Forward Fit Loudoun County

Forward Fit Loudoun County

This revolutionary 8-week program combines bootcamp fitness with the hottest trend
to hit the scene - High Intensity Interval Training. Get your
workout done in half the time, and boost your metabolism to keep
burning calories for hours after.

This will change the way you think about exercise!
There's a reason HIIT is HOT, and Tabata Bootcamp™ is the new hit! For years, we've been focusing on calories burned during exercise, but new research reveals that we should focus on what happens AFTER exercise is over. Tabata Bootcamp workouts are short in duration and designed to boost post exercise caloric burn so your metabolism keeps burning more calories long after the exercise is over. Tabata Bootcamp™ offers the newest and most unique approach to hit the fitness world with incredible results!

LoCo Tabata Bootcamp classes will run in 8 week sessions. The first camp will begin Oct7 and run to Nov 29. Classes will be held on Mon/Wed/Fri from 6-6:40am. All bootcampers will also join the Tabata Bootcamp website were they can view daily 6 minute workouts, get recipes and nutrition tips as well as stay in touch with their fellow LoCos to build a small group support system.

PNF Stretching: Technique and Guidelines

Remember our partner stretching last week? Here is why it felt so awesome plus a few tips and options. Enjoy! If you are hoping to increase your flexibility, you might want to try PNF stretching to go deeper. Here's how to try it safely.

Oh my goodness! This little mix is a new fave ( from Lidl of course). It’s perfect when you don’t want to chop a bunch of veggies. Just open and shovel it on to your favorite lettuce and your salad is made! I completed mine with some chicken, pine nuts and sunflower seeds.

Help Helen Smash

Shake those skittles off🤣🤣🤣

me on october 1st

[10/07/18]   New sessions begin Oct. 24th! More details and an event page to follow! Just a heads up, the 9am class is near capacity.

PSA of the day: do yourself a favor and shop at Lidl for all of your produce needs.

Holy cow! Why hasn’t anyone forced me in yet?! Not only are the prices lower than other stores but the produce is incredible! Best looking berries I’ve seen all season (this is big for me because both of my boys can take down a clamshell of raspberries in a sitting). I just did a major stock up of the good stuff to have on hand for snacking during all of our sports this weekend. My cart was full, I spent $99 😱 This Wegmans shopper is a changed woman.

On a side note crazy good prices on flowers.

Dare I say it? I ❤️ Lidl. 🥑🍓🍎🥝🥒🍒🥕🍍

This team earned their “ahhhhhhh” moment this morning after a killer #PLYOGA class. You know what they say:work hard, stretch hard!

I have an avocado, I have whole rye bread. BOOM! Avocado toast! 🥑+🍞=👌🏻

Guys this is one of my favorite quick breakfast choices. Love this bread toasted until it’s a little crispy. Nutritious, delicious and super speedy to make. Yum!

All this equipment can only mean 1 thing: Cauldron Circuit!!!! Great job this morning team! #allthetoys

Time to step it up team!
I know that quite a few of us wear some kind of fitness tracking device these days. Does anyone else notice that weekends can be the toughest days to get steps in? Let's step it up and fix that today!
Your goal is to get in 15,000 steps today.
Happy Saturday!

Finally a little sunshine!!! Happy Friday team!

The 21 Best Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility

Feeling a little tight after our squat challenge? Choose a few of these stretches and treat those tight muscles❤️💪🏻 Tight hamstrings? Stiff hips? Time to loosen up.

Hey team! It’s time for one of my favorite challenges, today is all about the squat! Every hour (that you are awake) you owe me 10 squats. Get to it!

Nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to work with a friend. Thanks for coming to me Kevin Patrick Nugent. Can’t wait to crush these goals with you!

Looking for another use for over ripe bananas? Try these yummy “banana bread cookies”. I just whipped some up for an after school snack on this rainy Monday.
The recipe is in the comments.

Events - Our Savior's Way Lutheran Church

Hey team! If you have some free time this coming Sunday we could use more hands for this amazing event! This is an incredible chance to share the gift of service with your whole family. I will be there with my clan for both times. Rise Against Hunger (formerly "Stop Hunger Now") provides a hands-on opportunity for the congregation, friends, and neighbors to serve by packing needed meals for distribution in third world countries. Volunteers are needed to unload the truck, pack meals, and clean-up after the event. We also will....

What does it mean if Jackson has a 7am drop off for an 8 o’clock start? I get 60min to explore before game time! Gorgeous morning to get out 😁💪🏻

Not to be outdone the 9 o’clock team just crushed their 1st 4 weeks too! If you look real close you can see our FaceTime friends Amy and Martha Davis Mitchell. 4 more!!!

Congrats to this awesome crew!
4 weeks down, 4 to go! 💪🏻❤️

7 Smart Ways to Cut Sugar From Your Diet | MyFitnessPal

Thanks for sharing this Martha Davis Mitchell! Some great ways to reduce sugar intake. These easy tricks will help you reduce your sugar intake.

