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We offer a variety of bird foods, bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths as well as nature and decorative gifts. We bring people and nature together!

Wild Birds Unlimited is the original and largest franchise system of backyard bird feeding and nature specialty stores with more than 300 locations throughout the United States and Canada. WBU specializes in bringing people and nature together.


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usatoday.com Dunkin', Krispy Kreme, Walmart and others are giving away free doughnuts Friday for National Doughnut Day. Find out where else to grab a freebie.

Illinois Raptor Center


Red-tailed Hawk chicks seem to be more confused by the world than most other species. When they come out of that nest they just go nutty sometimes. They have to check out everything and usually make a nuisance of themselves. The parents have no way of controlling them so we humans have to put up with the high-jinks until the chicks learn the real ways of the world. The upside-down kid was from a couple years ago here in Decatur. The window peeper kid was sent to us just today from Springfield. Put up with them folks. It will get better - we promise.

From Karenna ...
A Carolina wren appreciated this fancy new “nest box” I hung by the front door. Four eggs Saturday, six today. Their eggs hatch in 12-16 days, with nestlings sticking to the home for another two weeks before fledging.
Yearlong (possibly lifelong) mates can produce 2 broods per season, 3 in the South, according to Audubon.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Blue Ridge Wildlife Center is kicking off its first annual WildFest, Sunday, June 2, at the Clarke County Fairgrounds in Berryville.

First Annual Blue Ridge Wildlife Center's WildFest, Sunday June 2, at the Clarke County Fairgrounds, Berryville, VA. – a public, family-friendly event focused on providing information about wildlife and how the public can live in harmony with our wild neighbors. For more information go to: https://www.blueridgewildlifectr.org/content/events


Why woodpeckers can hammer without getting headaches - BirdWatching

Of course, if they’re hammering away at your gutters, you might be the one getting a headache.

birdwatchingdaily.com How can woodpeckers hammer into wood to find food or excavate nests without getting headaches? Founding Editor Eldon Greij explains.

[05/27/19]   In observance of Memorial Day, WBU Ashburn will be closed Monday, May 27. Normal hours resume tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Wild Birds Unlimited

It's that time of the year where we are getting a lot of calls about baby birds. Please use this chart to ensure you are not birdnapping.

Sharing this post will help us get the word out to others also.

All About Bird Moms
Bird moms come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
Quickest Mom - Black-capped Chickadees have one of the shortest incubation periods of all birds. Their eggs can hatch in as little as 11 days!
Most Loyal Mom - A pair bond may form between a male and a female Carolina Wren at any time of the year. She will stay with him for life, always foraging and moving around within sight of her mate.
For more fascinating behaviors from around the world of mother birds click the link below:


Mom’s the word this month at Wild Birds Unlimited. We have many unique gift options that will bring a smile to her face.
Stop by today!

The adorable owlets are growing up so fast. Click on the link below for your chance to help name them!

You can help decide the "official" names for the owlets on the 2019 Barred Owl Cam. Head over to www.wbu.com/owl-cam/ then click "Cast Your Vote"!

[04/20/19]   We will be CLOSED on Sunday, April 21st.
Regular store hours -- 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. M-Sat, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays -- resume Monday, April 22nd.

This is such important information! Every year we also have well-intentioned folks call us about baby birds they have "rescued". These babies often are fledglings that are simply spending a couple of days on the ground with parents checking in here and there.

As we get further into Spring and Summer, many baby animals will start exploring the world around them. This time of year, we begin getting phone calls from concerned finders wanting to know what to do about baby birds they see on the ground.

If you find a bird that is naked or has only fluffy down feathers, that bird requires a nest. These babies typically have eyes closed and are unable to stand or perch on their own. If you can reach, the babies can be placed back in the original nest.

If you cannot reach or locate the nest, you can create a makeshift nest out of small baskets, or plastic berry/yogurt containers. It does not need to be as high as the original nest - as high as you can reach is fine.

You may not see the parents come back, but if the babies are still bright and alert after 24 hours, you can assume parents are feeding. Please do not check the nest more than once per day as your presence can deter parents from returning. See photo captions for more details on renesting.

If you find a baby bird standing or hopping on the ground with most of its feathers, but it doesn’t or is unable to fly - that’s a fledgling! These guys DO NOT need your help. See the photo caption for more details on fledglings.

