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Taxi Politician is trying to bring Americans together as humans, regardless of party affiliation. Democrats and Republicans may have different views for the future of the country, but the Taxi Politician bridges this divide. We seek to remind everyone that America is their country, and that the people are what make this country great. Our owner, Akhtar Raqeeb, is a Muslim American who came to the United States in December of 1988. After working various jobs, he finally started driving a taxi in 2000, serving Prince William County in Virginia. Ever since, he has driven Americans from all walks of life: FBI, teachers, Republicans, Democrats, activists, the rich and the poor. His passengers, spanning every race and religion, have been his teachers, and his taxi has been a classroom. America has been serving us for more than 25 years. Now, Akhtar believes it is his turn to serve America and her people. As an independent politician in Northern Virginia, he is striving to make his taxi service available 24/7, especially in the rural areas where it is needed most. There is no better, more direct way for someone running for office to connect with constituents. Catch a ride with us today!

A Bird Without Wings
My fellow Americans:
All over the world, people feel like politicians can change our lives. To me, politicians are just like birds because birds stay in their cages. Our politicians are our employees. Allah created a system: if we want to bring change to our lives we have to do our part and politicians have to do their tasks. After we do our job and pray to Allah to help us take care of the country. Our prayers and actions will be the change. Lately we’ve been disconnected from the country and its people. Our disconnect is why republicans and democrats are living a great life and selling us fraudulent products. It’s working for them because they are living their lives with our money. We are workaholics living paycheck to paycheck. We aren’t able to spend our lives the way we want to spend them because we don’t have money. The world’s rule is: whoever does the work has a greater chance of having a peaceful life and people who don’t work, usually have miserable lives. That’s why our founding fathers created the constitution of America. Every human can have something for themselves. That is why the Constitution of America is based on love ❤️, religion🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. It wasn’t based on Capitalism. When I first immigrated to America, things were going great. We had a friendly country because we were connected to America. We weren’t having the “what’s in it for us” mentality. Lately we are becoming more and more selfish. We are forgetting about our country. America is not a one way country. America is a two way path just like the “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” mentality. This kind of thinking will help us advance. That’s why I am not running for political office. I am trying to remind the American people that we are employers for our politicians and that they’re supposed to be acting like they are our public servant. Unfortunately, we are distancing from the country and people. That’s why things are out of control. Taxi politician needs your support to create an organization so that we can rid ourselves of the party system and we can work independently to support America and Americans. Unite America. Come and join me to cure the distancing and unite America. Please like and share visit our website.

Hillary should run for election 2020

My fellow Americans, in my opinion Hillary Clinton should run for President in the 2020 election. She did a great job the 2016 election, but unfortunately our wealthy people stole the White House from her and gave it to Trump. I think everything happens for a reason. We are going through some serious problems like disrespect, manners, and division in this country. Our dishonesty is offered by our politicians and unfortunately we are buying dishonesty because in the old days when people were lying we were not buying dishonesty. We would stand up to it. Now, when people lie and cheat. We treat them like they are smart people. Anytime any nation is dishonest and cheating it brings more trouble because people have a habit for short term solution and it works temporarily. In the meantime it has bad side effects and hurts the country and its people. It seems like our politicians and common people are following foreign countries in their corrupt thinking. People are usually weak and they learn bad habits quicker than good habits that’s why we have to defeat the devil because the devil is a great marketer. His product seems better to people because the devil is a good sales person. We are supposed to obey Allah and bring people together like our founding fathers established the constitution of America based on love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. Lately, everyone is chasing money and only asking the question, “what’s in it for me?” That is why our precious country has been left behind and going through some serious discrimination and distance problems. Our country is quite precious and there are enemies who don’t like our country. That is why I am Taxi Politician and I am not running for office. Our organization is creating a team to hire politicians, just like the medical board and the real estate board to regulate their professionals. We should screen our employees who are politicians so that they work for our benefits. We let them run wild, which is why they’ve divided our country. If Hillary Clinton merged with us we could be the boss of our country. She would be a great employee because she is knowledgeable and has experience. Her family has been serving the country for a long time and her husband did a superb job. I encourage people to come and join us to support our ideas and try to show the world that politicians need us and we don’t need them because they come and go. We can take control back into our hands by having a great organization to unite America and Americans and cure division and defeat the devil and politicians. Help me unite America and Americans. Please like this and share it! Visit my website at

