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Taxi Politician is trying to bring Americans together as humans, regardless of party affiliation. Democrats and Republicans may have different views for the future of the country, but the Taxi Politician bridges this divide. We seek to remind everyone that America is their country, and that the people are what make this country great. Our owner, Akhtar Raqeeb, is a Muslim American who came to the United States in December of 1988. After working various jobs, he finally started driving a taxi in 2000, serving Prince William County in Virginia. Ever since, he has driven Americans from all walks of life: FBI, teachers, Republicans, Democrats, activists, the rich and the poor. His passengers, spanning every race and religion, have been his teachers, and his taxi has been a classroom. America has been serving us for more than 25 years. Now, Akhtar believes it is his turn to serve America and her people. As an independent politician in Northern Virginia, he is striving to make his taxi service available 24/7, especially in the rural areas where it is needed most. There is no better, more direct way for someone running for office to connect with constituents. Catch a ride with us today!

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End poverty

My fellow Americans, a couple of days ago I was coming from D.C. and I came to the intersection of the 19th street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Right in front of me, there was a building, and it said end poverty. Unfortunately, people don’t know how poverty works. When rich people don’t donate to charity, then the rates for poverty grow. 30 years ago when I came to America, people were donating to the poor and there were organizations to raise money for the poor. Nowadays, our country is divided and our corrupted politicians aren’t doing the job they are supposed to do. That is why poverty is getting out of control. Our politicians are getting greedy doing budget cuts for needy people like President Trump. He is raising taxes for hard workin people and giving wealthy people a tax break. Wealthy people aren’t paying their taxes and getting away by the law because they are rich. We are supposed to have equal laws and right to all humans because no one is above the law, but unfortunately it is a doggy dog world, having money means the law works in their favor. Our founding fathers established this country based on the people, which stands for love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. There should be something for everyone on America’s soil. Before it’s too late, we need to realize and come back to our own position to remind our politicians that we are there bosses and they work for America and Americans. We are getting selfish and we aren’t asking questions like what’s in it for our country? This is why our precious country is dropping its value more than anything in my lifetime. Please come and join me to cure the poverty and division between America and Americans. That is why I am running for public advocate to unite America and Americans. God bless America and Americans. Please like this and share it.

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Good relationship or good leadership?

My fellow Americans, people all over the world have been wanting a great leader because voters think leaders can make a difference in their lives. In today’s society, dishonesty is growing so badly and politicians are offering things that work for them, but don’t work for us because we don’t go by the book to select our employees, which are our politicians. We are employers and if we make a mistake, we don’t have to blame politicians. Anytime we treat elections like the name of the game and we are upset, we make bad decisions. When we make bad choices, it is usually for 4-8 years. To me, America’s leadership is not that bad. We need to create relationships between the voters and politicians. 30 years ago, when I came to America, we were a great community and we had a friendly country because division was so low and we barely had discrimination. Lately, our politicians are openly dividing us and marketing for discrimination. I have to say sadly, that American people are buying it. Before it’s too late we need to get together and think about our great founding fathers and how they established this country. They established this country based on love ❤️, religion🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. That’s why we have the best country on the planet. This is the only reason I am running for public advocate, to unite America and Americans, and I need support from everyone in America to get connected with America and cure the division and unify American people. God bless America and Americans. Please like and share. Pray for America.

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Parties are for counties or for themselves

My Fellow Americans, all over America, people think that political parties is going to have solutions for our problems. Unfortunately, politicians offer us a products that works for them but it doesn’t work for us because we go by media and we make our decision based on fake media not on qualifications. Some other countries have great competition in politics that’s why they have more parties in America. We only have two parties: Republicans and Democratic. That’s why our parties candidates have great lives but our voters don’t have any lives even though, we are bosses of our politicians and we are not doing great job to hire them. We have habit of complaining that our politicians are not doing anything. Our politicians are doing great job to divide us and we are not doing anything to unite us in our precious country. I spoke to many people and so many people have no concern about our country’s value and our American people’s lives because we are upset with our precious country and we are so lazy to go for vote. I educate people that politicians are doing their jobs but we are bad employer. We are not doing a great job to control our employee who are hired by us. Many Americans they say we need good leadership but I disagree with them because in America, we have great leadership. We need great relationship between our precious country and our great people. We are distancing ourselves from each other that’s why, our country is getting weak. Weapons and money don’t make us strong but connections brings us together and getting connected to country and people makes us stronger. Our founding fathers have established this country based off of love❤️, religion🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. Lately, we are running behind money and we have left our country behind us that’s why I am running for advocate for unite America and Americans. I need your support to unite America and Americans for all humans in America. God Bless America and Americans. Please share and like it.

