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Happy Birthday LimeLife! 6 years old! I’ve been with the company for almost 5 years. It's been such a ride and I have no regrets. My skin is so different from what it was 5 years ago. It's all LimeLife skin care! Let's get you started on road to beautiful skin.


Top selling products for 2020! I’m so surprised! Are you?? Makeup was the best selling. I haven’t used makeup as much this past year because of my eye surgery and with wearing masks all the time. Even so, One Drop Wonder, Skin Therapy, and Sotoks are in the Top Ten!

If you haven’t tried our products yet, I have samples available! What are your favorites that are in the Top Twenty??


Skin Therapy is back!!! This moisturizer is the best especially for this time of year. It's been out of stock for a few months and has been dearly missed.

Holiday collections are on sale til the end of the month. Grab your favorites in a collection and save!

[12/31/20]   Happy New Year! I have a few more hours at work then I’m free! Here’s to a better year -2021!


Sale! Sale! Sale! All the holiday collections are on sale! Grab them while they are still in stock!


Brush sale, make up sale and free shipping!! Also double stars in your LimeLifer account. Those stars are discounts for your future order! Good thru Dec 1!!


Black Friday Deals!! If you were hoping for the best makeup beautifully packaged, its here and at such a great price! These makeup collections also benefit our Brighter Together Foundation.


No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home are finally here!! These cute stocking stuffers are lip glosses specially packaged for the holidays. Choose from clear, Humble, and Love.


New Holiday products available!

Soap and Joy Cream Hand Soap and Forty Cure Cream, full-size and in a tube!

Tin Man is a men’s skin care in a tin. A LimeLife key is included for the shaving cream tube. So cute!


New Holiday items available today at 3pm!

Spread Light candles

Lollipop Littles



The first two Holiday items are available today! Holiday gifting made so easy since they are beautifully packaged.


LimeLife by Alcone

who’s excited?!?!

We are hosting our 5th annual Ugly Sweater Party around the world and we want YOU to be part of it! Grab your Ugly Sweater and join us LIVE for the big Holiday reveal!


Glow Drops and more...


Dream Clean is Back in Stock today!

Both cleansers are available now.

Skin Therapy is out on the website. I have one available and lots of samples.


Riki Colorful and the BT Bundle!


Happy October!! This bundle is special this month! The mirror is white and will come with out Farm to Tub Pink Grapefruit soap.A portion of the sakes will go towards Breast Cancer Awareness. I’ll go Live later to show the mirror!


Perfect Sunscreen for Face, Quench Cleanse and the Power Start are back in Stock. Covid and the CA fires have been slowing our production lines, but it's all coming back into stock. My favorites with these are the sunscreen ad Quench Cleanse. I use both everyday!


Here’s a peak at what’s coming.tomorrow at 3pm!

Glow Drops Illuminator in 3 shades
Enduring Lip Liners in 5 new shades
Riki Colorful mirror
Mini Blenderfuls

[09/20/20]   Fall Launch coming soon! I’m just as excited as you cuz, I have no idea what’s coming! Any guesses?? What products are you hoping to see??


These products are Back in Stock today! The sunscreen is finally back! Yayy! The Lip Balms can be used as a lip and cheek stain. Midnight Oil face serum is the best for skin repair while you sleep. It will keep you moisturized thru the night and just in time for cooler months ahead. This one bottle will last you all season!! A little goes a long way with face oils.


Update: Eye Arise is the first to sell out! I have two in stock. Estimated back in stock is October.

It’s the Self Care Sale! It starts Thurs at 10am and runs thru Saturday! Some of my favorites in the sale are the hand sanitizers, Lemon Drop, Scrubtini, lemon body scrub, Eye Arise eye gel, and Skin Polish! They are all great products, but these are my absolute favorites!


Yup, there’s a LimeLife Sale starting Thur!

Details to come!


Back in Stock! These lip balms are a pocket size, colorful lip, and cheek tint. The yellow-top has no color and is the SPF30 balm. Add it to your cart and save it!

Make sure you log into your LL account and find out your LimeLifer status! Some of you have Product Credits already!


The $69 Starter Kit is back for the month of September! If you’ve thought about joining LimeLife, September is the perfect month to do it! Work from home on your own time schedule. Make some extra money for the holidays, enjoy a discount, and grow a business! Let’s do this together!!


The latest! A new mesh bag for our Blenderful and a lower price point. Keep it clean from dust, hair and your dog, while the bag let's it airdry safely. Swipe left to learn more about our Blenderful! #makeupsponge #makeupjunkie #complexionperfection #makeupideas #foundation #limelifebyalcone


I’m wearing makeup again! It’s been so long! This is two days in a row. I’m scheduling virtual meetups for makeup and skin care for September. Let’s get together and refresh your makeup bag and get your skin ready for fall!


I’m scheduling virtual skin care and makeup bag makeovers! Let’s get together!
You’ll get new samples to try and ideas on how to use what you have in your makeup bag. Better than Ulta and safer too!


We have sold out of the Hazel eye palette already, but here’s a way around it!! Three of the shadows are still available as of this moment, I checked. No guarantee it will last, cuz you know how it is around here, things can go quickly.

From my website, follow these steps:
Make up - Plus sign
Perfect Eyeshadows
Buy Now
4-Well Custom Palette
Choose 36, 23, 52. These colors are in stock.
Now you can add any othe shade, for what you need, brow color or eyeliner shade.or even a highlighter.
Once you’ve filled in the fourth shade, you’re done and you just created your own palette! Add in the waterproof mascara and you’re good!

Let me know if you need help or have questions!


New Preset Eye Shadow Palettes are here! Choose by your eye color or by your skin tone. These shades have been chosen by James Vincent and Danessa Myricks, who are both well-know make up artists. There are videos on the LimeLife You Tube page on how to use them. Check out the videos!


Free Making Waves Waterproof mascara with any Starter Kit today thru Friday!

Why join me and start a LimeLife business? First, you get ME as your helper, supporter, coach, etc. Second, you have a potential stream of income in these uncertain times. Third, you’ll get your discount on your products.

It's up to you what you want. Need the discount, join and get the discount. Need some extra cash every month, start a small business. It's up to you. Whatever you decide, I am with you!

Are you ready to start? I added the Join link in.comments.


Before and after photos.


Our skincare line. Need help deciding what you need? Schedule a FREE one on one 30-min consultation with me. Message me to Book a time.


The Mens Power Start is back in stock tomorrow at 3pm EST! It's great for the ladies too, not just for the guys. 🌿

[08/08/20]   Just announced today at Palooza!! A much requested makeup product is finally here! A water-proof mascara, called Making Waves! I’m not wearing any in the photo, I’ve been wearing a mask and goggles all shift. BUT, I had to show you how cute the tube is! It will be available for purchase on Monday at 3pm EST!

It starts with a dream...

Many moons ago, I never would have had the confidence to start a business. I mean a real business. I never would have made an appt with a photographer, makeup artist and a stylist on purpose. Somehow, once my skin cleared from the eczema, I have found my confidence, believed in myself, and now have this lovely, thriving business.

I have a bigger dream to help others find their confidence. Doing something for yourself is not a bad thing. You need to take care of you, so you can take care of others. Wonderful skin care and minimal makeup can do wonders for lifting your spirits. Really! I can show you how.

I”m ready to help you, just send me a message! If you wondering about what I do and if you can have a business like this too, you absolutely can! Let’s move into the next decade with a purpose and plan to improve ourselves while helping others, and make some extra income for our retirement!

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No Place Like Home
Yup, there’s a LimeLife Sale starting Thur!


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