Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale

Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale


I am looking for an artist who made a wallet that I bought a few years back in the coyote cafe shops. The label on it says cherry bug? Does that ring a bell to you? If so email me at [email protected]. Thanks Marcia
hi Jupey..checking out your page! :-)
Such an amazing Valentines gift!!!!
To give some perspective: The picture on the right is a full sized Kimono so it's about 4.5 feet tall. Stairwells are always interesting to hang art in.
With all the goings on about the globe i thought it might be a good time to repost this old piece. Historically, growing up in Cincinnati, OH every Christmas it was 'the thing to do' to go downtown and see all of the christmas decorations. the tyler davidson fountain on fountain square was always transformed into a HUGE christmas tree and all the stores had special displays in their windows. It was a magical winter wonderland every year. That is, Until the day came where the KKK decided that it was their 'religious right' to add a white cross to the square. :( At which point the town was at an impasse for freedom of religion and decided that moving forward no decorations would be added since they couldnt disallow one 'religion' but allow another. It ruined many a christmas tradition. The piece is called Melting Pot Stew: a recipe for ignorance and hatred, and the poem that accompanies this piece reads as follows: Knot the flag boys, lure 'em in. Grab hood and sheet and lets begin. Heat the cauldron with books aflame. Hate and ignorance ...that's our game A dash of violence, HeCK use a lot, the press'll stir our melting pot Washington supplies the spoons and beats on Kings with L.A. goons Stuff with wives inside the home Shred their rights raise kids as clones add to schools which team em nil learn our youth to maim and kill distill until the pot is pure pass it off as soup du jour killing others in HIS name nevermind our bloods the same
This is a lifetime of travels collection of masks. I hung them high up in their stairwell.
ARTISTS BEWARE: This guy originally contacted me via Thumbtack in January. He posted a job. I and several other professionals bid on it at a rate of about $6 per bid. He contacted me with the information on the picture. Insisted to only correspond via email, wanted a 2 week turnaround on a 30 x 40" painting on canvas and offered $1000 extra to cover courier. today, 2 months later, he contacted me directly via text (from my facebook business page) and asked me to email him. when i responded he sent me the SAME exact email with the same exact pictrue. Ironically the urgent need of the anniversary the first week in February is now is urgent again for a new anniversary. so he's either polygamous or scamming. i'd say scamming. emails sources are not identifiable. anyone can make any email LOOK like it's coming from somewhere it's not. these guys are wasting time and money and effort of our fellow artists. Hopefully none of you fall for this.
ARTISTS BEWARE OF SCAMS: This guy posted a job on Thumbtack, which professionals pay good money to bid on. My first contact with him was from there. I paid approximately $6 to bid on this job. He contacted me and sent this message. then proceeded to request it in an unusually short time frame for a 30x40" canvas. then offered to send $1000 extra to cover delivery and pick up by a car service. He sent me a message today (two months later) by text asking me to email him. He got my number from my FB business page. when i contacted him he sent me the SAME exact message as last time. So the urgent need for the anniversary in March is still an urgent need apparently. i've noticed that they'll send generic pics they want copied, always in a hurry, and always offer extra because of x, y or z. the money orders only come back as fraudulent after you've already done the work and delivered the art. no , i did not fall for this. but i'm sure others have. otherwise they wouldnt keep doing it.
Hey Folks: I don't have a website yet. still working on it. :) some have asked. Hopefully by the end of this year.