Illegal president

My fellow Americans:
Our employee, President Donald Trump and many Americans have concerns about illegal immigrants. It’s a valid concern to have and we should regulate immigration so that we know who is entering our beautiful nation. I don’t believe that “illegal” immigrants are causing damage to our country. I do believe that our illegal president and his followers are hurting the country’s value and creating distance by creating hate towards “illegal” immigrants. In election 2016, three million voters wanted to elect Hillary Clinton as our president. She won the common vote. Unfortunately, Donald Trump wasn’t her only competition. She was also competing with Russia’s President Putin and the Arab nation’s wealthy people, including Arab Prince Salman. The wealthy bunch were campaigning against her. Clinton had done an amazing job running her campaign, but she couldn’t win against the corruption, greed, and big money. I am Taxi Politician because I saw the results of the 2016 election. We have created this organization to hire our politicians and hold them accountable. We’ll be working just like a medical board does in holding doctors accountable. We are the employers who should be monitoring our employees and holding them responsible for their actions. Unfortunately, we have become selfish and careless towards our country. Times are changing and the party system is a threat to our constitution and only brings more division to the country. Our founding fathers established this country based on love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. These great principles protect America and Americans on America’s soil. That’s why Taxi politician needs your support to unite America and Americans and show the corrupt people and dictators. We need to show them that their money is coming from all humans supporting America. Money doesn’t fall from the sky. Politicians need to be held accountable by us. Join me to cure the division and corruption. Unite America and Americans. God bless America and Americans. Please like and share. Visit our website.

Getting angry fuels politicians

My fellow Americans, election of 2016 Donald Trump and his marketing team’s main focus was to make American people believe that America was not so great and upset the people to show and believe people that the country isn’t going in the right direction. Usually people have a habit to follow what they see and hear. Every single day of election 2016 campaigning was about upsetting people. He knows that was the only way to rob the election. Anyways, Donald Trump was a great sales person who sold his faulty product to America and Americans are quite lazy when it comes too America’s future and value because we get upset we don’t vote and it hurts the country and helps the politicians who do the negative campaigning. To me, Barack Obama did a great job and the country was doing great. Unfortunately, we are divided so badly and discrimination is going through the roof in our country, that’s why we believed Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is a great politician but she wasn’t smart enough to sell her ideas to the corrupted, wealthy Americans. Our corrupted wealthy people showed in Election 2008-12 they would rather have a male politician as president instead of Hillary Clinton. Our wealthy peoples concerns were money and that’s why they took the White House from Hillary and gave it to Donald Trump. Anytime the country and people are upset they shouldn’t make a decision because it effects the people and our country that’s why our founding fathers established our constitution based on love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. When they created the constitution they weren’t upset, that’s why America is the only country that allows people to live their lives the way they would like to practice. This is the only reason I am not running for an office because they aren’t working for America’s benefit, I am planning to create an organization like a medical Board, real estate, etc. we can then have an employer which will screen our very important jobs in America which would be for our politicians. I need your support to come and join me to take back control into our hands and start managing our politicians because we are not realizing that we are losing our position. Our position is that we are employer and we need to get connected to our country and people and unite America and Americans and defeat the devil and our politicians to unite America. God bless America and Americans. Please like this and share it.

No More Political Parties in America

My fellow Americans:

I have been thinking about America from the perspective of an employer. The American people are the employers of the politicians. America is our business and we want to make sure we do everything to keep it flourishing. Before we hire employees, we must do thorough research to learn about their work ethic and character. If we fail to do so, we are setting our business up for major losses and failure.

I see the two party system as a form of division. It is as if we are hiring employees who have different ideas for what is best for our business. Hiring employees who have too many opposing ideas of what’s best for the company sets us up for division down the road. I think that the Democratic - Republican Party system puts us in a divided mindset and I want us to work to create a united organization that keeps our employees honest and working towards a better America. Our employees should follow our “Employee’s handbook,” the Constitution of America - the promise of Love ❤️ Religion 🛐 Freedom 🇺🇸
Unite America and Americans. God bless America and Americans. Join me at:

Work Hard Or Work Smart

My fellow Americans, usually people think that people who work harder have a better life but I disagree with that because I have seen so many people and they are workaholics. Usually, they are hand to mouth people. In the old days when people would lie it was kind of bad for our community and our country. These days the bigger the liar, the better people treat them. Election 2016, Hillary Clinton was working hard and she didn’t make it anywhere and President Trump was working smart even though it was fraudulent work for our country and our people. The election of 2016 wasn’t a concern for America, for American people it was all about money. That’s why our wealthy people flipped the table to Donald Trump because they think that the White House is for males only. That’s why they ignored hard working Hillary Clinton and selected a conveyed, rich man who is our employee, Donald Trump. To me he hasn’t earned money for his own work, anything he has came from his ancestors. Anyways, our country’s constitution isn’t about capitalism or politicians it’s about people who have the right to practice love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. Lately, our voters and politicians are having a concern about money. Money is a great tool to have but if you don’t know how to use it the protocol that comes from money then it benefits to people who are in control like our politicians. I have noticed that all over the world and America parties are having a great life and people who are employer of the politicians have a miserable life because employers isn’t doing a great job to have the opportunity to live a great life because employers are signing the product that works for the politicians. I have been studying on my own like medical, real estate, etc and they all have rules of law for doctors and real estate but unfortunately there is no board or organization that could screen very important people and a very unique job which is being a politician. This is the only reason I am not running for an office, I am creating an organization that will hire the politicians by checking their backgrounds so we can screen them before they run for office. I am doing this alone and it’s taking me longer but I need your support to expedite this task to unite America and Americans because our parties like republicans and democrats are doing a great job to divide the people and the country. Taxi politician independent organization will protect our country and the people and we will unite America and Americans and have us connected to America. God bless America and Americans. Please like this and share it. Visit our website

