The Perfect Pull Sports Performance

The Perfect Pull Sports Performance

CrossFit Impavidus' Coach Nate, Impavidus Endurance Team & Redrum Barbell Club founder, provides running, rowing or weightlifting programming & coaching.

Coach Nate, CrossFit Impavidus Endurance Team and Redrum Barbell Club founder, offers remote coaching and programming for athletes interested in running/endurance sports training or improving strength/technique in Olympic-style weightlifting. Remote Coaching & Programming • Custom Endurance/Weightlifting programming based on your individual needs • Supplements your current CrossFit/conditioning programming • Video reviews and technique analysis • Regular email/Facebook correspondence • General nutrition advice Programming is only one piece that makes a successful athlete. Following the best program will only get you so far. Refining technique and performing the movements as flawlessly as possible—especially in sports which reward efficiency and punish wasteful efforts—is what differentiates the average athlete from the truly elite. Therefore, each coaching and programming package includes video review and analysis to help further improve your technique and mechanics.

Simple tools. Simple program. Devastating results.

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‎Chasing Excellence: #096: 10 Principles of Mindset on Apple Podcasts

I’ve always said that mindset is key. Using terms like “can’t” truly means “won’t”. Remove these terms from your vocabulary so you can take the first step at changing your mindset into realizing you have a choice in doing and accomplishing anything. ‎Show Chasing Excellence, Ep #096: 10 Principles of Mindset - Oct 28, 2019

Legendary Weightlifting Coach Glenn Pendlay Passes Away At Age 48 - BarBend

Sad day for the weightlifting world. :egendary USA Weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay, inventor of the Pendlay row, lost his battle with cancer at the age of 48.

Werblowing Worldwide

Athlete Brett Werblow dialing in his running technique as the Ironman 70.3 Traverse City Triathlon approaches. Anxious to see his results. I'm confident his strength, technique, and endurance training will serve him well.

Traveling for Ironman Race: I’m Just over two weeks away from the Ironman 70.3 Traverse City Triathlon and I’m dialing in my run pacing at about a 5:05 min/km. After just completing an 8 week CF Endurance program with Coach @the_perfect_pull , I feel more confident in my running technique, especially for a 5+ hour endurance race.

Im looking forward to racing in some cooler temps. I took this video at the end of a hill workout in 97° temps and the HR was wild and lactic acid was certainly building up.
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Click here to support project safe crossfit flooring organized by Kyle Douglass We are outdoor, deployed Location military affiliate providing Crossfit through all volunteer coaches for about the last 10+ years to people of all services and nations. We are in desperate need of safe flooring to provide clean and safe work out space for our people. Our goal is purchase this...

The Importance of Platform Coaching Demeanor

Great article by Coach Bob Takano. The concepts he discusses applies to all coaches, not just weightlifting coaches. The job of the coach is to keep the athlete focused on the task. Save the celebrations for after the medal ceremony or workout. The demeanor of the coach can be very impactful on the performance of the athlete. Avoid the pitfalls.

Aerobic Capacity Course - Developing Different Gears

I'm coaching an Endurance Program at CF South Arlington this summer for those that are interested. Details in the link below.

Building aerobic capacity is a goal of the CFSA Running Program. It is designed to help develop different “gears” for you to tackle Endurance AND CrossFit workouts. Whether it’s repeat 400s, 1 mile time trial or a 20 minute metcon, the Running Program will give you the tools to identify your maximum sustainable pace. Sign up for the 8-week program to learn more:

Chris Hinshaw of the CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Specialty Course explains why athletes should develop gears to modify speed. “Our job is to create a range of ...

Winding down from a “rough day” at the office. The local brew is pretty good.

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Thanks @streetparking for the workout inspiration...dumbbell thrusters, dumbbell snatches and sweat puddles 🥵😳🤯💪. One way to start the weekend right.

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Improvement of Kinetic, Kinematic, and Qualitative Performance Variables of the Power Clean With the Hook Grip. - PubMed - NCBI

Hook grip. Quit whining. Use it. Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2019 Mar 1;14(3):378-384. doi: 10.1123/ijspp.2018-0577. Epub 2019 Feb 7.

VICE News Tonight

Currently developing a "boot camp" program at CrossFit South Arlington to help prepare soldiers for the Army Combat Fitness Test. Here's a preview of what's expected in the new test.

For the first time in nearly 40 years, the United States Army is changing how it measures the physical fitness of its soldiers.

This is what is takes to pass the new Army Combat Fitness Test.

Lifting all the weights today and using this awesome sling bag from my friends @starsandbarswlc and @svg831 to carry all my lifting paraphernalia while I’m on travel.

#starsandbarswlc #redrumbarbellclub #squats #moresquats #coffeeandsquats #theanswerisalwayscoffeeandsquats

The next cycle of Iron Strong is here!

If you're in the Arlington area and want to move some iron. Metal. Chalk. Muscle. Sweat. A focused mind determined to move iron. A relentless desire to not back down from any physical challenge.

Even on a treadmill you can use the Pose Method to run efficiently. You should always use the incline to set your “fall” angle. This is also a great way for pace and cadence practice.

Body weight is on the ball of the foot. Knees stay bent on landing and at the pull...never a straight leg. Pulling foot up into pose. Relaxed ankle throughout.

