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Based in Loudoun County, Virginia. Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. Give your guests, employees, and friends a unique and memorable experience with catered wood fired pizza from Pizzeria MOTO.


Today, on our final day of 2019 @willowsfordfarm 😢, we’re celebrating with a holiday-inspired 🍕. Visit us today from now ‘til 7pm for the flavor-packed Brie, Cranberry & Rosemary EVOO. Thanks to everyone who came out this season to support us & Happy Holidays!
#eatlocalpizza #shoplocal #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #woodfiredpizza #cookingwithfire #ashburnpizza #novacatering #dmvcatering #loudouncountycatering

Only 2 more #pizzatuesdays to go here @willowsfordfarm stand ☹ But, we’re making the most of these sad end-of-the-season-blues with a special 5th pie on the menu today; white w/ broccoli, ricotta and black pepper. Earthy, creamy, fire-baked goodness served up from 2-7pm. #getitwhileitshot #eatlocalpizza #shoplocal #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #woodfiredpizza #cookingwithfire #ashburnpizza #novacatering #dmvcatering #loudouncountycatering

Sweet 🍫 + Spicy 🌶 = Simpatico. Its our 3rd to last #pizzatuesday @willowsfordfarm so make sure to come out for today’s special: Sweet Potato, Poblano + Smoked Gouda 🧨 Open from 2-7pm!
#eatlocalpizza #shoplocal #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #woodfiredpizza #cookingwithfire #ashburnpizza #novacatering #dmvcatering #loudouncountycatering

Pink potatoes + crisp kale + sweet onions = potentially my favorite pizza combo ever (and I’ve tried A LOT)! There’s something about these 3 @willowsfordfarm veggies cooked quickly in the 800 degree, wood-fired oven that works so well together. Come to the Farm Stand and try it today from now ‘til 7pm! #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #shoplocal #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #woodfiredpizza #cookingwithfire #ashburnpizza #novacatering #dmvcatering #loudouncountycatering

It’s cool + rainy but we’ve still got TOMATOES! Celebrate #pizzatuesday with a goat cheese & cherry tomato pie. Try it with pancetta & balsamic 🤤 We’re serving all of your favorites (the Moto, Mutz, Lucia and White) from 2-7pm @willowsfordfarm #pizzeriamoto #eatlocalpizza #cookingwithfire #woodfiredpizza #webringthefiretoyou #willowsfordfarm #dmvcatering #novacatering #weddingfoodtruck @ Willowsford Farm

Swipe ⬅️ to see what’s on the menu @willowsfordfarm today from 2-7pm. There’re only 5 more #pizzatuesdays after today ☹ Come and get your #woodfiredpizza fix while you still can. Don’t wana wait ‘til next spring? Ask us about private catering! #pizzeriamoto #cookingwithfire #eatlocalpizza #dmvcatering #novacatering #woodfiredcatering @ Willowsford Farm

There are few things better in cooking than then smell of onions caramelizing. And today, we’re doing just that! Come try the Bella—with wood-fired caramelized onions, baby bellas, mozzarella and pecorino Romano on our homemade sourdough crust. 🔥 Serving from 2-7pm! #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #shoplocal #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #woodfiredpizza #cookingwithfire #ashburnpizza #novacatering #dmvcatering #loudouncountycatering

Say Cheese! We finish every pie with a sprinkle of Pecorino Romano because who says “no” to more 🧀? Come get yours for dinner today at the Willowsford Farm Stand from 2-7pm. #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #shoplocal #pizzeria Moto #willowsfordfarm #woodfiredpizza #cookingwithfire #ashburnpizza #novacatering #dmvcatering #loudouncountycatering

What will you put on this blank canvas? Summer squash, kale, pancetta or balsamic?
Come get #pizzatuesday with us at the @willowsfordfarm stand from 2-7pm. We’ve got all our classic pies on the menu plus some seasonal add-ons from the Farm Stand. #eatlocalpizza #shoplocal #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #woodfiredpizza #cookingwithfire #ashburnpizza #novacatering #dmvcatering #loudouncountycatering

