dozens of its sites

Papa Gino's Papa Gino's Pizza abruptly closed dozens of restaurants across New England. No warning. Employees showed up to work to find locked doors and signs. No response from the company. #papaginos #badpr #businessoperations Customers, employees and communities are outraged after Papa Gino’s Pizza abruptly closed dozens of locations across New England overnight.The Herald visited locations in Watertown, Arlington and Brockton, where signs posted on the window announced permanent closures. Papa Gino’s made no comment...

Google Will Not Bid On $10 Billion DoD Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud Contract

Google Will Not Bid for Pentagon’s $10 Billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract #JEDI #DoD #Google #Cloud #GovCon Google has decided to not bid for the Pentagon's $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract known as JEDI.

Government Contractors 101: How To Win Government Contracts

How to win government contracts. Winning a government contract is not an exact science. Here are 10 steps you should take to help your company succeed. #govcon #b2g How to win government contracts: Winning a government contract is not an exact science. Here are 10 steps you should take to help your company succeed.

Register for the SAT / ACT Test Prep Webinar with Huntington Learning Center. Registration is free. #SAT #SATtest #ACT #ACTtest #testprep #highschool #senioryear

Pitchcraft • Downtown Frederick Partnership

Very creative idea from Downtown Frederick #Maryland: #Pitchcraft. Pitchcraft is a #placemaking competition. Share an idea that will better connect people and places in #Frederick. #crowdsourcing Pitchcraft is Downtown Frederick’s first-ever placemaking competition. It invites creative people from every background, profession and city to pitch an idea that, if physically implemented in Downtown Frederick, will better connect the people and places of our community.

Received an interesting email from ON24 a few moments ago. Was this a test message sent by accident? Or a very clever campaign to see if I will click on the "Register Now" button with all the text in Latin? Hmmm. :) #email #webinar

How To Create Successful B2B and B2G Webinars - Course and One On One

Check out our new course: How To Create Successful B2B and B2G Webinars. This course is unique b/c it includes 7 one-on-one sessions (over 20 hours) of direct consultation designed to help you create a successful Webinar. Register today! #webinars "How To Create Successful B2B and B2G Webinars" is a specially designed course that combines learning with one-on-one support. Call us: +1-703-362-1586.

Marketing Automation Software and Platforms Guide - Social Web Tactics

Looking for a CRM and marketing automation solution for your company? Read our free guide that compares features and prices of the top 5 solutions. Call us with questions at: +1-703-362-1586 #CRM #MarketingAutomation

We have just released the first courses we will be offering at Social Web Tactics. Check them out at: #onlinelearning #marketingclass #onlinecourse #onlineeducation #b2b #b2g #b2c

Professional Courses from Catoctin College for Social Web Tactics

Social Web Tactics will soon offer online marketing courses, including free intro classes, advanced courses, and in-office training. View the first set of classes here: Social Web Tactics, through our strategic partner, Catoctin College, provides introductory and advanced courses for marketing professionals in different industries. Our introductory courses are free. We also have different subscription plan options. Interested in a course? Contact us at: 703-362-158...

FIFA: U.S. fans second to Russia in WC sales

Interesting stat: #Soccer #Futbol fans in the US bought the most Word Cup tickets except for Russians. The top 6 countries are all in the Americas: US, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru. #FIFAWorldCup FIFA announced that it has sold an additional 394,433 tickets to the World Cup in Russia following the closure of a three-week sales window.

Why It Is Time To Audit Your Website and Optimize For Search (SEO)

Search engines have become our answer engines. Learn how important search is to your business, and why you need a website audit, and content optimization. #seo Why audit your website and conduct SEO? Consumers, businesses, government decision-makers and more, will use search engines to find the answers they are looking for. Not ranking well in Google is not an option. Read this article on why it is time to audit your website. Questions? Call us: 703-362-15...

