Taxi Politician

Taxi Politician is trying to bring Americans together as humans, regardless of party affiliation. Democrats and Republicans may have different views for the future of the country, but the Taxi Politician bridges this divide. We seek to remind everyone that America is their country, and that the people are what make this country great. Our owner, Akhtar Raqeeb, is a Muslim American who came to the United States in December of 1988. After working various jobs, he finally started driving a taxi in 2000, serving Prince William County in Virginia. Ever since, he has driven Americans from all walks of life: FBI, teachers, Republicans, Democrats, activists, the rich and the poor. His passengers, spanning every race and religion, have been his teachers, and his taxi has been a classroom. America has been serving us for more than 25 years. Now, Akhtar believes it is his turn to serve America and her people. As an independent politician in Northern Virginia, he is striving to make his taxi service available 24/7, especially in the rural areas where it is needed most. There is no better, more direct way for someone running for office to connect with constituents. Catch a ride with us today!

Invisible Weapon

My Fellow Americans, my boss wrongfully terminated me and he was a racist. What comes and goes around, he didn’t just terminate me, he did that to other drivers. Unfortunately, he killed himself because our company was corrupt. They put too much pressure and he couldn’t take that pressure anymore. Unfortunately, into this society, people are not practicing religion and patience. That’s why people are listening to devils whisper and he committed the worst sin and took his life away. When we have actual weapons, we can use them for our protection or people can abuse them to hurt to each other. No one in our society have been paying attention to the invisible weapon and that weapon is pressure. Our country is going through very difficult time because when our leaders are not role models it affects everybody’s life. Humans usually learn bad habits easily than great deeds. Everywhere in the world, people think that whatever is going in our society it’s because of politicians. From my point of view, it is the fault of voters. Usually, voters have opportunity to hire politicians to serve our precious country and people. Since we are not following our founding fathers that they established our constitution to protect our country and our lives. That constitution allows every human to practice their own Religion🛐, Love❤️, and Freedom🇺🇸. Anytime people go off track it harms the country and people. America is not about democrat or republican parties. America is about people and should be something for everyone and no one should be left behind. I’ve been in Taxi Business for 18 years and I’ve been conducting my own studies on how could we solve our problem for good. This is the only reason I’m not running for any offices. Offices are working for our corrupted politicians and wealthy people who are creating more and more poverty to this country. This is the only reason I am planning to create an organization to demonstrate how to get rid of parties and how to hire the employee who can work for America and Americans. Usually, common voters run out of luck to see our politicians because our politicians are available to see wealthy people. That’s why I’m planning to open Taxi Politician Community Center to unite voters and politicians and unite America and Americans. Please come and join me to unite America to defeat the devil. God Bless America and Americans. Please like and share it.

20/20 Good Vision

My fellow Americans, usually diabetic people require eye exams annually. I have done mine this year and my eye specialist told me that I have 20/20 vision. Having a great vision makes everything in peoples lives so bright. Election of 2016, I had a feeling that Hillary Clinton will be robbed because discrimination affects everyone. Wealthy people flip the table and hand the White House to Trump because they are punishing Bill Clinton. That’s why she was humiliated and insulted by rich and white men and some of her own women voted against her. Anyways, it seems like I have been having a vision to unite America and Americans and everyone’s thinking I’m crazy because I am Taxi Politician and I didn’t have money, but I have learned one thing in my life if I have the entire world with me, and Allah is against me, I will be the loser. I believe in my Allah and prophet Mohammed more than I believe in myself. It is a sort of spirit connection and right now Hillary Clinton isn’t running for White House, but I am having the feeling that she may run for White House and end up winning because she has lost twice in 2008 and 2016. To me, number 3 is a very lucky number and me and Hillary Clinton may get together to unite America and show the world that great, patriotic people never give up. To me, Hillary Clinton is one of the best and well educated woman of the century in the political field, due to discrimination and discrimination doesn’t hurt only minority but it hurts people like Bill Clinton and Obama. To me, they have done great work our precious country but unfortunately that has been insulted for the same reason because they were supportive of Muslim people. Bill Clinton was not impeached for Monica Lewinsky’s scandal or lying under the oath, to me he was impeached because he was supporting Muslim people. America is getting weaker day by day and losing its value and before it’s too late we American employers need too get our acts together and show the world that employees have too obey the policy of employers. Anytime an employer doesn’t practice their rights, then they end up losing their power, position, and money. This is the only reason our founding fathers created the constitution of America to practice three great reasons love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. In our society the only thing we are practicing is running behind the money. Money is a great tool to run the country and people benefit but we don’t need too go against the law and make money. We can make money being honest but unfortunately honest people aren’t breaking their silence. This is the only reason I am not running for office, I have created an organization that will get up and start hiring the politicians to defeat the republicans and democratic parties because they are creating more issues in our country. I need all humans to come and join me to defeat our politicians and the devil to unite America and Americans to have a great and happy country and people. God bless America and Americans. Please like this and share it.