Our society doesn’t like the truth
My fellow Americans, it seems like more and more people are buying lies and it has proved me right in election 2016 when Hillary Clinton was telling people that America is a great country and she was honest in her statements, she maybe was not honest about everything else but her statements were true that America is great. Unfortunately, people didn’t believe her because Donald Trump is a great salesman to make people believe in his lie and fake products and unfortunately Hillary was a bad sales person but she is a professional politician. People in America or anywhere in the world care about how people deliver their products to them. This is the only reason all those products have been offered to American people in every country by politicians. It usually works in politicians favors. They represent themselves to benefit themselves and their parties. So this is the only reason my personal experiences were having more and more problems in our precious country because our parties republicans and democrats are creating more and more problems for the country and people in it. They are fighting for their own benefits and there parties. That’s why I am coming up with an idea to create an independent organization to have a team that will screen politicians before they run any offices we check their backgrounds. That’s why our founding fathers created a constitution based on love ❤️, religion🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. So every single human could have a great life on America’s soil. Lately, we have handed everything to few groups of people. They have everything and majority of people don’t have anything to live their lives that’s why poverty is going above the roof in our country and more and politicians are offering personal products like republicans are marketing about Obama’s health care plan like he named Obama care but he really created a health plan for everyone but it seems like Donald Trump is jealous about Obama selling his health plan more out of office than Trump care now. He thinks that he is white and his plans should be better but to me Trump doesn’t have plans he’s only good at lying and plagiarizing. Before it’s too late we have to return to America and support our country and all humans in America to have a happy country. We cannot have a happy country by having lots of money and strong weapons, but we could have a great country by having good relations with each other and curing the distance between us and unite America and Americans to defeat the devil and corrupted politicians. That’s why Taxi politician needs your help to unite America. God bless America and Americans please like this and share it. Go visit our website.

Taxi Politician's cover photo

Is Donald Trump American?
My fellow Americans, I am from Pakistan and I have seen a few elections in Pakistan. I have been in America since 1988 and I have seen all the elections since I arrived in America. In election 2008 when Barack Obama was running for office Donald Trump was doubting about Obama being an American citizen or not. Barack Obama proved It to America by posting his birth certificate online that he is American. In election 2016 was about America between Trump and Hilary Clinton. It was the first time I have seen that election of 2016 was interrupted by Russia and I’m still wondering why wealthy American people accept Trumps victory. Since I came to America, America and Russia were in the Cold War. Usually people say it’s Cold War but to be honest it’s not really a Cold War but in our hearts we have something cooking for each other. Anyways, I have a question to all Americans, is our president really American or is he a Russian citizen? He was getting all the support in the election of 2016 from Russia, anyways that is just my thoughts. I wanted to bring it to American peoples attention. Why are we allowing things that aren’t acceptable according to our constitution. Our founding fathers were brilliant people that’s why they created the constitution of America to respect people to follow love ❤️, religion🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. People have great lives in our great country and I am Muslim. I have not seen this great opportunity like I have in America in any Muslim countries or in any other countries. This is the only reason I tell people if there is any heaven I saw in the world it’s America. Unfortunately, our politicians are doing great jobs to divide us and bring distancing to the people who are living great lives on America’s soil. My own studies I have seen that there are more great people in the world and America but I could be wrong. Great people are quite selfish and not breaking their silence that’s why our precious country is losing it’s value and respect all over the world. Bad people are marketing and they’re doing a great job to divide us because they’re together. That’s why I am Taxi politician and I’m trying to create an independent organization to remind people that our country needs every human to get together to defeat the devil, and our corrupted politicians who are disobeying the constitution and obeying the devil. Our employees who are our politicians are acting like they are gods, like our president. Our American voters who are employers of politicians aren’t doing anything to take control back into our hands to manage our precious countries employees. That’s why I’m running as a public advocate to get involved with America and Americans. Before it’s too late come and support me to unite America and Americans. God bless America and Americans. Please like and share this. Visit our website.

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