Top Agent Happy Hour

Top Agent Happy Hour


Awesome content! I love this podcast and all the information that is delivered by these Top Agents .. 5 STARS!!
Great helpful information, thank you!
Top Agent Happy Hour podcasts are great, I've listened to just about every one of them, some 2-3 times, guidance to implement systems right now, great for all agents, especially helping me as a new/newer agent. Excellent Q&A and deep dives in marketing ideas, mistakes mades, best advice, etc. Really enjoying the 'host' editions in recent weeks.
Love listening to the various ways people run their business, then picking and choosing the things that really speak to me. I look forward to it every time a new one pops up.

Welcome to the Top Agent Happy Hour Podcast, where you’ll learn how to build a real estate career worth celebrating.

{25} Importance of a Compelling Value Proposition w/ Alex Bracke

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How Alex got started in real estate {1:40}

What does your typical day look like {5:00}

What Alex learned from growing a team {7:45}

What are Alex’s team production and goals for 2020 (11:00)

How does Alex stay focused with a busy schedule {13:00}

What is Alex’s #1 lead generating source {15:00}

How Alex maximizes his sphere of influence with constant touches {17:45}

Why a unique value proposition so important? {21:00}

Secret to making an ISA program successful {23:00}

Why Alex ultimately decided to hire a real estate coach. {29:00}

Biggest mistake Alex sees other agents making {31:00}

What Alex would change looking back at his career {33:00}

Big picture goals {38:50}

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{24} How To Go From “Too Young” To Top Agent w/Austin Harley

{24} How To Go From “Too Young” To Top Agent w/ Austin Harley

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How Austin got started in real estate {1:21}

How he was able get past the “too young” stigma (4:00 & 7:25)

How Austin uses YouTube to educate his clients (13:00)

How unique selling propositions help differentiate himself from other agents (18:00)

Where is Austin placing his marketing dollars and why {26:00}

How Austin is utilizing video testimonials to build credibility {27:45}

Why YouTube targeting is better than Facebooks {39:00}

What are you most proud of in the business (49:00)

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To contact Dustin Fox –
Devon and Dustin Fox- Pearson Smith Realty
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How to have a successful 15+ year real estate career/Rob Whitman – Episode 17

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How did you go from traditional to Redfin? {21:30}
What are the strengths of the Redfin model (34:00)
How to overcome Redfin objections from clients (38:40)
What does your current day-today business look like (40:00)
Why do agents get less sign calls {42:00}
What are the 4 pillars of your business? {43:00}
What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in real estate {45:05}
Biggest mistake Jon sees other agents make? (53:20)
Why backup offers help everyone (55:00)
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Top Agent Happy Hour

Who else wants to grow their real estate business?

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How To Educate & Empower Women In Real Estate w/ Karen Cooper & Vicky Noufal

Books that have made the biggest impact in their career. {34:00}

Leading a team, but making it about the team – not the leader {38:00}

What is the single thing they’re most proud of {41:00}

Why professionalism and respect with agent across the table is so important {44:00}

Best advice ever received {47:00}

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Vicky Noufal

Karen Cooper

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Squeezing Everything You Can Out Of Every Listing.

Step-by-step class on how to leverage every listing into more business.

What you will learn ~

1) Easily systemize your listing marketing. You NEED to consistently do the same thing for every listing. This will get your clients more exposure and lead to more listings. I promise it will work if you are consistent with it. Even if they're not your listings....All you need is a few days notice for an open house.

2) My best split tested Facebook ads. Utilize Listings-2-Leads platform to rake in Facebook leads from .11 - .75 cents a piece

3) Just listed, just sold, and open house mailers to get listings.

4) Quick and easy SEO tips for your Google business page.

For a free download PDF of the power point slides to follow up with class, please email me at [email protected]

[New Episode] 6 Books That Every Realtor Should Read And Why (Pt 1)

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Part 1 -
Part 2 -

1) Influence - The Psychology Of Persuasion - Dr. Robert Cialdini
2) Ultimate Sales Machine - Chet Holmes -
3) Ultimate Sales Letter - Dan Kennedy -

To contact Dustin Fox - Pearson Smith Realty - 703-927-1461
[email protected]

1) Start With Why - Simon Sinek -
2) 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey -
3) Compound Effect - Darren Hardy -

To contact Richard Bridges - [email protected]

‎Top Agent Happy Hour Podcast: Who Else Wants 120+ Deals A Year w/ Richard Bridges on Apple Podcasts

[New Episode] Episode 19: Who Else Wants 120+ Deals A Year? w/Richard Bridges

Find out how this agent took his business from 20 to 40 to 120+ deals a year through hard work and the accountability that comes with top real estate coaching.

