The Compass School, Ashburn Virginia

The Compass School, Ashburn Virginia


We miss you all!!!!!
Hello, I am trying to contact the head of school or communications/marketing director of your reggio emilia school. If you could have them email me ([email protected]) I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers! Chris
I am so happy to be bringing all of these books to you on Monday thanks to your participation in the reading program. I know these books will be loved by the children and staff alike.

We are a Reggio Emilia inspired early childhood school located in Ashburn, Virginia serving children aged 6 weeks through 12 years old.

Through the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach, children are given the tools and support to steer through their own distinct paths of discovery. Our project-based curriculum encourages children to be active participants in the learning process and to develop the skills needed to explore their ideas, interests, and questions in a meaningful way.

Mission: The mission of The Compass School is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes your child's depth of knowledge while inspiring a life-long love of learning.

E-Learning with Compass

If you loved our walking water rainbow experiment, you're going to love this one, too!

Activity: Rainbow Xylophone
It is a fun science experiment! Find more information here:

Book: "My Color is Rainbow" by Agnes Hu

Activity: How does it feel?
1/2 gentle on skin dish soap
1 cup of corn starch
1 tablespoon of water
food coloring
1. Mix the recipe according to the ingredients above. Adjust as necessary. If the mixture is sticky, add more corn starch. If it is too dry, add tiny amounts of more soap until satisfied. (We mixed the ingredients over a big towel)
2. Place the slime on a tray or tableencourage children to explore it by squeezing, separating, etc. (We added food coloring, played and created a pizza and a snake)
3. Have children try to describe what they like or don't like about it.

Read along with: "What is a Scientist?" by Barbara Lehn.

Our infants explored with texture yesterday! For this activity, we put coffee filter leaves inside a zip-lock bag and put primary color paint inside. We allowed our infants to explore the bags, and talked about the colors inside of them while they squeezed the bags and mixed the colors.

Collecting nature to design mandalas with children!

Book: Finding Wild by Megan Wagner

E-Learning with Compass Staff

Miss Maria reads "Little Sunny Sunshine" by Susie Jaramillo at the school!

E-Learning with Compass Staff

Miss Maria reads "Bear at Home" or "Oso en Casa" by Stella Blackstone in our Clubhouse classroom!

TGIF - thanks for hanging in there this week! (Rosie's a pro.)

CNN and 'Sesame Street' to host a town hall addressing racism

In this political climate, it's hard to find a way to talk to your children about what's happening. You can use social stories, or you can even let Sesame Street help. This Saturday at 10 AM, join the town hall addressing racism. As anger and heartbreak have swept across America over the killing of yet another black man at the hands of police, CNN and Sesame Street are refocusing their second town hall to address racism.

Stomp along with our Sound Stage friends to their art extension activity, taking ideas from the book, "Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp!" by Margaret Mayo.

If you don't own this book, we've got the read-aloud here:

Learn about College Planning

Financially planning for your child's future: a webinar from a member of our local Ashburn community Viswas Vuppala! Please see the Google Form below if you are interested in signing up. Join this webinar to learn everything you need to know to plan your child's financial future. We will be going over: -How to save for college -Different type of plans -How much money to save -Scholarships -Financial Aid

Nature name collage:

Go on a scavenger hunt for flowers, leaves and sticks and create your nature name collage.

Book: Be still, love nature by Dalia Jean

After observing the growth of color in our wildflower garden outside, Pathfinders friends took their exploration inside! Using cut citrus fruits, they created a large print by working together on different areas of their paper.

E-Learning with Compass Staff

Miss Maria reads "One is a Pinata, a Book of Numbers" by Roseanne Greenfield Thong in our plaza!

E-Learning with Compass Staff

Miss Maria reads "Bear About Town" or "Oso en la cuidad" by Stell Blackstone in the Clubhouse Cozy Corner!

