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Life is a story better told in photos. Allow us to say your's.

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[06/06/15]   What Can a Photo Do For You?
Photos are great for bringing up memories and emotions. The mind can only remember so much, but photos are there for you to look back on over the years. It could be from a wedding, birthday party or even a night out with friends. You get the chance to remember those who have passed on and people you don’t see any more.
But just what can a photo do for you? What sort of emotions can they bring up? Whether you’re looking back over your maternity months, your wedding day or a birthday party in the past, there are all sorts of emotions you can feel.

The Smiles from the Event
Photos are great for remembering events. There may be elements of a night that you completely forgot about, until you see a photo from it. You get to smile at the past, remembering the good times. Seeing smiles on other people’s faces also reminds you how they felt while they were there. You feel good even years afterwards.

Bittersweet Feelings
There are times that bittersweet feelings emerge. This is often the case when you see someone who has since passed on, or you may no longer talk to. If you don’t talk to the person, it can encourage you to bury the hatchet and make amends. For those who have passed on, at least you have a memory of when they were happy. You get to remember good times with them.

Feelings of Love and Pride
You don’t just get happy moments when you look back over photos. You can feel a rush of love and pride. These are especially the case when you look at photos of newborns or your own children’s accomplishments and moments. You know that you are part of the reason for the way they have turned out.

Photos stir many different memories and emotions. They give you the chance to look back and remember specific points and people in your life. While there can be some bittersweet moments, more often than not you get the positive emotions flowing through.

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[05/06/15]   If you want to gift a photography session to any one who is terminally ill, or is in a life threatening situation, please let us know. Completely FREE. It of course, depends on our availability, but we will do our best to accommodate requests.

Every life is a story. Allow us to say yours.

[04/23/15]   Life is a story better told in photos

Every life is a story. Nothing better than shedding that tear of joy when browsing your most cherished photos. They are time machines that defy the laws of physics. They can transport you to a different time in an instant. The gentle breeze and the smells of the day return to you in a flash. Vivid memories of the day spring back and you feel younger. A photo can be that powerful.

Every life is a story. Allow us to say yours in pictures.

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