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Insight Law is an estate planning law firm based in Ashburn, Virginia. The firm also has offices in McLean, Va and Denver, Colorado.

The counselors at InSight Law follow the “team” philosophy when it comes to crafting a client's estate plan. No one person is responsible for a plan. Instead, the whole team takes responsibility for all clients. Everyone on the InSight Law team has an equally important role — from the president and lead attorney to our paralegal. The firm was founded in 2007 and has continued to grow since its inception. The firm has offices in Ashburn and McLean, Virginia, along with an office in Denver, Colorado. The firm's founder is Bobby Feisee. He is a graduate of George Mason University School of Law and is a member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. Bobby founded InSight Law after his experience with his ailing father. “It wasn’t until after my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s that I reviewed his estate plan (i.e. his Will, Trust, Power of Attorney and Medical Directives). I realized that I had made a terrible mistake not reviewing these documents with my dad earlier. I also made the mistake of not talking to my dad’s attorney and financial advisor. The legal documents were basically a bunch of boiler plate forms that really gave us no direction on what my dad’s wishes were. This experience inspired Bobby to open a firm that takes the time to thoroughly examine each client's estate and come up with a plan that is detailed, specific, and unique to each client.

Mission: To help clients create custom, unique and effective estate plans.

5 Reasons to Rethink Your Retirement Strategy in 2020

Great article stressing the importance of proactive retirement planning in 2020. In the new year, a new law will shake up how you save for your later years.

These strategies can help turn your 2020 money resolutions into reality

One of the most common "resolutions" people attempt during a new year is getting their fiscal house in order, reducing debt, saving more for retirement, etc. This article can hep ensure you achieve your financial goals. About 99 million people will make some kind of financial resolution for 2020. Chances are, you also want to save more and reduce your debts and spending. Here's the steps you need to take to make those goals a reality.

Happy New Year! The InSight Law Team Wishes You and Your Loved Ones a Happy and Prosperous 2020!

Inheriting a parent’s IRA or 401(k)? Here’s how the Secure Act could create a disaster

The SECURE Act is going to significantly impact how many Americans plan for retirement and passing in their assets to loved ones. Are you prepared? Beneficiaries and account holders should review any documents about inheriting an IRA or 401(k) now.

Insight Law Resource Partner Interview with Peggy Breda

It was a privilege to sit down with Peggy Breda to discuss the important issue assisted living and what options are available to consumers.

Tips on Creating and Maintaining a Business Plan -

Great article highlighting ways to not only create a business plan, but to maintain the terms and objectives of that plan. Writing a business plan is a daunting task, but there are plenty of tech tools, templates and approaches available that can help you streamline te process

Ready for some turkey!

Estate Plan Tip - How a Trust Can Protect Your Assets

Bobby Feisee, president and managing partner at InSight Law, explains the different ways a trust can be utilized to protect your assets. To get additional in...

Estate Planning Mistake To Avoid - Failing to Properly Fund Your Trust

Bobby Feisee, an experienced trust and estate planning lawyer practicing in Ashburn and McLean, Virginia, explains why it is so important to have a properly ...

[11/11/19]   To all of our active duty and retired military service members, thank you for your bravery, sacrifice, and service.

5 Reasons to Make an Estate Plan | WTOP Passing away without an estate plan is a huge mistake that can tie up your estate for years in probate. Yet, many people fail to create a will, living trust and other key financial instructions. “If…

Bonnie Kraham: Elder law estate planning for unmarried couples

According to Pew, the number of couples age 50 and older who live together, but are unmarried, has increased by 75 percent since 07. This creates a multitude of issues related to estate planning. Check out this article to learn more. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of unmarried couples age 50 and older who live together has increased by 75 percent since 2007. The

A Restauranteur's Capital Trifecta

Great article highlighting the steps a business owner should consider taking when looking for a capital infusion to expand their business. Read how One Degree Capital helped Kyle obtain the best business financing structure for his restaurant expansion project.

