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Orangetheory Fitness Ashburn

Affordable Group Personal Training

Affordable Group Personal Training

Exactly What You Need to Know Before Your First Orangetheory Class — Including the Price

Your first class is something you truly have to experience for yourself, but our friends at PopSugar Fitness took some of the mystery out of what to expect. Who’s getting into the orange for the first time this weekend? You've probably heard of, or seen an Orangetheory fitness studio. The interval-based workout franchise, which is the brainchild of physiologist Ellen Latham,

You don’t want to miss tomorrow's workout.

[02/08/18]   You don’t want to miss tomorrow's workout.

With the possibility of bad weather looming on our morning, please take a minute to review our Inclement Weather Policy!

Starting this Wednesday, February 7th, we are adding a NOON class with Coach Jonathan!

Make sure you book your spot today!

Everyone’s watching the end zone and we’re over here like, “how many splat points will I get tomorrow?” #NeverSkipaMonday #TheBigGame #OrangeZone

🏈🧡 Don’t forget!! 🧡🏈

Vote for Orangetheory Fitness as Best “Boutique” Workout Studio (#55)!!

🏈🏆 In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, we are having a “Rep Your Team” day for all of Sunday’s classes! Wear your favorite NFL team’s gear...even if they didn’t make it to the big game! 🏆🏈

*Coach Clif voice*

#orangeeverest #hillssohigh #orangetheoryfitness

You made it through mini bands...but can you make it up Everest?? Join us tomorrow for an OTF Signature Workout: Orange Everest!! 🍊🏔

Happy Birthday Diane Darbyshire & Steve!!! OTF Ashburn would not be as incredible of a studio without you!! lots of Birthday love ❤️ 🎂🎉🍊💪🏻

Get ready to Rock & Run!! All classes on Monday, January 29th will have a Classic Rock music theme! #classicrock #otfashburn #orangetheoryfitness

It’s that time again!

You lost it and we found it. Come claim your items this weekend!

While you’re in the studio putting in work, our dedicated workout design specialists are behind the scenes finding new ways to challenge you. Activate muscles you didn’t know you had and sculpt your body in a way that you didn’t know was possible with Mini Bands.

Philadelphia Eagles

Well, I think we know who we’re rooting for on February 4th!

Take a look at a day in the life of quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo.


20% off all clothing! Come snag some awesome OTF gear before it’s gone! #fitness #instastyle #otfashburn

🚨2018 Transformation Challenge🚨

We are excited to begin this year’s Transformation Challenge! This email will provide you with information you need to register and prepare for the challenge. We want to set you up for success so that you can make the most of this 8-week challenge.

This eight-week challenge commences ‪on Monday, January 29th‬ and ‪ends on Sunday, March 25.‬
Grand prize for the top male and female who lose the largest percentage of initial body weight is $500, 2nd place is 1 month of membership dues, 3rd place is a $100 gift card.

Participants are required to take a minimum of 3 workouts a week. The “week” ‪begins on Monday‬ and ‪ends on Sunday‬. Participants will track their workouts with their individual trackers found in the team binder at the front deskParticipants are required to weigh-in 3 times during the challenge in order to be eligible for the grand prize.

Initial Weigh in:
‪Friday, January 26th - Sunday, January 28th 8:00 am – 12 noon‬
Monday, January 29th 8:00 am – 12 noon – Make up day

Mid-Point Weigh In
Friday, February 23rd – Sunday, February 25th 8:00 am – 12 noon‬
Monday, February 26th 8:00 am – 12 noon – Make up day

Final Weigh In
‪Friday, March 23rd – Sunday, March 25th 8:00 am -12 noon‬

Private classes will be held, for participants only, on the weekends and hosted by our coaches! We will also have mini challenges once a week through-out the Challenge.

There is a sign-up sheet at the front desk. During your initial weigh in we ask that come wearing plain, form-fitting clothing. The clothes you wear on initial weigh in should be the same clothes you wear for all weigh – ins. There is a $25 Registration Fee for all Elite and Basic members. Premier member’s fee is waived. Stop at the front desk if you want to upgrade during the challenge.

This is a key component in your journey. We want to make sure that in addition to your calorie crushing workouts at OTF, you are re-fueling with a healthy diet. We are partnering with Mighty Meals who works with local chefs to create tasty meals, free of gluten and dairy, for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. The process is simple; order meals online, pick them up at on one of their many locations in the area or have them delivered to your home. They are offering 25% off during the Challenge. Participants will receive an email with the code.