We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our Tuesday followers AND @willowsfordfarm for being patient last Tuesday as we tended to a family emergency in PA most of the week. And now, WE’RE BACK! Come get a wood-fired pizza at the Willowsford Farm Stand from 2-7pm. Add-ons today are cherry tomatoes, kale, pancetta and balsamic reduction. 🔥🍕 #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #shoplocal #privatecatering #novacatering #loudouncounty #dmvcatering

We know everybody loves #pizzatuesday at the Willowsford Farm Stand (we do too) but we’re out of town for a family emergency and will be back at it next Tuesday, 9/17. @willowsfordfarm

Today is BBQ 🍑 Pie Day! We have all your Moto favorites plus peaches + red onions from the Farm Stand, topped off with a drizzle of bbq. Open from 2-7pm at the Willowsford Farm Stand! Willowsford Farm #pizzeriamoto #eatlocalpizza #pizzatuesday #peachpie #woodfiredcooking #cookingwithfire #woodfiredpizzq #novacatering #dmvcatering

It’s our first #pizzatuesday since back-to-school for Loudoun County kids. Why not make it a family tradition with homemade, wood-fired pizzas from our 🖤 to your home. We’re @willowsfordfarm stand from 2-7pm! #eatlocalpizza #shoplocal #eatlocal #pizzeriamoto #cookingwithfire #woodfiredpizza #dmvcatering #novacatering #hearttohome

We have fun on #pizzatuesday and so should you! There’s no mess and no stress when it’s pizza night! Swing by the farm stand for dinner between 2-7pm. Today’s add-ons: pancetta, baby portobellos & balsamic glaze. @willowsfordfarm #pizzeriamoto #eatlocalpizza #novacatering #dmvcatering #woodfiredpizza #cookingwithfire

Sauce or no sauce?
Meat or garlic + herbs?
Extra cheese?
What’s your favorite? Swipe ⬅️ for our core 4 pies available today at the Willowsford Farm Stand from 2-7pm (or until supplies last). And don’t forget to make it your own with add-ons! @willowsfordfarm @ Willowsford Farm

Now that we’re officially into the Dog Days of Summer, let us take care of dinner. Our oven is hot no matter what the temp outside. Get your favorite Moto pie and play around with our toppings menu. Today’s special…Manchego. Serving from 2-7pm @willowsfordfarm stand! #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #pizzeriamoto #woodfiredpizza #woodfiredcooking #novacatering #dmvcatering #cookingwithfire

What’s for dinner? Fire roasted tomato sauce & eggplant parm. All cooked in the pizza oven. When we’re not busy making pizzas we like to experiment #cookingwithfire🔥 #woodfiredmobileoven #pizzeriamoto

Handmade, hand-rolled, hand-stretched and hand-tossed with 🖤. Come try our Neapolitan-style pies made with sourdough crust today from 2-7pm at the Willowsford Farm Stand 🍕🔥 @willowsfordfarm #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #novacatering #dmvcatering @ Willowsford Farm

It’s finally cooled down a little outside but our pizza’s still hot! Maybe it’s not #beanieweather but you get the point 🙃 We’re at the Willowsford Farm Stand making dinner fast and easy tonight. Come by and grab a few! Serving from 2-7pm. #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #pizzeriamoto #dmvcatering #novacatering @willowsfordfarm

Bell peppers are one of our favorite pizza toppings of all time (there’s something special about a GP + Pepperoni pizza🤤). They’re also an excellent source of vitamin C. Need we say more? Come grab your daily dose of vitamin C at the Willowsford Farm Stand today from 2-7pm! Add on GP, cherry tomatoes, pancetta or balsamic to any pie! #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #willowsfordfarm #pizzeriamoto #woodfiredpizza #dmvcatering #weddingpizza #novacatering

Shiitakes + onion + kale + pancetta + balsamic drizzle = the Kitchen Sink Pizza! Try it today at the Willowsford Farm Stand from 2-7pm. We’ve also got a cheese, marg-style, pepperoni-style and white pie for the classic eaters. Happy pizza Tuesday!

