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Three Bags Wool Farm

Macrame is back in style! Visit Three Bags Wool Farm during the "Hands-On Tour" of the Loudoun Spring Farm Tour to pick up your hand spun wool to make beautiful home decor. 🐏🎨

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Local artisan Linda Landreth is spinning wool today for the Loudoun County Farm Tour. Come by-we'll be here until 4pm!

Fort Bacon Farm has been around for much longer than you or me, and has plenty of history to show you at the Loudoun Spring Farm Tour... if you can ignore this cute kid, that is!


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April showers brings May... VEGGIES! #LoudounFarmTour participant, Virts Family Farms, from Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 7pm to get yours while the produce lasts.

P.S. Don't forget to visit Virts on the Tastes of Loudoun Tour on the 18th & 19th! loudounfarms.org/farmtour/

#louounlocal #loudounfarms #loveloudoun

Do you know what's in season during the month of May? Check our harvest calendar, or just ask Day Spring Farm - this #LoudounFarmTour CSA has fresh veggies for 25 weeks out of the year.

Bet you're wishing for some of their broccoli to make a soup for the rainy weekend ahead!

See more about the event here: Loudoun Spring Farm Tour

Click the link to start following our new @loudounvafarms Instagram account! You'll want to keep up with all of the stories and lives streams during the upcoming growing season - especially for the Spring Farm Tour! 🌱📱


Where can you meet a friendly water buffalo and pet some rabbits? On the Loudoun Spring Farm Tour! Check out the cool activities being offered by participating farms May 18-19: http://ow.ly/qwZb50t6dyI


An easy way to eat healthier this summer: Find a farmers’ market - Harvard Health Blog

Did you know that Farmers Markets do more than offer a unique selection of fresh produce; they also provide an environment that’s conducive to smart shopping? Make plans to visit our local markets this weekend!

health.harvard.edu Researchers found that people who shop at farmers’ markets drink less soda and eat more vegetables.

Which mini-tour will you take during the Spring Farm Tour May 18-19? 1. Little Ones 2. Tastes of Loudoun 3. Hands-On 4. Horses & More or one of the other two? See which farms are on each tour: https://loudounfarms.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/SFT2019_web.pdf

Help a Horse Day was started in 2013 as a way to provide a national day of recognition for equine organizations, to spread the word about the lifesaving work they do on behalf of at-risk horses and show their communities how to join in the effort. Loudoun County is proud to be home to over 15,000 horses and to many organizations dedicated to preserving the equestrian industry.

Who's heading to the Farmers Market this weekend? We'd love to see your photos - share your fave find at your local market! Head to our website for a list of Farmers Markets. http://ow.ly/8KvB50r7lJK


These Loudoun Farm Animals Have Roots in Africa - Loudoun County Farms, VA

Did you know that cattle were originally domesticated near the border of Asia more than 10,500 years ago? Check out our blog for a list of farm animals with roots in Africa!

loudounfarms.org Africa is the only continent that stretches from the northern temperate zone to the southern temperate zone, with some of the world’s hottest locations in between, supporting farm animals of all shapes and sizes.

CSAs help you eat healthier! When you start picking up a box of vegetables each week, you’d have to try hard to not eat healthy. Your plates will be overflowing with fresh vegetables. Prep your vegetables in advance and salads will come together in seconds for quick lunches and dinner. For a list of CSA Farms, visit our website. http://ow.ly/RG9F50r7lJ6

What are you doing to celebrate our planet? Cleaning up a local park? Vowing to use less plastic? Help protect endangered species? We want to know how you are spending Earth Day!

Calorie for calorie, garlic is incredibly nutritious. Additionally, garlic can lower total and LDL cholesterol. Go grab a few cloves on National Garlic Day!

Did you know that many of our Farmers Markets switch their produce once spring arrives? Be sure to check out a local Farmers Market this weekend to enjoy the abundance of spring! http://ow.ly/HuCw50qe3QS

Supporting Loudoun’s #CSAs ensures that you are getting the freshest locally grown foods direct from the farmer while supporting our local economy. In other words, vegetables you can really feel good about eating.

Go out and play in the dirt today! National Gardening Day is the perfect time for gardeners and would-be gardeners to pick up a shovel and some seeds and kick-off a beautiful year of homegrown bounty.

