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Mission: We seek the same path to God taught by His Son that is found in the New Testament. Believing that Jesus was the Christ, the fulfillment of God’s plan to bring salvation to man, we exist as a church to carry out the Savior’s work. Our mission centers around teaching God’s word to those interested in learning it and encouraging one another in our spiritual growth. We seek to by-pass all the traditions that have been piled up in the name of Christ and cut through all the edits done to Christianity. We simply seek the lifestyle, worship, and work in which the first Christians were involved. By following the New Testament example we can know we are doing what God wants. This benefit both us and those we seek to serve.

Who is God? How does one go about explaining Him? This question is not merely theoretical, it is immensely practical because we will eventually come to resemble what we worship (cf. Psa. 115:8). Come and see who God is as we study John 1:1-18 tomorrow morning at 10:30am.

The Bible is clear, from cover to cover, that God is primarily concerned with our hearts. When the Bible talks about the "heart" it's not talking about the organ that pumps blood through your body (though the health of that heart is important!), it's talking about who you really are, your spiritual personality, your 'inner' person. In tomorrow's lesson @ 10.30 AM, we'll discuss how we can examine our hearts in a kind of spiritual 'check-up'. Hope you can make it to hear "God's Word & My Heart."

God wants to fill our lives with His creative, resurrection power and He has granted us free access to that power through the forever-living Jesus! The apostle Paul outlines his peculiar and beautiful prayer for the Christians in Ephesus in Ephesians 3:14-21. But did you know any follower of Jesus can pray this same prayer? Join us tomorrow at 10:30am as we study this wonderful prayer.

Death is an unwelcome enemy in God's good world. Though we can't avoid it altogether, God can equip us to face it without fear. If you or a loved one is afraid of dying, Jesus says to those who follow Him, "Fear not... I died, and behold I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of Death" (Revelation 1:17-18) Join us this Sunday morning to learn more!

Have you ever wondered, "What is God doing in my life?" Find out tomorrow at 10:30AM as we discuss the topic of providence and how God works in our lives today.

Are you curious but skeptical about the claims of Christianity? Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 AM.

Dulles Church of Christ

Looking for something to do this weekend? Join us for a special series of lessons.

Learn how 21st Century Evangelism...

FRIDAY 7:30p - Isn't that Different from 1st Century Evangelism

SATURDAY 6:00p - Means being Truthful about Repentance

SUNDAY 9:30a - Requires that We Build Faith (part 1)

SUNDAY 10:30a - Requires that We Build Faith (part 2)

SUNDAY 2:00p - Has a Role for Everyone

Dulles Church of Christ

Looking for something to do this weekend? Join us for a special series of lessons.

Learn how 21st Century Evangelism...

FRIDAY 7:30p - Isn't that Different from 1st Century Evangelism

SATURDAY 6:00p - Means being Truthful about Repentance

SUNDAY 9:30a - Requires that We Build Faith (part 1)

SUNDAY 10:30a - Requires that We Build Faith (part 2)

SUNDAY 2:00p - Has a Role for Everyone

Looking for something to do this weekend? Join us for a special series of lessons.

Learn how 21st Century Evangelism...

FRIDAY 7:30p - Isn't that Different from 1st Century Evangelism

SATURDAY 6:00p - Means being Truthful about Repentance

SUNDAY 9:30a - Requires that We Build Faith (part 1)

SUNDAY 10:30a - Requires that We Build Faith (part 2)

SUNDAY 2:00p - Has a Role for Everyone

Understanding the Lord's Supper

Have you ever wondered why we partake of the Lord's Supper? Listen to our latest lesson learn more.


This Presentation is by Grant Smith on May 12, 2019. Our partaking of the Lord's Supper, Celebrates our victory over sin, embodies Christ's fulfillment of th...


The biblical concept of faith extends beyond simply professing a belief. Listen to our latest lesson to learn how our call to faithfulness should manifest within our lives.


