Noel Tuggle, Pearson Smith Realty

Noel Tuggle, Pearson Smith Realty


Excellent and great experience, not only we had a realtor but also an awesome friend. His personality makes everythring easier. Profesional, kind and fun, we couldn't ask for more. Thanks Noel!!! You made our dreams come true! 😊❤️👏👏👏

Native to ‘America’s Dairy land’, Noel Tuggle was born in Madison, Wisconsin. After a few years living in the Midwest his family was relocated to Washington, DC. Residing in our constantly growing county for over 15 years, Noel definitely has a ‘niche’ for helping clients find their perfect home. Let him help you take the headache away from buying and or selling your home!

So excited for my client Cameron on the purchase of her first home in VA! Together we were able to make it a smooth transition and find the perfect home 2 days after being on the market! A true joy to work with, cheers 🥂 🏡


With rates dropping at an all time low and the spring market approaching, now is the perfect time to buy AND sell your home. For any questions or additional information, click below or contact me directly!

Keeping Current Matters

And it all boils down to supply ⬇ and demand ⬆

Keeping Current Matters

Help your clients truly stand out in this seller's market 🔑🏡

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Starting off the new year with a bang! Congratulations  starting off the new year with a bang! Congratulations to my clients Mike and Brittney on the purchase of their first home. We were able to beat out 2 other offers in this aggressive market. They were understanding, patient, and inspiring to work with. Cheers to you both 🥂 🏡

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With the market being as hot as it is currently, homes are here today and gone tomorrow. If you’re interested in purchasing or selling in the future, click the button below to contact me directly or visit my website

Keeping Current Matters

The busiest season in real estate has just begun 🗓

Just in time for thanksgiving! Huge congrats to my friends Ken and Angela on not only selling their old home but purchasing they’re new one in under a week! Now all we need to find is find the Christmas tree and get those lights up 🎄 🏡 😃

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Even with the holidays approaching, there still no better time than to get information about purchasing or selling your home. Contact me directly if you’re looking for more info or if you’d like to reach your real estate goals for 2020!


Congratulations to my clients Mohammed and Mathoor on the purchase of their brand new home. While the journey had its share of bumps what matters most is that we got to the finish line! You guys were remarkable throughout the entire process. Now get that movie room set up so we can watch some movies! 🍿 🎥 🏡

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Planning on purchasing or selling a home this year? Or would you rather start early next year? Either way, contact me directly for information on the market and how to move onto the next steps!

This one was one of my favorite journeys all year! So proud and excited for my clients on the purchase of their first Virginia home. Coming all the way from Detroit, they needed the utmost care selecting a home that fits all their needs in a particular time frame. Truly amazing people you get to work with in this business, congrats again Outland family!

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As we approach the winter market, a lot of sellers are still eager to get their home on the market before year end. Whether you’re looking to sell or interested in buying by the year end, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. I’m here to help!

Keeping Current Matters

To anyone who’s getting nervous about the market. Here’s a quick article to read. Let me know your thoughts!

These 3 top organizations are all projecting growth next year 📈

There are times where you help great clients, and then there are times you help out your FRIENDS. Please help me in congratulating my friends Chris and Valerie on their purchase of their home! I can’t say enough for a more well deserving couple, they’re just spectacular at everything they do! Couldn’t happen to a better family!

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Interest rates are still at an all time low. And it is still a sellers market. If you’re interested in knowing more, always feel free to contact me!

Proud to be a top producer and realtor in the Brokerage!

🌟Congratulations to PSR Top Producers🌟

These agents have been working hard and their efforts are paying off! Keep working hard! We are all proud of you here at PSR.

Please help me in congratulating these veterans on the purchase of their first Virginia home! Together, we were able to beat out multiple offers and able to keep the same school district in the desired area in Springfield. Amazing work by you both. Also, you guys were incredible to work with!


As we draw closer to the end of the year, it’s never too late to inquire or plan on the purchase or selling of your home. Always feel free to contact me with questions or want to additional information about the market!

Everyone please help me on congratulating my client Zach on the purchase on his FIRST home! Working together, we made the entire home buying process an easy one for sure. Now onto furniture shopping 😂

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With rates the lowest they’ve been in over 6 months, the time to buy/sell is now. Message me for details on how you can find your next home!

