Russell Ray Law

Russell Ray Law

Attorney Russell Ray has Extensive Experience in the Practice Areas of Family Law, Divorce and Separation, Child Custody and Visitation.

Attorney Russell Ray has Extensive Experience in the Practice Areas of Family Law, Divorce and Separation, Child Custody and Visitation.


More Information on Bankruptcy and Life After Divorce

Source: Though most of people find a great deal of pride in caring for themselves, there are times when even the most self-sufficient people need the help of a good lawyer. For example, bankruptcy and divorce are both difficult to get through without extensive knowledge of the law. We've c...


Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

Source: When you get married and live with someone for several years, you begin to thoroughly identify yourself with that person. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where you end and your spouse begins. Of course, all of this changes after a divorce. Here are a few helpful tips for rebuilding your life af...


Getting Through The Four Stages of Divorce

Source: Divorce is a very difficult process on levels beyond emotional pain. Most men and women don't realize how difficult it can be to completely change your way of life. Though each divorce is different, most divorces have four distinct stages.  This short video discusses the four stages of ...


Bouncing Back After Bankruptcy: Celebrities Who Came Out On Top

Source: When most people think of bankruptcy, they think of high debt and low income. Because of their fame and assumed wealth, we hardly think of celebrities having to file for bankruptcy. However, whether due to poor financial choices, tough divorces, or lulls in their careers, many celebrities have fo...


Want to Learn More About Divorce and Separation? These Articles May Help!

Source: If you and your spouse are thinking about calling your marriage quits, then you may be wondering what the difference is between a separation and a divorce. The laws clearly dictate the difference between a separation and a divorce which we have outlined in a previous article. For more i...

Family law


Divorced Hollywood Couples that Stayed Amicable for Their Children

Source: Divorces affect people from all walks of life, and Hollywood couples obviously are no exception. Over the years, we have witnessed plenty of nasty celebrity divorces play out on the pages of tabloid magazines, but not all Hollywood breakups are vicious affairs. Plenty of Hollywood couples have st...


Advice For Communitcating With Your Children During a Divorce

Source: Today, it seems like families are talking less and less. With cell phones, smartphones, iPods, and handheld gaming devices distracting us from one another, it’s easy for families to spend time together without ever exchanging a word. But, when you and your spouse are planning to divorce, it...


Divorce vs. Separation: Understanding the Differences

Source: If you and your spouse are having marital problems, then you may be considering a legal separation. But, did you know that a separation is actually much different than a divorce? While both separations and divorces are ways for married couples to distance themselves from one another, they are dra...


Considering Divorce In Virginia? Make Sure You Are Financially Secure With These Resources

Source: If you’d like to learn more about child and spousal support laws in Fairfax, VA or are looking for news on celebrity divorces, check out these articles and websites.  If you have any further questions, then call Russell W. Ray, PLLC at (571) 482-7993: People Magazine has an extensive r...

Child Support Hearing Paperwork


Children & Divorce: Tips on Arranging Visitation After Divorce

Source: In this video, the speaker discusses how to deal with visitation after a divorce.  If your divorce was contentious, then she advises that you avoid contact with your former partner as much as possible.  Instead, arrange your visitation periods so that the parent who currently has visita...


Celebrity Spousal Support: About the Alimony Paid by Hollywood's Starlets

Source: Hollywood divorces can be very messy, and it’s not hard to see why: At least one of the parties is bound to be a wealthy superstar with a talent for the dramatic. Read on to learn about why some celebrities have their exes on their permanent payroll, while others get away scot-free:


Child Support Basics: What You Need to Know as a Divorcee

Source: Divorce is never easy, but two of the most difficult aspects of it are child custody and child support.  To learn the basics of child support in the state of Virginia, read on: Who Is Eligible for Child Support? When it comes to child support in Virginia, eligibility usually depends upon who...


Finding Our Recent Posts Helpful? Here are Some More Great Resources!