This presentation by Rick Reynolds on May 5, 2019. Faithful in Worship, Faithful to Moral Purity and Faithful to Bearing Fruit.

Philippians Overview

During his final imprisonment Paul sends a parting message to the Christians at Philippi. Hear how we can apply that same message today.


This presentation is by Grant Smith on April 28, 2019. Three Themes in Paul's Letter to Philippians, Press on, Rejoice, and Unselfish Service

Except Ye Become...

In Matthew 18, Jesus calls for his followers to take on the humility and sincerity of children. Hear why in our latest lesson.


This Presentation is by Rick Reynolds on April 21, 2019. Except Ye Become as little children to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

What does Jesus mean when he tells his disciples to humble themselves as children? Join us this Sunday @ 10:30am to find out.

When Disappointment Comes

How do we maintain faith through life's disappointments? Find out in our most recent lesson.


This presentation was delivered by Grant Smith on April 14, 2019. Overcoming disappointment from our situations, our failures and out peers.

Gideon's Great Exploits - The Rest of the Story - Judges 8

Gideon's Great Exploits - The Rest of the Story - Judges 8


This lesson was delivered by Rick Reynolds on 3/10/19 and is about Gideon and is a follow-on lesson from what was delivered on 2/24/19.

Nehemiah's Prayer - A Worker's Request to God

Nehemiah - A Worker's Request to God


This lesson was delivered by Grant Smith on 3/3/19 and is about Nehemiah's Prayer from the book of Nehemiah.

Daniel and Assimilation

Daniel and Assimilation


This lesson was presented by Craig Dezern on Feb 24th, 2019

Living with Fear

Living with Fear


This is the lesson presented by Grant Smith on 2/10/19.

Joshua 24 - A Stone & The Terebinth Tree

Joshua 24 - A Stone and the Terebinth Tree.


This is the lesson presented by Rick Reynolds on February 3, 2019

[01/30/19]   Due to refreezing amid dropping temperatures, we have cancelled Mid-week services tonight.

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Dulles Church of Christ

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The Secure Mind - Philippians 4

Dulles church of Christ Live Stream

The Spiritual Mind - Philippians 3

Dulles church of Christ - Welcome Video

[11/21/14]   The Next Step - I Peter 3:8-12

Being a Christian is certainly about delayed gratification. And while we are not called to a monastic lifestyle, we are called to a life of sober and wise control of our thoughts, desires, words, and actions. This text says that such a life, lived for the Lord, is “the good life”. Is that our definition? How easy it is to equate good living with unrestrained living. The world does. Yet, if we would long to have the best life and enjoy good days, then submission of our will to God’s and restraint from foolish, sinful, and destructive things is the path to walk. How blessed we are to have the hope of a rich, eternal life in the future. How blessed we are that we can live a rich life now by pleasing the Lord. Are you walking in “the good life”? What steps do you need to take to get there?

[11/21/14]   The Next Step - I Peter 2:9-12

Who has ever heard of attacking yourself? Muggers assault, foreign invaders destroy, and personal enemies molest, but attacking self defies logic. Yet, that is what we do when we allow the passions of the flesh to go unchecked in our lives. Sinful passions eat away at the very fiber of our spiritual being. Indulging in the flesh results in a cavity in our soul. No wonder we end up empty. This passage urges us to not let this happen. We are called to abstain from that which will devour us from the inside out. A critical step in doing so is in realizing that in this flesh, in this world, and in this life we are but sojourners. It is not going to last anyway. We are exiles here but citizens elsewhere, in heaven. Let us choose what is good for the soul and filter all that harms it. We are not living for here and now. We are moving toward eternity, one step at a time.

