It was great seeing you tonight Belinda! Here are our holiday specials, what a great gift, the gift of safety! Only $5 for pepper sprays, $10 alarms, and beautiful leather purses for $30! Lets keep our families and friends safe this holiday season and always!
Raspberry sherbert is my favorite on National Ice Cream Day 🍦
Hi Bella! Thank you so much for coming to the GBN event today- I enjoyed your talk very much. I love your enthusiasm and wit. I look forward to seeing you again soon!!

SMILE, this is your greatest asset and weapon!

At Common Ground Etiquette our motto is: Building excellence in the community, and success in the marketplace. I am an etiquette & protocol, professional & personal development specialist and speaker with exceptional insight in business processes, tools, and concepts to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and small companies develop more effective strategies to grow their businesses or careers. My firm, COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE, specializes in preparing and empowering via training, mentorship and sharing resources, that assist in achieving the highest potential in the professional and personal arenas.

We offer a plethora of etiquette, business etiquette, protocol, professional and personal development training. For Parents and Children: Seeing that we partner with parents for their children, we also partner with parents to help them achieve and build their parenting skills. We offer a Parenting Series to help you build your parenting skills. Some of the achievements you obtain are: an increase parental in your parental confidence; reduce your parental stress/anxiety; Improve your parenting skills and parent-child relations; reduce child behavior problems and improve child cooperation. Check our FB page for dates and location. We partner with parents as early as age three to make sure children understand in a fun but educational manner the importance of manners and social graces. We further engage them by utilizing all sorts of multi-media, including role-playing, music, power point presentations, video and by carrying out kindness projects. Family is very important so we are the only company in the area that provides “dining etiquette tutorials for the entire family” at home or a restaurant. Please take note that in many instances we become a complement to cotillion classes which are taught farther apart than our classes, and this way we strengthen these important lessons that will help our youth become mindful and successful. Once in College we reinforce real life business and social graces with hands-on training and real-life business coaches. For the Entrepreneur and Small Business: For business people, being it small business staff, management and execs, we carry a myriad of short and extended courses to assist in brushing up, building the in-house environment and also the skills and finesse of excelling at client relations. We also have excellent speakers that will delight and amaze your audience. Tea Parties for Every Occassion: We have a passion for tea parties, therefore, we “have been told” we throw the best tea parties in town for children and adults. Ask us for references and you will be amazed! Our menus are exquisite and our freshly baked scones are simply delish. We enjoy life and want to celebrate it so we have many options from where you can choose from, see below for some of them: �Exquisite Bridal Showers �Delightful Afternoon �High Noon �Breakfast at Tiffany’s �Savvy Mommy �History & Etiquette �Birthday �Theme Teas for Children �Young Ladies “Just Because” �Business �Tea Etiquette Tutorials �Fundraiser For Brides Only (F,B,O.) Yes we offer a variety of training in this area, as well as “day of” wedding coordination services. Lately we have been asked to perform “bridesmaids and grooms” tutorials just make sure the wedding party is all on the same page! Needless to say we have a list of local vendors that we can recommend anytime at no additional cost. Stay tuned for new classes that we continuously post on our page and at our website. Giving Back to the Community: At Common Ground Etiquette we are committed to build a community of excellence, therefore, we offer four complimentary events to give our two cents! Check our community calendar or our page for dates and locations. SE HABLA ESPAÑOL Once again our main focus is to make sure you, your family, or your employees represent themselves in the best possible way. If you have Spanish speaking family or employees and would like to receive training in their native tongue, we have designed great courses to make sure nothing gets lost in translation!

Mission: Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals and/or parents to build and develop successful and confident individuals with great social skills, self-confidence and manners.


In case someone is still wondering... 🤨 Please read below 👇🏼

Should you wear a mask? What kind is best? And how effective is it really? This doctor and biochemist is here to answer all your mask FAQs

National Memorial Day Concert (PBS)

This Sunday don’t miss the 2020 National Memorial Day Concert on PBS!

