Pearson Smith Property Management

Pearson Smith Property Management


I've been working with Eric and the Pearson family for 8 years. Nothing less than fantastic professionals and human beings. Patty Young just helped me to find a new tenant within 10 days with much better contract terms. Awesome! 6 Stars!
Patty Young is truly amazing! She has helped me several times with leases. She is extremely knowledgable and always willing to help. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise, forever grateful!
Patty Young is truly amazing! She has helped me several time with leases. She is extremely knowledgable and always willing to help. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise, forever grateful!

Pearson Smith Property Management, LLC is a leading residential property management company located in Ashburn, VA. We provide peace of mind to landlords.

Pearson Smith Property Management, LLC is a locally owned and operated full service property management company. The company was founded by three DC metro natives, Todd Pearson, Eric Pearson, and David Speed that have an intimate knowledge of the markets served by Pearson Smith. They possess over 20 years of diverse and wide ranging real estate experience that together create a hands on leadership team that is well suited to care for your property.

Volunteering Matters! Bein Selected an honor.

Great day at Northern Virginia Association of Realtors
13,000 member strong!

Professional Management protect properties and humans!

Patty Post
Everyone wants to protect their home, it comes naturally. Just ask Nemo. (he bites by the way) Always use a professional- it is your home!

Patty Post-

Patty Young,Realtor

You never know who will pop by for a visit..

Patty Post-
Wow- the eagle has landed...

Graphs are great sometimes...

Something to think about- happy Friday!

Patty Post well there is a point to this-

Important easy preventative measure!

Patty Post-
We all have been enjoying the autumn colors our Virginia trees have been providing.... but just remember-
Protect Your Home!
As a long time Realtor- I have seen damaged properties.

Fun Fact
A home with a 1,500-square-foot roof sheds 1,000 gallons of water for every inch of falling rain.
Gutters that are neglected can have excess weight, standing water can back up into your home or overflow into your home’s foundation, possibly flooding your basement, which is why clearing your gutters is so important.

So who read the Farmers Almanac?
What is in store for us this winter?

Photography is the Coolest allowing us to see in such great detail.

Germany calls me back! So breathtaking and done with such skills so many years ago.... How come no one is building castles here in Northern VA? Keys to the Castle indeed!

Patty Young,Realtor

Amazing when you think about this!

Can you imagine all the stories this little red box can tell?

We must say goodbye to our little Panda!
Safe travels to China-

Patty Post-
Landlording can at times be like walking in a minefield. One small, unintended misstep and boom! It blows up in your face. No landlords intend to do things incorrectly, and do not intend to discriminate. But a small misstep can lead to unintended discrimination and potential legal problems. Many lawsuits happen from unintended comments that are discrimination. Hire a professional!

Patty Young,Realtor

Patty Post-
Thank you to all who have served, are currently serving and our future veterans. We are blessed to live in this wonderful Country. Special thanks to my husband for his service in the Air Force.

Patty Young,Realtor

Patty Post-
I know the power from my years of teaching , but today was so much fun! There is such power in a sticker. I watched all the humans of all ages today at voting. It is truly amazing how happy and important a sticker is- no matter how young or how old! Love it Power to the Sticker! It goes back to 1982 in case you were wondering... I hope everyone voted and took lots of safe selfies today!

It is fall....

Fake Rental Listings: How To Protect Yourself

A Patty Post - Use Professional People / Don't be scammed

Phantom landlords convince unsuspecting victims to pay them for false rentals.

Are you fall or autumn person?

A Patty Post..
- So are you an "Autumn" person or "fall" person

Pearson Smith Property Management- Reduce Your Risk...
Turn the Dial Down with One Phone Call

[08/02/19]   Our secret recipe for great leasing services to our clients is our ingredients... Attention is the main ingredient.
Pearson Smith Property Management knows our stats and can quickly address in order to provide top-level service.
We have :
incoming phone calls
• incoming text inquiries
• incoming email inquiries
• Capture inquiries from the web
• Collect new leads
• Scheduled new showings
• Confirmed showings
• Avoid the no shows
• Collect feedback from prospects
• Notified prospects about new listings on the market
• Canceled showings at off-market listings and directed
those prospect to your other on-the-market properties
Just a few things we accomplish in a day....

Bear Aware...

Are you a coffee Drinker in the Morning?

I am odd, I do not like coffee.
But I got my adrenaline running by this fella!
Nothing like taking the dogs out in the cool morning and run into this guy on the driveway!!
He was on my deck so I got the dogs and ran around the house the other way to get inside to safety. The ONLY problem was Mr. Bear had the same idea.
My pup yelled at the bear as I did and off he went.
Maybe I should just learn to like coffee!

What is your favorite tag?

Patty Post-
Today while out in the heat driving all over Northern VA, I saw this. Aren't people clever? I love these plates.
My minds wanders and today it went down this path....
Now, before you look it up and find out... what year and what state do you think introduced the ability to personalize your cars tags? Guess.