As always, if a baby has an injury, is lethargic or cold to the touch, is covered in bugs/fly eggs, or has been in a cat’s mouth, it will need assistance. Please call the Center before intervening with baby wildlife - we can help you assess whether that baby truly needs help!

#BabyBirds #BabySeason #WildlifeAdvice #RenestIsBest

Wild Birds Unlimited's cover photo

Here’s a happy story that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We love to rescue cats, but when another animal needs our help, we try our best to help ANY animal in need...
Yesterday, it was a family of Great Horned Owls in Kent. The owl babies had fallen to the ground, but thankfully, the parents were still taking care of their precious babies...even though their nest was completely destroyed (by crows, raccoons or wind?..)
A local group, called FeatherHaven, contacted us to help relocate these babies back up in the tree...and rebuild their nest. The best makeshift nest, in this case, was a laundry basket filled with comfy, natural stuff and tightly secured to the tree to prevent it from falling.
Once the “nest” was secured and the babies placed back in the tree, it was only a matter of time before mom and dad were back keeping their babies warm and fed. During this whole process, the adult owls were hooting, in concern, from adjacent trees and even swooped in (very close!) just to make sure we were taking good care of their babies.
We received an update from the folks at FeatherHaven today that the owl family was happy with their new home! We were so thrilled to help these owls & hear this good news today! #owls #owlsofinstagram #greathornedowl #welovebirdstoo #babyowls

Thanks to WBU customer Alys for the great photo! We love photos, whether they’re of your backyard birds, or the animals from the greater backyard that you call home.

look what I found while walking in the woods yesterday! #alwayslookingup #owlbabies

Wild Birds Unlimited

Guess “hoo” is coming!
On 2/26, Mama Owl was spotted checking out the nesting box. This means that the 2019 Barred Owl Cam should be COMING SOON!
In the meantime, you can watch the 2018 Barred Owl Cam Highlights video—it’s a “hoot!” 😜

You’re not likely to see cedar waxwings or American robins at your feeders, but everybirdy’s a fan of fresh water!

[02/20/19]   We are open this afternoon (Feb.20) for all of your bird feeding needs!!

It’s time for the Great Backyard Bird Count! Are your feeders in need of a refill?

See you Sunday at the Great Backyard Bird Count Walker Nature Center

February 17, 1-4PM
Walker Nature Center
11450 Glade Drive
Reston, VA 20191

Join us for an afternoon of bird identification and citizen science for all ages! GBBC is spontaneous and provides a snapshot of where birds are in real time. Launched in 1998 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, the Great Backyard Bird Count was the first online citizen-science project to collect data on wild birds and to display results in near real-time. Now, more than 160,000 people of all ages and walks of life worldwide join the four-day count each February to create an annual snapshot of the distribution and abundance of birds.

"This count is so fun because anyone can take part—we all learn and watch birds together—whether you are an expert, novice, or feeder watcher.” – Gary Langham, Chief Scientist, National Audubon Society


Great Backyard Bird Count - Wild Birds Unlimited

Get ready to count from wherever you are! The Great Backyard Bird Count starts tomorrow. It’s an easy and fun way to help scientists better understand bird populations. Learn more at: https://www.wbu.com/gbbc/

wbu.com Great Backyard Bird Count Participate in the next Great Backyard Bird Count: February 15 – 18, 2019 Wild Birds Unlimited is a Founding and Major Sponsor

Thank you to our customer, Edgar Howell, for sharing these beautiful photos of bluebirds enjoying mealworms and a free sample of Bark Butter bits from our store. Edgar said it took a few months but the bluebirds are now using his feeder regularly.

Just a few of “my” birds waiting for a turn at the busy feeders today!!


How Do Birds Survive the Winter?

allaboutbirds.org From the Winter 2019 issue of Living Bird magazine. Subscribe now. It seems logical that most birds flee the northern regions to overwinter somewhere warmer, such as the tropics. Their feat of leaving their homes, navigating and negotiating often stupendous distances twice a year, indicates t

We are open today (Sunday, Jan. 13) from 12-5. The parking lot has been cleared!

As we celebrate this special season, we invite you to bring nature home for the holidays and thank you for continuing to support our store, nature and wildlife. We wish you and your family a wonderful and healthy holiday season and a Happy NewYear!

12/31 - 10am - 4pm
1/1 - CLOSED

Wild Birds Unlimited's cover photo


Turkey Tidbits

Did you know Virginia almost lost its wild turkey population? Enjoy some more "turkey tidbits" this Thanksgiving Day from the Capital Naturalist blog.


capitalnaturalist.blogspot.com Two Wild Turkey hens Wild Turkeys have made an incredible come back. Not that long ago, all the wild turkeys were believed to ...

