Taxi Politician

Taxi Politician is trying to bring Americans together as humans, regardless of party affiliation.

Democrats and Republicans may have different views for the future of the country, but the Taxi Politician bridges this divide. We seek to remind everyone that America is their country, and that the people are what make this country great.

Our owner, Akhtar Raqeeb, is a Muslim American who came to the United States in December of 1988. After working various jobs, he finally started driving a taxi in 2000, serving Prince William County in Virginia. Ever since, he has driven Americans from all walks of life: FBI, teachers, Republicans, Democrats, activists, the rich and the poor. His passengers, spanning every race and religion, have been his teachers, and his taxi has been a classroom.

America has been serving us for more than 25 years. Now, Akhtar believes it is his turn to serve America and her people. As an independent politician in Northern Virginia, he is striving to make his taxi service available 24/7, especially in the rural areas where it is needed most. There is no better, more direct way for someone running for office to connect with constituents. Catch a ride with us today!

Devil promised to god
My fellow Americans, when god created humans and asked the devil to bow down to him in front of humans, he refused to do that because he felt like he was made from fire, humans are made of clay. Since then he decided not to open the office for his work. He goes to every human and try’s to put sins into peoples hearts, and make us go against god. Like in today’s society all humans are supposed to spend there life like honest people and it has nothing to do with any religion. All humans are supposed to practice love ❤️, religion🛐, and freedom 🇺🇸. Unfortunately, devil is making us go against god and we are running behind the money and think everything is money. We do need money to live our life, but we don’t have to live for money. Our precious country was established for all humans to have equal freedom, but Unfortunately our politicians and common people are not really paying attention towards our real enemy😈. We are pointing fingers to each other and not able to fix our distance in problem growing in our country and people. There’s so much we can do with money to fix everything in our life and country we need to get together because when we are together god is with us, when we are divided devil is with us. Lately we have been connected to our enemy which is the devil and unfortunately, we are distanced from our greatest friend, god who loves all humans. Now we need to leave our anger behind us and bring our precious country in front of us and get connected to each other to unite America and Americans. We need to start practicing how to protect ourselves from our worst enemy, the devil and unite America. God bless America and Americans.

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Who Is Our Enemy?

My Fellow Americans, all over the World and America, Kafir states that Muslims are their enemy and Muslims say that kafir is their enemy. According to the Quran, Bible, and etc., Satan😈 is the our enemy but unfortunately, we are wasting our time pointing fingers to each other for nothing. Devil thinks that he is superior because he’s created by fire and humans created from clay. That’s why he made promise to God that he will do anything to human to go with him to hell. We have created weapons to protect us from enemies. Anyone I speak with people don’t know anything about how to protect ourselves from the devil. When humans is connected to God, God protects them from the devil. When people are disconnected from God and don’t pray. The devil come and encourage humans to commit sins and make humans forget about their death. It is easy to defeat the devil when we practice Reglion🛐, Love❤️, and Freedom🇺🇸. Lately, all humans are practicing on making money and bringing their dreams into reality and not having enough time to spend with God and our families. That’s why, we are blaming the world that the world is getting bad. To me, world is the same but unfortunately, people are getting bad, not getting involved with each other, not practicing manners ourselves and we are unable to educate our kids about the manners which is bringing division to our country and people. Sadly, no one is doing anything to unite our precious country because we think that money is everything. Money is great source to spend our lives but we don’t have to live for money. That’s why I am running for advocate to unite America and Americans and get connected to America. When we are together, we can defeat our corrupted politicians because they are following the devil and we are together, we will have God with us then it will be easier for us to defeat the devil. I need your support to unite America. God bless America and Americans.