Join us live from the 2020 National Memorial Day Concert (PBS) in honor of our men and women in uniform, their families, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. #MemDayPBS

Irene's Prom Closet Giveaway for 2020 Seniors

Doesn’t everyone deserve prom photos? Irene’s Prom Closet and Patty Schuchman Photography have partnered to make this possible for our seniors. Do you know any senior that you’d like to nominate? Big hearts Making a Difference!💕 Doesn't everyone deserve prom photos? Do you know someone that needs or wants prom attire? Nominate them at Irene's Prom Closet's page via PM..names and requests are confidenti

CU Summer Camp

Do you have child that is keen on Civics, personal growth and community building? Summer Camp Applications are open for Civics Unplugged (CU) Summer Camp a 10-week online camp. Nominate your kid and he may win a spot! CU Summer Camp is a completely virtual and free 10-week summer program geared toward civic-minded high school students who are currently in grades 9-12 as of Spring 2020 and deeply committed to personal growth and community building. → Camp starts June 1st, 2020. → Applications are due May 10th,...

Irene's PROM Closet

Kindness... It’s all about being kind and respectful.

As governors are trying to figure out how to ease back in to a new normal, please remember:

🛑 Some people don’t agree with the state opening.... that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

🏡 Some people are still planning to stay home.... that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

🦠 Some are still scared of getting the virus and a second wave happening....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

💰 Some are sighing with relief to go back to work knowing they may not lose their business or their homes....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

👩🏾‍⚕️Some are thankful they can finally have a surgery they have put off....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

📝 Some will be able to attend interviews after weeks without a job....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

😷 Some will wear masks for weeks....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

💅🏻 Some people will rush out to get the hair or nails done.... that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

❤️ The point is, everyone has different viewpoints/feelings and that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

We each have a different story. If you need to stay home, stay home. But be kind anyway.
If you need to go out, go. Just respect others when in public and be kind!
Don’t judge fellow humans because you’re not in their story. We all are in different mental states than we were months ago. Be kind anyway. 😘
#repost #kindnessiscontagioustoo #humankindness

In The Know Daily

Another heartwarming story about parenting while we are 🏡 staying at home!

Their kids wanted to go out for ice cream, so they made an ice cream shop at home🍨🍦

Daddy and Mommy Restaurant in the UK

Good morning ☀️ Today we bring you a wonderul treat of how creative dads and moms all over the world are dealing with their littles 😉 We wish you a spectacular Tuesday!
#InThisTogether #FlattenTheCurve

Now that you've got time... Why not write all those positive messages on a note you mentally wanted to send but got lost in the shuffle of life? Did you know that receiving a handwritten message makes people feel special and improves relationships? Let's get started today, for personal or business, make a mark on someone's life today. Or just reach out to a friend or potential client. Show that you care 🙂
#LetsDoThis #ABetterYou

About "Mental Well-Being.". Writing by hand improves mental well-being: It makes you feel better. Research has linked expressive writing to a better mood, reduced stress and improved overall sense of well-being. That’s why journals are a powerful tool for therapists.

We're All In This Together | COVID-19 Song for Kids | JemmaRoo

Good morning ☀️ Happy Easter 💗 Here is a cute song to play to our littles and try to validate their feelings! We hope it helps. Sending hugs 🤗

A gentle song to help ease anxious young minds during the Coronavirus pandemic

Happy Friday Parents and Grandparents! Maria shared this with us and we wanted to post here so starting next week we’ll practice this routine and post pictures here. #InThisTogether #FlattenTheCurve #YesWeCan

Parents, here are moore ideas to survive COVID-19 Quarantine starting next week when online classes begin!
#FlattenTheCurve #YesWeCan #LetsDoThis #StayHome

Animated match-burning video shows how social distancing can stop the spread of Covid-19

In case you are still wondering if social distancing works... check this video 👇🏼 #InThisTogether #StayHome #SocialDistancing

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Spanish graphic designer Juan Delcan created an animated video to demonstrate...

Students From Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley Give Free Tutoring To K-12 Students

Great news for parents and students while we continue at home 👇🏼 Check this out 😉 #InThisTogether #Tutors #HelpingStudents *Learn how to get your free lessons at the bottom of this article.

Did someone say #WineTour?

Chantels Bakery

Chantel's March Madness!!!!! CRAZY DEAL!

Humankind Stories

Hey hey hey FB this story warms our hearts 💕 We hope it also warmanup yours too! #Kindness #BeKind #RaiseOthers #BeAGoodFriend

A group of teenagers gave their classmate in need the best birthday EVER. 🎒🎉

These FREE Online Resources Can Help Continue Kids’ Learning From Home

This site will help your kids distance learning from home. Ultimately, this is an unconventional time that calls for unconventional learning. Use the online resources—but know that none will ever replace YOU.

