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Insight Law is an estate planning law firm based in Ashburn, Virginia. The firm also has offices in McLean, Va and Denver, Colorado.

The counselors at InSight Law follow the “team” philosophy when it comes to crafting a client's estate plan. No one person is responsible for a plan. Instead, the whole team takes responsibility for all clients. Everyone on the InSight Law team has an equally important role — from the president and lead attorney to our paralegal. The firm was founded in 2007 and has continued to grow since its inception. The firm has offices in Ashburn and McLean, Virginia, along with an office in Denver, Colorado. The firm's founder is Bobby Feisee. He is a graduate of George Mason University School of Law and is a member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. Bobby founded InSight Law after his experience with his ailing father. “It wasn’t until after my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s that I reviewed his estate plan (i.e. his Will, Trust, Power of Attorney and Medical Directives). I realized that I had made a terrible mistake not reviewing these documents with my dad earlier. I also made the mistake of not talking to my dad’s attorney and financial advisor. The legal documents were basically a bunch of boiler plate forms that really gave us no direction on what my dad’s wishes were. This experience inspired Bobby to open a firm that takes the time to thoroughly examine each client's estate and come up with a plan that is detailed, specific, and unique to each client.

Mission: To help clients create custom, unique and effective estate plans.

Another Shock To The Long-Term Care Insurance Industry

Fascinating article highlighting the serious issues facing the long-term insurance industry and the trend of consumers purchasing "hybrid" long-term care and life insurance policies. The traditional long-term care insurance industry suffers another blow as Genworth stops selling policies through brokers.

The 7 Business Formations You Should Consider | Bond Street

Looking to start a business? Then you need to understand the costs and benefits of different business formations. There are many types of business formations, all with different implications. Below is an overview of the most common types of business formations.

Most and Least Tax Friendly States for Business

Good overview of the tax climate for businesses in each state. Source: AntonioGuillem / Getty Images E-commerce giant Amazon announced in February it was withdrawing from its plan to build its second headquarters in New York City’s Long Island City. The planned addition of HQ-2 in the Queens neighborhood had been highly controversial, particularly for New Yor...

How To Start Your Business And Become An Entrepreneur

Great article providing advice on how to start a business and become an entrepreneur. Everyone wants to be their own boss. However, the road to get there is tougher than one might think. Starting your own business requires a lot of entrepreneurship skills. It takes guts, motivation, and stubbornness

Revocable Trusts In Estate Planning

A trust is a great tool for estate planning purposes. A frequently asked question is what type of trust to set up. This article provides a good overview of a revocable trust. No two families are alike or have the same concerns about their estate planning. But many common concerns can be addressed by properly drawn relatively simple trust provisions incorporated into a revocable trust.

How long does home care last? | Allegiance Home Care

This article addresses a common question asked by many clients - how long does home care typically last? There are times when you or your loved one may need home care services on a temporary basis. One of those most common times is after a hospitalization, when he or she is deconditioned and weak from the injury or illness they have experienced and the time they have spent mostly or entirely immobile.

Universal long-term care coverage included in House Democrats' new Medicare-for-all plan - News - McKnight's Long Term Care News House Democrats unveiled a plan this week that would offer all Americans a government insurance plan option that would provide coverage for long-term services at no cost.

What is a Business Continuity Plan and Do You Need One?

If you do not have a business continuity plan, you are putting the long-term future and viability of your business at risk. A big part of small business success is a business continuity plan. This is the fallback for your business when a mishaps threatens your company.

Staying Productive While on a Business Trip Takes Planning

If you are on a business trip, make sure you actually achieve your business objectives. Entrepreneurs always have a million things going on, which is part of what makes business travel so stressful.

How to Afford Long-Term Care

Important article you need to read, especially if you have elderly loved ones who may be in need of long-term care. Your options range from conventional coverage to tapping your life insurance benefits.

Live in Care- How does it work? | Allegiance Home Care

Great article describing what is entailed with live-in care. Live in care is often a more affordable option for those who need a considerable amount of assistance or an added peace of mind for loved ones, knowing that someone is always there to help.

When Estate Planning and Tax Planning Collide

Great article discussing the interplay between estate planning and tax planning. There is no doubt that estate tax planners were giddy when the estate tax exemption was raised to $11.18 million. However, as part of TCJA, there are income tax implications to certain types of estate planning, that may help your clients. A non-grantor...

Avoiding Four Major Stumbling Blocks New Businesses Face

Really helpful article highlighting four stumbling blocks to avoid if you are launching a new business. Pitfalls abound for fledgling businesses. Avoid them with these tips.

Sen. Bernie Sanders to Propose an Estate Tax on Wealthy Up to 77% The current estate tax kicks in when an estate is worth about $11 million

Is Your Estate Plan Out Of Date? Probably (And Facebook Is Likely To Blame)

Great article on the importance of updating your estate plan, especially in the digital era. Is Your Estate Plan Out Of Date? Probably (And Facebook Is Likely To Blame). Digital assets are changing the way we view and handle estate planning.

Why You Should Name a Trust the Beneficiary of Your IRA

In this video, Bobby explains why you should name a trust as a beneficiary of an IRA.

IRA beneficiary designation is not as simple as naming your spouse or child. Estate planning lawyer Bobby Feisee, president of InSight Law, highlights some o...

Natural Burial – Is it Right for You? - InSight Law

A growing trend in funerals is offering more environmentally-friendly burials. Check it out this article to learn more. As we learn more about the environmental impact of metal caskets and traditional forms of burial, many people are opting for “green” or “natural” burials. These are burials where no chemicals are used at any stage of the burial. This … Continue reading →

How To Disinherit A Family Member

Definitely speak with your estate planning attorney before making this decision. The decision to disinherit someone shouldn't be taken likely, but sometimes you may feel it necessary. Advice on how to do it properly.

