Squisito Pizza and Pasta - Ashburn, Ashburn, VA Video November 17, 2017, 9:34pm

Videos by Squisito Pizza and Pasta - Ashburn in Ashburn. Squisito® is the place to visit or call for mouthwatering pizza,pasta, salads and sandwiches. You'll fall in love with our authentic Italian dishes!

We cut the ribbon!

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Think of all of the PASTA-bilities that you could have today — Happy National Ravioli Day! 50% off ravioli entrée only

We love Tuesday Pasta Days! ❤️Stop by your local Squisito today and take advantage of our pasta day specials with a buy one, get one pasta lovers for only $4.99!

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Start off the New Year with a new venture. Bring authentic Italian recipes to your neighborhood and join the Squisito family! Squisito Pizza & Pasta is opening across Maryland and Virginia in 2018. Learn more Bit.ly/SquisitoNextSteps #SquisitoPizzaAndPasta #FranchiseOpportunity #SquisitoFranchise #ItalianFastCasual

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Squisito Franchise
Ever wanted to be your own boss and own an Italian pizzeria? Squisito Pizza & Pasta is the perfect fit for you! Bring the best NY Style Pizza to your neighborhood with Squisito Pizza & Pasta! Learn more at bit.ly/SquisitoFranchise #SquisitoPizzaAndPasta #FranchiseOpportunity #SquisitoFranchise #ItalianFastCasual

#TBT to one of our first days open in Ashburn, VA when franchisee Keith Baker was showing us his pizza making skills #GetAPizzaThis #Boomerang #TBT #SquisitoPizzaAndPasta

FRESH FM 94.7 is here doing a drawing for tickets to the Not So Silent Night at the Fillmore and we have face painters and a balloon twister! 2 more hours of grand opening festivities and FREE garlic knots!

We cut the ribbon!

Hiring open house happening now! Head over to apply and say hi!

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