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We offer a variety of bird foods, bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths as well as nature and decorative gifts. We bring people and nature together!

Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bringing people and nature together through the hobby of backyard bird feeding and nature products. Our stores offer the highest quality products including Bird food, Bird Baths and Bird houses.

What would the birds say about this prediction for morning snow? They'd ask that their feeders be stocked with high-quality, high-calorie food like Bark Butter Bits!

Tonight's model runs are more robust. We maybe looking at delays Wednesday morning. This is not our usual way of getting snow but if we can get some heavy rates overnight...we may see more than what most are calling for.

Looking for unique gifts this holiday season? Give a gift of joy with a bird feeder, bird food and other nature gifts from Wild Birds Unlimited! Your loved ones will delight in watching the beautiful birds attracted to their yard - long after the holiday season ends.

Shop now and wrap up your holiday shopping with just a few clicks, when you order online at mywbu.com/ashburn. We'll personally pack and ship your order for delivery right to their front door. (Mention "gift wrap" during checkout on Order Notes and we will wrap your gifts at no extra charge!)

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Black Friday only!Take advantage of our Fill-A-Bag sale and SAVE 25% on everything you can fit in our WBU shopping bag!

[11/27/19]   We will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 28. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and come see us on Friday, Nov. 29, for our annual Fill-a-Bag sale!

Our bird baths are available in 14- and 20-inch sizes. Plenty of room to accommodate your extended family this holiday season.

Cold weather is on the way! Right now birds are hiding food to retrieve and eat at a later time. This behavior is called “caching” and it helps birds survive during bad weather and when food sources are low. You can help by keeping your feeders filled with a reliable source of food.

Photo contest! Time to download the hundreds of wildlife photos you’ve been “storing” on that memory card.

Photo Contest….

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy needs photos of wildlife eating from native plants for the cover of our newest publication…Gardening for Wildlife.

Winning photo
Will be on the front cover of the book.
Will be recognized on our social media and publication
Receive a copy of the publication.
Receive a one year membership to Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.

Runners up
Will be featured on the back or inside covers
Receive a copy of the publication

All entries must be received no later than December 1st.
Photos must be high resolution. Please send to [email protected]

Submitting a photo constitutes permission to Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy for use in the Gardening for Wildlife booklet and promotional materials related to the booklet. Proper credit will be given to photographer. The photographer releases Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the photos.

Thank you for supporting Loudoun Wildlife!

The temperature’s dropping, the juncos are hopping, and we’re starting to feel that warm and cozy wintertime whimsy. ⛄️🎄
Add a touch of festivity to your yard with our new mesh feeders. They’re perfect for Bark Butter Bits!

Happy Halloween bird humor!

Happy Halloween!
We love this comic from @rosemarymosco

Just in time for the holidays...Snoozies are now in stock! These super soft foot coverings feature your favorite birds and critters and are available in size S, M and L 🐦

Secret Garden Birds and Bees

These red-tailed hawks are patients at #OwlMoonRaptorCenter. Red-tailed hawks are very common throughout North America. You can often see one of these large hawks perched on a pole or soaring over a field in search of prey. But one of these is special. Click on the pictures to find out why.

What a treat to have Jim Carpenter, founder and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, visit our store today! Perhaps you've seen Jim's picture on your Bark Butter products (his creation). Little did he know that he would also meet his doppelganger today.

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Have you heard the news? A recent study published in the journal Science has found that the population of breeding birds in the US and Canada has dropped by nearly 30% (or 3 billion birds) since 1970!

Although discouraging news overall, there are encouraging examples of how human effort can work to bring back our birds. Populations have increased for Raptors (+200%), Waterfowl (+56%) and Woodpeckers (+18%).

There ARE ways in which we can truly make a difference. Here are “Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds”

Hummingbirds in December? It’s rare, but not unheard of, and such sightings are important to report.

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are migrating south after breeding here locally in the summer. They depend upon pollen and insects to survive, so they seek warmer climates in the winter for food sources.

What triggers their migration? The autumnal equinox signifies that the daylight and nighttime hours are the same. This equal light/dark situation stimulates chemicals in their brains that tells them it is time to head south if they want to survive. So, they will migrate regardless of local food sources being available.

However, you do not need to take down your hummingbird feeders yet. Out-of-range hummingbirds have been known to visit our area until late December, including Rufous Hummingbirds (which have been counted on our Christmas Bird Count). If you leave your feeders up, be sure to bring them indoors during any hard freezes, and leave room for expanding water, so they don't crack.

If you see any hummingbirds, try to snap a picture, and send it in, so we can help track what species are visiting the area.

