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Taxi Politician is trying to bring Americans together as humans, regardless of party affiliation. Democrats and Republicans may have different views for the future of the country, but the Taxi Politician bridges this divide.

We seek to remind everyone that America is their country, and that the people are what make this country great. Our owner, Akhtar Raqeeb, is a Muslim American who came to the United States in December of 1988. After working various jobs, he finally started driving a taxi in 2000, serving Prince William County in Virginia. Ever since, he has driven Americans from all walks of life: FBI, teachers, Republicans, Democrats, activists, the rich and the poor. His passengers, spanning every race and religion, have been his teachers, and his taxi has been a classroom. America has been serving us for more than 25 years. Now, Akhtar believes it is his turn to serve America and her people. As an independent politician in Northern Virginia, he is striving to make his taxi service available 24/7, especially in the rural areas where it is needed most. There is no better, more direct way for someone running for office to connect with constituents. Catch a ride with us today!

Justice for All

My fellow Americans:

All over the world and in America, we serve justice to people who are weak and have no position to protect themselves from anything. When it comes to wealthy and famous people, we don’t do anything against them. We devalue ourselves and treat the rich like they are above the law. According to religion and law, no one is above the law. I have a friend who was taking an exam online and got caught cheating. His teacher pressed academic charges on him for cheating. I’m glad they did that, but I wish we would do that with the president of the United States. He was lying during his campaign, he lied to win the election, and he’s lying under oath in the White House. We all know this. According to my knowledge, he is our employee and we are his boss. We are supposed to take action against him. It seems like we are acting like his slaves. My fellow Americans: we have to take control back into our hands to protect America’s value and our precious American people. We are just complaining that politicians are bad, but I see differently. We are bad because we aren’t doing our jobs of protecting our country. According to our constitution, our politicians are working for us. This is the only reason our founding fathers established this country on love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. When we were practicing our principles, we were above the politicians. Now we are hopeless and divided. That’s why we have very miserable lives as common voters. Fortunately, it’s a great time to stand up and make a difference in our lives and others’ lives. The election is so close to us. If we treat this election as though it’s for America and American people, we can defeat the devil, our corrupt politicians, cure division, and unite America and Americans. That would be the best justice for all - for us to have a great country. Please come and join me to unite America and Americans. God bless America and Americans. Please like, share, and visit our website:

Couch Potato/Smartphone Potato

My fellow Americans:
In our old days, people were couch potatoes and would get very angry watching the news. That is why people get angry with the country and the politicians. They have great excuses to point fingers at each other. Blaming others for our mistakes doesn’t help anything. It is very simple to see politicians who don’t complain. They do the work and help themselves and their parties. If we look around, we American voters are the biggest employers on the planet, but our lives are miserable because we don’t do our jobs. That is why our employees, who are hired by us, who are the minority are controlling our lives and paychecks. We sign our lives away to accept the product that works for our corrupt politicians. If we look into our founding fathers, they did a great job establishing the constitution of America which offers people love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. All those principles are to practice our life needs. This constitution of America offers something for everyone. It is nothing about money, it is all about our country and the people’s lives. I want to request all Americans to take our eyes off the smartphone and leave our anger behind. Let’s think about ourselves and who we are, every single American is very powerful and independent. If we think with our minds, we are very powerful. If we are hopeless, there is no help coming from anywhere. I am Taxi Politician and I am offering American people to come and join my Taxi Politician independent organization to create an employer who would be responsible to screen our politicians, and work together to unite America and Americans. Let’s get connected to our great country and precious people to defeat the devil and our dictators to cure the division and unite America. God bless America and Americans. Please like this and share it. Visit our website at

Covid-19/Trump or America
My fellow Americans:
All over the world and in America, the media and politicians are talking about the coronavirus. We have two concerns: corona and Trump. It seems like Trump is God and no one is doing anything to bring corona to an end. Now it looks like it’s a man made disease. According to my experience and study. Allah doesn’t send this kind of punishment for people worldwide. There are some bad people who love to make money. It’s okay to make money, but it’s not okay to lose your precious life. Life is usually everything to me. There is no concern anywhere for life these days. People have only 3 concerns in life. Money, power, and position. We left our lives behind our back that’s why we’re losing our lives everyday in America. American people are depending on our government because they think they’ll do something about it. It’s a reminder for every American that all voters are a part of the government. We hire government and we fire the government. But lately all people are devaluing themselves and they are hopeless in making any differences in society. If we follow our founding fathers, they were smart people. They created the constitution of America based on love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. When we follow our principles, we care about our country. Since we’re not obeying the constitution of our America. That’s why we are obeying the devil and our politicians. Our politicians love to obey the devil. So, my fellow Americans, if we go in the past 25 years that we were together, we had great lives on American soil. Now we are distancing from the country and people. That’s why both parties, republicans and democrats are having a great time. We are divided so badly, that’s why we are going through a very stressful life. We can cure everything by doing only one thing: defeating the devil. Get together and unite America. I am Taxi Politician and I am appealing to all Americans to come and join me to unite America and Americans and to defeat the corrupt politicians. God bless America and Americans. Please like and share. Visit our website.