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Taxi Politician's cover photo

Taxi Politician's cover photo

Why impeach trump?
My fellow Americans, I am wondering how impeachment works. President Donald Trump when he was doing campaigning in 2016 he was lying, now he stole the White House he’s lying under oath. To me impeaching him is a waste of the tax payers money. When Bill Clinton was in the White House our Congress impeached him because he was lying for his personal matter. To me it was an absolutely wrong impeach. When George W Bush lied about Iraq that his administration were saying that Iraq was creating chemical weapons and unfortunately George W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney decided to go to war against Iraq. After they went there they didn’t find anything. George W Bush killed so many American people and so many Iraqi people, and no body asked him anything about his lies. I am wondering what are we doing to show people about impeachment people who are supposed to get impeached they are not getting and people who aren’t supposed to get impeached so it seems like everything is upside down, and it’s happening because American voters aren’t getting involved with our Congress and politicians. That’s why people they like they let them get away from wrong doing. People they don’t like they want to impeach them. Like they didn’t like Bill Clinton and it seems like they don’t like Trump. We’re supposed to treat everyone equally like our founding fathers established our country and constitution of America and our constitution or America is all about love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. Since we aren’t obeying religion and our constitution of America that’s why we’re going through this difficult time. Before it’s too late I’m asking all Americans to come and join me to unite America. This is the only reason I am not running for any offices because offices and our both parties Republicans and Democrats are created a mess that’s why I am planning to have Taxi politician independent organization where we come and get together to cure the division and defeat the devil and our politicians to hire our politicians because they work for us. I need all humans in America to get connected to America and unite Americans to save our country’s value and unite America. Please like and share. God bless America and Americans.

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Is money everything?
My fellow Americans, all humans in the world are running behind the money because we think that money is God. We cannot have anything without money, if money was everything, rich people wouldn’t die, get sick, or have any problems. Money is a resource to live our life, but we don’t need a lot of money to have a happy life. To me, money itself doesn’t do anything, and it’s sort of like real estate property unless we direct ourselves to what we want to do with our money. My fellow Americans, look around the world Allah created this world without money and has been taking care of this world for millions of years and everything is going on time. He sends us to this world and he has us return to him without money. To show people we only need money to live our life but we don’t have to live for money. We are leaving everything behind for money and creating so many problems for us and for fake dreams. Our founding fathers were smart, that’s why they established this country and created constitution of America based off peoples desires. That’s why they kept in mind when they were declaring the constitution of America based on love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. Our country was doing great when we were practicing those 3 great principles. Those great principles were in our life and country and we were happier people. I wish I could say that whatever is going on in our country is the fault of politicians. To me whatever we’re creating it’s the fault of our voters, who are supposed to be employers of politicians. We are not doing our tasks to bring people and the country together and unfortunately our politicians concern is not the country and people, their concerns are power, positions, and money. They don’t obey Allah or god, they just obey greed of money and follow the devils command. This is the only reason I am not running for any offices or positions. That’s why I am trying to create the organization and that organization could work with politicians and voters to cure the division and unite America and Americans, and defeat the devil and get connected with our precious country and unite all humans in America to show the world we don’t need republicans and democrat party’s to resolve our country and peoples problems. We are strong enough to take care of ourselves and country and take the control back in our hands from our politicians and have them remind us that they are just our public employee and they need to do the work the country and people require. Come and join me to unite America and Americans. Allah bless us and bless America. Please like this and share.

