OmFLOAT is a locally owned floatation therapy center serving the DC Metro community. Our state-of-the-art facility houses 5 Samadhi floatation tanks.

Welcome to Om Float! We are a floatation therapy center for the DC metro community. Our state-of-the-art facility houses 4 floatation tanks with 2 more coming soon. Your float session will be maximized by a pre-float orientation from a specialist with over 13 years of floating experience. We are taking appointments online, by phone (703) 858-3730, or via email [email protected].

Happy Birthday Amy!!

Happy Birthday, Amy!

Package Deal for Four People - Four people can float at the same time for $219 - that's only $54.75 each (regular price = $79)!* We have individual/private rooms to accommodate four people all at the same time.

(*Not available for online purchase; all 4 people must float at the same time - no credits or carry overs.)

Call your friends and check our schedule! (


From our friends at Regenerate Float Center:

Amy and Sheldon give floating a spin. Their experiences couldn't be further apart!


You're right, Kim!


Ready to try floatation? Schedule here:

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Happy anniversary! OmFLOAT is 3!

Sukhino Float Center and Salt Cave

Ever wonder HOW a regular floatation practice makes your life better? Sukhino Float Center and Salt Cave explains:

Why is floating just soooooo relaxing? Neurotransmitters and hormones, that's why! ENJOY! (Volume up!)

Thich Nhat Hanh Quote Collective

"Nothingness is really like
the nothingness of space,
which contains the whole Universe.
All the sun and the stars
and the mountains and rivers
and the good men and the bad men
the animals and the insects,
the whole bit: all contained in the void.
So out of this void comes everything
and you are it."

~ Alan Watts

♥ lis

Why Float Tanks May Be the Perfect Temporary Escape For Working Moms

"As life gets more intense, working moms are looking for something to take them away, if just for a little while." They're an increasingly popular way to decompress.

[03/02/19]   Did you know today is #nationaldayofunplugging?

Every day is a day to unplug at OmFLOAT!

Schedule your float here:

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20 Clever Uses For Epsom Salt - Farmers’ Almanac

#21 Floatation Therapy, which especially covers #1, #2, #5 and #11 in this list:

#epsomsalt #floatation #floattherapy #relaxation #stressrelief #bodyaches #circulation #healthyhair #ashburn #loudoun #nova #dmv Did you know that this common household item can help with poison ivy, acne, sunburn, and more? Check out why you should have some in your home.

Give the gift of a unique experience. Your sweetheart wants to float!

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Exploring the Void - Visuals & Floating (Part 2)

"You may be wondering why some people can have visuals and have a deep float experience whilst others just have a relaxing time in the shallows. There are a number of factors....." In this post I dive deeper to find out why some people have visual hallucinations during a float session.

Murmuration (album: What We Hold Dear)

Mesmerizing murmuration!

A murmuration is a remarkable aerial ballet performed by starlings. Murmuration video by Gerry Clark at Cameron Presentations, used under license. Music by T...

Exploring the Void - Visuals & Floating (Part 1)

"I had an extremely animated and visual experience with my eyes closed and open." In this blog post I look at how and why a number of us have visuals during a float session.

Float On

From our friends at Float On:

Have you ever tried describing floating to your friends at work? After watching this video, maybe they'll understand why you always have that smile on your face 😉


A huge THANK YOU to our friends at Tribe Media House for producing this floatastic video (and various shorter cuts you'll be seeing in future updates) AND a special THANK YOU to our friend, Ilima, for her amazing acting skills! 💙

[12/22/18]   🕛 OmFLOAT's Holiday Hours:

Sunday, 12/23/18, 9am - 7pm
Monday, 12/24/18, 9am - 6pm
Tuesday, 12/25/18, Closed
Wednesday, 12/26/18, Closed
Monday, 12/31/18, 9am - 3pm
Tuesday, 1/1/19, Closed
Wednesday, 1/2/19, Closed

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Brooks, Amy and Turner! 🎄🎉❄️

Just Float - Science Behind Floatation Therapy

"There's quite a bit of research to show that you can have a significant reduction in stress and anxiety when measured from pre- to post-float." ~ Dr. Justin Feinstein

Brief science behind Floatation Therapy

Gift cards are available here:

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Free floats for veterans and active duty at OmFLOAT on 11-12-2018 . Schedule now! See link in comments.

Booking - OmFLOAT

Are you a veteran? Are you curious about float therapy? No better time to try it than now! Join us this Veterans Holiday to experience the benefits of floatation. If you are a military veteran or active duty personnel* join us Monday, November 12th, 2018, for a FREE FLOAT.

Please share this post with any of your veteran friends and family that have never tried float therapy before (we're sure that they will thank you later!). Here at OmFLOAT, we have many veteran and active duty customers that love the benefits of float therapy.