[09/18/18]   Happy Tuesday Team!

Looking ahead this week:
Tomorrow- PLYOGA for everyone!
Friday- evals: remember, I’ll get there early so we can get started. Limit salt and alcohol before evals. Do not eat 2 hours prior to the eval, you can bring a quick bite to have after. Check your last numbers so you know your goals for squats, push ups and burpees.

Keep at the homework, some of you are really killing it! #progressnotperfection

Companion video to my September article for the Broadlands newsletter. So happy to have My workout buddy Michelle join me! Spoiler alert: Ranger also makes an appearance 🐶💪🏻

3 strong weeks down, 5 to go!

I picked up these dice on a whim at Target. Happy I could find a good way to use them😜💪🏻

Fruit and Sugar Content | Eat This Not That

Team, this is a great article to link up what we were talking about this morning! You can still eat the exceptionally sweet fruits, but in smaller portions and with extra fiber, healthy fats, or protein. Find out which is the sugariest fruit of all!

Just a little hint for class rhymes with: my toga 🤣💪🏻

More scrabble fun at 9! These ladies are AWESOME!

*Not sure how exactly you implement the scrabble tiles but I know you use them Funtensity thanks for the inspiration!

We had a little fun with scrabble tiles this morning. Congrats to Shivali Garg and Jo Ann Margulis, my 6am Rockstars!

[09/04/18]   Tonight was fantastic but I couldn’t have done it without your help team! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks for joining me this morning! What a great way to start the day!!!


Hey guys! I'm going to do a freebie class tomorrow (Monday) at 8am. If anyone wants to join me I'll be at Tillet. Bring a mat and water. Open to all!

Forward Fit Loudoun County

Nailed it 9am crew!

This is a classic: sometimes things are better in theory than in practice. I’m still laughing you guys. I asked my team to write their mantra on a forearm. hoping for some awesome inspiring pic. We did it AFTER max interval: sweaty arms, shaky hands. This is the best we can do but I ❤️ you guys for indulging me.

Shout out to Martha Davis Mitchell coming from WV for a live class today. Great surprise!

This steamy weather is making me crave something refreshing! Doesn’t this look amazing?! Working on gazpacho. Delicious, nutritious, refreshing and perfect for a night like tonight! What is your favorite food when it’s too hot to turn on the oven?

I can't even! I can't even explain what incredible rockstar warriors I have in my classes. Today was a test of wills for sure and they all worked to the max and finished strong. So proud of you all. Now get home and hydrate!

[08/27/18]   Strong start this morning team!
I've got our website all set up: homework begins tomorrow💪

Alert: It's. About. To go down!

Fall Session begins tomorrow for my early birds!

Remember: we are meeting by the Nature Center and tomorrow we will start with evals. I can't wait to see you all bright and early!

[08/22/18]   A little homework for today team: 50 burpees, 50 jacks, 50 plié squats. Break it up however you like. Enjoy!

Fitness doesn’t always have to be a big planned event (although if you are looking for a big planned event I’ve got new Bootcamp sessions starting soon😉). There are opportunities all over the place to add fitness in to your daily life. Sometimes those little opportunities turn in to the best mini workouts. Tonight I took Ranger out for a walk and I hopped up on the divider at the park because who doesn’t love to do that? Makes you feel like a kid again! Ranger walked along with me which added a whole new challenge😂 We kicked it up and ran the stairs and ramps a few times too. It didn’t take long, I didn’t kill myself, I just went off script and it was great! Keep your eyes open for the little opportunities.
#everymovementmatters #findingfitness

Fit Body by J

Good morning team! Here is your homework today. Enjoy! Thanks Colleen Lennon Hughes and Kelly Huff-Snyder for sharing!

Cha Cha Slide- Plank challenge🔥

Feeling like bootcamp isn't your style? Forward Fit also offers personal training services in Broadlands!

Taco Tuesday

Hey Team: I just set up the sign up genius for serving at the shelter. Take a look and see how you can help :)
#forwardfit #payitforward Hey Team! I have signed us up to serve a meal at the Loudoun Transitional Housing Shelter on Sept 4th. We are going to go with a taco themed dinner. We need to arrive by 5:30 to set up, service begins about 6 and we usually finish around 7. If you cannot make it to the shelter but you would like to....

[08/15/18]   Class is back on tomorrow! 6 and 8 both meeting at Stone House.
Let’s do this!

Forward Fit Loudoun County

Reminder: no class tomorrow. Let’s hit up the plank challenge.

Looking forward to see you all on Thursday and Friday this week!

Hey! ICYMI: we are rocking a plank challenge today. 6 minutes worth of planks, break it up however you need to (don’t try to do it all at once, 20sec intervals are great!). Keep in mind that adding movement to your planks keeps it fun and increases the benefits!

Thanks to my cameraman Kellen and his partner in crime Ranger. They captured a few of my favorite plank variations. I’ve got more but between the 2 of them I was allowed 2 takes. 👦🏼+🐕=🤣 #thisislife

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