Good morning FB Family, lets keep up the good work to flatten the curve. For that reason lets find good humor in everything we do! Found this in another group and it’s #HILARIOUS but oh so TRUE 🤣🤣🤣
#InThisTogether #YesWeCan


Dear FB Family, don’t forget to add some “movement” time with this kids!Here is a link to Les Mills “Born to Move” program that is free to stream.
Thanks to All in Health and Fitness with Ruth and Ruth Williams for posting 💗
#InThisTogether #MakingItWork #LetsDoThis #YesWeCan When it comes to learning a whole lot of cool moves from dance, martial arts and yoga this class is the way to go. Each 20 or 40-minute class is jam-packed with cool music and foundation fitness moves and fun games. This is sure to leave the kids (and parents) feeling great!

Stuck at Home? These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch

#InThisTogether #SurvivingCoVid19
12 Museums offer virtual tours! Why not take a visit while we all wait out this pandemic? Details below: Going into a self-quarantine can have many complex issues and complications beyond having enough food and supplies for two weeks. In terms of entertainment, it…

Scholastic is offering free online courses so your kids can keep learning while schools are closed

Good morning Dear FB Family, Scholastic is offering free online courses for the young ones during the time schools are closed🤗 Check this article: As schools across the nation close because of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of students are stuck at home with their classes on hold. But before your child gets too excited

Here's The Entire List of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions Due to School Closings

Dear Parents, here is a list of companies offering free courses and memberships while schools are closed. #PleaseShare #InthisTogether #WeCanDoThis With schools closing across the nation, parents and educators are in bit of a panic as they try to figure out how kids can learn and obtain their

What a great idea for the littles if they say they are bored! Thanks to Madams Hook for posting 🙌🏼 #InThisTogether #HelpingEachOther #HunkerDown

Are you and your kids going insane after only 4 days of no school? I know I am!! I had to think of something to distract them so I can work from home. I made an “I’m bored” jar. Every-time they say “I’m bored” they have to pick a stick and do what’s on it. You’ll need 2 jars, a marker, popsicle sticks and a filler to keep the sticks upright and the words hidden. I used popcorn kernels as that’s what I had on hand. Write one thing on each stick. I wrote stuff like “play a board game”, “play Legos”, “empty the dishwasher”, “fold laundry”. Now maybe I’ll be able to work from home with fewer interruptions. Comment with what you’d write on your sticks.
#chorechart #iwillsurvive #coronavirusboredom #imbored #noschool #schoolsclosed #lcps ##quarantineblues #beattheboredom #coronavirus #entertainthemathome #chorejar
#crochetersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #yarnaddict #madamshook #handmadewithlove #handmadeisbetter #hookersofinstagram #hookerforlife #ravelry #weaponofchoice #makersgonnamake #makersofinstagram #makercommunity #madewithlove #madeoutofneccessity


Is this adorable or what? #LetsShareASmile 💗

For this retiree, nothing beats bringing joy to a handful of dogs who had been through so much before he took them in.

FB Fam, we want to share useful information that may be useful during this time. If you know someone that needs commercial COVID19 disinfecting services for commercial buildings please reach out to Paul Davis Restoration of Northern Virginia for more information. This company is a great community supporter. #StaySafe #PracticeSafety #WeCanDoThis #BuildingComumity

Hi FB Fam, just wanted to share some additional services available during this pandemic. Starting Monday, March 16th Mobile Hope’s bus will pull into Loudoun neighborhoods (see flyer below for schedule) and honk its horn, signaling to students that breakfast and lunch is available. Please share on your walls or groups in case people need it. The project name is #ListenForTheHonk 💗

Kelly Rose Sarno

We want to take this opportunity to share things of value with our FB Common Ground Etiquette Family. What a wonderful way to teach our younger ones about the importance of washing our hands! Great job mom and thanks for sharing 💗

In case you need to teach your little why washing hands stops the spread of germs 🦠 🧼 🖐🏻

Thank you for having my back. I love you 💕

These Business Owners have been with me through thick and thin. I am grateful for each of them. I just wanted to share how amazing they are 💗
Yoly Vallarino Maria Del Rocio Vallarino
Sally Miller Patrice DeHaven Carried Away Gifts Val Valdez Revitalize Design Kimmy Huggins Kindra Harvey Purpose WorX Jess Lynn Photography Jess DeLaski

Just want to wish you a #FabWeekend!

Humankind Stories

Why not let others win if it means so much to them... 💗 this!