We would like you to join our private Transformation Challenge Group page. Feel free to post encouraging thoughts and ideas to your fellow challengers! Any challenge is more doable when we are in it together! The OTF coaches are pumped to help each of you reach your goals and will be posting all kinds of fun stuff throughout the Challenge.

Q & A
Who should participate in the TC?
All OTF members who are committed to reaching their health and fitness goals to transform their lives. Members who want to ‪target‬ certain areas of their body, lose weight, tone, build muscle, build healthy habits and have FUN with extra accountability and support.
Why is there a registration fee?
Registration covers, events, materials and other prizes during the 8 weeks
What happens if I am unable to attend 3 classes per week?
If you do not take 3 OTF classes a week you will be disqualified from winning the grand prize but are still eligible to participate in the challenge.
Do I have to weigh-in and take pictures?
Yes, the initial, mid-point, and final weigh-in are mandatory
Can I take classes at other OTF’s during the TC?
Yes, you may!

Please call or email the studio for more information

OTF Ashburn is looking for new members of our staff!

Do you love OTF? Are you passionate about bringing OTF to others? Are you available either 7am-2pm OR 2pm-9pm?

If so please ask our front desk about job opportunities we have available!

#Repost @tonyamichelle26
AD: I had my first @orangetheory experience today at @otfashburn • It’s a 1-hour full body heart rate-based workout. I personally LOVED this. Why? Well for one, I get bored easily and that’s why I don’t go to the gym. I also never know new things to do and which muscles I should be working out. Thankfully #orangetheory handles that. Workouts are always being changed, music is playing, personal one on one attention from the coach! I didn’t feel out of place or wonder if people were looking at me for not doing something at the same speed or rate. It’s a great atmosphere and they just got themselves a new member! Want to try a free class too?? More info here: #KeepBurning

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Beginner’s Class with Coach Chuck & Coach Clif! We hope you loved your first OTF experience and can’t wait to have you back to #KeepBurning with us!

Orangetheory Fitness Applewood

You know we’re all about that’s BASE! #EmbraceTheSuck

High-Intensity Interval training is all about the Base pace. Base pace is something you can do and maintain for 15 minutes. At Base you could sign a song. First, you check-in with how you feel in your body. Second, Base pace is found when your heart-rate goes into the green zone.

Now the magic of Base pace is that when you go to a Push pace, you need to be able to recover to your original Base pace. If you can’t return to Base after a Push pace and your recover to a walk, then your Push pace is too high.

The fitness goal of Orangetheory is to help you increase your Base pace over time. The higher your Base, the more your body is transforming. The more transformation, the more you will enjoy life. That’s why we say, More Orangetheory, More Life.

Hey guys!! 7:45PM class tonight is cancelled. See you bright and early tomorrow! #keepburning #classcanceled #orangetheoryfitness

Hey OTF Ashburn!

Due to the messiness and damage that salt can cause, we kindly ask that you carry your workout shoes and change into them before class. We hope to preserve our new equipment and keep the cleanest atmosphere for all our members!! Thank you so much for helping us out!

(📷 credit: @otftenleytowndc)

Inspirational day Sterling Women! Wow- Loudoun County has some incredible women making a difference. Thank you Kristina Bouweiri Reston Limousine for Sterling Women's! #community #womenpower #bagsponsor

We are under a winter weather advisory from 10PM tonight to 11AM tomorrow morning. Snow is expected and due to the very cold conditions it is expected to stick. Be careful of slippery roads in the morning!

Below is our policy for Inclement Weather. Stay tuned for updates on our social media and via the booking app for any changes to the schedule.

Do you have a friend, co-worker or family member that has wanted to try Orangetheory but thought it was too intense? Well, we have just the class for them! On Saturday, January 13th at 2:00 p.m. we are offering a free Beginner class. This class is a slower paced version of an OTF workout. Please call the studio to schedule, 703-881-9110 (or sign up at the front desk.) This class is open to anyone who has never taken an OTF class before and lives or works local to Ashburn. There will be incentives for those who attend and for for those that join. #beginnersclass #orangetheory #otfashburn

🚨Hey everyone!!! Due to lack of sign up, we are CANCELING the 6:45 & 7:45pm classes TONIGHT!🚨