[11/06/14]   The Next Step - I Peter 2:1-5

On what are you nourishing? Never have a people had more data and ideas to ingest and digest than do we. Some of it is helpful, much of it is benign, a lot of it of no lasting consequence, and a significant portion is harmful to our souls. If we see that the Lord is good, even to the point of experiencing that goodness, then there should be within us a deep thirst for His word. Like the insatiable appetite of a newborn for milk, we should desire the nourishment that comes from God which will lead to and complete our salvation. Yes, we should have good habits when it comes to Bible reading, but it begins with thirst. Our mood should not be right unless we have consumed God’s word for the day. The hunger pangs should be acute if we have gone very long without hearing God’s truth. Like an infant that must immediately be fed when the hunger kicks in, we should demand to be fed and not allow anything to keep us from God’s word which is life to our souls.

[11/01/14]   The Next Step - I Peter 1:22-25

“Nothing in this life lasts forever”, you have heard. Or is there something that will last? God has spoken to us in His word from the spiritual realm. That word has come through prophets, teachers, and more importantly His Son. How blessed we are that the Spirit of God preserved the revelation in scripture. It is the only possession we have here that we can carry to there. It is the only possession we have now that will can be ours even then. It can purify us, it can recreate us; it is the eternal, imperishable word of the living God. However, it does not work mystically nor while we are passive. We are called to obey the eternal truth. We are taught by it to act in love toward others. It is really then that the word of God will live and abide in us. It is then that we step closer to eternal life guided by the eternal word.

[10/28/14]   The Next Step - I Peter 1:13-21

“Don’t conform”, is a common refrain throughout the New Testament letters. Every Christian of every age in every circumstance faces this temptation. It is so easy to flow with the current of desires. We think we will miss something if we don’t crave and chase them too. Yet, this pursuit is short-sighted. The word of God enlightens us here. We are told that we only have a period of time or a sojourn in this place. This means that whatever we may grasp here, we will not hang on to it. The less we desire this life’s attractions and gratifications and the more we realize we are only here temporarily, we step closer toward eternity and true living. Are you stepping toward this world’s sparkling prizes or toward life that is eternal?

[10/15/14]   The Next Step - James 3:13-18

Our love for God and faith in Him should be enough to cause us to seek His wisdom in how we live our lives. Yet, the scriptures artfully and repeatedly make the case for the advantage of pursuing heavenly wisdom instead of the earth’s. Jealousy and ambition is the norm among human beings. It is seen from the break room to the board room, from the HOV lane to the checkout lane. What it produces is disorder and vileness. However, when we pursue meekness, gentleness, and mercy the outcome is so different. It is the state that eludes us in the mad pursuit of selfish desires as we run over anyone in our way. It is the state of peace. We will never find peace by fighting others for it. Only when we submit to heaven’s wisdom will we experience it.

[10/13/14]   The Next Step - James 1:19-25

Second only to ignoring it entirely, the worst thing we can do with the word of God is to treat it as material which is purely academic. To learn it, discuss it, and debate it without practicing it is a tragedy. It is the living word of God meant to be implanted in our hearts and unleashed in our lives. To hear it and know it but not do it is a shame. As important as our time reading the Bible is, as beneficial as our group studies can be, we must realize the work is not complete until we practice the teaching of the scriptures. Each step we take in life needs to be illuminated by it. The strength for each step needs to come from its promises and assurances. The direction in which we walk must be determined by exactly what it says.

[10/08/14]   The Next Step - Hebrews 12:12-17

Drooping hands and weak knees…what a word picture. Does that not describe our condition at times? Sin weighs us down, the race looks so long, and along the way we suffer pain. These are the things the writer in this chapter describes as draining us and he is calling us to snap out of it. If we would but look to Christ for guidance and inspiration and if we would realize that some pain along the way is meant to do us good, then we could turn it around and stand up straight. What of the alternative? We don’t want to be like Esau who made the worst trade of his life for giving up the gift of God for shallow, temporary earthly pleasure. Refuel with spiritual strength and keep going. It all starts with a brisk first step.