Art Installation, Picture Framing, Illustration, Architectural Renderings, Pet Portraits, Fine Art, Consulting, Expert in Presentation and preservation

As a degreed illustrator Jupey T. Gale‘s subjects are as diverse as her many styles and mediums. Her art exhibits a diverse and transient study of the duality of the world, as we know it. True to this duality you’ll find both a recognized Fine Artist (art from the heart) and also a successful Freelance Artist (art for hire). As a fine artist she has produced a variety of works portraying everything from sardonic political commentary to fantastical figuratives and dreamy landscapes. As a Freelance Artist projects ranged from architectural renderings, pet portraits, large-scale theatrical installations, custom automotive detailing, custom furniture refinishing and more. Her success is in working with her clients to create custom made art to suit their specific wants and needs. She completed her foundation studies in Visual Communications at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with emphasis on Illustration from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Jupey has been a successful Freelance and Fine Artist for over 20 years, Her work can be found in many prestigious corporate and residential collections to include; Procter & Gamble, Japan,Chiquita Center, Jergens Co., and was hired by Procter & Gamble to create a special gift to their Corporate Exchange Intern from Japan P&G. 1995. Currently, Jupey continues to grow as both Fine Artist and Freelance Artist establishing herself in the DC Metro Area.

Dedicated to the specialized nature of Installation, Presentation, Preservation and creation of art.

Mission: My mission is to help others translate what they picture in their heads into a tangible and attainable end product.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Restored painting and frame.

AFTER: AAAAnnnnnndddd like a big dork I didnt put the final pic in, it was an in progress one.

Here is the final...again...really the final this time lol TADAAAAA

BEFORE: This is a recent commission. The owner of the painting had it done by another artist 30-40 years ago. ORiginally it was large, approx. 48 x 60" and contained all 4 of her grand children. The artist captured this young man's personality perfectly but according to her, the other 3 looked kind of 'Frankenstein-ish". My job was to unstretch the canvas and cut out this young man and paint out his frankenstein sister. But if you look closely, he has no feet. And if his hand is there, and his shoulder is there, and the armchair is there, his elbow is at a very un natural angle. So I had to remove her and paint him in. Are we ready for the AFTER shots??? This one is for you Diana Deming

Stolen portrait found inside wall confirmed as Gustav Klimt's Portrait Of A Lady

Theres one mystery solved The painting, stolen 23 years ago and found last month by a gardener, was established to be an original by experts.

Everything Gardening

Framing Needlework With Glass? - The Great Frame Up

Just FULL of information When our customers bring us their cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel or other needlework, one question often comes up: Should needlework be framed with glass? While conventional wisdom used to say no or “it depends,” new information from conservators and expert framers leads us to always recommen...

A couple of commissioned pieces. What’s on your table?

This is the back side of an all marble fireplace,
the art had to hang from the ceiling which is cedar slats. I used an Arakawa hanging system.

Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale's cover photo

When your customer has more art than walls and says "make it fit" lol.

Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale

After all the Christmas rushes were out the door, i had a rare few hours to myself today and used the time to finish up my Salvador Dali that I’d bought for myself for my birthday last year (nov 2018) Double 8 ply rag mats and backing, a few french lines and hand made Italian marbled paper panel. Paired with this totally awesome hand me down finished corner frame Im in love with the end result.

Heavy Plexi Boxes

This was the biggest job i've ever done. Ironically it was only 2 pieces of art and some lights. ceiling height is 20 some odd feet. I had to rehang the 2 pieces over the fireplaces that someone else hung off centered and crooked and focus the lights on the art. while up there my customer had several lights that were out and we thought we'd just change them all in one fair swoop. A hydraulic or electric lift was the plan. BUT customer has marble tile floors and the lifts are too heavy and would destroy the tile. So we used a 3 tiered scaffold. I could live my life without ever doing this again. I lost sleep over it admittedly. But now that i know i'm superwoman, the sky's the limit.

Not sure that I can call it a mural. But this is a (step by step) logo I did up in Baltimore recently. I splurged to have a template cut from the jpeg image i was given. A moderate expense that afforded me several hours in execution.

Don't you just
love making others visions come to life.

Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale's cover photo

Went with my BFF Anastasia Anne 's parents house to check on their cats and look at what i found. I totally forgot about this one and its one of the FEW pen & ink portraits I've done. A blast from the past. I did this commission back in 2002 but had never photographed it. I was impressed with the framing too until she reminded me that I framed it as well LOL.

