Stephanie's Essential Suggestions

Stephanie's Essential Suggestions

Learn how to use essential oils and self-hypnosis to improve your mood, thoughts and overcome blocks. It's easier than you think to feel better!

[05/08/19]   FYI ... doTERRA released this official statement today ... please read:

"dōTERRA is the world leader in the global essential oils market, according to unsolicited reports on the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market by Verify Markets®. Since its founding in 2008, dōTERRA has invested more than $100 million in its vast Co-Impact Sourcing® network to provide the highest quality essential oils. dōTERRA’s exemplary business practices are expensive and demand constant focus and determination. Because of dōTERRA’s reputation, other companies have tried to promote cheaper
products through comparison.

Although dōTERRA welcomes competition, a company by the name of Revive has overstepped legal boundaries into unfair competition by marketing that its oils have the same quality as dōTERRA oils and implying that its oils are sourced from dōTERRA sources. This is not possible due to dōTERRA’s unique Co-impact Sourcing model. Under that model, 96% of dōTERRA oils are exclusive or proprietary in terms of source, formula, or both. Further, other companies do not undertake the rigors of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® testing. To confirm this fact, tests have been completed that show that many of Revive’s oils are adulterated. We have recently let the company know of this adulteration, which they
claim was unknown to them. Of course, adulteration is common among companies that source their products from perfumers and brokers.

Consumers should be aware that essential oils that are adulterated are easy to obtain and inexpensive. dōTERRA maintains the highest levels of quality, purity and sustainability through industry leading CoImpact Sourcing practices, which provide more than 100,000 jobs in third-world markets impacting more than 500,000 lives. Consumers are advised to not trust claims from competitors stating that their cheaper oils are similar to the high quality found in dōTERRA’s life-enhancing essential oils."

[05/03/19]   We are moving!
See comments below

Join me at the Healthy Habits Tour! There is so much about our company and culture that is hard to convey outside of doTERRA's corporate events! This is your chance! If you have any curiosity about having your own doTERRA business, don't miss the $10 business training during the day! Register at

[03/14/19]   dōTERRA
Spring Tour
is coming!
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Generōsity Forum - with Andrew Donovan

Curious about changing the world for the better - helping people with natural wellness? We are in love with this training program. Watch the master class and comment below on what you thought. Someone who comments will get a free wild orange from me!

STUCK in the Mud in dōTERRA?

Look what's back!! 😁

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Most of the Wellness Advocates I've coached to success around the world were flailing their limbs wildly before they realized how chaotically they were doing their business. It's time to turn chaos and stuck-ness into a success strategy.

Here's what we'll cover in the masterclass:

• Identify what SECRET SAUCE you're missing
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• Get some victory energy under your belt FAST

So what if you could easily find more customers and builders, enroll them, and have more people building with you? No more dodgy sales tactics, or feeling like you're the "free oil lady" giving away endless samples.

Register for the masterclass, and we'll get this strategy rolling!

Tomorrow is OILtopia Leesburg!

Natural Wellness Tips - Rejuvenation Stations - Prizes & Gifts

Loudoun Hypnosis & Aromatherapy

Hi, I'm Stephanie Greene, also of Loudoun Hypnosis and Aromatherapy. You can find me there at or

On this page, we are focused on essential oils for emotional aromatherapy and beyond. You may post questions here, request an oils consult, book a class, learn how to share oils with others to earn oils or replace your income.

Finally make the changes you've dreamed of!

If the cold weather makes you feel like staying in, try this diffuser blend to fill the air with a cozy aroma. Add one drop of Cinnamon Bark, two drops of Tangerine, and three drops of Siberian Fir to your diffuser and enjoy.

doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil is an all-natural carrier oil that readily absorbs into the skin, making it ideal for topical use. Dilute one part essential oil to five parts (or more) of Fractionated Coconut Oil depending on skin sensitivity, or as directed on label.

This month, receive a 15 mL bottle of Grapefruit for FREE with your 125 PV LRP order placed before January 15. If you are signed up for the Loyalty Rewards Program, this is a great time to take advantage of your membership and receive this item for free with your order.

Are you ready to Cleanse & Renew? GX Assist® & PB Assist+® work as a powerful combination to cleanse the body and promote positive bacterial growth.*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We made it to the first Friday of the year! Do you need a pick-me-up to get through the weekend? Try some doTERRA Motivate®, or maybe you some doTERRA Cheer®. Apply one drop to hands, rub together, and inhale deeply as needed throughout the day.

For the entire month of January, you can purchase a 15 mL of Slim & Sassy® for 10 percent off!

For the entire month of January, you can purchase a 15 mL of Slim & Sassy® for 10 percent off!

We are excited to announce that the King of Oils promotion will be extended until January 15, 2019! If you place a 200 PV order between now and January 15, you will receive a FREE 15 mL of Frankincense!

doTERRA wishes you an abundance of cheer in 2019!

Come spend Saturday, January 5th with us! Please RSVP so we can plan for you!