When a middle school wrestler let his opponent have this moment, it showed everyone the true definition of sportsmanship. 💪

This week our page will be giving shout outs about other small businesses like ours and share their bounties. If you’d like to be considered for this week or for a later date please message us. #GreatThingsHappening #BestBusinessesAround #BBA #SharingISCaring

The First Body-Positive Children’s Book Just Came Out, and It’s Exactly What the World Needs Now

First “Body Positive” book for children comes out. “I read somewhere that there are more monsters in children’s books than people of different sizes and ethnicities. We want to change that!” And that is why we were so conscious to have the illustrations in the book portray friends of all different types: kids with different physical abilities, different hairstyles, different races, different sizes, and different religions. The pictures in this book say loud and clear, “Everyone is equal.” 💗 Bloggers Ady Meschke and Katie Crenshaw collaborated on "Her Body Can," the first book in a series of inclusive children's literature.

LG Rolling Out A Keurig Like Machine That Will Make Soft Serve Ice Cream | XL1067

Who wants ice cream? Frozen yogurt? Granita? Sorbet? Anything Frozen? Well here is your dream come true 🤗 Who wants one??? Say “I” 🖐 Shut up and take my money NOW!!

Our Story

Common Ground is the dream of two sisters to share about civility, etiquette and 21st century skills to go hand in hand with great education and careers. Our firm’s consulting side took off successfully and we slowly but surely added workshops and mentorship sessions as our clients’ needs arose. After a brief hiatus, we are back in 2018 with yet a plethora of Manners & Etiquette; Business Etiquette; Professional & Personal Development workshops and mentoring for individuals; small businesses; executives; staff; college students; children and youth. Maria and I have come together to continue serving you and feel very blessed in doing so!

We partner with parents as early as age three to make sure children understand in a fun but educational manner the importance of manners and social graces. We further engage them by utilizing all sorts of multi-media, including role-playing, music, presentations, videos and by carrying out kindness projects for the community.

Family Dining: Family is very important so we are the only company in the area that provides “dining etiquette tutorials for the entire family” at home or a restaurant. Once in College we reinforce real life business and social graces with hands-on training and real-life business coaches.

COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE, specializes in preparing and empowering via training, mentorship and sharing resources, that assist in achieving the highest potential in the professional and personal arenas.

Business Dining Skills. Your image matters, especially when you're in a business environment. All it takes is one wrong move to jeopardize your professional image. The truth is, appropriate table manners are significant indicators of a polished person who is at ease with business dining – the kind of person who plans to move forward in the corporate world and who can be counted on to represent their company in a way that will promote relationships and advance company goals. Once you master some basic rules of etiquette dining, you will dine with confidence and guile.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ashburn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Daddy and Mommy Restaurant in the UK
Good Morning FB! Have a fun Monday and week




44200 Waxpool Rd Ste 186
Ashburn, VA
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Huntington Learning Center Huntington Learning Center
44031 Ashburn Shopping Plaza Unit 107
Ashburn, 20147

We offer students grades K - 12 tutoring in: * Reading * Writing * Mathematics * Study Skills * Phonics * Vocabulary * Test Prep * High School Entrance Exam preparation * SAT/PSAT & ACT preparation

SpiderSmart of Ashburn SpiderSmart of Ashburn
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Read, Write, Achieve!

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This page is created for all people who love to dance. Nehas Bollywood Thumkas is a place to rejuvenate your inner dancer and learn bollywood dance

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SAT | ACT| PSAT | TJ | AOS | AET | Calculus Pre, AB, BC | Algebra Pre, I, II | Geometry | AP Physics | AP Chemistry | AP Biology

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Academic Tutoring, Standardized Test Preparation, College Counseling

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20098 Ashbrook Place
Ashburn, 20147

BigTeams is the leading provider of high school athletics websites and software.

Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee
21000 Education Ct
Ashburn, 20148

We encourage the development of school cultures where every minority student is afforded the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.

Toddler Signs - ASL Sign Language for Early Language Development Toddler Signs - ASL Sign Language for Early Language Development
Marymount Ter
Ashburn, 20147

Come join the Signing Fun! ASL Sign Language for 4 months to 4 years Enhance communication and reduce frustration. We Sign, Sing, and Read in class.

Physics Phun Physics Phun
43460 Loudoun Reserve Dr
Ashburn, 20148

Join the Physics Phun site as school starts in August. Stay connected with your classes at Dominion High School