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You don’t need much equipment to get a good workout. Sure it’s great to have a gym with all the bells and whistles, but it really just boils down to getting work done regardless of the setting. No excuses, just an attitude of wanting to stay fit. It’s simple, but effective.

Thanks @streetparking for the workout inspiration of kettlebell swings and step ups. And thanks Rogue for the awesome kettlebell.

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The struggle is real.

Someone puts Nickleback brain will explode 🏋🏻😑😵 #sh*tmusic #crappy #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #lift #deadaf #justkillmenow

Doing treadmill intervals at 5,312ft above sea level. This is one way to develop aerobic capacity. Although a treadmill isn’t the ideal method to work on my #posemethodrunning it does allow me to work pace and learning the feeling of that pace...even though I’m sucking wind at this elevation.

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A year ago today we helped host the Deid Throwdown. It was an amazing event that I can only try to thank all those that helped make it happen.

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Three separate trips to Cali in the past three months. Gotta love the variety @innout offers (except for the beer). Love me my In-n-Out any time I travel west.

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[11/08/18]   Coaching an 8-week rowing program at CrossFit South Arlington. If you want to improve your performance on the rowing machine, come check it out.

Are you tired of being tired on the rowing machine during workouts? Or do you enjoy rowing and want to get better at it? Well, we have the answer for you!

Check out our latest specialty program announcement:

Or sign up directly here:

Rowing prowess is just around the corner.

Coach Rex making his first appearance at @crossfitsoutharlington 🦖🦖🦖🦖

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Do you even row bro?

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When RUN RX reposts your athlete's (Brett Werblow) results from 14 weeks of training and performance at the Chicago Marathon. Congratulations to an awesome performance! Continue learning and practicing the skill of running.
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Congratulations @werblowingworldwide on running @chimarathon Keep up the practice, just gets better 👏💪
[CHICAGO MARATHON 2018] —————————————————-My 5th timing running the grueling distance of 26.2 and it proved to be as hard as the first. Battled through cold temps, rain, wind, and a hell of a leg cramp at mile 20. •That couldn’t stop me from a Personal Best |03:53:10|
The Deets:
🏃 Sliced 06:49 off my previous PB (Detroit in 2014) and over 17:00 from the Berlin Marathon in 2017 ✅ ——————————————————
•This race I set a goal of running a race injury free. Thankful for finding a #PoseMethod running coach (@the_perfect_pull) who quickly corrected my foot strike and then led a CrossFit Endurance based training of low-mileage, high intensity 14-week program. Injury free and setting a Personal Best gives me a lot to look forward to. Running is a skill that needs to continue to be practiced. ——————————————————
#chicagomarathon #crossfitendurance #crossfitsoutharlington #runrx #southwestairlines #running

Showing off his Pose at the Chicago Marathon expo. He’s trained hard relearning how to run with proper technique. His last training session he said his PR pace felt easy. Good luck at the race! Can’t wait to hear the results. #theperfectpull #posemethod #poserunning #run #running #runningcoach #marathontraining #learntorun #lovetorun #runhappy #runningtips #runstrong #cfsoutharlington #crossfit #crossfitsoutharlington #cfendurance #cfenduranceteam #powerspeedendurance

We will miss the most important messages if we’re always talking. Shut up and listen.

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Sounds about right.

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I am a huge ChalkMonster fan! Best chalk I’ve ever used!

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We partnered with our friends at @neuroast & @liftingcultureapparel to offer you a giveaway you don’t want to miss out on. One lucky winner will win a pound of @neuroast Classic mushroom coffee ☕️🍄, a pound of premium grade chalk by @iamchalkmonster , and the unreleased “BONES” Tee or Crossback Tank ☠️ along with a whole bunch of accessories including socks, sunglasses, stickers, and a cellphone wallet by @liftingcultureapparel •

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[09/01/18]   Kait F.
Testing Week
Saturday, 1 Sep 18
9 Elevated Ring Row
9 DB Seated Press #20 DBs

[08/31/18]   Kait F.
Testing Week
Friday, 31 Aug 18
10 Hanging Knee Raises
20 Push Ups
250m Row

[08/30/18]   Kait F.
Testing Week
Thursday, 30 Aug 18
Active Recovery/Rest Day

[08/29/18]   Kait F.
Testing Week
Wednesday, 29 Aug 18
Press 1RM
Elevated Ring Row 4 sets x 4 reps BW

Note: If standing strict press is too much for your leg, do it seated.

[08/28/18]   Kait F.
Testing Week
Tuesday, 28 Aug 18
Tripod 4 sets x 24s
Ring Dip Negatives 4 sets x 2 reps x 10s

Every 30s f/12min
10 One-handed KBS alt 16kg
Note: Complete 10 swings with right hand and rest remainder of 30s. Then complete 10 swings with left hand and rest remainder of 30s. Russian-style swing.

[08/27/18]   Kait F.
Testing Week
Monday, 27 Aug 18
Bench 1RM
Barbell Row 1RM

[08/25/18]   Kait F.
Saturday, 25 Aug 18
Alt KB Clean & Press @ 16kg
Note: Clean & Press with right hand, then left hand. Continue for 7 minutes.


14 KBS @ 16kg
Note: Russian-style swings.

[08/24/18]   Kait F.
Friday, 24 Aug 18
Bench 3 sets x 3 reps @ #110
Barbell Row 3 sets x 3 reps @ #115

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