Question: When does a skeleton laugh? Answer: When something tickles their funny bone. Happy Halloween!

Planning how to pass on the family business is key to its long-term future - Pacific Business News Fantastic article highlighting the inter-connectivity between business planning and estate planning when you have a family business. When David Arita first opened The Carpet Shoppe in Kalihi in 1974, his biggest concerns were building the business and taking care of his five employees. Arita’s primary concern has shifted beyond becoming bigger to ensuring the business lasts for the next 45 years—and beyond.

Estate Planning During a Divorce: Four Key Considerations Definitely worth reading, especially if you separated from your spouse and planning to get divorced. No matter how well couples plan their estates, no one plans for divorce. Here are some strategies to make sure your wishes are protected during and after the process of separation and divorce.

7 Ways That Beneficiary Designations Can Mess Up Your Estate Plan Great article highlighting the importance of beneficiary designations. Beneficiary designations are a crucial part of estate planning, yet they are often overlooked. Make sure that your named beneficiaries are consistent with your estate planning documents so that you don't unintentionally undermine your carefully executed estate plan.

Retirement Tools That Are Misunderstood Yet Useful

Really insightful article highlighting a number of often-overlooked retirement tools. Retiring is a challenging enough process. We shouldn’t further limit our options by premature rejection of ideas.

Overview of Elder Law - Important Info You Need to Know

Bobby Feisee, president and managing partner at InSight Law, provides an overview of elder law and what it means to represent an aging population. To learn m...

The 5 Accounting Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

Great article highlighting accounting mistakes you can and should avoid: Setting up the management and oversight of your firm's finances is one of the most significant factors to growing your business.

Low interest rates boost this estate planning strategy

With the recent cut in interest rates, it may be worth considering an asset transfer via a grantor-retained annuity trust. Learn more here: A type of trust known as a GRAT allows for larger tax-free transfers when interest rates are low.

Keeping Your Estate Planning Documents Safe

Great tips in this article for protecting your estate planning documents. Some attorneys are now having their clients hold their original estate planning documents. If your attorney is in that camp, or if you just prefer to hold the originals yourself, you will need a safe and secure place for them.

Distributing Personal Effects in Your Estate Plan

Personal effects and heirlooms are an often-overlooked aspect of estate planning but carry significant value emotionally and psychologically for loved ones.

In many cases, the friction between loved ones who are inheriting your estate is not based on investment accounts or trust funds, it is personal effects. It ...

Are Aretha Franklin's Homemade Wills Valid, And What Happens Next?

Great article highlighting some of the legal challenges associated with a handwritten will, or, in Aretha Franklin's case, multiple handwritten wills. Three homemade wills were discovered in the home of the late Aretha Franklin. Are they valid? What legal test applies? And if they are valid, what happens next to the Queen of Sole's Estate?

5 More Questions You Must Answer Before Or During Retirement

This is a great article with helpful questions that you definitely need to answer when approaching, or just entering, retirement. Everyone’s retirement is unique in many ways. But there are many questions that should be answered in almost every retirement plan.

Estate Plan Tip - How a Trust Can Protect Your Assets

There are an array of benefits associated with establishing a trust. Learn about them by watching this video.

Bobby Feisee, president and managing partner at InSight Law, explains the different ways a trust can be utilized to protect your assets. To get additional in...

One of the unique services offered by our firm is an annual update program where you get the opportunity to review and revamp your estate plan to ensure it is legally valid and compliant with current law. This is a program we encourage all clients to participate in annually or bi-annually.

InSight Law Client Update Program 2019

The Client Update Program is a formal review process instrumental in keeping your estate plan current with the latest laws and estate planning techniques. Clients can have their documents renewed every two years.