Microsoft/Micro God

My fellow Americans:
When Bill Clinton was in the White House, he did two great deeds. One was that he filed a class action law suit for the tobacco industry because tobacco use was harmful for the people’s health, so he went to correct the problem and save American lives. He also filed a lawsuit for Microsoft because it was getting very big and out of control. Bill Gates was acting like he was a god and that he could save American people. He went behind two major industries and that’s why wealthy people didn’t like him and framed him with Monica Lewinsky. I thought that Bill Clinton could control his mouth and his private place. I was right about his mouth. He did have control over his tongue, but unfortunately he failed me by having an affair with Monica lewinsky. She is still hurting him, and Hillary Clinton isn’t able to go to the White House because wealthy people are marketing for Bill Clinton’s actions and punishing his entire family and generation. Unfortunately, people have bad habits and they don’t remember people’s great deeds but they always remember one mistake. Wealthy people didn’t make any money while he was in the White House. That is why they want to impeach him and get rid of him, but they couldn’t do that because Allah and American people loved his work. It is our job now to get together and support the country and people to save the value of America and the constitution of America. That is why we have to remember our country is the only country that was established based on love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. Life is for all those purposes. Lately, people and politicians have forgotten that politics aren’t about money, it’s about life. Life needs everything and as soon as we lose our lives no matter how much money we have, it’s meaningless to the person who left it behind. My fellow Americans it’s easier to get upset and point fingers at each other than doing some work. We have been upset with each other and the country. Now we need to learn the lesson from our mistakes and getting upset is absolutely fine but not controlling anger helps corrupt politicians and the devil to screw up our country and American people’s lives. If you see from my eyes and see both parties Republican and democrats have a great life because they are dividing us and unfortunately for us they are hurting us together. I am Taxi Politician, and I have a complete plan to divide the party system and it is destroying the peace of our country and it is offering more division. Now, I am appealing to all the people of America to come and join me to defeat the devil, corrupt politicians, and unite our great country and people to take over our job back into our hands by creating employer like a politician board - which I am offering under the Taxi Politician independent organization. When employers leave the employee unattended, they cheat and mislead the employer. That is why employers have had a miserable life in America, but it could be over as soon as we get connected to America, unite ourselves, and show the world that we don’t need politicians. Politicians need us. Come and join me to unite America and Americans. God bless America and Americans. Please like this and share it. Visit our website

Don’t Underestimate Taxi Politician

My fellow Americans:
In my experience, it’s bad for everyone when we underestimate people. I saw that election during 2016, when people in America were underestimating Donald Trump. Especially the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton didn’t count on him. That is why she ended up getting robbed, which was a devastating loss for American people who work paycheck to paycheck. Our country is losing respect everyday because we are divided due to the lack of leadership. We end up getting into the wrong hands. People all over America think that politicians are the there to change our life problems, but I disagree with that. Politicians are just our employees. If the employer isn’t doing their task, no one in the world can change anything. That is why I have been reminding people that we have to get together to resolve our country and peoples problems to defeat the devil and corrupt people to unite America. That is why I wanted to tell people that we have to get together and start reminding people that our country is established based on three great principles love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. When America and Americans were practicing our principles, we were doing just great. Now, all Americans are depending on each other and not doing anything to cure the distance growing between us, and we are losing the country’s value and the pieces of the country gradually. I am trying to get attention from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to come and merge with me to unite America and Americans. We are going through our presidential election and it could be a good time for Hillary Clinton to reconsider running for President for election 2020. If she runs for president, it might be her lucky year for her. Working alone is harder and makes things difficult for us. I am appealing to all Americans to come and join me to cure the division, defeat our corrupt politicians, and the devil, and unite America and Americans. Let’s get connected with our precious country. God bless America and Americans. Please like this and share it. Visit our website at

Hillary, Do You Want to Fund Yourself?