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Can we unite America again?

All over the world, people think that our politicians can unite the people and the country, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Our politicians are great at dividing the people and offer us the product that benefits them, but it doesn’t work for us. We have a habit of making the same mistakes again and again. Usually, people learn from their first mistake. Voters think that elections are for a one day game like baseball or basketball. That isn’t true, election is the future of the country and the people. Lately, people are distancing from the country and each other which helps corrupted politicians to live their lives greater than voters. Voters are supposed to have a great life because they are the boss. Lately, we devalue ourselves and we think our politicians are greater than we are. We need to get together to unite the country and the people because if we depend on politicians, they have no practice to unite us, and they think that there is no honesty in capitalism in uniting people. I am running for public advocate to show America how simple it is to unite people and the country when you are in love with the country and the people. There are many countries in the world and those countries don’t have any rules for people to live their lives. Our founding fathers worked in a smart way to establish a country which represents people to practice love ❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸 and spend a peaceful life on American soil any way they want. Lately, we are not obeying our constitution and our politicians are following the devil to divide us. In order to defeat the devil, we need to come together and take control back into our hands and guide our politicians in the right direction because we aren’t supposed to take order from them, they work for our country and for us. We are supposed to be directing them on what’s good for us and our country. I need your support to unite America and Americans again. Come and join me to unite America. God bless America and Americans. Please like and share this post.

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Do we know who our enemy is?

My fellow Americans, all over the world people are pointing fingers at one another. Muslims are pointing fingers at Christians, and Christians are pointing at Muslims. I have been in customer service business over 30 years, and I speak to all my passengers and clients, and no one has answered my question on to who our enemies are. So far, I have no answer from any Americans or human because in today’s society, we are running behind money and not getting any education about the religion and about our precious life. When I tell people that our biggest enemy is the devil, some people don’t believe that the devil exists and many people don’t think about the devil and that he is our enemy. The devil promised to God, that he will do his job to take all humans to hell because he was punished by god because he refused to bow to humans. He thought that he was superior than humans. I am trying to accomplish to have all people come together to unite us with each other and get connected to god because when we are together, Gods blessing is with us. When we are divided, the devil is with us. Lately, our politicians are obeying the policy of the devil and the devil always attacks us when we are divided and when we’re divided, we are weak. This is the only reason I am coming into politics, to offer all humans in America to unite America and Americans. That is why I am running for a public advocate to cure the division and defeat the devil and unite our country and people again to make our country start practicing those great three reasons our founding fathers established on love ❤️, religion🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. In today’s society, people think money is everything and we can resolve all our problems by having money. To me, money is a great resource to live our life but we can take care of our problems with lots of love and a little bit of money. I bet that we have more money than ever in our country now, and we still are rising in poverty because we aren’t marketing for love. Allah is running this world, not with money, but he is taking care of us with love. He does provide us with money, but he encourages us to do the same thing with each other. My fellow Americans, come and join me to defeat the devil and our corrupted politicians and unite America and Americans, and get connected with America because we have asked our country what our country can do for us, instead of asking what we can do for our country, as JFK said. Come and support me to unite America. Please like this, and share it!