Military vets can use both Medicare and VA health care

If you receive health care through the Veterans Health Administration and are approaching your 65th birthday, do not overlook whether Medicare would make sense for you. Ex-service members who rely on health care through the Veterans Health Administration should evaluate whether to sign up for Medicare when they're first eligible.

Estate Planning Demystified - The IRS Supermarket of Life

Check out my video that helps demystify estate planning.

Bobby Feisee, a trust and estate planning attorney in Ashburn, Virginia, helps demystify estate planning by using his "IRS Supermarket" example. This is an e...

How To Ruin Your Estate Plan By Signing A Stupid "Standard" Form

Great points in this article. Cookie-cutter estate planning documents often carry significant risks and issues you need to be aware of. Revocable trusts are powerful estate planning tools to protect you from elder abuse, manage assets as you age, avoid probate, and much more. But signing what seems like an innocuous real estate contract that you are told is "standard" could destroy your planning. Read the fine print before you sign.

What Is Estate Planning? -- The Motley Fool

If you are totally new to estate planning, this is a must-read article. Find out 10 reasons you need an estate plan -- and much more.

7 Reasons It's Time To Update Your Estate Plan

Fantastic article highlighting the reasons why you should regularly update your estate plan. The most frequent estate planning error probably is not having a plan. The second is not updating an existing plan.

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Bobby Explains Estate Tax Portability

Bobby provides an overview on estate tax portability.

Ashburn, Virginia estate planning attorney explains a recent legislative development in the estate planning world concerning portability in estate taxation. ...

Business Plans: A Step-by-Step Guide

Incredibly important, and helpful, article providing a step-by-step guide for starting a business. Enhance a business plan with step by step guides regarding marketing, finance, investments, and how to plan articles.

2018 Year-End Estate Planning: Double the Tax Benefits, but with an Expiration Date

We're rapidly approaching the end of 2018, which means you should take stock of your estate plan and ensure you are taking advantage of all available tax benefits. The beginning of 2018 saw new major tax legislation, commonly known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which has had a significant effect on estate planning for many individuals. Over the past year,

Perspective | Here’s what it’s like dealing with the high cost of long-term care

This is a must-read article highlighting the tremendous cost associated with long-term care. Readers share stories of the high cost of long-term care for elderly parents.

3 Biggest Estate Planning Myths

Great article dispelling some common myths about estate planning. Do you have an estate plan? If you’re like more than half of Americans, you might not. There are a lot of myths buzzing around about estate planning, but I want

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How to make writing a business plan less intimidating

Interested in starting a business, but intimidated by creating a business plan? Do not fret. A business plan is not only important for starting your business, it’s also an indispensable tool for helping you manage and grow your business. Your business plan is your roadmap

Estate Planning: Do wills expire?

Common estate planning questions answered. Q: Do wills expire? How often should they be replaced?

How Does the New Tax Law Affect Your Estate Plan?

There were a number of modifications to federal tax laws in 2018. Will these changes impact your estate plan? Get the answer by reading this article. The tax reform enacted at the end of 2017 will have a far-reaching impact on many areas of tax and financial planning.

The Top Estate Planning Mistakes Divorcing Women Make

Really helpful article for women who are going through a divorce and looking to protect their estate. Take a moment to check it out. While it's easy to get caught up in taking care of the different aspects of your immediate financial needs, it's arguably just as important (if not more so) to think about the future and plan ahead.

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[10/31/18]   Happy Halloween! If you are taking your kids out trick-or-treating, make sure to stay safe (and don't eat all of their candy).

5 Strategies To Protect Family Wealth

Five key strategies to protect the wealth you worked so hard to attain. One of the essential components of any estate plan—or wealth management plan in general, for that matter—is wealth preservation. To be able to pass on your assets to future generations, you need to ensure that they are properly safeguarded in the meantime.

Even Your Pet Needs an Estate Plan

Make sure your furry family members are protected. Who will feed Fifi once you're gone? It's something you should probably put in writing. There are three different ways to do that, some offering more protections than others.

Four Key Priorities For Digital Business Planning

Great article for anyone looking to start a business. Learn about the key drivers that are changing the face of business planning.

Preparing a will - what you need to know.

Nursing Homes Are Pushing the Dying Into Pricey Rehab

Treating the elderly at the end of their life should not be viewed as a cash grab. Elderly residents given intensive therapy in the last weeks of life jumped 65 percent, a study shows, raising questions about financial incentives.

Estate Planning for Surviving Spouses: What to Do ASAP

If you lost a spouse, there are important actions you need to take right away to protect their estate and your financial future. As soon as you are able, you have some legal documents to review and plans to update to protect both you and your heirs.

For Rent: 98-Square-Foot BR in Co-Living Apt., Community Included

Great article in WSJ about millennials embracing "co-living" spaces and "community managers." Millennials outsource life—cleaning, social planning, even shampoo—to housing startups. Visit Scott Levine, who is part of a growing phenomenon that tech and real-estate companies are hoping to cash in on: co-living.

House Republicans Tee Up Tax Vote Ahead of Midterms

Will this help or hurt Republicans in the mid-terms? Nobody can say for sure. House Republicans, touting the tax cuts that remain popular among their core voters, are poised to pass a $631 billion extension of them in their final legislative push before the midterm elections.

Why Estate Planning Is Easy And Legacy Planning Is Hard

This Forbes article hit the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to a key aspect of estate planning - passing on your advice, guidance, and precious memories to the next generation. This is why InSight Law offers legacy planning services. Estate Planning is easy. It’s finite, calculable. Death is inevitable, so planning for it—while admittedly uncomfortable for some—is relatively easy. Life, on the other hand, is hard.

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