The Client Update Program is a formal review process instrumental in keeping your estate plan current with the latest laws and estate planning techniques. Clients can have their documents renewed every two years. When a family member passes away, there are certain steps that should be taken to alert the passing to the major credit reporting agencies and to assess whether a freeze, or lifting a freeze, on their credit is needed. Learn more by reading this article. If you pass away with debt, are your loved ones on the hook to pay it back? Find out in this article.

What Business Owners And Their Families Should Know About the New SECURE Act: The Features Own a business? If so, this is a great article to gain an understanding of what is in the new SECURE Act. What business owners and their families should know about the SECURE Act of 2019, how it may affect retirement savings, and how to plan for the changes.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe July 4th holiday.

Home Design Ideas to Prepare for a Resident with Dementia - InSight Law I wanted to share this great recording on some simple steps you can take to modify your home in preparation for a resident with dementia. The recording features DebiJo Wheatly, RN & Interior Designer, as she discusses ideas to make your home safe. “designs_for_dementia” from Designs for Dementia by Toni, Peggy, DebiJo Wheatley. Released: 2019.

Company Benefit Plan Designations Can Lead To A Huge Estate Planning Blunder

Great article discussing an often-overlooked issue related to beneficiary designations for company benefit plans and related benefit programs. If you haven't checked the beneficiary designations on your employer-sponsored benefits since the day you started your job, your estate may be in for some surprises after you pass.

Thank you to all of the incredible men and women who currently serve, and have served, to protect this nation.

Online wills may save you money, but they can lay these estate-planning traps

Great article highlighting some of the potential pitfalls of online wills. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" applies here. Often those DIY wills can lead to expensive and unpleasant estate planning mistakes.

To all mothers, thank you for everything you do.

Estate Plan Tip - How a Trust Can Protect Your Assets

Check out this video where I explain how a trust can protect the assets in your estate. A good way to think of a trust is as a Will, but only better.

Bobby Feisee, president and managing partner at InSight Law, explains the different ways a trust can be utilized to protect your assets. To get additional in...

Another Shock To The Long-Term Care Insurance Industry

Fascinating article highlighting the serious issues facing the long-term insurance industry and the trend of consumers purchasing "hybrid" long-term care and life insurance policies. The traditional long-term care insurance industry suffers another blow as Genworth stops selling policies through brokers.

The 7 Business Formations You Should Consider | Bond Street

Looking to start a business? Then you need to understand the costs and benefits of different business formations. There are many types of business formations, all with different implications. Below is an overview of the most common types of business formations.

Most and Least Tax Friendly States for Business

Good overview of the tax climate for businesses in each state. Source: AntonioGuillem / Getty Images E-commerce giant Amazon announced in February it was withdrawing from its plan to build its second headquarters in New York City’s Long Island City. The planned addition of HQ-2 in the Queens neighborhood had been highly controversial, particularly for New Yor...

How To Start Your Business And Become An Entrepreneur

Great article providing advice on how to start a business and become an entrepreneur. Everyone wants to be their own boss. However, the road to get there is tougher than one might think. Starting your own business requires a lot of entrepreneurship skills. It takes guts, motivation, and stubbornness

Revocable Trusts In Estate Planning

A trust is a great tool for estate planning purposes. A frequently asked question is what type of trust to set up. This article provides a good overview of a revocable trust. No two families are alike or have the same concerns about their estate planning. But many common concerns can be addressed by properly drawn relatively simple trust provisions incorporated into a revocable trust.

How long does home care last? | Allegiance Home Care

This article addresses a common question asked by many clients - how long does home care typically last? There are times when you or your loved one may need home care services on a temporary basis. One of those most common times is after a hospitalization, when he or she is deconditioned and weak from the injury or illness they have experienced and the time they have spent mostly or entirely immobile.

Universal long-term care coverage included in House Democrats' new Medicare-for-all plan - News - McKnight's Long Term Care News House Democrats unveiled a plan this week that would offer all Americans a government insurance plan option that would provide coverage for long-term services at no cost.

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