How Government Contractors Can Create B2G Marketing Content

Creating #B2G content that is compelling and effective is a challenge for all #govcon businesses. If you want to create better content, read "How Government Contractors Can Produce Successful B2G Marketing Content." Creating B2G marketing content that is compelling and effective is a challenge for government contractors of all sizes. In this article, we outline how government contractors can create successful content. Questions? Call us at: 703-362-1586

B2G Marketing Guide For Government Contractors - Social Web Tactics

#B2G Marketing Guide for Government Contractors. Read the key marketing strategies and tactics necessary for every #GovCon business #governmentcontracting With more competition, government contractors want to communicate better with the government and teaming partners, create more efficient processes, and tap into tools to gain an advantage. This B2g marketing guide provides a foundation and tactics for growth. Questions? Call Social Web Tactics at: 7...

Government Contractors Website To Launch April 2018

New #GovCon community called to launch in April. Share your expertise with other #B2G professionals. #fedbiz Government Contractors ( will be the an essential source for information, teaming and software solutions, and help businesses find, manage and win government business, as well as share thought leadership to the govcon / B2G community. Questions? Call Social Web Tactics at: 7...

Government Contractors Website To Launch April 2018

Government Contractors Website To Launch April 2018. Want to contribute? Let us know. #govcon #fedbiz will be the an essential source for information, teaming and software solutions, and help businesses find, manage and win government business, as well as contribute their thought leadership to the govcon / B2G community. Questions? Call Social Web Tactics at: 703-362-1586.

How Marketing Automation Works For Government Contractors - SWT

How Marketing Automation Works For Government Contractors #govcon #governmentcontractors #b2g #SmallBiz Government contractors understand the important role the right software can play in their business. Marketing automation provides B2G businesses with a competitive edge by providing better lead management and qualification, and automated communication. Questions? Call Social Web Tactics at: 703-362-...

US Military On Social Media: Instagram Read our latest report. How do the armed forces use Instagram? Who is most successful and why? Our report includes data, examples, and embedded videos from each service branch account. #military #militaryvideos #militarypics #usmc #uscg #usarmy #usairforce #usnavy

Which military branch has the most followers on Instagram? Who has the most posts? Find out these and other details, including cool embedded #miliarypics and #militaryvideos at our website: #usmc #usaf #uscg #usnavy #usarmy

Which U.S. military branch has the most Instagram posts? The answer may surprise you - it's the U.S. Coast Guard #USCG. For over a year, the Coast Guard produces between 47% and 50% of ALL military branch content on Instagram. Click on the report to learn more:

Social Media: How The U.S. Military Uses Instagram - Social Web Tactics

How do the armed forces of the United States use Instagram? Who is most successful and why? Click to read our report: "How The U.S. Military Uses Instagram" #USAIRFORCE #USArmy #USCG #USMC #USNAVY #socialmedia How do the armed forces of the United States use Instagram? Who is most successful and why? How can people communicate with our men and women in the military on this social channel? Social Web Tactics has created this report, which we update. Questions? Call us at: +1-703-362-1586

Get Inspired by Social Web Tactics

Here is a new concept for Social Web Tactics -
a simple blog called "Get Inspired." Take a look at our first post: Do The Thing You Fear And The Death Of Fear Is Certain…/do-the-thing-you-… #GetInspired We believe that positive energy fuels creation. This simple blog is a place away from the strategic, technical, and tactical things that make our work. It is a home for inspirational and motivational stories.

Marketing Automation Software Price Comparison - Social Web Tactics

Thinking about marketing automation, but don't know how much it will cost? View our "Marketing Automation Software: Price Comparison Guide" We have costs for: #SharpSpring, #Infusionsoft, #HubSpot, #ActOn, and #Marketo How do you determine which is the best marketing automation software for your company? In our price comparison guide, we compare the price of SharpSpring, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Act On, and Marketo to help as you review your options. Questions? Call us at: +1-703-362-1586

What Is Marketing Automation - CRM - Social Web Tactics

Executives in marketing and sales are hearing that marketing automation can increase leads and improve efficiency. Click to learn what marketing automation is all about, and if it is right for your organization. Marketing automation is a form of CRM or customer relationship management. It is a software tool that allows marketers to better manage their engagement with prospects and customers on communication channels such as: websites, e-mail, social media, online search, and advertising. Questions? Call us....

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