Still unsure? Watch this quick video of one veteran's story who found relief from floating that he couldn't find elsewhere -

Use this link below to schedule your FREE FLOAT* on Monday, November 12th, 2018:

When you schedule an appointment online, please select “Confirm and Pay in Shop” so we can treat you to your free 90-minute float*. Or, feel free to give us a call at 703-858-3730 to schedule your float.

THANK YOU for your service to our great nation!

*You MUST provide proof of military service in the form of valid ID or DD 214 to receive a free float. Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot keep an appointment. We reserve the right to charge up to the full amount of any missed session(s) due to the high demand for appointments. Sessions are transferable (except memberships), but no refunds on prepaid sessions or gift cards.

On October, 27th we had a special event at OmFLOAT where we had our friends at ALPHA CRYO come and pop-up at our space to give people the opportunity to experience cryotherapy and float therapy used in combination. 

Everyone that came in had a great time trying out cryotherapy and many expressed to us that the two used in combination was a great experience for them!

Thanks again to the team at ALPHA CRYO for setting up shop and throwing this awesome event with us! 

And thank you especially to everyone that came out!

On October, 27th we had a special event at OmFLOAT where we had our friends at ALPHA CRYO come and pop-up at our space to give people the opportunity to experience cryotherapy and float therapy used in combination.

Everyone that came in had a great time trying out cryotherapy and many expressed to us that the two used in combination was a great experience for them!

Thanks again to the team at ALPHA CRYO for setting up shop and throwing this awesome event with us!

And thank you especially to everyone that came out!

“Do you know anything about sensory deprivation tanks? Specifically, how to make one.”

No demogorgons allowed at OmFLOAT.👍

What better way to wrap up a weekend? Come float with us tonight, we still have a few slots available at 7:00 PM!

Book your float by clicking here and rest up for the week ahead:

📸: @rannagolden

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Devotees claim it can be the answer for everything from hypertension to insomnia. Also, it can be linked to reducing anxiety and pain, relieving addiction, improving sleep and improving symptoms associated with burnout. Is it really true? Here's what the science says.

This one had us laughing, @hillaryschickspicks! It’s true what they say, everyone has their own experience inside the tank. We’re glad it ended up being a positive experience and we look forward to hearing what future floats hold for you!🙌

“8 days of sore muscles and sensory overload. Where to go? GF & CP Cashier Suzanne said let’s “Float.” Sensory Deprivation Tanks OmFloat In Ashburn. Thank goodness the owner explains process of leaving the tank door cracked if needed* for your 90 minutes in 850 pounds of epsom salt water in total darkness in a “coffin.” As an Olympian, he touts improved performance and ethereal sensations. Mind expanding, “altered states” and keen focus is what Deepak Chopra attests. Personally, I thought of every buried alive movie (Kill Bill), thought the Cuban auditory terrorism may be happening, could hear the arthritis in my neck, swayed like a metronome, wondered if Lady Gaga likes her toned down look, kept realizing I NEED GUIDED MEDITATION!! I decided if I cannot quiet my mind, I would just appreciate the jello/cozy blanket-like feeling, the salt on my belly and stretching. And then I relaxed. Tapped into some thoughts that had been suppressed. I never did sleep. Suzanne thinks she did. I hear it’s better the second time since the learning curve is a whole situation. I did sleep well and feel uber alert today.”

- @hillaryschickspicks (from IG)

“What if I’m claustrophobic?” We get this question at least a few times per day here at OmFloat.

While a float tank may seem intimidating initially, surprisingly, there is no feeling of being confined in a tight space because the walls seem to disappear once you’re inside the tank. This is why people compare floating to being in outer space! 👨‍🚀

You can also sit up all the way and stretch out completely, even if you’re 6’3 like Matt, here!

Listen to what he has to say about the size of the tanks in the video. ☝️☝️ Thanks, Matt!🙌

“So, I trained legs and glutes on Friday and was SUPER sore. Then, I tried out the float and my soreness is completely gone today and I had THE BEST sleep. 💤 Floating is now my new favorite way to recover from working out!”
- Susan Kim 🏋🏻‍♀️ (@_susankim on IG)

Our floaters frequently comment how they crave time in the float tank after working out or performing various physical activities.

People use the floating experience to optimize the effects of their training routines, manage fatigue, and speed-up their recovery from sports injuries or muscle soreness after a tough workout or yoga class.

Schedule your next recovery float session today at OmFLOAT by clicking the link below!

“Best. Float. Ever. If you haven’t tried flotation therapy/sensory deprivation tank yet, do it ASAP!! I’ve been going to OmFloat for almost a year and love it!! It has helped tremendously with my migraines, stress management, pain relief from achey joints, improved sleep, sense of calm, as well as boosted my meditation routine, fed my inspiration and just makes me happy. 😌”

We love reading posts like this from our longtime floaters who experience life-changing benefits from floating regularly.❤️

If you are interested in making floating a part of your personal care and mental health routine, ask us about our membership options!

