Veritas Artizen Chocolate

Veritas Artizen Chocolate


Pure is perfect, and this chocolate is perfect. I'm just finishing the 70 percent bar of Single Origin Ecuador chocolate and I LOVE it. I can't wait to try all the others. I'm a dark chocolate fanatic with lots of food allergies and have been looking for a vegan bar for decades that is dark and rich and delicious. I FOUND IT! If you love dark chocolate, you'll love this bar.
I think I'm in a chocolate coma😍. Received a sample box today and had to taste everything. I thought the pecan turtles were my favorite until I tasted the brownie until I tasted the bourbon ball until I tasted the dark chocolate bar. It all is incredible and packaged so beautifully and fun. Thanks Veritas!
Bought a bar last week at the Reston Farmers' Market, and was I surprised! Such a great pure cocoa flavor, it stayed a long time in my mouth. This week I bought 3 more bars and I am looking forward to savor them. Keep up the good work!
Marilyn Tousley, Carolyn Tousley

Veritas is bean to bar, original source chocolate. Produced in Loudoun Co, VA, sourced from tropical farms. Cacao and Sugar is all for these delights.

Veritas Artizen Chocolate owners purchased @jrsnyitalianice in Asbhurn, VA. Here we are combining our chocolate production and chocolate shop into the ice cream shop and will be open year around to provide high quality bean to bar chocolate to Loudoun County and Northern Virginia. Please reach out with any questions or special requests: [email protected]

Produced in the heart of the Loudoun County. Working exclusively with our Direct Trade partner in Ecuador, we ensure the farmers growing the cacao we use to make chocolate are making a fair and livable wage, while upholding sustainable farming practices. Veritas means "truth" in Latin. We chose the name because our chocolate is pure and true. We don't add oils, soy, or emulsifiers to stretch and cheapen our chocolate. It is more intense and rich than traditional store-bought chocolate. If you like local, craft food products, please give our dark, milk, or white chocolate a try.

Operating as usual

First run at Hot Chocolate Bombs...scrumptious! More coming in various decorations in time for holiday gifts.

Ivory Coast police rescue 11 children working on cocoa farms

Shared by our friends at River-Sea Chocolates. We stand with all the craft chocolate producers globally who refuse to support cacao growers in countries where basic human rights are so heartbreakingly eclipsed by greed. Police on Wednesday rescued 11 children and two teenagers working on cocoa plantations in southwestern Ivory Coast and arrested three farmers on suspicion of people trafficking, the police commissioner said.


Interesting and fun to watch, but this is NOT how chocolate is made! This is the tempering and molding of chocolate that has already been made. All of the steps that come before to turn a cacao pod into liquid joy is how chocolate is made...growing, harvesting, drying, roasting, cracking, winnowing, juicing, and 24 hours of grinding! Then you get to tempering and molding. I see this a lot in our industry - "chocolate making" workshops that teach people how to make truffles. It's a bit deceiving. Anyone want to learn how to actually make chocolate? Workshops in our new space coming soon!!!!

How chocolate is made! 🍫

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Veritas Artizen Chocolate

Our page on LoudounGo has been updated with some yummy new products. Get your order in by noon on Thursday for Saturday delivery. Veritas Artizen Chocolate

EatLoco Farmers Markets

Check out those truffle boxes and chocolate bars behind Dan. A little hard to make out, but they're there as one of the LoudounGo local food producer products, delivered weekly. No surprise, our orders on the website are going up! #loveloudoun #theburnva #takeloudounhome

LoudounGo is knocking it out of the park again with ABC7 News spot yesterday putting all of our partners in the spotlight; EatLoco, Chefscape, Chef Erik Foxx and @Chariots For Hire. Multiple partners achieving one goal. To deliver farm fresh products, locally made foods, and chef made meals to your door.


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Come check out the new offerings at the market at Fabiolli Vineyards today.

Caramel apples and chocolate covered strawberry marshmallows are making their debut today Fabiolli Vineyards market today, with our chocolate company Veritas Artizen Chocolate.

Loudoun Go setting up shop at Chefscape in Leesburg

So excited for all the upgrades and advancements this organization is making in the "field" of local food getting to appreciative customers. Proud to be a part of it. News | Ashburn Virginia

We're really looking forward to participating in this we just need to make more chocolate. Hope to see you there.