A cutting board might have been a good idea..

Patty Young,Realtor

Patty Post- for all those wondering what makes a bedroom a bedroom...
Means of Egress:
A bedroom must have two ways to exit: one that leads to the rest of the home and one that leads directly to the outside. In most cases, the outside egress will be a window. A bedroom egress window must be at least 5.7 square feet. It can be no more than 44 inches from the room floor, unless there is a permanent step installed. In addition, it is illegal to have locking bars or grates covering an egress window.
Also, in order to be considered a legal bedroom, its sole entrance must not be through another bedroom. Finally, the bedroom must have access to a bathroom without going through another bedroom.

Always keeping clients protected...learning about the new laws in Virginia...investing in business and clients ! Always a smart choice.

Lunch and Learn today with the one and only Sarah Loupe Petcher! Simply amazing stuff. Anyone who needs answers to Real Estate - she is your go to! Such an amazing attorney and person. THANK YOU!

Great Northern Virginia Lights? Beautiful Sky color

Did anyone get the chance to look up today in Virginia? Wow..this was not a filter on cell phone...just awesome

Patty Young,Realtor

All you Gmail people out there- Look what you can do!

You can now reverse your Gmail conversation threads to show in chronological order!!
Do you keep getting confused with how Gmail presents your email conversation threads?

You're not alone. That's why we created Gmail Conversation Thread Reversal so that you can see the latest email of a conversation on the top of your email thread, instead of at the bottom.

With the click of a button, you can reverse your email thread to display your conversation in chronological order so that you can get a clearer picture of what's going on, more quickly.

Small world

Believe it or not this guy went to elementary school right here in Northern Virginia

[06/03/19]   You have to love a Monday morning when you get a note from your client out of the blue....

Thank you for all you do to keep our property looked after. We appreciate all of your hard work and effort.
Warmest Regards,

Incredible to ponder-

Are you kidding? Look at how many disrupters there are in todays world... You need blinders and ear plugs and a closed room with no cell phones.

Lemons and Lemonade

Don't let negative thinking ruin your days. Don't be a full-time resident of the negative zone! Thoughts don't happen, we create them, so create good ones. Stuff happens to all of us. bur create positive swings. Remember the old phase when life hand you lemons... Well I grow them... and the lemonade never tasted better. Enjoy Your Day!

Staying on top of your game protecting clients... that's what it is all about!

Realtors keep learning and stay on top of your game! 📕
The world 🌎 is in constant spin and our industry is too.
Level up and elevate the industry. Surround yourself with the experts in their field.
I was fortunate to spend all day this giant in the industry who helps explain all the legalities we are in.
Thanks Chip!

And some people wonder where the term "flipper" came from...mother nature of course

I took these pics yesterday before the rain fell from the sky. Isn't nature amazing?
If you don't like the flower on the front, well just flip it over and look at the back side - you have a different design with white stripes! Incredible. I can't decide on my favorite flower as there are so many! What's yours?

Spring has Sprung in Virginia!

I took these pics yesterday before the rain fell from the sky. Isn't nature amazing?
If you don't like the flower on the front, well just flip it over and look at the back side - you have a different design with white stripes! Incredible. I can't decide on my favorite flower as there are so many! What's yours?

We are crazy are management .. We love to assist - just give us a call with any questions.

If I had a nickel for every note I have taken..... with all of the fabulous technologies out there- this is still a basic needed. Our brains only hold so much information! I feel better as a customer when people jot down notes.🙂

Investigation Discovery

amazing. Simply amazing...

Little hero in training! ❤️

Investigation Discovery

Wow--- honestly wow!

Little hero in training! ❤️

Well now. So happy this is not one of our HOA violations.

Investigation Discovery

Amazing little Pup!

Little hero in training! ❤️

Patty Young,Realtor

This little guy thinks he is going to jump right in and make friends with a goose. No one ever told him he couldn't.
He is my 2 year old pup who enjoys everything. Needless to say,the goose had other ideas! Is your glass half full or half empty?

Patty Young,Realtor

Good decisions come from experience,

and experience comes from making bad decisions.

- Mark Twain

What Decisions are you making today? It is fascinating to me how humans operate. What drives us and how we come to decisions. What makes you decide to go one way or another?

Oregon Set To Pass The First Statewide Rent Control Bill
Oregon is about to become the first state in the nation to impose rent control on landlords, after lawmakers passed an extensive measure on Tuesday.
Senate Bill 608 sailed through the state's House in a 35-25 vote. It now heads for a signature from Gov. Kate Brown, who has voiced support for the cause.
The bill would limit rent increases to 7 percent each year, in addition to inflation. Subsidized rent would be exempted, as would new construction for 15 years. If tenants leave their residences of their own volition, landlords would be able to increase the rent without a cap.

Enough said!!

When a resident places a work order for a repair and you see this!

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