Everyone needs to float – David Head – Medium

“I’ve been meditating for the last 7 years. Normally it’s often hard to reach a deep meditative state. My back and legs cramp up after a while. In the float tank, you’re completely suspended. There’s none of that. If normal meditation is like driving in congested city traffic, float tank meditation is like taking the highway express lane.

I was in the zone within 5 minutes. It felt like being in the womb: a level of comfort, peace, and contentment that I never knew existed. I thought the description of “your body melts away” was hyperbole. No. That’s exactly what happened.

I was in the deepest meditative state of my life: thinking about everything from my family, to my friends, to the nature of life and my role in it, to the impact I plan to make in the world, to why that’s important, to why anything is important.”

- David Head
Co-founder / CEO @ Sixty

Read the article below to learn about how David Head, CEO & Co-Founder of Sixty, utilizes floating to cope with the stresses of being an entrepreneur & running a startup company and why he believes that "Everyone needs to float." 👇👇👇 Startups are stressful. My team was gearing up for fundraising, and launching the most important product update in our company’s history…

Looking for a highly productive & enlightening way to wrap up the weekend?

Several recent studies done at Texas A&M and the University of Colorado have shown that floating increases production of theta waves, which are accompanied by vivid memories, free association, sudden insights, creative inspiration, feelings of serenity, and oneness with the universe.

Floaters quickly enter the theta state while remaining awake, consciously aware of all of the vivid imagery and creative thoughts that pass through their minds. More importantly, the studies also showed that after getting out of the flotation environment, floaters continue to generate larger amounts of creativity-promoting theta waves for as long as three weeks!

Since the production of Theta waves are strongest during or immediately after a float, we often encourage our floaters to spend some time in our “Quiet Room” (pictured here) after each float to gather their thoughts, jot down some notes, meditate, hang out on the bean bags (like you see @4carla2njoy and her son doing in the pictures), and/or leave an entry in our Guest Book.

Mr. Joe Rogan explains the benefits he achieves by meditating in his float tank:

“The thing about tanks is, you can do all the meditation in tanks, but you have way more disconnection from your body. And I think that’s important. It disconnects your mind and your thoughts and your ideas from your physical frame.

That’s what people are trying to do when they meditate, you’re trying to sit down in a comfortable spot and just concentrate on your thoughts, and you absolutely can achieve these amazing states of mind in that way, but I feel like those states are elevated substantially from the tank. And everyone that I know that disagrees has never done the tank.”

Wise Words of Wisdom from Jacob Yakoubi:

“Every time I go for a Float, I always leave the tank with a Smile. You must be brave to go out and explore the world, but it takes courage when diving into your inner world.

Lesson from last night's session: We all forget, all the time and that's how it's suppost to be. Rediscovering your passion is a matter of remembering that you have your own unique story to share with the world.

Thanks OmFLOAT for another wonderful experience.”

Thank YOU for sharing, Jacob! 🙌🙌🙌

“Last week I tried another new (to me) therapy on my selfcare journey. If you would like to take your workout recovery or your meditation practice to the next level, go for a float. This is the chamber I was in for 90 minutes. You might be thinking it’s too much, but truly it’s the perfect amount of time to meditate and sink into a deep self awareness. @omfloat takes care of you! They think of everything to make your experience the very best. I challenge you to give it a try! Comment with your thoughts below, especially if you’ve already experienced it. 🧘‍♀️”

- @glow_kellyzak (from IG)

It’s part of human nature, we overthink, we over rationalize, we stress about what’s to come to the point where it causes anxiety and fears...we ALL do it. True clarity comes from NOT thinking. It comes from silence, not the overthinking and agonizing over decisions. Find YOUR clarity at OmFLOAT by booking your first 90-minute float session today!😌✌️

“Clarity 👤 #sensorydeprivation”
- @kmaniquis23 (📸 from Instagram)

P.S. If you don’t follow us on Instagram, please do! We will be reposting content from our floaters more often to share their experiences with everyone in the hopes that it will convince just one person to give floating a shot!

The Hype Over Sensory Deprivation Tanks Is Real. Here's Why.

"While many floaters come for the stress relief, a fair number of others come for the athletic-performance benefits the salt soak offers. It’s even become a favorite recovery method for some pro athletes.

“This is one of the best things you can do after a hard workout for sore muscles,” says Charles. [owner of Chill Space NYC]

It was the physical perks that inspired my visit to Chill Space after a Sunday-morning 22-mile run. Sore calves, screaming quads, a tight back—sure, there’s Advil (and alcohol). But an hour soaking in the mother lode of Epsom salt baths? Sign me up."

Read the full article by Julia Savacool at by tapping the link below and then book your next recovery session with us here at OmFLOAT!  

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Happy Birthday Amy!!
Meet Brooks & Amy of OmFLOAT - A Talk About Float Therapy



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