Very interesting! Dont you love the look and depth the overlapping frames create? Ive created this effect with picture rails before but never thought to do this!

#TopTip - This series of small images on large white backgrounds with overlapping frames add interest to what could be a fairly usual display.

What do you do the clear the clutter of dozens of easel backs all over the house? Create a family wall!! This one is his side of family on the right and hers on the left. Their kids are scattered through the middle.

Per customers specs: ALL are on 2 hooks too, even the tiny ones.

and they wanted it tight so they can add to it, thats why there's organic space left over L& R.

CBS News

Just yes

This mother is showing girls they can be whatever they want to be — by capturing stunning photos of them as both princesses and athletes. 👑💪

Signed by Rick, Carl, Maggie, Glen AND Daryl

The next piece of the puzzle. What could this possibly be for? Any guesses yet?

Caught Series

Can this be for real??? this is CRAAAAAAZY!

This artist is next level...painting backwards, blinfolded, upside down, with heels, dumbbells, even with his feet!
Follow Bou bou Design

What on earth could this be for? Stay tuned.

Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale

Artist Encases Incredibly Detailed Miniature Worlds Inside Antique Pocket Watches Teeny tiny worlds live within these timepieces.

BEFORE: an original oil. Appears someone tried to varnish it possibly with straight polyurethane WHILE STILL IN THE FRAME. It has yellowed over the years as you can see from the portion that was under the lip of the frame. Also appears to have lived in a home with a heavy smoker. Over several weeks, painstakingly cleaning with cotton balls and various chemicals and painting cleaners, the finished product is absolutely stunning. I re-varnished it last night. Will follow up with a side by side before and after tomorrow.

[03/15/19]   I just told a customer NO.

She wanted to commission me to draw a picture of a womans face. She has no picture for reference. And no human for reference. It is from a memory. Not even her memory, it's from her husbands memory. She couldnt tell me what medium, even to narrow down between pencil and pen & ink, wants a FIRM quote, wants photorealistic, but doesnt want to pay too much.
thanks but no thanks.

That about sums it up.

Hee hee! Truth. :D

Cleaning and varnishing for a client. then reframing.

Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale's cover photo

The finished and framed piece.

Such an amazing Valentines gift!!!!

Now that the Valentines Day surprise has been revealed... 16x20 “Skeeter”. Ink and watercolor on rag paper

These all hang off of each other with S hooks. So, the only ones anchored are the 4 at the top.

Immortalize your loved ones!
Pet Portraits in pen & ink, gouache or oils.

Furlough Special: $150 black and white 16" x 20"

I finished this RUSH 3 calligraphy documents, with a whole day to spare. Here are a few in progress pics and one of the final products. These are 3 nearly identical documents, 975 characters each (not including spaces) on archival parchment type paper (not real parchment) with India Ink, done with copperplate calligraphy nib and crow quill pen. Total time about 17 hours. Someone who does this all the time could probably do it faster but i'm old and my hands are eaten up with arthritis and carpal tunnel. These are not perfect but are by far the largest calligraphy project i've ever done. Not too shabby if i do say so myself.

This customer is the same family as the metal wall, this time it was a family wall. His side, her side and their growing family. One day i'll count exactly how many pieces. Most of these were easel backs and required altering to remove the easel and add a hanging mechanism (thereby extending the installation time) and the customer preferred 2 hooks per piece. Approx 12 hours work total. the layout alone was about an hour and a half. But look at the end product. Love it

The wall is FINISHED!! This wall is brick with a skim of real plaster over it. My telescoping ladder was at it's fullest extension for the tippy top. This stairwell has a huge skylight in the ceiling. Not ideal for traditional art. These items were collected all over the world by career military family. (thank you for your service)

Don't you think it was worth it in the end?

Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale

Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale

Affairs of the Arts-Jupey Gale's cover photo

Had 24 hours to complete this.

A little commissioned piece for a wedding gift from best man to groom.

It’s All About Art

Dedicated to the specialized nature of Installation, Presentation, Preservation and Creation of art.

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