My fellow Americans:
I was watching TV and saw that Hillary was doing a show to raise money for Joe Biden’s campaign. I have a feeling that she may be running for President this election. If I were Hillary, I would consider raising some money for my own campaign to surprise the world by winning election 2020. So many people think that I am Taxi Politician and that I am crazy. We are less than four months away from Election Day and I have a strong belief that she will be announcing that she is running for the White House. Ever since I was young, I have always talked to my Allah. For that reason, I believe that Hillary’s presidency is the truth. I always talk to Allah, but people think that I am talking to myself. I learned so many things by talking to Allah and I have more belief in Allah than I do in myself. I know that I may fail but Allah never fails. One day I asked Allah a question: “Allah will she really run for the White House?” Allah said Yes. I didn’t understand because she hadn’t announced her campaign, but Allah wants to surprise the world. Election 2016 was the biggest surprise to me. People were underestimating Donald Trump, and that’s how he stole election 2016. He sent Hillary home with that robbery. This is the world. It’s not a perfect place. Sometimes people with money or cruel people end up winning with cruelty. What goes around comes back around. That’s what I have seen through my life. Sometimes a king loses everything and the slave becomes a king. It seems like history is about to repeat that. That’s why I am writing this blog. America has lost its value really bad since election 2016 and things are not going well for our precious country and paycheck to paycheck people. This is because we are not practicing love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. Any time people go against Higher Powers, they suffer. Now we need to leave everything behind us and start getting together with Taxi Politician to defeat the devil and our corrupt politicians and wealthy people. We need to unite America and Americans to defeat the devil and division and bring our precious country together. God bless America and Americans. Please like, share, and visit our website:

Do You Want to Tell Everyone Who You Are, Bill?

My fellow Americans:

People all over the world and in America have short memory and always look for people’s flaws. That’s why so many people don’t remember what Bill Clinton and his family have done for America and American people - all because of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. People only remember his sin. They forget all about his great work. The country had surpluses, people had great jobs, our country’s value was going up, the living standard was competitive while he was president. Anyways, people are selfish and careless, which is why Allah gave us Karma in the form of George W. Bush when he stole the White House in 2000. Anytime we get stolen products to the market or the White House, it negatively impacts people and their lives. Since we didn’t appreciate Clinton’s work, Bush was Karma for us Americans. That’s why we lost all surpluses and America’s value and respect. We hit rock bottom during Bush’s presidency because the American people didn’t appreciate Bill Clinton. Fortunately, Allah gave us another opportunity to bring the people and the country together. Young voters supported Barack Obama. Obama did a great job, but unfortunately, the wealthy people didn’t appreciate his work. They lied to the world that America wasn’t doing great. During election 2016, Donald Trump was lying to the world that America’s not so great. Our wealthy investors who are lovers of money stole election 2016 from Hillary Clinton and rewarded the White House to Trump. Now we are into election 2020 and my intention is to have Hillary and Bernie Sanders merge with me to run for election 2020 so we can defeat corruption and the devil to unite America. According to my knowledge, it’s always a great idea to try again. Our country is established based on love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. That’s why Hillary and Bernie have great opportunity to show that America is the land of opportunity. It’s a great idea with people who depend on ideas and not money. Ideas change peoples lives and their future. We have a great chance to unite America and Americans, and to cure division. God bless America and Americans. Please like, share, and visit our website:

Clay god
My fellow Americans:
All over the world and in America, people think that everything is money. Lately, wealthy people are acting like they are God and they are feeding people. To me, Allah is the creator of us and he is taking care of all humans above the ground. Time and time again, Allah replaced those clay gods when cruelty went out of control - all kind of species. Money is a need to have for a good life but we don’t need to live for money. Money is just like a personal property. Switches from hands from time to time. Sometimes poor people become kings and kings lose everything. Lately people are not practicing any faith. Everyone thinks that money is the first priority. That’s why we don’t have any value for the country and wealthy people have money. We are supposed to participate with each other to bring love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom🇺🇸 in our everyday life. Our founding fathers created the constitution of America and when we have more and more love for the country and to the people, we are usually more connected to the country. When we have love of money, we leave everything behind us and we run behind money. That’s why our politicians are offering us more and more division because it brings them more and more money. They think that spending money towards the country and people doesn’t benefit them. My fellow Americans were supposed to be in charge of our politicians because we work for our precious country and people, but lately we are angry and getting selfish. We’re starting to care about ourselves and not paying any attention towards our country. We have left our country and the people behind us. This is benefiting our corrupt politicians because they are obeying the devil. The devil loves when we are divided. This is the only reason I am creating an organization to unite America and Americans - to defeat the devil and our politicians and to show the world that we are have control of our country and people. American voters are employers and American politicians are employees of America. Before it’s too late, I’m asking all Americans to come and join me to unite Americans and cure the division and get connected with each other. God bless America and Americans. Please share and like. Visit our website

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