Join me in congratulating this perfect couple Sydney & Brad on their first home purchase! These two were so understanding, patient, and amazing throughout the entire process in this competitive market. Well deserved for such great people!

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Interested about the market? Contact me directly by sending a quick message below!

Another one in the books for this beautiful family! Together we were able to sell our home and only on the market for a week! Every journey has a few bumps in the road but this one was set to cruise control. A huge congratulations is well deserved.

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As summer is coming to an end, rates are still low and the market is still hot. Contact me by clicking the link below if you’re thinking about buying/selling or want to know more!

Please congratulate my clients Christian & Krystal on finding their new home! Together we won a multiple offer situation that was super competitive. It was almost more exciting winning the offer then getting the keys. Awesome job Christian and Krystal!

The real estate market is at all time high and interest rates are lower than they have been in over year. Contact me below for more information on the next steps on finding your next home!

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Journey complete! Congratulations to my clients Andrew and Jennifer on purchasing their dream home. Together we were able sell our home and purchase our new one in a much sought after community.

Interested in buying/selling? Contact me clicking the link below!

One down, one to go! Congratulations to my clients Andrew and Jennifer on selling their home! As fast as we got the home ready to be on the market it was off just as quickly. See you guys next week when we purchase our new home! 😃 🏡 🔑

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, the market is at an all-time high. Find out what’s available, what’s coming soon on the market, or to get an estimated value of your home by messaging me!

Parth & Jainy! So incredibly proud of you! You were amazing to the entire process and we’re both so calm and collected in such a competitive market. It’s because of you that we beat out 3 other offers. Please congratulate these first time homebuyers who have found their dream home!

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The market is at an all-time high now for sellers as well as buyers. If you’re interested in selling, buying, or just looking at specific neighborhoods that you’d like to move to in the future, click the link below. I’d love to help!

Listen to my podcast below!

[New Episode] How to Keep Improving Every Day w/Noel Tuggle
Get the Full Episode Here-->

In real estate, your results and level of success depend greatly on the time and effort you put into it. How can you get on top, and stay there? What can you do to make your name synonymous with real estate in your area?

On this episode, we talk with Pearson Smith Realty Team agent, Noel Tuggle, as he shares his advice for how to improve as an agent.

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

- In real estate, you can’t afford to dwell on your downfalls. In the time you take to worry about the deal you didn’t get, you could be out closing others. Keep your morale high and remember that it’s not the end of the world when you fail.

- Stop being timid in business. Developing a more aggressive approach is a game changer in real estate. Make sure you’re making a name for yourself in real estate and don’t allow fear or shyness to hold you back.

- The best way to find out where you’re going wrong is by asking. When you meet with prospective clients, ask them what you could have done better. Use this constructive criticism to make your business better.

Become the master of your own mindset, and never think you’re past the need for improvement. Even when you’re on top, remember that your job is to serve your clients. Make sure you’re listening to their concerns and their criticism, and continue to develop your expertise.

We did it Shannon! Our journey had a lot of ups and downs but you were so patient and awesome throughout. Thank you so much for entrusting me in the home buying process and getting your dream home! Huge shout out to Cole McInturff with Home and Savings Trust Mortgage as well for always being in point!

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Interested in finding your next home? Visit my website by clicking the link below or contact me directly.

A HUGE congratulations to my clients Justin & Belky on the sale of their home! They were patient, cooperative, and amazing in every step of the process even though it was a roller coaster at times 😂. Couldn’t be happier for a more deserving family!

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Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or sell a home you’re in currently it’s always a great idea to speak with a market specialist! Feel feee to contact me or search for home straight from my website by simply clicking the link below.

So proud of my clients Mohammed and Salwa! Together we were able to find a home in the exact neighborhood we were looking for before it even hit the market!

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With the spring market benefitting the sellers it’s very key to have a realtor who’s educated, aggressive, and knows your needs. Visit my website below to check out what’s available for you in desired locations!

Noel Tuggle, Pearson Smith Realty

The spring market is here! Contact me if you’re looking to make a move.

If you are looking to make a move.... Take a look at these homes!