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Muslim, Kafir, or Bad People

My Fellow Americans, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and etc. Any religion does not educate humans by killing humans, lying, cheating, dishonesty, and etc. I am from Pakistan and I was born in a Muslim family. I have met with so many imaams, scholars, pastors, pandit, and etc. I am over half a century old and so far no one encouraged me to hurt anyone or discriminate anyone. According to me and my knowledge, all humans to me are equal. Unfortunately, in America and all over the world, people are leaving religion behind them. Everyone is running behind money and thinking that we are each other’s enemy. According to Quran, Bible, Geeta, and etc. Our biggest enemy is the Devil and unfortunately, our parents and teachers are educating us all about getting education for being a doctor, engineer, pilot, and etc. and how could we get great job and our teachers doing the same thing. No one is educating us about manners and value of our precious country and great people living on American Soil. That’s why our country’s value are going down because no one is doing anything to remind us the value of human lives and value of Love❤️, Religion🛐, and Freedom🇺🇸. My Fellow Americans, common people accusing our politicians for everything but to me, this is the fault of American voter that we don’t educate ourselves on who to vote for. Large groups of people don’t vote which is bad for great politicians and great for bad politicians. Since Election 2016, people were upset with President Trump. We should not be upset with him because he didn’t put a gun on anybody’s head. He got elected into the White House by American Voters. Since we elected him, we should leave everything behind and get involved with him and tell him what our country and people need but separating from each other doesn’t solve anything. That’s why, my main goal is to get involved with American people to bring them together and cure the division all over America. I need all humans to come and join me to unite America and Americans and get connected to our precious country and defeat the devil and bad politicians. God bless America and Americans.

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Employees, Shoplifters, and Thief Politician

My Fellow Americans, I used to work for Walmart as a exit greeter. My job was to welcome people and watch for shoplifter. During the job, I experienced that it was easy to bust customer shoplifter but it was very difficult to monitor people who worked for Walmart because employees knew the trick on how to steal merchandise while working there. Usually, people blame the system and say system is corrupted but I say American system is one of the best system in the world but unfortunately, people and politicians are not doing the task accordingly to the system was setup for country and people. Unfortunately, common people separate themselves from politician and corrupted politician take advantage by stealing money from the country and people and blame it on economy or system and get away from their responsibilities. Sadly, division growing so badly all over the country and people are upset with each other and not doing anything to get together because we have forgotten that we are employer of politicians. We hire them to work for our offices but we make the wrong decision and point fingers to politicians. There is so much that a politician can do without help of their employer. We suppose to be telling our employees what they have to do for the country and us instead we hand everything to our politicians and not practicing anything like Love❤️, Religion🛐, and Freedom🇺🇸. That’s why we are distancing from our precious country and our civil duties. Anytime, we remove ourselves from the God nature. We run into very serious problems like dishonesty, cruelty, and cheating. Those three reasons bring sins into our society then we don’t get blessing from God. We can not protect from our worst enemy and which is the devil. Before it’s too late, we need to come together and get connected to America and each other and defeat the devil. I am doing my best to unite America and Americans and we all know that when we work alone it is harder to do our job. That’s why I am asking for your support. Come and join me to unite America. God bless America and Americans.

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President Trump’s Wall Will Be Destroyed By Taxi Politician.

My Fellow Americans, President Trump wants to build the wall borderline of America and Mexico. He wants to Mexico to pay for the wall. I don’t understand why would Mexico want to pay for the wall unless President trump paying under the table for starting a new business. We don’t know yet. According to President Trump, country known for having a wall. From my point of view, we don’t have to identify a country by the wall because we already have so many walls between us. My main goal is destroying the wall between us and create great relationship between country and people. Unfortunately, we’ve been pointing fingers to each other and not showing any signs to come together and start practicing our three great principles: Love❤️, Religion🛐, and Freedom 🇺🇸. There is so much we can do with money. Money is sort of personal property. Money doesn’t do anything. Money needs our direction such as if this money is in President Donald Trump hands, he will use it for his personal use. If it’s in good hands, it could be used to rebuild the country to bring people together. America was establish not based on money. People who sacrificed their lives and loved ones. They established America for the love of country and love of American people. My Fellow Americans, all over the world and America, people are running behind the money and it seems like money is God. That’s why, I am doing politics as a Taxi Politician to show America and Americans. It doesn’t matter what type of work I do and how much money I have. All I want to prove to Americans is actions require to cure the division. When I came to America, American people were involved in religious activities and people were united quite well. Lately, America is getting alone because people are becoming selfish and asking “what’s in it for us?” Anyone I speak with has no concern what’s in it for America. Before it’s too late, we need to get our acts together to unite America and Americans to show the world that we care about America’s value, respect, and dignity. Show the world that we are connected to America and we stand for our precious America. I need your support to unite America. God bless America and Americans.