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Great people are threats to our society
My fellow Americans, all over the world and in America people think terrorists are our enemies. To me there are no terrorists in the world. Sadly, there are bad people in all races. Unfortunately, bad people are doing a great job to market themselves, and bad people are just like the minority in our society, but they are defeating great people because they are united. That’s why they are controlling great people. To me, whatever is going on in our precious country it is not because of bad people. According to my knowledge, we have more great people in America. Great people are selfish and quiet, and are not not doing anything to defeat the bad people. That’s why the division in our precious country is rising really quickly. It is making the country and people weaker. Before it’s too late, I am appealing to all humans in America, to come and join me to cure the division and start practicing those three great principles our founding fathers established this amazing country with. Those 3 reasons are love❤️, religion🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. This is the only reason I am not planning to create any offices. Offices are bringing distance to our life and country. That’s why I am planning to create taxi politician community centers. So we can get together. Usually community centers are great resources to unite family, friends, and our local and national society. I need your support to unite America and Americans because all humans think politicians and money could resolve our problems but that isn’t the case. We hire politicians to represent our great country and great people but we forget who we are. We are bosses of our politicians. Our politicians are our public servant. We devalue ourselves comparing to our employees and politicians that’s why our politicians are having greater lives even though they are our employees and we have miserable lives because we treat ourselves like street rats. My intentions are to change our attitude and wake people up and shake people up to remind them who we are. We are America’s future are our politicians employees. So let’s get together to get connected to America and defeat the devil and politicians because our politicians are not obeying god, they are following the devil. Devil cannot be killed but we can defeat the devil. There’s only one way to defeat our enemy, which is the devil. Getting together and uniting America and Americans is the only one way we can do it when we are together. Allah’s blessings are with us and when we are divided the devil is with us. God bless America and Americans. Please like it and share it.

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Am I drunk?
My fellow Americans drinking is against my religion and fortunately I don’t drink. People are kind of shocked that how I would unite America and Americans. I’ve been in taxi businesses for over 18 years and the American I spoke with want to cure the division and bring the country together, but all people are hopeless. That it is a very hard task to unite all humans in America. Expecting help to come from the sky to bring us together is impossible . But all we know that without us getting together it can’t happen. In order to re-energize our body we take vitamins and energy drinks but our country is getting very weak because we are not paying any attention to our precious country. Our country is doing its best to support all humans living on America’s ground. I am running for public advocate, to unite America. I can’t do it alone because it might take me longer but it is possible. I am so proud to spread my message to all of America and Americans to unite America. Our founding fathers did a great job to create the constitution of America. Not based on money but based on 3 great principles love❤️, religion 🛐, and freedom🇺🇸. 30 years ago America was very friendly and people were together. Today we are distancing from each other and our precious country before it’s too late we need to defeat the devil and our corrupted politicians. To make us stronger we could be strong nation when we are together, having a strong weapon doesn’t make us strong. Weak people usually need weapons, I need your support and help to get connected with America and unite America and Americans. God bless America and Americans please like and share it. Pray for me and America.

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Is religion the problem or bad people ?

My fellow Americans to me there is no problems with any religions. The problem is with people , and we are creating more and more problems not because of bad people, but because bad people are doing a great job. I have to sadly say great people are the biggest problem of peace and safety of our society because they are not doing anything to defeat the bad people. Bad people are together in harming innocent people. All those divided, great people have been selfish and not thinking about each other because when we’re alone the devil is with us, when we’re together Allah is with us. For instance, like native Americans were very strong and great people and if they were together today America would be native Americans country. They had weapons and everything but weapons don’t make us stronger. Weak people need weapons and strong people stay together all over the world. America is complaining about terrorists. They’re are no terrorist in the world. There are bad people markets to scare great people. There are bad people everywhere and all kind of races everywhere. This is the only reason I am running for public advocate to unite people and defeat the devil, and bad politicians and bad people. So we have to come together to cure the division and get connected to each other and follow the 3 great principles our founding fathers created in the constitution of America based on love ❤️ religion 🛐 and freedom 🇺🇸. This is the only reason America is a precious country people can practice any religion or they can be atheist. They can live their life the way they want. We can start practicing those principles love religion and freedom to resolve all of our problems because money is needed to live our lives but money is not god and we don’t need to live for money, and we can take care of so many problems by having love in our life and unite America and Americans and bring our country and people together. Please join me to unite America and Americans. God bless America and Americans. Share it and please like it!

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