Now he's giving giving back and sharing his knowledge with his own coaching program.

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To watch with full video 👉 ‎Show Top Agent Happy Hour Podcast, Ep Who Else Wants 120+ Deals A Year w/ Richard Bridges - Jun 21, 2019

How To Go From No Deals Your First 8 Months to 300 deals three years later w/Eric Pearson

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How Eric instills a motivating & knowledge sharing culture in his brokerage {10:00}

How to make a every client a raving fan (26:00)

From no deals his first 8 months to selling over 300 transactions as a team three years later (29:45}

How to consistently provide more for your agents (32:00}

What are you most proud of? {51:00}

To contact Eric email him at [email protected]
or schedule a one on one with him -

To contact Dustin Fox - on
703-927-1461 or [email protected]

To contact Richard Bridges - or [email protected]

[New Episode] Episode 17: How To Go From 60k A Year To 25 Signed Listings w/Jon Granlund

Find out how Jon eliminates negative energy from his business & his life.

Know when your business is ready to add an assistant without the risk.

What was his biggest Ah-Ha moment in the business (22:00)

Understanding that leads are plentiful. Lead conversion is where the money is really made and how he does it. (23:40)

Why are agents to afraid to ask for the business? (28:30)

Biggest mistake Jon sees other agents make? (29:50)

What the big picture looks like for Jon Granlud? (36:30)

To contact Jon Granlund email him at [email protected]

To contact Dustin Fox - on or [email protected]

To contact Richard Bridges - or [email protected]

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[New Episode] Episode 16: Meet The Hosts Part. 1- Dustin Fox

Are you driving to some showings or better yet a listing appointment? Listen and grow your business!

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[New Episode] How to Keep Improving Every Day w/Noel Tuggle
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In real estate, your results and level of success depend greatly on the time and effort you put into it. How can you get on top, and stay there? What can you do to make your name synonymous with real estate in your area?

On this episode, we talk with Pearson Smith Realty Team agent, Noel Tuggle, as he shares his advice for how to improve as an agent.

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

- In real estate, you can’t afford to dwell on your downfalls. In the time you take to worry about the deal you didn’t get, you could be out closing others. Keep your morale high and remember that it’s not the end of the world when you fail.

- Stop being timid in business. Developing a more aggressive approach is a game changer in real estate. Make sure you’re making a name for yourself in real estate and don’t allow fear or shyness to hold you back.

- The best way to find out where you’re going wrong is by asking. When you meet with prospective clients, ask them what you could have done better. Use this constructive criticism to make your business better.

Become the master of your own mindset, and never think you’re past the need for improvement. Even when you’re on top, remember that your job is to serve your clients. Make sure you’re listening to their concerns and their criticism, and continue to develop your expertise.

[New Episode] How Zillow and Other Platforms Use AI to Get the Dialogue Started w/Matt Johnson
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[New Episode] How Zillow and Other Platforms Use AI to Get the Dialogue Started w/Matt Johnson
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Platforms like Zillow bring a lot of opportunities to agents. How can you make the most of the platform? Which mistakes do you need to avoid if you want to have great results?

On this episode, we’re joined by Matt Johnson to discuss how you can use Zillow and AI more effectively.

Three Things We Learned:
- Embrace artificial intelligence. Clients want to push a button and have an appointment.
- One of the biggest mistakes agents make is not responding to clients on Zillow. Stay active on the platform.
- When responding to reviews, include personal details. You want people seeing the reviews to know you have great relationships with your clients.

[New Episode] The More You Give, The More You Gain w/Jennifer Mack
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Helping others always comes back to you. What can you do to ensure you’re not only doing well in your business, but genuinely helping your clients? Should you dedicate more of yourself to your business, or can you make an impact outside of your work?

