Safety Education Specialists

Safety Education Specialists

Your source for quality AHA CPR/AED/BLS and Safety Training. Serving the entire Eastern Seaboard-we offer Training at Your Location--at your Schedule. Also offering ECSI Hands-On Skills training.

Check our Calendar and Events page for upcoming CPR classes. If you don't see what you need, call us-we are always happy to help. Open-enrollment courses offered in Ashburn, VA, with a Mobile Unit that will travel throughout MD, DC, and VA. We are an Authorized American Heart Association Training Site. All Instructors are Official American Heart Association Instructors. We are an Authorized ECSI Training Center - our go-to source for BSA, Intermediate and Advanced First Aid. Our instructors have either taught for or teach for the major ILCOR. ECC providers (AHA, ARC, ECSI, HSI, & NSC)

[06/18/20]   Our COVID-19 courses are nearly ready to launch. A few small tweaks...Keep an eye on our page for a schedule of virtual events. These will cover COVID-19 preparedness for the home, mental-health during COVID-19 and the trauma-reactive brain in pandemic. Some courses will be open to the general public, while other courses will be designed for the School/Government or Healthcare professional. #COVID #traumabrain #beprepared

Today we are testing our new training conference. Subject - the COVID-19 Pandemic, Trauma and helping Children cope. This presentation is available as a 1-hour online, 1/2 day in-person or full day in-person presentation. Our target audience includes parents, teachers, churches and schools.

[06/10/20]   Do you prefer In-Person classes or Online/Skills?

[06/07/20]   Schedule your 1-on-1 Skills Session - get certified while distancing.

[05/26/20]   In addition to limiting in-person attendees (1/class May, 2/class June), we are offering virtual training for your groups. This training can include: COVID-19 curated updates, Mental Health and coping skills, Stop the Bleed and CPR/First Aid Awareness. Contact us today for pricing and complete an engaging virtual training course today.

Fire Department Chronicles

We katanas nor octopus in our scenarios.

Every Medic and EMT scenario ever.

[05/05/20]   For our Corporate Clients, we have 2 options: A) Online with hands-on skills at your location - keeping with social distancing, decontamination and masking and B) Virtual Training: We drop off a set of manikins and training supplies, meet virtually for your training and skills and then pick up the manikins when you are done. Call or email for your quote.

#throwbackThursday (some Advanced first Aid moulage) We


As many of you know, Wes is currently in the hospital. Thank you all for your continued prayers and positive thoughts. Many of the LEO’s Wes has taught are currently wearing the Khyber Patch in support. #khybertraining #police #cops #code_four #rangeday
#lslustour #dr_wes_doss #thanks

[04/17/20]   All training will be conducted as a 1-on-1 session. You may use our Vagaro page to register for a Skills Session (if you have already done part of the course online), or an open-enrollment session, if you wish to do everything in your session. The fees for the Skills Sessions are $65 for Heartsaver and $70 for BLS. The fees for the full courses are $75: BLS Renewal, $85 Heartsaver AED, $105 Heartsaver First Aid with AED. These fees are paid when you arrive for your session.

Med-Tact School of Tactical Medicine

What's Open, Closed In Ashburn During Coronavirus Shutdowns

We are in the Ashburn Patch - open for Essential Healthcare Workers. Nearly 30 local businesses are in our guide so far of what's open and closed in Ashburn.

COVID-19 Safety Education Specialists Business Update: AHA BLS Skills Checks are available for Essential Healthcare Workers. We are able to conduct these sessions 1-on-1 and in compliance with all CDC, AHA and Virginia guidelines. Visit our website to select your appointment time or contact us at [email protected]

SES COVID-19 Updates

[03/30/20]   Per the Governor of Virginia's Stay-At-Home Order, through June 10, 2020 - SES will only offer Skills Session appointments for Healthcare Workers who can provide documentation that they are Essential Workers. These appointments will be conducted while respecting all social distancing requirements. These students must complete the Online training through the AHA prior to scheduling their session. Documentation of essential-worker status will be maintained in SES records. While the AHA has recommended extending certification expirations by 60 days, this is only a recommendation - not a mandate. Individual employers and licensing bodies may elect to not allow a 60-day grace period. For this reason, SES will remain open to Essential-Healthcare personnel only and only for 1-on-1 skills sessions made by appointment. To make an appointment, please contact us directly via email: [email protected] Our online scheduler will be operational for Healthcare workers only until the order is lifted.