The hummingbirds are fueling up for their migration south. Keeping your feeders clean and full of fresh nectar will help them along the way.

Running out of nectar and short on time? You can shop online at https://order.wbu.com/ashburn and we’ll have your purchases ready for pickup or will even ship it straight to your door.

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Noticed changes at your feeders lately? From seed-collecting to feather updates, our backyard friends contribute their own displays of nature's seasonal cycles.

ashburn.wbu.com Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bringing people and nature together with bird feeding and nature products, local expert advice and educational events.

CBS News

Privacy, please!

WAIT FOR IT: Owls at a hawk conservancy were not happy when they discovered a hidden camera filming them. So, they took matters into their own hands.

How to Attract an Owl

Step 1: Have an owl.

Scarlett has a friend! There are lots of wild barred owls around the Secret Garden. For months I've been hearing Scarlett chatting with them - often for hours at a time. But I rarely saw one - until about a week ago. I was working outside Scarlett's enclosure when I noticed a barred owl in the pine tree - right over my head, almost close enough to touch. Since then, he (or she) has been there every day, not always in the same tree but always close by. He perches within a few feet of Scarlett's window and calls to her. She usually replies. I'll post some videos of their conversations in the next few days. He's not bothered by people, my great horned owl or my dogs, so he might be a fledgling who hasn't yet learned the ways of the world. Yesterday, another owl called from deep in the woods. Scarlett's friend flew off in that direction - his wings nearly touching my shoulder. There were lots of hoots, some raucous cackling and general caterwauling. Then, after a few noisy minutes, he flew out of the woods and back to his perch in front of Scarlett. I wish I could understand what all of these owls are saying to each other. But one thing is certain, the best way to attract an owl is to already have one! Check back for videos and updates on this unusual relationship.

Even our feathered friends can have “bad hair” days.

This is Kvosir ("Vos"), one of our eastern screech owls. The first picture was taken back in March. The others were taken just a few days ago, in late August. Vos is molting! Each year, during the summer months, most birds drop their old feathers and grow new ones - replacing worn, broken and faded feathers with shiny new ones. For some, the process looks a bit comical. In Vos' case, he looks like bit like a grouchy old man with a fringe of unruly hair and a big mustache! In a few weeks, he'll have his "ear" tufts back, a full head of feathers, and a well defined facial disk. But for now, looking at him makes me smile. What you can't see in this picture is that he also has no tail feathers. He needs to grow those too!

[08/26/19]   WBU Ashburn will be closed Monday, Sept. 2, for Labor Day. We will be open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 3.

Owl Moon Raptor Center

To learn more about Owl Moon Raptor Center, visit https://owlmoon.org/ .

I am thrilled and proud to share with you a record number of releases for Owl Moon! Over the past week, beginning last Friday and ending today, our team of incredible volunteers released 2 Osprey, 5 Eastern Screech-owls, and a Red-shouldered Hawk. That makes 8 in one week! Just so you know, a release involves much more than opening a box and letting a bird go. There is all kinds of work involved, beyond the work of the rehabilitation itself. There are many sessions of flight assessment and reconditioning, beak, feet and feather inspections, finding appropriate replacement feathers for damaged ones, and replacing damaged feathers by a process called imping; coping overgrown beaks and talons, and finally banding the bird. All of this takes time and great care, to be certain we are releasing a bird that is fit and ready for a return to life in the wild. This video shows the release of three juvenile Eastern Screech-owls from three different nests that were orphaned for different reasons. All required rescue and rehab and were reared with other adult screech-owls.

Wild Birds Unlimited

Our Product & Hobby Education Manager, Brian Cunningham, explains how food helps birds change their appearance through the seasons.


One of our youngest squirrels had a hard time learning how to work the box feeder this morning...

When it's summer and your parents say "you're old enough to make your own lunch" ...

Some amazing insights from behind the scenes at Owl Moon Raptor Center.

There’s never a dull day at #OwlMoonRaptorCenter. Even after years of caring for raptors from tiny screech owls to majestic eagles, each case is different, and each bird is unique. But there are behaviors and physical characteristics that are common – at least to some degree – to all members of a species. So, when a bird comes in for care, we know what to expect and what the challenges might be. This week 4 ospreys and a black vulture were among the most interesting and challenging patients. Click on the pictures to find out what makes these birds special.


How to Disrupt a Hummingbird’s Hover - Science Connected Magazine

Hovering's not that easy. We bet that hummingbirds would rather not read in the car, either.


magazine.scienceconnected.org A hummingbird’s ability to hover in place can be easily disrupted by tricking the bird’s brain. Our brains can be tricked in a similar way.