15 mL Oregano is 15% off! Hurry! This deal ends December 22 at 11:59 pm MST. #doTERRAWinterWellness

Lifelong Vitality Pack is 15% off! Hurry! This deal ends December 22 at 11:59 pm MST. #doTERRAWinterWellness

dōTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Mist is 15% off! Hurry! This deal ends December 22 at 11:59 pm MST. #doTERRAWinterWellness

dōTERRA On Guard® Protecting Throat Drops are 15% off! Hurry! This deal ends December 22 at 11:59 pm MST. #doTERRAWinterWellness

dōTERRA Breathe® Vapor Stick is 15% off! Hurry! This deal ends December 22 at 11:59 pm MST. #doTERRAWinterWellness

dōTERRA Breathe® Respiratory Drops are 15% off! Hurry! This deal ends December 22 at 11:59 pm MST. #doTERRAWinterWellness

Copaiba Softgels are 15% off! Hurry! This deal ends December 22 at 11:59 pm MST. #doTERRAWinterWellness

doTERRA On Guard® Touch allows you to enjoy the unique aroma and powerful benefits of doTERRA On Guard with an easy roll-on application. You can apply topically to the chest and bottoms of the feet when seasonal threats are high, or to experience its energizing, uplifting aroma.

doTERRA® SPA Replenishing Body Butter is just what your skin needs for rich hydration and a luxurious soft feel. You can apply to the body by massaging into the hands, elbows, knees, and any other area in need of intense moisturization.

dōTERRA On Guard® Softgels are 15% off! Hurry! This deal ends December 22 at 11:59 pm MST. #doTERRAWinterWellness

This is a very busy month, are you feeling it? If you want to avoid using energy drinks, coffee, or sugary caffeinated sodas to keep you going throughout the day, Mito2Max® can provide a natural alternative to these stimulants.

doTERRA® SPA Exfoliating Body Scrub is a natural scrub infused with CPTG® Wild Orange, Grapefruit, and Ginger essential oils that gently exfoliate and polish the skin. This luxurious scrub provides a custom at-home spa experience that pampers the body and warms the soul.

Peppermint can be used aromatically to enliven the senses and promote a feeling of energy. Try placing one drop of Peppermint oil in the palm of your hand, and inhale by cupping your hands over your nose. This simple aromatic recipe is perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up.

The Siberian fir tree is a tall, light in color, conifer tree native to Russia and Canada. Siberian Fir essential oil has a refreshing, woody scent that is known for its calming and relaxing properties.

Myrrh is a popular oil to diffuse during the holidays because it can help maintain peaceful feelings throughout the home. Try diffusing Myrrh oil when you feel yourself or your environment becoming tense. This will help to promote emotional balance and well-being.

Stronger™ Protective Blend is 15% off! Hurry! This deal ends December 22 at 11:59 pm MST. #doTERRAWinterWellness

Holidays, vacations, birthdays, and family get-togethers often have something in common: food. And lots of it. Make sure to have DigestZen® Touch on hand for these occasions. DigestZen Touch is available in a convenient 10 mL roll-on bottle for easy application.

Have you tried Copaiba Softgels? They are one of the new products released at doTERRA® Dream Convention this year. This product provides a daily dose of Copaiba essential oil in a convenient easy-to-swallow softgel.

We are so excited to announce that Yarrow|Pom is available Monday! Yarrow|Pom is an expertly crafted proprietary blend of Yarrow essential oil and cold-pressed Pomegranate seed oil designed to be your go-to for a true inside-out approach to aging, vitality, and overall wellness.

We have one more holiday surprise for you! For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are so excited to offer Natural Deodorant with Beautiful Blend. Available starting December 3, 2018 while supplies last!

Earn a FREE 15 mL Frankincense by placing any single 200 PV order from December 1 through December 31, 2018. Limit of four per account, per household. Limit one free item per order.

This month, receive a 5 mL bottle of Hoilday Joy and a Holiday Snowman Oil Topper for FREE with your 125 PV LRP order placed before the 15th. If you are signed up for the Loyalty Rewards Program, this is a great time to take advantage and receive this item for free in your order.

The cold weather can be hard on our skin. Try making this cuticle cream to keep your cuticles soft and smooth: three tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon beeswax pellets, six drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oil—combine and rub gently into skin.

We have exciting news! Do you have a favorite oil from the doTERRA® Kids Collection? You can purchase them individually beginning Monday Dec 3, 2018!

For the entire month of December, you can purchase Arborvitae essential oil for 10 percent off.

doTERRA Peace® Reassuring Blend is just one of the oils that will be added to your order today at no charge when you purchase a Lumo diffuser. #doterraBOGO

Promo code for 15% off all products at Everything But Oils

Just ordered these fun flash cards! I'm going to be using them in FB Live soon! Here's a discount if you wnt them too. Get your exclusive discount at Everything But Oils. I think you'll like it!

Does fall feel like it is going away? Try this diffuser blend to keep the scents of fall lingering. Add 3 drops Wild Orange, 1 drop Ginger, 1 drop Clove, and 2 drops of Frankincense to your favorite diffuser. The scents of fall will soon fill the air.

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