[10/08/14]   The Next Step - Hebrews 12:1-7

When you feel burdened, look to Jesus. When sin comes near, look to Jesus. When sin overtakes you, look to Jesus. When you don’t know whether or not you can finish the race, look to Jesus. When you feel weak and weary, look to Jesus. See the joy He pursued. See the cross He endured. See the ridicule and shame he faced. And see Him now at the right hand of the throne of God making intercession for you. See Him there pulling for you, advocating for you, and longing to have you join Him in the Father’s presence. With each step, resolve to endure.

[09/22/14]   The Next Step - Hebrews 10:19-25

What a powerful statement to a Jew in the first century that there was a better way to the presence of God than through the Levitical priesthood, the animal sacrifices, and the temple. It should be to us too. The whole history of man is laden with ignorant and vain attempts to reach God. Our day is no different. From the pursuit of wealth, to fleshly indulgence, to psychoanalytical tutoring, modern humans also have been trying to find their way to God and the peace that is found with Him. This passage says that we have a path open to the very presence of God. Yet, there is a price. First there is the blood of Jesus, and then there is a cleansing we must experience through that blood. When we comprehend that great cost and experience that cleansing, then we will be wholly dedicated to our commitment of faith. Seeking our brothers’ welfare and seeking their company whenever they assemble will not be an obligation but a passion.

[09/13/14]   The Next Step - Titus 2:11-14

Grace did not appear to give us a license to selfishly indulge ourselves against the will of God. Grace does not impart immunity, nor is grace a whitewash. The grace of God appeared, in the very person of Jesus Christ, to pay the severe price to buy our freedom from sin. Grace trains us to rise above the cesspool of worldly desires to live a life of control, dignity, uprightness, and purpose. Grace sets our hearts on the hope of the divine glory that will one day be seen by every eye. Grace teaches us to long for the day when we will be enveloped by the very glory of our God and Savior. Grace instills in us a hate for sin and a zeal for good works. Do you understand what grace is?

[09/08/14]   The Next Step - Titus 2:1-8

There is an expression in verse 10 that captures the essence of the kind of people we are called to be. Paul tells servants to, “adorn the doctrine of God our Savior.” Preached sermons can be powerful and effective; lived sermons can be more so. These verses challenge us to look at our station in life as men and women of particular ages and adorn ourselves with the character and behavior befitting of God’s people. Godly character is hard work but it is worth it. Righteous behavior requires focus and discipline but the good we can do is immeasurable. Through us God is teaching the world. With each growth step our message becomes clearer and more convincing.

[09/02/14]   The Next Step - II Timothy 2:22-26

Being an effective worker for Christ is about influence. Though the New Testament record of Timothy starts off with him as a person of sterling reputation, Paul exhorts him to stay on guard against the things that would corrupt his character and wreck his ministry. Righteousness should be pursued not lust. The truth of God is to be taught not ignorant controversies. Treat all, even opponents, with patience and gentleness. Paul wanted Timothy to layer his effectiveness by broadening his influence by deepening his Christ-like character. We too are called to deeper and higher things in service to Christ. And we get there by taking the next step. What things might be threatening to make you ineffective as Christ’s worker? Let’s remove them and distance ourselves from them. Let’s keep pursuing the high calling. What a difference it will make in our lives and the lives of others.

[08/20/14]   The Next Step - I Timothy 6:11-16

Some statements seem to jump out at you from the scriptures. “Take hold of the eternal life”, is one such expression. It is actually possible to find, attain, and even take hold of eternal life. The article in the English translation qualifies it as “the eternal life”. Eternal life is only found in Christ and Paul writes of what is involved in taking hold of it. He emphasizes the commitment we made by our confession and the importance of keeping it. He speaks of pursuing a righteous life of faith and love. Eternal life is certainly worth any effort. Though it is a gift, it is a gift that has to be seized. No half effort will suffice. We must reach, clutch, and never let go.

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