‼️THIS THURSDAY ‼️The Loudoun Country Market at Fabbioli Cellars 4-7pm The New Ag School in collaboration with Loudoun Grown Expo
A Southern Fish Fry and Hershey's Ice Cream Mobile Food Trucks, Live Music, Farms Tours at 5pm & 6pm. The Speakeasy will be Open with $5 glasses of ciders and two wines! ➡️‼️➡️AND 16 VENDORS!!!
Legacy Farms
Baurhouse Farm
Chapel Ford Farm
New River Farm
Spring House Farm and Farm Store
Cana Breeze Farm
Fleur de Leah
Food Loop LLC
Product Water
Butterfly Hill Farm Store
The Evans Family
Damselfly Hill
The Local Global
Veritas Artizen Chocolate
Pet Wants Chantilly
Tatina's Turnings

We’ve been getting into a lot of truffle lately! The truffle case is fully stocked and eager for customers. We’re especially proud of our wide assortment of flavors, our new XL truffles (think gold balls of glory), and an incredible Dark Chocolate Salted Chipotle Truffle...It’s HOT! Honeybee Creamery LoudounGo

Fabbioli to launch 'Loudoun Country Market' to showcase agribusinesses

We're excited to be participating in this fun and local event. We'll be showcasing a whole new assortment of gourmet truffles. While local agritourism businesses are booming during the cornonavirus pandemic due to a renewed interest in people wanting to know where their food is coming from, Loudoun County winemaker Doug

You can put your order in and get your craft chocolate delivered right to your door on Saturday.

Send a LoCo gift to friends and family, or treat yourself to fresh farm goods, wine, chocolate, flowers, and more, all delivered right to their (or your) door. Visit today and order by Thursday NOON for Saturday delivery or pickup.


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Let’s add some chocolate to that grouping!

“We are beyond thrilled that we can now get wine via LoudounGo. Can’t wait to try this 8 Chains North Winery Chardonnay with some grilled corn on the cob. Yum!” Shannon Ponce de León

8 Chains North Winery 🍷
The Fermented Pig 🐷
Taste of Istanbul 🇹🇷
Tyson Farms LLC. 🌽


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We're proud to be a participating vendor for this unique and special local food delivery service. Farmers and craft food and beverage producers are now able to get their specialty products in the hands of customers all over NoVA through this incredible organization. Check out all of the interesting options.

Delivering LOCAL to your front door! 100 mile radius from Loudoun County.

We're bacon you to come out to the Loudoun Grown Expo on Saturday and get a piece of salty, sweet, meaty heaven. You'll be amazed at the new flavor variations we've been dreaming up!

Loudoun Grown Expo

Veritas Chocolate will be at this event again next weekend. It's a great opportunity for local food producers to showcase their products and get to know each other. We'll be brining on the BACON...chocolate-covered BACON and we're getting fancy with it this year. Come check us out!

Approx 40 vendors will showcase the best of Loudoun’s growers, producers, artisans & makers, breweries and wineries — all under one roof.

We did it!!!! 100 Valentine's Day Chocolate-Covered Fruit Arrangements Made and Delivered all over Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Thanks to a great crew.

We did it! 100 Valentine's Day Chocolate-Covered Fruit Arrangements Made and Delivered all over Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Thanks to a great crew. #loveloudoun #ashburnvillageneighbors #ashburnva

We've been working our beans off to get ready for these chocolate events. Now we have lots of bars, bark, and bacon for the upcoming #cityoffairfaxchocolateloversfestival

Made with child labor? Major chocolate companies flunk scorecard

On this MLK day of focus on service and freedom, please remember that within our beloved chocolate industry, there are still a multitude of children forced to work the cacao plantations under unimaginable conditions. Let's work together to keep chocolate Sweet for All! NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Major chocolate companies such as Godiva...

Our new Gourmet Bark label. We'll have the Wild varieties up on the website in a few days. You can look forward to ordering flavors like Peppermint, Nuts N Berries, Chili-Lime, Lemon-Blueberry, and tons more. Let us know if you have flavor suggestions.

Honeybee Creamery

Image: New years eve GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Happy New Years! Found on Google from

Ashburn, VA Same-Day Flower Delivery | Send a Gift Today | Loudoun Sweet Treats

The chocolate covered berries are ready for Christmas. Projections are for a very busy season. Order here for local delivery around Loudoun County. #theburnva #loveloudoun #ashburnvillageneighbors Loudoun Sweet Treats is your real local florist serving Ashburn, VA. We hand-craft and deliver beautiful floral arrangements, bouquets and gifts. Order today!