On this episode, we talk with Jennifer Mack of Jennifer Mack Properties. Jennifer is known for going above and beyond for her clients, and strives to provide heartfelt solutions to everyone she works with while staying present in her personal life.

Three Things We Learned
- Surround yourself with positive people who uplift you and support your goals.
- Hire help to delegate the tasks you don’t need to do yourself.
- Use a range of strategies to stay top-of-mind

Never stop striving towards being generous, improving your knowledge, and sharing what you’ve learned with others. Have an abundance mindset, and never limit yourself. The world is becoming smaller by the minute— why not take advantage of that? Make new contacts and stay in touch with the old ones. However, never forget that generosity begins at home. Allow yourself time to exist in contexts other than work. By giving this to yourself, you will be able to give to others in the most genuine manner.

[New Episode] Why You’re Never Too Young to Impact the Industry w/Casey Menish
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[New Episode] Why You’re Never Too Young to Impact the Industry w/Casey Menish
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For new agents in the industry, making your mark can be a long process. How can you foster other people’s trust in your ability to get them the best deals and the best homes? Does it take years, or can you accelerate your reputation and impact?

On this episode, we talk with Casey Menish, who is proof that being new to the industry should never be a hindrance to your success. Casey made a name for herself in real estate despite discouragement from seasoned agents early in her career.

Three Things We Learned
- Building relationships is critical
- You have to stay top-of-mind
- Being easily reachable can help you build trust

In real estate today, it’s important to have a bond with your clients, as you’re playing a big role in their lives. Build relationships and stay close with those you work with. You’ll not only have a great social circle, but a loyal client base.

[New Episode] How to Be a High-Performing Agent
w/Robyn Burdett
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The real estate business is constantly evolving, and it’s critical to keep learning. We also need to recognize the value of creating a bond with our clients. How do we remain high-performing? How do soft skills impact our sales? What is our role in mediating information?

In this episode, Robyn Burdett shares how we can improve our performance and client relationships in real estate.

Three Things We Learned

- The importance of knowing your "why?"
- How to sell through listening
- Why you must share the right information, in an age where information is everywhere

Being an agent today means working with people in new ways and being ready to adapt. Information is readily available online and digital marketing plays an important role, but we need to be able to focus on and share the most valuable information with our clients while also building a meaningful relationship with them. When we pay this extra attention to our clients, we are better equipped to do our job well and increase our sphere of influence.

[New Episode] Pat Hiban on Getting Out of Production & How He Would Build a Team Today
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A lot has changed in real estate, and leaders have to be able to continuously train agents and keep up with evolving models. How do we encourage continuing education for our agents? How can we distinguish between working out of ego vs. doing it because it’s what we actually want?

On this episode we're joined by Pat Hiban, the founder of Rebus University and Gobundance, and host of the #1 real estate podcast. Pat shares on his real estate journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Three Things We Learned
- How lead follow-up has changed
- The advantages that newer agents have
- Why your sphere of influence must evolve when you get out of production

For a lot of real estate agents, we get into the game and become driven by ego. In order for us to have real staying power, there has to be a lot more motivating us than accolades and recognition. Instead of focusing on those things, prioritize getting better everyday, pursue education, and push through to reach our goals.

[New Episode] How to Build a Successful Culture-Driven Independent Brokerage w/John Costello
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[New Episode] How to Build a Successful Culture-Driven Independent Brokerage w/John Costello
Get the Full Episode Here-->

[New Episode] How to Build a Successful Culture-Driven Independent Brokerage w/John Costello
Get the Full Episode Here-->

Independent brokerages offer many great opportunities and benefits, but they require a leader with vision and focus. Why is culture so important in this model, and how do you make it something real and tangible at every level of the business? How can you create a collaborative environment?

On this episode, independent brokerage leader John Costello shares on what it takes to go from 20 to 170 agents in 2.5 years.

Three Things We Learned
- Why John switched from flipping to buy-and-hold
- The benefits of livestream training
- The biggest mistake agents make

Independent brokerages are ships that can move and steer easily and quickly, but running them correctly still requires planning and real intention. Success for independent and non-franchise brokerages comes down to having the right partners and being very culture-driven. As the leader, you have to have a clear vision, verbalize what it is, and then build a plan around it.

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{24} How To Go From “Too Young” To Top Agent w/Austin Harley
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