We help people 40’s and over stay active, mobile, recover from injuries and ongoing pain, but most importantly stay off pain killers and out of the doctors office.

Operating as usual


I’m constantly looking at ways to serve more people and offer them more ways to achieve their health goals. Today I got the opportunity to be on a coaching call and get personally mentored by Kevin O’Leary “Mr. Wonderful” from the tv show Shark Tank.

This time last year I would never guessed this opportunity would be possible for me but God is always in the gap, making room for your gift. My big takeaway from my coaching call from Kevin today, is when I take great care of my customers/patients/clients they become customers for life. What a nugget, thank you Mr. Wonderful.


Always great when your clients/patients have benefited from the results of your therapy and can enjoy a family holiday “BEASTMODE” workout together .


My Thanksgiving message

On this very special day, I’m wishing everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. In spite of how the pandemic may have affected you I hope you’re still able to find something to be thankful for.


IT band pain “Success Story”

If you’re a runner, tennis player or just your average person that has suffered from IT band pain or any other hip or knee pain and its gotten in the way of you enjoying some of the things you love doing there’s a remedy for you. Even if you’ve been unsuccessful in getting it go away from a few days to several months using conventional methods like taking pain killers, foam rolling or plain resting.

Check out this recent success story from one of our patients and his experience. What he was missing out on the most in his life because of the chronic pain was going on walks and running with his wife.


Ovie, Kuzy and myself dart throwing trash talking

Some of my most favorite times in tenure of being the therapist for the Washington Capitals were the many team building functions we had with the players and staff.

This was a two man team dart throwing competition in Brooklyn, NYC. There was about 20 different teams of players & staff. My partner Braden Holtby won this competition without losing a single game.

In this clip, there was some serious trash talking between Alex “Ovie” Ovetchkin, Yvegeny “Kuzy” Kutnetzov and myself.

So glad hockey is now being played again and I’m honored to have been a part of the team for over two years.


The Unseen Price of Technology

There is no doubt of how technology such as computers, smart phones and gaming devices have become the fabric for many people; but what’s the price of this technology. If you’ve ever visited my office this picture is plastered in one of my walls in the treatment room.

So what is Upper Cross Syndrome also called text or computer neck and how does it affect you?

Upper Cross Syndrome comes from the research of Vladimir Janda who was a physician that pioneered the cause and effect on how muscle imbalances can relate to poor posture and chronic pain.

I see this symptom in my office weekly with people that come into see me for chronic ongoing pain. In many cases this is associated with people who primarily have jobs that require them to be on the computer for an extended amount of time, those that drive a lot and also in teens who text or game frequently.

Some of the pain and or discomfort people experience is back pain, neck pain, headaches and carpal tunnel just to name a few.

Treatment for these issues can be quite involved. The vast majority though require people to be made more aware of their posture and some retraining.

Their poor posture or overuse of these muscles overtime result in ongoing pain that seems to never go away. Worse yet, too many people just try to adapt to this way of living with pain killers or assuming its going to always be this way for them.

The way we address this issue is a 4 part system which entails:

1. Understanding their pain
2. Pain relief
3. Improving mobility
4. Strengthening the weak areas

If you or someone you know may be dealing with this and like to know how we can help. Then go over to our website at to request your free taster session and learn how we can make this a thing of the past. 06/23/2020

Sports Massage Pros | Ashburn, VA

Exercise bands v. Free weights for therapy

So here’s a dilemma, you’re recovering from an injury or something else that has set you back physically. Perhaps you’ve listened to someone on YouTube or you’ve seen a therapist that recommends home exercises for recovery. You may have wondered, what’s better for me; free weights or exercise bands?

Clearly there’s benefit to both but in my practice at SportsMassagePros and in my opinion, exercise bands are the way to go. Here’s why.

Using free weights for therapy can range from 1-25lbs depending on what you’re recovering from. This can be a very expensive proposition not to mention all the room it can take up in your home. Do you buy dumbbells, kettle bells or weighted exercise bars. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...UGGGHH!

Contrarily exercise bands are very inexpensive and usually come in a set of 5 of varying tension. You can easily store them in a dresser or office desk drawer when not in use. The cost for a set of 5 are generally less than $25

Exercise bands for most people, especially women, people not familiar with weights and older populations are less intimidating than free weights. Which ultimately means you’re much more likely to use them. The versatility and the amount of different types of exercises for recovery and just overall fitness are far superior than weights.

One more really important thing on exercise bands. They tend to be much, less intimidating, safer and a lower risk for injury than that of free weights.

So whether you’re recovering from an injury or just starting a fitness program, exercise bands are the way to go to get you back to the lifestyle you’ve missed out on.

I have been working with D. Deptula, over the past few years. Initially for an injury and now overall fitness. Part of her recovery was to use the exercise bands to compliment the treatment plan we had devised. This lead to her being able to play with her beautiful grandchildren without the fear of injury or getting tired.