We're getting ready for the Holidays Makers & Purveyors Market this on Saturday The Wine Reserve at Waterford This is going to be a fun event at one of our area's best wineries.

Local gourmet goodies 🍫 to stuff your stockings (or face) 😋courtesy of Veritas Artizen Chocolate this SATURDAY at our Holiday Makers + Purveyors Market. 🍷🍻🎄🎼Check out their assortment of dark and milk chocolate treats, flavored truffles,🍬 gift boxes, 🎁chocolate ornaments, bark, and more. Not to mention S'more pops and chocolate pops🍭 for kids of all ages!🧒👧👩👨👨‍🦳👵
#vawinereserve #veritasartizenchocolate #fairtradeandlocallymade #organic #loveloudoun #takeloudounhome #thisonegoesouttoallthechocolatelovers

Vanilla Exotics

Some interesting images from our direct trade partner in Ecuador. There is much to learn here about the extensive process that initiate the chocolate we love.

From seedling to cacao paste.

Michael @royalcacao and I MetroCooking DC. All ready with our Cacao Exotics products - cocoa butter, vanilla beans, nibs, cacao syrup, chocolate bars, and truffles. All direct trade from Ecuador...Pod to People!!!

Dropped off 1,100 of these babies to Capital Caring Health for their big fund raiser gala this weekend - Raspberry Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Truffles made with our craft chocolate...YUM! Hope everyone enjoys and they have a wonderful event.

Thank you to all who showed up yesterday JR's NY Soft Serve & Italian Ice for our Celebrate Chocolate event. It was a big success. Having Michael, our Direct Trade partner from Ecuador, with us, sharing his delicious cacao products, made it even more special.

Thank you to all who showed up yesterday for our Celebrate Chocolate event. It was a big success. Having Michael, our Direct Trade partner from Ecuador, with us, sharing his delicious cacao products, made it even more special.

These tasty darlings are on their way to brighten someone's day. Let me know if you'd like a dozen delivered to your special someone tomorrow. $42 - delivery fee waived for Halloween. Get your order in today!

Waterford Fair

We'll be at the Waterford Fair tomorrow and Sunday. Come by and get a sample of our craft dark milk chocolate. We also have chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos, & bacon. Chocolate cherries, bars, and our ever popular Moonshine Smash Cherries. #waterfordva #loveloudoun #beantobarchocolate

Come to the Waterford Fair, October 7-9, 2016, and return to an earlier time. Tour historic houses, watch juried artisans demonstrate their crafts, & more.

We used our 70% pure dark chocolate to make a truly yummy fudge sauce to go over the ice cream at JR's NY Soft Serve & Italian Ice. As if anything could make ice cream better...but it does! Head over and try a free sample.

Homemade fudge sauce is HERE! Made with pure dark Veritas Artizen Chocolate. Come in and try a free sample!

Food Porn

I see strawberry roses in our future!

@chefthiagofreitas // lay me down on a bed of these roses.

No seriously, these chocolates strawberry roses made by @chefthiagofreitas are freaking incredible. Best we’ve ever seen. Ever.

JR Ice Cream

Our new shop website is ready for action - though it still has much fine tuning to do (like figuring out why FB is pulling content for the description from the middle of the home page). Since we'll be producing and selling our chocolate from the shop, please check it out and stop by for a treat!

Vertias Artizen Chocolate has a New Home

We bought JR's NY Soft Serve & Italian Ice in Ashburn, VA. Our craft chocolate, fruit bouquets through 1800Flowers, and chocolate-covered strawberries throug Sherries Berries will now be added to the scrumptious frozen treats at this popular neighborhood shop. We're so excited. Rebranding will be forthcoming. Please stop in and see us!

Our Story

Veritas is bean to bar chocolate produced in the heart of the Loudoun County, Virginia wine country. We source our beans from Direct Trade farmers in South America to ensure a higher quality product and better outcome for the growers. We use only cacao beans and sugar in our dark chocolate and add only milk powder and cocoa butter to our milk chocolate, making this as pure as you can get. We also use our chocolate to make fun and delicious treats.

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Vertias Artizen Chocolate has a  New Home
Holiday Treats from the Veritas Chocolate Kitchen




20693 Ashburn Rd. #125
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 11:00 - 22:00
Wednesday 11:00 - 22:00
Thursday 11:00 - 22:00
Friday 11:00 - 01:00
Saturday 11:00 - 01:00
Sunday 11:00 - 22:00
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