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Our Hot Pepper Bird Food Sale is going on now!!🔥

Had to enter the tunnel of doom on morning walk today! Actually, these guys are so cool. Really fun to see up close.


There's a bird in my yard I've never seen before. How can I find out what it is?

One of our favorite things to do is help our customers identify new birds in their yards. Cornell Lab of Ornithology has some tips to help you ID those “never seen it before!” birds.


allaboutbirds.org There are four key features for visual identification. While looking at an unfamiliar bird, observe: Size and shape Color pattern Behavior Habitat Birders try to take notes about these four features, and some sketch or photograph the bird as well to help make an ID. How does this

Help Your Birds Survive Extreme Heat & Drought

Is this what has the starlings so excited all the time?

Good luck out there, Fran.

5 Ways Birds Beat The Heat

Water, shade, even panting help birds keep their cool on sweltering summer days like today. Did you know the size of their bills may also play a part?


With it being such a hot summer this year it's hard not to think of the birds. Luckily, birds have a few tricks up their sleeve to keep cool. Music 'Sunny' w...

Seed delivery day, or as we like to think of it, workout day. 🏋️‍♀️
Only a few days left to save on all suet products and 20-lb. bags of seed.
Everyone saves — and Daily Savings Club members save even more!

Who should you call when you find an injured animal in the wild? Blue Ridge Wildlife Center should be stored in your contacts list: 540-837-9000.

Renesting is always our first choice for babies of all species, but sometimes there are situations in which renesting is not an option.

The finder of this nestling Red-shouldered Hawk was concerned when they found it on the ground. After discussing the details of this bird's situation at length, it was determined that this baby should be seen by our staff. It was examined and found to be skinny, dehydrated, and hosting lots of fly eggs, indicating that no parents had been caring for this baby for some time.

In the summer, fly eggs left on an animal for only a few hours can result in maggots, which can damage and destroy healthy tissue and be the difference between life or death for many patients. Only some of the eggs had hatched by the time this patient came into care and our staff was able to flush them away quickly. We are hopeful the hawk will grow up strong and healthy and be released back to the wild in the coming months.

If you find an animal covered in fly eggs (about the size and shape of small, white/yellow grains of rice stuck to fur, feathers, or skin) this is one of many indications that the animal has been orphaned or abandoned.

Do not wait until you find a baby in this condition to locate a rehabilitator near you! Save our phone number in your phone (540-837-9000) or find your local rehabilitators or wildlife centers closer to you and save their numbers and locations. You never know when you’ll need them and time can make all the difference!

#RedShoulderedHawk #Raptors #BabySeason #WildlifeRehab

Happy 4th of July!! We will be CLOSED today, enjoying time with family and friends and, of course, our birds. Hope you are able to do the same!

Don’t give up if your hummingbird activity has been ho-hum! Keep fresh nectar in your feeders and your eyes peeled for a glimpse at these visiting jewels.

It’s that time of year, you should be seeing mama Hummingbird bringing her first brood of hummingbirds to the feeders. Tell us if you you are seeing increased activity at your nectar feeders.
Check out these amazing pictures of a Hummingbird family photographed by Gregg Thompson. In three weeks, the hatchlings grew to fledglings under the watchful and tireless eye of their mother. Visit this link to learn more about the various stages of mama Hummingbird’s journey https://advkeen.co/2X8yiXD BirdNote

Have a great day and keep feeding the birds


Power Struggles Are Playing Out at Your Feeder—Here's What to Look For

There’s definitely a pecking order among birds. This video from Cornell shows just what to look for when studying the power struggle going on in your own back yard.


allaboutbirds.org Birds are doing a lot more than just feeding when they visit your bird feeder. They are coming and going and interacting with each other in a well-established social pecking order. At first it looks like just a flurry of activity—but watch closely and you’ll start to see the daily struggle of do...

Taking Birdwatching to the Extreme

Is a Big Year on your bucket list?

In 2016, Arjan Dwarshuis took his love for birdwatching to extreme lengths. He boarded over 140 flights to 40 different countries, journeying through jungles...


National Donut Day 2019: Get free donuts Friday at Krispy Kreme, Walmart, Dunkin' and more

Here’s a Friday schedule you can’t beat:

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3. Come see us at Wild Birds Unlimited and take advantage of our 20% off Hardware Sale — pole systems and their accessories all on sale!

usatoday.com Dunkin', Krispy Kreme, Walmart and others are giving away free doughnuts Friday for National Doughnut Day. Find out where else to grab a freebie.

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One of our youngest squirrels had a hard time learning how to work the box feeder this morning...




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