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Winners are Losers, Loser are Winners

My Fellow Americans, our politicians offered us what benefits them, they didn’t offer what benefits us. Usually, politicians don’t do politics but they are kind of sales people and we end up buying their products because they know the techniques on how to sell us their products. Their products make us select them in election and help them take them to political offices and we don’t pay any attention on what we liking during the campaign which is harming our precious country America and all humans in America. Our politicians become winner and we feel sorry for us four or eight years then we become the worst loser because when we are suppose to do our homework, we get behind. This is the only reason I am not running for any position. I want to be advocate to unite people and have us get connected to our country when we get our acts together and bring ourselves like one nation then we can educate our politicians that we are their bosses and they are our employees who are suppose to work on our clock. Unfortunately, we treat our politicians like special people instead of treating them like our employees. Our politicians are controlling us because they are united. We are not getting involved with them. Before it’s too late, we need to start practicing Love❤️, Religion🛐, and Freedom🇺🇸. Our religious groups are taking care of themselves under the nonprofit organization like 501(c)(3). They say that they are nonprofit but make profit any way but they are not doing anything to unite us. My Fellow Americans, we need to cure the division and defeat the devil 😈and unite America and Americans. God Bless America and Americans.

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Looking for a fed job, drive Uber

My fellow Americans, our law makers make the law to break the law. That’s why we are going through the worst time of America’s history and America’s value is going down because our politicians come up with great ideas and options for themselves. The government comes up with cheap ideas for the working class. America should treat every human and business equally, but unfortunately that isn’t the case in our society. American’s allow everything to our government, whatever they sell us, we accept it. I am asking all humans living on American soil, that we need to get connected with America and educate ourselves. Don’t elect the political candidates who look for what is good for themselves, elect the people who offer product that is good for the country and the people. Every business is supposed to have business licenses, permits, and insurance for the safety of peoples lives. All taxi companies, requires taxi permits and commercial insurance in order to pick up passenger. It is good to have competition, but not having the same rule for all companies is bad for our society. Taxi companies are regulated and unfortunately, Uber is deregulated. Some people lie on their taxes, and they write off their personal expenses under their Uber expenses. My fellow Americans, we need to come together and start following our three great principles love❤️, religion🛐, and freedom🇺🇸 . We need to start curing division in our country and the lies we are going through in our society. Our new generation is effected and adopting bad habits from us. We have to fix our actions in order to fix our politicians because we are bosses of the politicians. If we do not get involved with them, they do their own work. When bosses are careless, employees have great opportunities to get corrupted and abuse the system, our founding fathers have established for our country. I am running for advocate job to unite America and Americans. I wanted to show America what a politician stands for, a public servant. Please come and join me to unite America. God bless America and Americans.

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No Republican, No Democrat. Just Flexible

My Fellow Americans, we have republicans and democrats, moderate voters, and etc. in America. That’s why politicians are doing a great job of labeling us. Anytime, we are distancing ourself from our country and our people. It harms the country and the society. America is not republican and Democrat but America is red, white, and blue. Switching the parties is a piece of cake but we can not switch our country. Our country is like our mother. That’s why, I am encouraging all humans in America when Election Day is for voting,
we should be flexible to vote for the country and our precious people. We have to leave sex and gender behind us and keep in our mind that our country is the only country that allows people to practice our beliefs such as Religion, Love, and Freedom. We need to get involved with religious groups and politicians to bring our acts together to unite America and Americans to cure the division. Show the world that we still one. God America and Americans🇺🇸.

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