To schedule a showing, personalize a home search, or for additional info and pricing, click "Learn More"

Keeping Current Matters

Housing supply traditionally shrinks at this time of year, so the choices buyers have will be limited. Plus, only those purchasers who are serious about buying a home will be in the marketplace.

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Noel Tuggle, Pearson Smith Realty

67 Bickel Ct, Sterling, VA 20165

Going live 2/14/2019 for only $315,000! Gorgeous 2 bedroom with loft, 2 full bath Townhome in Countryside.
Granite counters and Tile Backsplash in Kitchen, gleaming wide plank hardwoods on Main Level. Fully finished lower level rec room with full bath. Master Bedroom Has Loft with a Retractable Ladder! 2 Parking
spaces right out front. close to Lowes Island, Dulles Airport, shopping, schools and more! Call For Private Showing!

#Sterling #Countryside #LoudounCounty #PearsonsSmithRealty $ComingSoon

67 Bickel Ct, Sterling, VA 20165

Going live 2/14/2019 for only $315,000! Gorgeous 2 bedroom with loft, 2 full bath Townhome in Countryside.
Granite counters and Tile Backsplash in Kitchen, gleaming wide plank hardwoods on Main Level. Fully finished lower level rec room with full bath. Master Bedroom Has Loft with a Retractable Ladder! 2 Parking
spaces right out front. close to Lowes Island, Dulles Airport, shopping, schools and more! Call For Private Showing!

#Sterling #Countryside #LoudounCounty #PearsonsSmithRealty $ComingSoon

As a bridesmaid in my wedding and one of my wife’s best friends, I couldn’t be happier for this Arkansas native to plant roots in Ashburn Virginia. Love you MalMal and congratulations again!

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Looking to find out more info on the market or wanting to start the home buying process? Click my link below for additional info or contact me!

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Because NOTHING says "I love you" like a heart-shaped tray of Chick-fil-A ❤️🐔

Did you know? You could get back 60% of the money you put into a bathroom renovation when you sell.

Family Handyman

Set yourself up for years of DIY homeowner success by following these tips!

Best Breakfast Restaurant In DC, VA: Daily Meal Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these DC, VA restaurants serve up the best pancakes, eggs and more, says Daily Meal.

Keeping Current Matters

Perhaps the time has come for you and your family to move on and start living the life you desire.

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Ashburn Patch

Leave for home now, Virginia highway authorities warn as snow moves in.

A bad neighborhood isn't always obvious.

Leesburg VA Real Estate

WOW!! They could be looking at your home! Call me if you or someone you know are ready to make a move!

Starting the New Year off with a bang! Congrats to my client Matt on the purchase of his first home!

Interested in making 2019 your year to purchase? Rates are lower than they have been since last quarter so now is the time to start looking! Check out my website below to start your dream home search.

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The horror. 😳

Couldn’t be more proud of my client Aurora on the sale of her home! Having her home on the market previously, she was very skeptical of realtors coming in but after providing her with the information she needed we were able to find the perfect buyer for her home! All you need is the right realtor!

#LoudounCounty #Loudoun #Sterling #SellingToSold

Message me directly on market analysis for your neighborhood or if you’re looking to move in a particular area buy clicking the link below!

Congratulations to my clients the Parkers on their first home! Together we found the perfect home in the desired location that was number one on their list. Big shout out to Cole McInturff with with Home and Savings Trust Mortgage with getting them the best rate in the market. Dream home achieved!

As rates increase, it couldn’t be a better time to start searching for the perfect home for you. View thousands of homes from my personal website by clicking the link below.

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Going on the market 10/10/2018! 21619 Monmouth Terrace, Ashburn VA, 20147
Stunning, End Unit Townhouse! Wood floors throughout main level and tons of natural light give this townhome a single family feel. Stainless Steel appliances in the kitchen. Master suite with large soaking tub and separate shower. Large rec room with fireplace in the basement, fenced yard and spacious deck make this home perfect for entertaining. Minutes to shopping and dining! Call now to schedule a private tour or for questions!

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Fresh Listing from Noel Tuggle in Sterling! Single Family Home with 4 Bed, 2.5 Bath, Large Back Deck for Entertaining!

312 Lincoln Avenue:

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