Spring House Farm holds several events throughout the year where attendees can learn about locally raised food. They just held a Whole Hog Seam Butchery Demo with butcher Marc Pauvert. Look for more upcoming events like this from Spring House Farm. We also want to hear from the other farms - what events do you have going on this spring?

AMAZING night on the farm learning from one of the best in the world, Marc Pauvert. Thank you Crooked Run Brewing, Maggie Malick Wine Caves, Magnolias at the Mill Restaurant and Georges Mill Farm Artisan Cheese for the delicious food and drink. Missed tonight? No worries, keep your eyes out for our summer events.

Many of us look forward to getting fresh produce at our homes weekly through CSAs, but did you know that there are also meat CSAs? Members get top quality meats from local farms and get access to some of the best cuts of meat. Additionally, many farmers are committed to using as much of the animal as possible for ecological reasons, so members will often get cuts that they aren't used to. Check out the local meat CSAs on our website. http://ow.ly/nGeF50prcj1

Today is a holiday devoted to promoting the welfare of America's enormous livestock population. While this doesn't hold true everywhere, we are proud that our farms raise their farm animals humanely. What's your favorite farm animal?


It's Opening Day for Loudoun's Farmer Trading Cards

More great buzz about the Loudoun Farms trading cards program, this time from Loudoun Now! Thank you!

loudounnow.com It’s opening day in the baseball world and that means it’s a special day for many of Loudoun elementary school students. First, it means stadium fare—hot dogs and nachos on the lunch menu. Also, it is the first day to pick up one of Loudoun’s farmer trading cards. It is the fourth year for t...


Agriculture All-Stars: Loudoun puts farmers on trading cards

Thank you to WTOP News for helping us highlight our wonderful farmers!

wtop.com Featuring “Sweet Potato Mike” to “Farmer Beth,” a new trading card program in Loudoun County, Virginia schools seeks to celebrate farmers and introduce children to the basics of agriculture.

Spring is officially here which means that many of our Farmers Markets are now featuring spring produce. Be sure to check out a local Farmers Market this weekend to enjoy the abundance of spring!


Study: Kids Who Spend Time in Nature Become Happier Adults

Visiting our local farms is a great way to get outside and feel the sun on your face!

adventure-journal.com Decades-long study shows that the more time we spend outdoors as kids, the less chance we have of mental illness as adults.

Why join a CSA? Eating locally has a positive effect on the environment by reducing packaging and the fuel needed for transportation. Learn more about our local CSAs on our website to find the one that best fits your family's needs. http://ow.ly/mowi50oJGva

Wishing you a Happy April Fools Day! Be on the lookout today - we hope you don't get fooled.

By enrolling in CSAs, you are allowing farmers to grow a greater variety of produce, including heirloom varieties. Knowing that there is a market for vegetables that are a bit 'unusual' allows farmers to plant and grow these vegetables. Enroll in a Loudoun County CSA today - visit our website to find the CSA that's right for you! http://ow.ly/x8wC30ob357


These Loudoun Farm Animals Have Roots in Africa - Loudoun County Farms, VA

These six types of animals once blessed the rains down in Africa - now they live on farms in Loudoun! Learn more about farm animals with African origins:

loudounfarms.org Africa is the only continent that stretches from the northern temperate zone to the southern temperate zone, with some of the world’s hottest locations in between, supporting farm animals of all shapes and sizes.

Now that spring is officially here, our thoughts turn to our local Farmers Markets! What are you most looking forward to buying at our local markets?

Looking for something fun for your kids to do this summer? Loudoun County is home to dozens of farms offering equestrian camps for riders of all ages. Here is a closer look at a few. http://ow.ly/23D730ob2ZT

Today we are celebrating spinach, since it's National Spinach Day! This leafy vegetable is one of the best sources of iron, is an excellent source of calcium, folic acid, fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamins A, C and K, and is loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants. It's also believed to help improve cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health. Now is a great time of year for spinach in Loudoun County, and you can find some at your local markets, so be sure to head to one of our Farmers Markets this weekend to get your spinach on! http://ow.ly/7QXm30ob2XV

Did you miss the grand opening of the EatLoco Indoor Farmers Market at Chefscape last week? Don't worry, they're open every Thursday from 3pm-7pm. Stop by to check it out!

It's official!!! The ribbon is cut and The EatLoco Indoor Farmers Market at Chefscape is off to a GREAT start! Come on over!!