Why I Wear My mask.pdf

A great resource for talking about wearing masks, created by a fellow early childhood educator! Gentle reminder that, effective today, Executive Order 63 states that all patrons over the age of 10 will be required to wear masks in public spaces, unless medically unable to.

Remember Miss Maria's sunset garden project from Earth Day? An update: we have some cilantro leaves, green beans leaves, and flower leaves too! 🌺❤🌿

🌸 Paper Plate Flower Craft 🌸

What you’ll need:
• Paper plates
• Green paper
• Scissors
• Paint (green and other wanted colors)
• Glue
• Paint brush
• Popsicle/craft stick

1) Cut slits into a paper plate to make the petals. How many petals does your flower have?
2) Glue your stick on the back of the paper plate
3) Cut out petals from the green paper and glue them behind the stick (I did these two steps first so that the paint wouldn’t be in the way)
4) Paint the stick green so that you have a stem and choose any colors you want to paint the rest of your flower!
5) Set your flower aside to dry. Can you name all the colors you painted your flower?

Summer-2020 | Mercier School of Dance

UPDATE: Our ancillary program Mercier School of Dance will be offering virtual Summer enrichment classes. We have an expanded range of classes with lyrical, musical theater, leaps and turns, and classes for older dancers.

Register online:

Welcome back!! We can't believe how much you've grown and changed in just two short months.

[05/25/20]   Happy Memorial Day, Compass Families!

Memorial Day Covered Strawberries
What you'll need:
-1 package of strawberries
-1 bag of white chocolate chips
-blue sprinkles
-wax paper

1. Rinse and prepare the strawberries
2. Melt the white chocolate chips
3. Dip the strawberry 3/4 way in and lay on the wax paper
4. Sprinkle the blue sprinkle on the bottom of the strawberry

Memorial Day Trifle
What you'll need:
-1 pack of strawberries
-1 pack of blueberries
-1 pack (8 oz) package of cream cheese
-1 tbsp of sugar
-1/4 cup of powdered sugar
-1/4 cup of milk
-1 tsp of vanilla extract
-angel cake, broken into pieces

1. Cut strawberries into small pieces and combine with sugar in a
small bowl. Set aside for 10 mins to allow the sugar to dissolve
2. Beat cream cheese and powdered sugar until smooth. Add in and mix
the milk and vanilla extract
3. Add a layer of angel cake pieces, filling, strawberries, filling,
and top with blueberries
4. Refrigerate overnight or at least 4 hours before eating
Enjoy! :)

Apple Lacing
What you'll need:
-paper plate
-red and green paint
-white paper or green construction paper

1. Draw 5 circles in the middle of the plate and cut the insides of them out
2. Paint the paper plate red
3. Cut a leaf shape and caterpillar shape out of the paper
4. Paint the leaf and caterpillar green, if using white paper
5. Tape one end of the ribbon on the plate and one end on the caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cardboard Roll Activity

First, read and listen to “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle:

What you’ll need:
• Green and red paint
• Paper plates (or anything else) to put the paint on
• Toiler paper rolls (2)
• Paper
• Markers

1. Dip one toilet paper roll in the red paint and another in the green paint and put it on the paper to make the head and body.
2. Use your markers to carefully draw the antenna (purple), eyes (orange/yellow & green), and nose (brown). You may use different colors if you would like!
3. Set your caterpillar somewhere safe to dry. If you want, you can color inside the body and head!

This activity is great for color, letter, and animal identification, spatial awareness, as well as counting and size sorting! You can even make one for A-Z. Use glue or play again and again with different materials.

What animal do you see represented by the letter below?

Felix (SS), lover of all things rainbow and science, tried out Miss Danica's walking water experiment! I have to say, very successful!!