Happy Pizza Tuesday, folks! Don’t even think about turning on the oven or stove today—it’s hot enough. We’ve got you covered with crispy, cheesy, wood-fired pizza pies. Grab lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers from the Willowsford Farm Stand for a side salad. Or grab a side pizza to your main salad! Today, add on: bacon, BBQ sauce, pancetta and/or balsamic glaze. Cooking from 2-7pm, or until supplies last 🍕 #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #pizzeriamoto #novacaterers #dmvcatering @willowsfordfarm @ Willowsford Farm

In honor of the summer season & the amazing veggies @WillowsfordFarm, we're adding summer squash & kale to today's add-ons. Our recommendation? ... try squash on the Moto, kale on the White, or throw them both on the Lucia for veggie lovers 👌🏼 See you at the Willowsford Farm Stand today from 2-7! #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #dmvcatering #novacatering #privatecatering #woodfiredpizza

There’s nothing like a good old cheese 🍕. It’s nostalgic & deliciously cheesy. We call ours the Mutz because of it’s mix of fresh mozzarella, white cheddar, provolone & Pecorino Romano. The Mutz is only 1 of 4 pies on our menu today. Plus, you can add on bacon, green onion, pancetta, balsamic glaze and sharp cheddar to any of our pies. Baking from 2-7pm (or until supplies last) at the Willowsford Farm Stand. #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #novacatering #dmvcatering #willowsfordfarm #pizzeriamoto

We couldn’t set up fast enough for 🍕 TUESDAY. We love being here @willowsfordfarm making wood-fired pies for their hungry shoppers. Today, add-ons are pancetta, onion, balsamic glaze and 🤞🏼 we can get our hands on some heirloom 🍅. 2-7pm or until supplies last. #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #willowsfordfarmstand #pizzeriamoto #novacatering #loudouncatering @willowsfordfarm

Pizza Tuesday is here again and we’ve got special add-ons this week. Get your pie with pancetta, kale, portobello mushrooms and/or balsamic glaze! We’re at the Willowsford Farm Stand from 2-7 today, or until supplies last. So come on out and get 1. Or 2. Or 3. Remember, every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself. #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #willowsfordfarm #novacatering #dmvcatering

A classic combination 👌

After a long weekend, it can be tough getting back into routine. Let us help you check dinner off of today’s list! Stop by the Willowsford Farm Stand between 2-7pm for wood-fired pizza to go. You can even grab salad fixings and dessert from the stand to round it out 🍕🥗🍦#pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #willowsfordfarm #loudouncounty #ashburnva #novacaterers #dmvcatering #woodfiredpizza #pizzaoven

Cranking out pizzas as fast as we can at the Willowsford Farm Stand today! Try the White pie, Lucia, Moto or the cheesy Mutz! We’ll be here from 2-7 (or until supplies last). #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm #privatecatering #novacaterer #dmvcatering

Sure feels good to be back at the Willowsford Farm Stand! Come on by for your first wood-fired pizza of the season, we’ll be cooking until 7 (or ‘til supplies last). #eatlocalpizza #pizzatuesday #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm

Pizzeria MOTO

Pizzeria MOTO's cover photo

Kids love 🍕, too! So why not make the fresh, wood-fired pizza experience part of your kids' next party! #myfirstpizza #pizzeriamoto #woodfiredcatering #novacatering #novaweddings #dmvcatering

Love is in the air as ‘engagement season’ nears its end. We'd like to congratulate a few our close friends who are recently engaged! Congrats James & Danielle and Andrew & Caitlin—we can’t wait for all the wedding fun ahead! For those of you out there beginning to think about engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and, of course, wedding receptions…don’t forget that wood-fired pizza, appetizers and salad make a fun and memorable catering option—everything is fired onsite! It’s never too early to book with us! #pizzeriamoto #woodfiredpizzacatering #pizzaforlife #northernvirginia @jvogric @dnh122 @rouelcaverso @caitlinanne729

Always a good night for pizza. Rain or shine! #pizzeramoto #pizza #woodfired #catering