[11/18/18]   Holiday Shopping Hours for 11/19 - 11/25

Monday 11/19 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday 11/20 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Wednesday 11/21 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
BLACK FRIDAY EVENT 11/23 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
SHOP LOCAL SATURDAY 11/24 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday 11/25 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

We wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween from your friends at Wild Birds Unlimited - Owl, Jane Goodall and Lady with Dragon 🎃👻🧡

Having all kinds of fun celebrating our 3 year anniversary this weekend. We’ve given away lots of prizes. Come on out and give the wheel a spin to see what you win. We are open tomorrow (Sunday 12-5pm). 🎈😄

Come on in during our Anniversary Celebration, this weekend Oct. 27-28!
Wild Birds Unlimited Ashburn is celebrating 3 years in business. To thank you for supporting us, we invite you to stop in and enjoy the festivities:

SPIN to WIN - Everyone's a winner. Spin the wheel to see what YOU will win (one spin per household).
RAFFLE - Enter your name for a chance to win one of 5 GRAND PRIZES!

Anniversary Sale store hours:
Saturday, Oct. 27, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 28, 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A HUGE thank you to Ellena and Karen from the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia for their wonderful presentations yesterday. We learned so much about hawks, raptors and owls. What a treat to see these beautiful birds up close!

Did you know the Loggerhead Shrike is also known as the Butcher Bird for its habit of making kebobs out of its meals? Click the link to see one in action. We promise, no gore.

Happy Halloween from the birds!
I've got two events coming up:
-This Saturday I'm at the Boston Book Fest, running a writing workshop for kids: https://sched.co/GzEd
-Oct 20-21, I'm at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo! Come say hi. http://www.micexpo.org/


New hummingbird species spotted in Ecuador



October Big Day—6 October 2018 - eBird

Don't miss your chance to be a citizen scientist!

ebird.org Every year for the last four years Global Big Day has set new heights for a single day of birding. This massively international collaborative birding event has been so great we want to have another worldwide eBird Big Day in October.

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Winter Finch Forecast 2018-2019

Finch forecast says this is an irruption year, when poor natural food crops drive some species of birds further south in search of food. Sightings of red-breasted nuthatches and purple finch have already been reported in our area. For more information, follow this link:

jeaniron.ca GENERAL FORECAST: This is an irruption (flight) year for winter finches in the East. Cone and birch seed crops are poor to low in most of Ontario and the Northeast, with a few exceptions such as Newfoundland which has an excellent spruce crop. It will be a quiet winter in the North Woods. Expect fli...

Bird Cams

Have you checked out the bird cams at allaboutbirds.org?

#TBT Today we're remembering when Red-tailed Hawk "H3" stopped in to say hello during a post-fledging visit to the Cornell Hawk cam this past June! The young hawks are now hunting for themselves and have begun dispersing from their natal grounds in search of their own territories.

See all the cams LIVE at AllAboutBirds.org/Cams

[09/02/18]   Wild Birds Unlimited Ashburn will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 3.


What Does A Dawn Chorus of Bird Song "Look" Like?

allaboutbirds.org From the Summer 2018 issue of Living Bird magazine. Subscribe now. The woods in early summer can be a noisy place. It’s breeding season for many birds, and more than a dozen species may be singing at full volume, staking out their territories and communicating to potential mates via distinctive s

[08/11/18]   Squirrels: A Love/Hate Story
What's your relationship status?


Need bird food? Try shopping at myWBU.com/ashburn. We ship FREE right from our store (with a $75 or more purchase and within 150 miles) - or shop online and we'll have your items ready for pick up at Wild Birds Unlimited of Ashburn!


Fall Native Plant Sale - Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Native plants are a beautiful and beneficial addition to your yard. Visit the fall Native Plant Sale at Morven Park in Leesburg on Saturday, Sept. 8. You're sure to find something both you and your backyard birds will love!


loudounwildlife.org Native plants add beauty and interest to your garden year-round and provide important habitat for wildlife. Flowers, shrubs, trees, vines and ferns will be available for purchase from a trio of Virginia-based vendors: Watermark Woods Nursery in Hamilton; Hill House Farm and Nursery in Castleton; and...

Wild Birds Unlimited's cover photo

Wild Birds Unlimited's cover photo

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