Community Supported Agriculture - Loudoun County Farms, VA

There's still time to find the perfect CSA for your family! Visit our website to find out which CSA fits your life. #loudounmadeloudoungrown http://ow.ly/G5w230o4V07

loudounfarms.org Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to connect with local farms and farmers in Loudoun County. Consumers buy a seasonal CSA subscription from the farmer, and in return receive weekly packages fresh from the farm.

Today's the day! Don't let the rain keep you away from the Grand Opening of the EatLoco Indoor Farmers Market at Chefscape! 3pm-7pm.

TOMORROW = 🎉🎉🎉 GRAND OPENING 🎉🎉🎉of the EatLoco INDOOR Farmers Market at Chefscape!

What can you find at this progressive marketplace?

👩🏼‍🌾 fruits, vegetables, proteins and more from incredible farmers and vendors

🍹Sip + Shop with a cocktail from Bar AhSo

🎶 Live 'Music at the Market' with Gary Smallwood (brought to you by Comfenergy) *Grand Opening only, check out the EatLoco events calendar for upcoming live music

🎁 Raffle + Giveaway! Our vendors will be giving away special prizes and coupons! *Grand Opening only


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It's finally here! Welcome spring!


These Loudoun Farm Animals that Have Roots in Asia - Loudoun County Farms, VA

Cool fact of the day: all of the world’s continents (except for Antarctica) have at least one species of native animal living on a working Loudoun farm. Learn more about Loudoun farm animals with Asian roots.

loudounfarms.org Mark your calendars for the Loudoun Spring Farm Tour, May 18 and 19, 2019.

Why join a CSA? Farmers often harvest the produce, milk the cow or collect the eggs within a day of the CSAs being delivered. That means that a vine-fresh tomato that was picked that morning can be on your plate by dinner. Find the CSA that’s right for you: https://loudounfarms.org/local-produce/csa/


10 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Use Locally Sourced Food - Small Business Trends

Buying local is more than just a fad. Among other reasons to buy local, locally sourced foods can provide seasonal menu inspiration.

smallbiztrends.com For restaurants, using locally sourced food can be a major selling point. Here're ten reasons why your restaurant should consider buying local.

Loudoun Equine - Loudoun County Farms, VA

Did you know that Loudoun County is home to over 15,000 horses? There are numerous equestrian activities available, including riding lessons or experiencing our exhilarating steeplechase races. Learn more: http://ow.ly/qKhK30o09cN

loudounfarms.org Loudoun County is home to over 15,000 horses and offers numerous equestrian activities for residents and visitors to the county to enjoy. Whether you partake in a riding lesson or spend the day in Middleburg experiencing the exhilarating steeplechase races, you are guaranteed a day to remember.

Why buy from your local farmers markets instead of large grocery stores? For starters, locally grown food is full of flavor! http://ow.ly/yFKy30o097P

Who's planning to attend the opening of the EatLoco Indoor Farmers Market at Chefscape on March 21? We are!

Who's ready for The EatLoco INDOOR Farmers Market at Chefscape?! T-minus 16 DAYS!

We'll have live music from Gary Smallwood, an awesome RAFFLE to enter, incredible farmers + vendors and more!!

Learn more about the Indoor Farmers Market here:

#eatloco #chefscape #countdowntotheopening #grandopening #eatlocochefscape #villageatleesburg #supportyourfarmer #indoorfarmersmarket

Don't forget to set your clocks forward tonight! You might want to grab an extra cup of coffee since we're losing an hour of sleep tonight.

Farm to Table - Loudoun County Farms, VA

What does farm-to-table mean? It means that the food on the table came directly from a specific farm, without going through a store, market, or distributor along the way. For a list of local farm-to-table eateries:

loudounfarms.org Looking for a delicious meal prepared with locally sourced ingredients? Loudoun County has several dining establishments dedicated to supporting local farmers and sourcing local. Enjoy the scenic views while dining at the Restaurant at Patowmack Farm or watch the locals pass by while enjoying lunch....


These Loudoun Farm Animals that Have Roots in Asia - Loudoun County Farms, VA

Some of the most familiar farm animals in the world live alongside water buffalo and peacocks on Loudoun farms, and they all have roots in Asia!

loudounfarms.org Mark your calendars for the Loudoun Spring Farm Tour, May 18 and 19, 2019.

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