Where you thinking of having a bus earlier than Friday 12/20 from VT?
Here’s another shot of the incredible sunrise.
Dropping off our son ahead of the snow, near Teterboro Airport. Save travels to all and wishing everyone the best with finals.
Do the kids get another boarding pass for the return trip? Or do they use the same one?
How much is trip from vt to Nj

A transportation service specific for college students to make getting home for the holidays an easier experience for students and parents.

Operating as usual

[08/01/20]   Due to COVID-19 CollegeTransit service for the Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 school year has been suspended.

This was a difficult decision as it represents the first time in almost 30 years we will not be helping college students get home for the holidays. But based on feedback from parents, students and watching how schools may be offering classes - this was the only decision that could be reached.

We hope to resume service in Fall 2021. Stay Healthy everyone.

JMU Parents & Family #JMU #VirginiaTech Virginia Tech Parents 07/26/2020

Surveying COVID impact to travel

We're keeping our Thanksgiving travel survey open until August 1st for anyone who hasn't had the opportunity yet to respond. We wish to gauge student and parent perspectives on how the current COVID situation will impact their decisions for Thanksgiving Break. Even if you are no longer at school or now have your own vehicle, we would like your opinion as if you were a freshman attending school for the first time.

[05/31/20]   We are waiting to post Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 itineraries until close to the start of the semester to allow #JMU and #VirginiaTech to finalize their schedules.

[05/01/20]   Congratulations to all the high school seniors out there who are now officially #JMU Dukes or #VirginiaTech Hokies!


OBX Sunrise

Nothing to do with CollegeTransit or school - just a nice view to brighten your day...

Good Morning from OBX Sunrise
Nags Head NC April 8, 2020 61 degrees
Have a great day everyone.
Welcome to the new fans glad you found my page.

[03/13/20]   #JMU and #VirginiaTech Spring Break passengers and families - please check your inboxes for an important email

[03/11/20]   Due to both #JMU and #VirginiaTech schools "extending spring break" and the information that is coming out slowly - we are NOT returning to campus this Sunday.

We will wait for additional information from the respective schools before determining when/if the bus will bring students back to campus.

[03/07/20]   The #JMU - #VirginiaTech bus is arriving at Teterboro - Enjoy spring break everyone!

[03/07/20]   #JMU - #VirginiaTech bus ETA in Teterboro: 9:15PM

[03/07/20]   The #JMU - #VirginiaTech bus is now arriving Morris Plains for drop-off. We will provide updated Teterboro ETA shortly.

[03/07/20]   The #JMU and #VirginiaTech bus is on 287N and should arrive Morris Plains between 830-840pm

[03/07/20]   Departing Allentown - ETAs based on current traffic:
Morris Plains - 8:40PM
Teterboro - 9:20PM

[03/06/20]   The #JMU and #VirginiaTech bus is now arriving in Allentown. NJ bound students will grab some food and bring it back on the bus. We will update estimated arrival times once the bus departs the rest-stop.

[03/06/20]   UPDATE: The bus is getting on 78 and should arrive in Allentown at 6:30PM

[03/06/20]   Bus departing JMU. Estimated arrival time in Allentown 6:15PM

[03/06/20]   The bus is departing VT heading to JMU. ETA 1:30 PM

[03/06/20]   The bus is onsite at Lane Stadium ready to board students

[03/06/20]   Travel Day!

[03/03/20]   Boarding passes for Friday have been emailed to all confirmed students

[03/03/20]   Just a few days before we depart for spring break on Friday!


Spring Break seats to PA/NJ/NY are available for #JMU students


Spring Break seats to PA/NJ/NY are available for #VirginiaTech students

[01/19/20]   Welcome back to campus #VirginiaTech students - hope to see you at spring break!

[01/19/20]   The #VirginiaTech bus is passing JMU now - still targeting on-time arrival on campus

[01/19/20]   Departing the lunch break and targeting an on-time arrival on the #VirginiaTech campus

[01/19/20]   Stopping off for a lunch break

[01/19/20]   The #VirginiaTech bus is departing Allentown

[01/19/20]   The #VirginiaTech bus has arrived in Allentown and ready to board students!

[01/19/20]   The #VirginiaTech bus is leaving Morris Plains and has an ETA for Allentown of 9:45 AM

[01/19/20]   The #VirginiaTech bus is onsite in Morris Plains and ready to board students!

[01/19/20]   The #VirginiaTech bus is leaving Teterboro and has an ETA for Morris Plains of 8:15 AM

[01/19/20]   The #VirginiaTech bus is onsite at Teterboro and ready to board students!
Virginia Tech Alternative Transportation

[01/17/20]   #VirginiaTech boarding passes for NJ & PA have been sent to students!

[01/12/20]   Welcome back to campus #JMU students!

[01/12/20]   The #JMU bus is departing Allentown filled with students from PA, NJ and NY - estimated arrival at #JMU 4 PM