This 67 year old grandmother has gone from constantly being in pain and not being able to enjoy her grandchildren to a consistent fitness routine for her and her husband. You can listen to her full story and many more on our website at

PLUS!!! – we have 10 sets of exercise bands to giveaway for anyone that books a FREE Discovery/Taster Visit! First come first served, so don’t miss out.

Feel free to give me your thoughts, questions, experiences or feedback.

Thanks and have a great day! We Help Active Adults Overcome Pain & Injury So They Stay Fit & ​Healthy Without Resting or Slowing Down


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No need to miss your workouts do to your gym being closed. Live virtual and customized personal training in he safety of your own home or office will keep and get you into the best shape of your life. In box or call for more details.




I Have Good News And Bad News

The bad news is because of the Corona virus you’re probably stuck in the house and can’t workout because your gym, box or fitness center is by now closed indefinitely. This means you’re probably forced to watch general online training on YouTube that’s not specifically designed for your specific training needs or goals

The good news is I have the solution for this. I’ve been training professional, collegiate and people of all skill levels at my private office in Ashburn, VA, online and in home training for years. You get to continue to train from the comfort and safety of your own home, with no risk of contracting the deadly Corona virus while still meeting all of your fitness goals. You may be asking, how does this work Robert.

It starts by us having a “no fee” That’s Right Free consultation on the phone 703-982-0006. There we’ll discuss your fitness goals, limitations, previous or current injuries.

More Bad News

I’ve offered this last week to my private face-book friends first and they have taken nearly all the available slots I have left. What that means is my schedule is about 90% full now and this opportunity will be soon GOING, GOING, GONE.

Let’s face it, you’re already stuck home now and missing workouts. Don’t lose all the ground you’ve gained in the gym because we don’t know how long we’re going to have to maintain social distancing from each other.

So here’s how to contact me

Jump on the phone now and call me directly or text at 703-982-0006

To your health,



These kiddies are my inspiration and my family is everything to me. My goal is to make sure everyone I treat for injury or pain is made to feel like family.


I love being invited for open houses. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people and share how I can serve them and be a part of their health and fitness journey.


Here today doing mobility assessments and answering questions on pain and injury from the good folks at SoldierFit in Sterling, VA


The therapist lied to me...

Most people aren’t made aware and don’t understand how long or how many sessions it will take to end their pain or discomfort by their therapist


Awesome pleasure doing some Therapeutic touch up work for Baltimore Ravens NFL quarterback Trace McSorley today. Watch out Lamar if he keeps coming to see me you may be in trouble.


We must never lose sight of the obvious.


Sportsmassagepros's cover photo



Prominent Athletes

A strong workout program can help you reach peak athletic performance, while an effective recovery program can help keep your progress from plateauing and reduce the risk of injury. Here at Prominent we recognize that massage therapy goes hand in hand with both and is an instrumental part of developing a sound athletic plan to aid in an athletes success!

Consistent sport massages increases flexibility which leads to an increase in the range of motion a muscle requires. For an athlete to maintain optimal performance, they must have a high degree of flexibility. No matter which sport or sports the athlete is involved in. If an athlete can gain more flexibility from massage, then they will have an advantage over their competitors.

Sports massage is beneficial for all types of people, from professional athletes to weekend warriors to fitness newcomers. Whether your immediate goals are to become a better competitor or heal a sports injury, a specially designed massage therapy program can help you get on the path to success.

Robert Brown is certified in ART, Graston Technique, TPI, and SFMA, Cupping and Theragun.

See you at the gym!





Before and after pics of a quick ART “active release” session on the (serratus anterior) before a workout of an athlete complaining of shoulder and Lat pain. Having more mobility can reduce your chances of injuries.


People who do a lot of work on the computer often suffer from neck pain a poor range of motion. Active stretching of the SCM muscle helps to ease some of that pain and restore motion.


Kinesio taping is a great to add extra support and stability with many knee dysfunctions especially during sport activities


Great time time today doing bodywork treatments on the SoldierFit athletes today. Their workout was awesome.


Enjoyed working with the personal trainers at Onelife fitness teaching some functional movement and corrective exercise concepts.



We help people 40’s and over stay active, mobile, recover from injuries and ongoing pain, but most importantly stay off pain killers and out of the doctors office.


Do you have nagging pain in the front of your shoulder especially doing pulling motions? Try this pec minor release using a lacrosse ball.


Why do professional athletes heal faster from injuries than the average person? Listen here as I debunk this.


My first Jiu Jitsu tournament and submission.




Using Graston tools can be very effective in eliminating knots in trouble areas such as the scapula for the shoulders and improving range of emotion.

[08/18/18]   Helping athletes as well as people that sit in front of the computer all day overcome and suffering from chronic pain and injuries is our specialty.

Former medical and sports massage therapist to the Stanley Cup Champs Washington Capitals.


Photos from Sportsmassagepros's post


Photos from Sportsmassagepros's post

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My Thanksgiving message
IT band pain “Success Story”
Ovie, Kuzy and myself dart throwing trash talking
The therapist lied to me...



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