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World Series of 2019

My fellow Americans, the nation’s capital finally won their first World Series championship after 95 years. What I have noticed is that there are many sports enthusiasts, and Republicans and Democrats supporters. It is great to have fun in life, but it is sad that we don’t have supporters for America and Americans. Our politicians are doing a great job to market everything but the love of America and all humans in America. The more they divide us, the greater life our politicians have. It seems like republicans and Democrats party’s are having an excellent life because their products offer us works for them, and it doesn’t work for us because we have forgotten who we are. We really don’t need any parties to micromanage our precious country. It seems like now we need the independent organization that would have policy that before we hire our employees like politicians, we check their backgrounds and scan to see whether they are right people to have them join our offices to work for our country and people. This is the only reason our founding fathers created this country and established the constitution of America to have something for everyone on America’s soil, and have the right to live with love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. When I came to America in 1988, there were quite few organizations that were doing work to unite people. Since 9/11, we have been hopeless to treat ourself like we are the bosses of our politicians. It is helping our politicians spreading more corruption, and they are going against our system, and we are having no concern about our precious country, that we are losing value of America and the quality of life for American people. My fellow Americans if we keep waiting to get help from politicians, we won’t have a life because our politicians are there to support them because we are the employers and we are supposed to be taking care of our politicians, but lately we hand everything to them. We have disconnected ourselves from the country and politics. It’s easy to spread the division, but it is very difficult to cure the discrimination and distancing between the people and the country. This is the only reason that I am not running for offices, because I am planning to create the organization as an independent human as our country is, and we can have a great independent country by running our offices as independent Americans and work together to defeat the devils and our politicians to unite America and Americans. Please come and join me to unite America. May Allah bless America and Americans. Please like this and share it.

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Why the color white?

My fellow Americans, the American flag has red, white, and blue. Red is the Republican color and blue is Democrats color. Both parties are having fun and unfortunately, the color white is not making any noise. It’s supposed to be making noise for voters. Voters aren’t having any activities between the parties and the country, that’s why they are paying for everything but they are struggling with their lives because Republicans and Democrats are doing a great job to offer us the products that works for them but it doesn’t work for the country or American people. This is the only reason I am coming up with ideas to create an organization, that Organization that will reunite people, and it will work with both parties and American voters, to stay connected to each other to unite people, and the country. Lately, our politicians make public appearance seem like they are divided, but behind the doors republicans and democrats are together. Our founding fathers were great people, that’s why they created this country so all people could have equal rights and benefits. Unfortunately, we are not obeying our constitution and founding fathers that’s why were not practicing love❤️, religion🛐,and freedom 🇺🇸 and things are going down south because we are hopeless to unite America and Americans. Anytime we get disconnected from Allah, we don’t get blessed by him and the devil comes and joins us to defeat us. That’s why people are running behind money and getting divided because our biggest enemy is the devil and our politicians are obeying the devil. We cannot kill the devil but we can defeat the devil by getting together and taking control back into our hands because we are the bosses of politicians, and we’re supposed to be controlling our employees which are our politicians, but when we don’t do our task then I’m employees take advantage and control us. Before it’s too late, we need to unite America and Americans and cure the division and bring everyone together just like our country should. We need to treat each other like we all are Americans and we are family. God bless America and Americans. Please like this and share it.

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Taxi politician independent organization’s color is white

My fellow Americans, there are two colors working in America. Red is for the Republicans and blue is for the Democrats. Those parties have been creating problems for a long time, and this is the only reason I came up with the idea to create an organization, and our organization color is white because America is not black and it’s also not white. America is red, white, and blue. Usually parties divide the country and people, that’s why I am not running for any offices. I have the intentions to create employers to hire politicians so we can work with parties and voters to have them participate with each other and bring the country together. Anywhere in the world I go, people are expecting that politicians are going to cure there problems and people are wrong. Usually, curing a problem is a two way path. Politicians are doing a great job to divide us, and we are hopeless to have them work for us because voters have forgotten who they are and what their positions are and what they’re responsible for in our society. My fellow Americans this is the only reason I am running for public advocate, to unite America and Americans. Also to remind people that we need to take control back into our hands because we are employers. If employers aren’t controlling employees it isn’t the fault of employees then, they take advantage of the weakness of the employers. Unfortunately, it is easy to complain and hard to do the work to unite the country. That’s why I need all humans in America to help defeat the devil and our politicians because our politicians are obeying the devil’s commands, and not doing anything that our constitution was established for. Our constitution was created to support everyone, but unfortunately our politicians are supporting themselves because we aren’t obeying Allah and not practicing love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. Our politicians are practicing money, power, and position. They’re supposed to work for our precious country, and for American people but they are working for themselves and big corporate companies, because they’re concern is what’s in it for us and it’s not what’s in it for our precious country. Fortunately, it’s both sides faults and it could be resolved when we become a team. Usually teams work together to cure the distancing and uniting people to come and support America and get connected together to unite America. God bless America and Americans. Please like this and share this, and pray for the country.

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