Safety Education Specialists |

SES is now closed for all open-enrollment courses through 04/18/2020. If you are a Healthcare Worker and you need BLS in order to work, please contact us at [email protected] and we will set up a 1-on-1 appointment for your Skills Session. This service is ONLY for Healthcare Workers who need their BLS certification.

[03/17/20]   Per the new CDC guidelines to Slow the Spread, SES will close all open-enrollment classes. Students currently registered may attend their classes as scheduled. We will continue to offer 1 on 1 skills appointments through 03/21/2020. After 03/21, we will suspend all services until April 5th 2020. If you are a Healthcare Worker who needs BLS Certification for work, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis.

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton

The White House and Centers For Disease Control (CDC) have issued new guidance that every Virginian should follow to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The next 15 days are critical—avoid gatherings of over 10 people, stay home if you can, and avoid discretionary travel.

Read more here:

Scrubs - bacterial movement (My Cabbage episode)

This video is an example of how quickly bacteria and viruses can spread, and how easy it is to get infected without even thinking about it.

[03/14/20]   Dear Students: There has been a delay in processing our ecard orders for "Heartsaver" ecards. We have ordered them, but they have not hit our distribution bank as expected. We have pushed the issue up the chain for a resolution. We appreciate your patience.

[03/12/20]   Statement from SES regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.
At this time, we are continuing all classes and appointments as scheduled. Individual students are encouraged to use their own discretion in deciding whether or not to attend. If you would like to reschedule, as always, we do not charge a fee to reschedule due to illness.
We have always used disposable breathing valves for our training, changed lungs after each class etc and will add the use of nitrile gloves for all students.
We will also lower our students per class to ensure maximum social distancing during this time.
Any student who appears ill, has traveled outside of the USA within the last 14 days, or has a temperature of 100.0 or above will be denied entry to class.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Facts not Fear: As many people start to get sick with the flu or experience allergies, here's a look comparing the symptoms between the coronavirus, the flu and seasonal allergies.

Loudoun County first responder quarantined after coming into contact with person who tested positive for coronavirus Loudoun County officials announced Sunday night that a local first responder has been quarantined as a precaution after coming in contact with someone outside of the county who has since

Savage Paramedics

North American Rescue


By @drmikesimpson:
“The biggest mistake I see young medics making is over-packing. When you are packing your kit, especially your aid bag, there is a strong urge to "What-if?" every possible scenario. (This is the 180 degree problem from what I discussed earlier in the week about forgetting why you are there and what you should be carrying) As medics gain more experience, they develop a more realistic approach to what they should carry based on what they are likely to encounter and what they can reasonably treat. Ask yourself: 1)Based on the operational environment, what will be the most common injury pattern that I encounter? 2)What is the most life-threatening, yet survivable injury, that I can treat with my skillset? 3)How long will I have to treat and how close is the next level of care? 4)Where am I strong and weak as a medic? 5)What are my team mates carrying in the way of medical supplies and should/could they carry more?

If you over "What-if?" you will soon find yourself carrying a hundred pounds of gear. That is the point of diminishing returns, where you will be so impaired by the added weight, that you will cease to be an asset and will become a liability to your team.

Travel lite, less is more. Know your limitations and that of your gear, and know your operational environment. More on this, and the modular approach to kitting, in future posts.”
#tccc #tecc #cotcc #march #18d #68w #tems #specialforcesmedic #tacmed #operationalmedicine #trauma #emergencymedicine #prehospitalmedicine #contoms #stopthebleed #swat #firstresponder #swatmedic #rescuetaskforce #rtf

American Red Cross

Here’s three easy steps you can take right now to prepare your household for an emergency, including the coronavirus.

Tactical Emergency Medicine

Get some training.

[03/03/20]   Training at NIAID in Maryland today. So far, no #coronavirus in sight...