Hello Pizza Tuesday friends! Today is the last day we’re at the Willowsford Farm Stand so come on by to say farewell, shop the holiday market and grab a Pancetta and Pear pie. We hope to see you all soon! #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #willowsfordfarm #welovewillowsford

Happy Pizza Tuesday, everyone! This is our second to last Tuesday at the Farm Stand so come out and make the most of it. We’ve got a jalapeño, cranberry and goat cheese pie: spicy, sweet and tangy! Come get it while it’s hot between 2-7pm. #eatlocalpizza #pizzatuesday #pizzeriamoto #willowsfordfarm

What more could you ask for on a cold and rainy day than a chorizo and fennel pizza? Come on out to the Willowsford Farm Stand and grab dinner for the whole family! There are 4 pies on the menu tonight so there’s something for everyone. #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #nofilter #woodfiredpizza #willowsford farm

Apples + Sharp Cheddar + Sage = the Market Pie you’ve been waiting for. Ever since September I’ve been looking forward to using apples. There are so many good combos. And luckily for us, many involve the use of cheese. Today we’re balancing the sweetness of the apple with the tanginess of sharp cheddar and the earthiness of sage—which is so distinctly autumn. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Come get your pizzas from 2-7pm at the Willowsford Farm Stand (23595 Founders Drive, Ashburn, VA 20148) #nofilter #fruitpizza #willowsfordfarm #willowsford #eatlocalpizza #pizzatuesday @ Willowsford Farm

Pesto. Kale. Red onion. We love the colors of this pie almost as much as the flavor-packed pesto. Have it as a snack or grab a few for dinner on your way home. Pair it with a leafy green salad with lettuce and more from the Willowsford Farm Stand! Serving pies from 2-7pm. @willowsfordfarm #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #willowsfordfarm

Still celebrating fall over here with a Maple Carrot & Smoked Gouda pizza pie! This smokey-sweet combo will pair perfectly with the spice of a jalapeño. Try it both ways! Serving at the Willowsford Farm Stand from 2-7pm. #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #fallfood #willowsfordfarm #nofilter @ Willowsford Farm

Today’s Market Pie is all about those fall flavors. Nutty Brussels sprouts plus sweet, sweet potatoes 🍁 And for the meat eaters out there, try it with pancetta 🙌🏻. Come grab a taste of fall along with loads of other hearty veggies at the Willowsford Farm Stand from 2-7pm today! #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza #nofilter #willowsfordfarm

The first time I tried fried green tomatoes I think my head fell off they were so good. The taste reminded me of a grilled cheese sandwich. And who doesn’t like a good grilled cheese? So today, instead of frying them, we’re going to throw thin-sliced green tomatoes onto a homemade sourdough crust, sprinkle on a little cheddar, sea salt and black pepper and bake them in a 900 degree wood-fired oven. 🤞🏼grilled cheese pizza here we come! Serving from 2-7 at the Willowsford Farm Stand (23595 Founders Drive, Ashburn, VA 20148). #eatlocalpizza #pizzatuesday #willowsfordfarm #greentomatoes @ Willowsford Farm

The patty pan squash is small, flat, and round with wavy edges. Some might say (and we agree 🙋‍♂️) that it resembles a flying saucer. Today, it’s featured on the Market Pie alongside green peppers and pancetta. Come grab dinner at the Willowsford Farm Stand. We’re serving from 2-7pm (23595 Founders Drive, Ashburn, VA) #eatlocalpizza #pizzatuesday @ Willowsford Farm

What’s packed with vitamin C, folate, B6 and potassium, contains antioxidants and cancer fighting compounds, helps to burn calories, supports healthy night vision, PLUS is low in calories?
Sweet peppers and portobello mushrooms. They also happen to taste great on pizza. Come out and grab yourself a balanced dinner 😉 serving from 2-7pm at the Willowsford Farm Stand (23595 Founders Drive, Ashburn, VA) #pizzatuesday #eatlocalpizza

Based in Loudoun County, Virginia. Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. Give your guests, employees, and friends a unique and memorable experience with catered wood fired pizza from Pizzeria MOTO.Our Story

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