Rainbow Walking Water Science Experiment
What you'll need:
-paper towels
-clear cups
-small rubber bands/pony tail holders

1. Fold each paper towel piece so it is long and skinny
2. Use the markers and color each end of the paper towels
3. Fill up the cups half way with water
4. Use a small rubber band to connect 2 paper towels together
5. Put the colored end of the paper towel into the cup
6. Watch the water move the colors together and make a rainbow!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Materials Needed:
- Paper plate
- Scissors
- Green, yellow, or red paint
- Black marker
- Brown and green construction paper
- Glue

Take a folded paper plate and cut out half circles. Paint the top and bottom your choice color and add 3 little seeds with your marker! Then cut out leaf and stem shapes and glued it all together.

E-Learning with Compass Staff

Miss Lesly delves us into the world of Dr. Seuss with this "The Foot Book" read-aloud. Rhyming words are an essential part to language development! Can you think of other words that rhyme?

Another easy playdough recipe made on the stovetop!

You'll need:
2 cup of all purpose flour
1/4 cup salt
2 cup of water, warm
2 tablespoon veg oil
4 teaspoonful cream of tarter

Mix together flour, salt and cream of tartar and then slowly add the water and oil. Put them in a large pot and start cooking on medium heat. Keep mixing and stirring until the dough is thick and it looks like a ball. Transfer the cooked dough to wax paper to cool. Then make it smooth by kneading the dough.

You can even use food color to make it different colors!

Today, the Compass School of Ashburn, Virginia, turns 7 years old! 🎉

Salt Painting with Miss Sereen and family!

What you’ll need:
• Glue
• Card stock paper
• Salt
• Paint and a cup of water for watercolors
• Small paintbrushes
• Paper plate (optional)

1. Get your glue and create any design you would like with it on the card stock paper.
2. Put the paper plate under your paper with the design and add salt over the glue. When you do this, some of the salt will fall onto the paper plate so that is doesn’t make a big mess.
3. Gently shake of the excess salt on the paper onto the paper plate and set it aside.
4. Now time for the fun part! Use your watercolors to carefully paint over the salt and watch pretty colors form!
5. Once you’re done, put your artwork somewhere to dry. My design was a heart and my little sister made a colorful flower and sun!

Magical things are happening with Miss Brittany and Miss Colleen on the preschool playground this afternoon! 🧚‍♀️🌿 Thank you, Miss Frances, for donating so many beautiful succulents!

Splatter Paint Fun!

What you’ll need:
• Paper
• Paint
• Paintbrushes
• A cup of water
• Markers, crayons, colored pencils or anything else you would like to use to draw/color
• Trash bags or newspaper to put your art over while working

1. Draw and color anything you want to on your paper
2. Put your paper over the trash bag and get your paint, paintbrush and cup of water
3. Dip your paintbrush in paint and then water (this makes the paint easily come off the paintbrush)
4. Gently tap the paintbrush while moving your hand over the paper so that the paint can splatter on it. Use a bunch of different colors!
5. Set your colorful masterpiece aside to dry! What colors did you use?

Read alongside your art with "Splatter" by Diane Alber

Can you and your little one name every color used in this picture?

Frozen Watercolor Painting

What you need:
-food coloring
- short popsicle sticks
- plastic cup
- paper

- Begin by pouring your water into the cup, approx. 1/4 of the cup
- Add drops of food coloring in every cup and mix well
- Place a short popsicle stick into each cup and freeze for 4-6 hours or overnight
-Pull on the stick to remove from the cup
-Set up some paper and let the fun begin!

Enjoy this colorful picture book!
Watch "MONSTERS LOVE COLORS by Mike Austin | Story Time Pals | Kids Books Read Aloud" on YouTube

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E-Learning with Compass Staff
E-Learning with Compass Staff
E-Learning with Compass Staff
E-Learning with Compass Staff
E-Learning with Compass Staff
Sambosa with Miss Trina
Preschool Virtual Tour
E-Learning with Compass Staff
Shape Art and a message from Ms. Trina!  "Hi kids, today we made shapes from cereal O’s! It is so much fun. You draw a shape, put glue around the shape, and put the Cheerios on the shape! Now you have a poster full of fun made by cereal!"




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