Sudden cardiac arrest often a woman's first sign of heart disease | Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation New research from the Smidt Heart Institute says women at risk for cardiovascular disease must be better identified

Saint Fisher Church of Evidence Based Medicine

There are a lot of people asking about IFAK packing lists across social media. Always go with CoTCCC recommended devices and equipment. ***we have no financial disclosures***

Massive hemorrhage: Choose two CoTCCC recommended tourniquets

Airway: NPA

Respiration: Two vented chest seals, NCD if you are trained

Circulation: Two bleeders with hemostatic dressings or compressed gauze and elastic pressure dressing (ACE bandage), this could go into massive hemorrhage too.

Hypothermia: There’s nothing you can pack that’s effective

Additional: Shears, sharpie, cax card, gloves

How a Fire Department in Arlington is Changing Active Shooter Response Worldwide Dr. Reed Smith knows that when it comes to active shooter emergencies, seconds matter. That’s why the emergency room doctor, who also serves as the medical director of the Arlington County Fire Department, began studying hundreds of autopsies from victims of mass shootings years ago. With other me...

BYU Pole Vaulter Pierces Scrotum In Horrific Accident, Needed 18 Stitches

Are you prepared? Accidents can happen anywhere This BYU pole vaulter had a horrifically unfortunate injury during a training sesh ... and he needed 18 stitches to sew up his scrotum.

Safety Education Specialists |

Our phone lines are currently down. While we work to resolve this, please email any class questions. [email protected] Or, you may view our schedule and register online at

Fire Department Chronicles

Learn how to save someone's life and laugh at the same time!!
Sharing this video could LITERALLY save someone's life.

I like to see evolving science

“Tourniquets can be a life-saving measure. However, to dispel a myth, you can and should place a tourniquet over a two bone compartment if possible. While high and tight is appropriate in CUF, when there is no time to fully assess a limb, there is no data to demonstrate that high and tight is better if there is time to assess a limb. TQs work better the lower they are placed on the limb. Two bone BS is a myth. .
The main determinant of effectiveness in well-designed tourniquets is the ratio of device width-to-limb circumference. The predicted occlusion pressure: (limb circumference/tourniquet width) × 16.67 + 67. This suggests, that be placing the TQ lower, it requires less pressure. They work better on the forearm or calf area and need not be reserved for the thigh or upper arm as is sometimes recommended for control of distal limb hemorrhage.
Furthermore, a previously tight thigh tourniquet can loosen after exsanguination from non-extremity bleeding (e.g., chest, abdomen, or pelvis injuries). A significant loss of total body blood volume will diminish the thigh circumference under and proximal to the tourniquet and will cause tourniquet loosening.”
1. Kragh JF Jr, Walters TJ, Baer DG, et al. Practical use of emergency tourniquets to stop bleeding in major limb trauma. J Trauma 2008;64(2 Suppl):S38-49; discussion S49-50.

2. Brodie S, Hodgetts TJ, Ollerton J, et al. Tourniquet use in combat trauma: UK military experience. J R Army Med Corps 2007;153(4):310-313.

3. Beekley AC, Sebesta JA, Blackbourne LH, et al. Prehospital tourniquet use in Operation Iraqi Freedom: effect on hemorrhage control. J Trauma 2008;64(2 Suppl):S28-37.
#FOAM #wellandrew #TCCC #medic #police #lawenforcement #trauma #combatmedic #68w #vasopressor #corpsman #ParaRescue #austeremedicine #tacticalmedicine #tacmed #tacticalems #tccc #tecc #tacticalcombatcasualtycare #specialforcesmedic #specialforcesmedics #socm #combatmedicine #emergencymedicine #paramedic #stopthebleed
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Our Story

On September 09, 2009, Safety Education Specialists was incorporated in Virginia. Our story, however, starts many years before.

In 2004, Allison and Fred met at the USNA. Allison was a DOD administrator, Fred was Security. After writing Allison up for a safety violation, they began dating. Their 1st movie date was reviewing bloodbourne pathogens training videos.

In the following years, Fred introduced Allison to safety training and the spark of Safety Education Specialists was born. After years of working for 10 different training companies, Fred and Allison started Safety Education Specialists.

From a dining room table, to dedicated training classrooms, Safety Education Specialists has grown to include several employees and to train more than 2,000 students each year.

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SES COVID-19 Updates
A Holiday message from Safety Education Specialists
Broken Lizard says Hi to Fred & Allison



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Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 16:00
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