[01/01/18]   Vote for Orangetheory Fitness as Best Fitness Center on 2018’s Best of Loudoun!! Click the link to lend us your vote! 💪🏼🍊

2017 Classes have come to an end & we are so excited for what 2018 has in store for all of our members!! New goals, new PRs, endless amount of Splat Points, you name it! Wishing you and your families a very Happy New Year! 🎆 🥂🍾💪🏼🍊

New Equipment is here! Thank you to everyone who helped clean out the place! We hope you KEEP BURNING the OTF way at home! Stay tuned for pictures of everything new!! 💪🏼🍊

Looking to kick off the New Year with a New You?? Join us at OTF Ashburn!! #newyearsresolution #orangetheoryfitness #newyearnewme

More Orangetheory, More Life

We all want more. More energy. More strength. More results. Orangetheory is designed to transform you from the inside out. Our workout changes you at the cellular level, and is scientifically proven to give you a longer, more vibrant life. Our dedicated members around the globe are proof of this.

Hear from our co-founder Ellen Latham, and CBO Kevin Keith about the inspiration behind More Life, and remember: what you do in here, gives you more life out there. #OTforLife

We all want more. More energy. More strength. More results. Orangetheory is designed to transform you from the inside out. Our workout changes you at the cel...

Merry Christmas from OTF Ashburn! #orangetheory #merrychristmas

It’s not what’s under the tree that matters. It’s who gathers around it. Happy, healthy holidays #OrangetheoryNation!

The Grinch and two cute little elves came out today for a Christmas Eve workout! Merry Christmas Eve y’all!!!! Kim Neblett Hovda Heather Buck Strokes

We are SO excited about updating OTF Ashburn for all our members!

Our new equipment is being delivered to the studio midday on Friday, December 29 so our 12:00pm class and the 3:30pm classes will be cancelled to accommodate the swap.

Book yourself for 4:30pm and be the first to try out our new gear!!

Ellen Day 12.21.17

Our founder, our leader, and our inspiration every day. To be honest, we’d be ok with every day being Ellen Day, but today will do just fine.

Here’s to you, Ellen, for reminding countless people around the world that if they believe, they can achieve. #EllenDay

Celebrating the woman who started it all, Ellen Latham!

New Day * New Year 5k

Join OTF Monday Jan 1st at 9AM @ Clyde’s of Ashburn & take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the first new day of the New Year with a 5k run/walk and receive a finishers' blanket at the finish line! Start the New Year off on the right foot! Join us for the inaugural New Day * New Year 5k Run/Walk. Take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the first new day of the New Year with a 5k run/walk and receive a finishers' blanket at the finish line. Plan to stick around for a post-race breakfast�...

The Three E's of Group Fitness | Orangetheory Fitness

You may have seen him reach the finish line before, but he's far from done.

Read John C.'s story and see how our Three E's of Group Fitness impacts his life and everything we do at Orangetheory. Encouragement. Excitement. Empowerment. The three Es of group fitness, and the three Es that transformed the life of one of our dedicated, loyal members of

30% off Men’s Apparel!!

Claim your lost items this week!! #lostandfound #orangetheory

Save on retail this week only! (12/18-12/22) #sale #orangetheoryfitness #otfashburn

25% off Leggings at OTF Ashburn TODAY!! Make sure you snag a pair when you come in for class 🙂 #otfashburn #orangetheoryfitness #leggings

🎄HOLIDAY SAVINGS ARE HERE 🎄Monday December 18th through Friday December 22nd be sure to take advantage of the Savings of the Season, great gift ideas or a little treat for yourself!

High-Heeled Happy Hour last night Stone Tower Winery. Raising money to benefit Dress for Success Washington, DC. Thank you Katie Barchas Wilson for making a difference in the community. #givingback #5thannualHHHH #jollyjay #seeingourmemebers

Last, but certainly not’s time for a GRAND PRIZE drawing!! Congrats to member Erica Meinke!! You have earned yourself a $100 gift card to Whole Foods!! #keepburning #twelvedaysoffitness #otfashburn

Day 12 Winner- Jennifer West!

Congratulations to member Raghu Kanchi for winning our Ugly Sweater Contest!

Make sure you check in with the front desk to claim your prize.

OTF Family❤️ Happy Holidays from the brightest bunch in the room! Cheers 🥂 #growingOTF #orangepolosrule #thankyousteve #laurenOTFsouth #cantmissus #orangecones #wouldbenowherewithoutourmemebers

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