Source: Are you looking for more information about mediation processes addressed in our recent blog posts? If so, then read through the following for more details on the benefits of mediation. And for an interesting read, we've included a link to the most expensive celebrity divorces. To speak with a Fai...


Looking for an Alternative to the Courtroom? Consider a Mediator for Your Divorce

Source: Are you looking for an alternative to a courtroom setting for your divorce? You may want to look into hiring a professional divorce mediator.  In this video clip, you’ll learn more about what a mediator does, and how they work to facilitate a rapid and affordable resolution to divorce ...


Russell Ray Law Review on Merchantcircle | "Get's The Job Done Right"

Source: Gets the job done right I hired Mr. Ray to handle my divorce case that was finalized last month. He tried his best to get my case done as soon as possible. I never had the feeling he was trying to get money out of me. He would give me advice and keep me informed every step of the way. Definitely ...


Divorce in The News: What Can We Learn From These Celebrity Divorces

Source: It seems as though more and more celebrity couples are getting divorced these days, and, ironically, it’s often the couples we thought had longevity.  To prove a point, let’s take a look at the three below couples, all of whom had families, wealth, and seemingly happy lives toget...


How Mediation Can Help During Divorce Proceedings

Source: Are you currently attempting to cope with what promises to be a messy divorce? You may be surprised to discover that not all divorce proceedings occur in a courtroom, and that your disputes may be better solved with the help of a mediator. Read through the following to learn more about divorce me...


For Those Seeking Answers During Divorce!

Source: If you’d like to learn more about bankruptcy and divorces, then you should check out these articles and resources or call divorce attorney Russell W. Ray PLLC at (571) 482-7993 today. Russell Ray practices in the northern Virginia area and serves families in Fairfax county and surround...


Navigating The Divorce World: Different Types of Divorces

Source: You’ll face hundreds of questions during a divorce. To make this difficult and often confusing time easier, we’ve broken divorce down into the four different types of divorce. Knowing your options will make a consultation with your Fairfax divorce attorney easier and more productive. ...


Dealing with Financial Matters During Divorce

Source: In this video, the speaker discusses the importance of getting good, objective advice about financial issues during a divorce.  No matter how exhausted you are by the entire divorce process, it’s essential that you work to get what you’re owed from the marriage.  After all, ...


3 Signs It May Be Time to Speak with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Source: No one likes to admit that their finances have spiraled out of their control, but in today’s society, it’s becoming increasingly common.  If your monetary situation is becoming more troublesome by the day, then you may even need to file for bankruptcy.  Here are three strong...


Going Through a Divorce? Don't Go Through it Alone. These Resources May Help...

Source: Just like marriage, divorce is a serious legal commitment that can have several ramifications if not handled properly by an experienced divorce attorney.  Russell W. Ray specializes in Virginia family law can provide reliable legal assistance to all of Fairfax and the surrounding areas. ...


Tips for Calming Down During an Argument with Your Spouse

Source: With all of the sensationalist media about scandals and divorce, it’s easy to become embroiled in the seemingly ongoing stresses of a relationship.  Although a significant amount of marriages end in divorce, it is important to keep conflicts under control.  Take a look below for s...


When Should You Have a Premarital Agreement?

Source: Premarital agreements allow you to identify and protect your and your spouse’s respective assets in the event of a divorce.  See this video for information about who can benefit the most from signing a prenuptial agreement.  Premarital agreements are common among those who have be...


Know Your Options: Common Grounds for Divorce in Virginia

Source: Sometimes, the strains associated with marriage are too difficult to reconcile and divorce is your only option.  While a divorce lawyer will be able to provide legal advice relevant to your individual case and jurisdiction, there are two common types of divorces.  For a brief overv...


Preparing for Divorce is Tough. Make it Easier By Getting Informed with These Great Resources:

Source: Are you looking for more information about the topics addressed in our recent posts? Read through the following resources for more details about finding an attorney and the sources of conflict before and after filing divorce. Learn what to look for in a good divorce lawyer or legal team by readin...


Top 5 Leading Causes of Divorce in America

Source: Nowadays, divorce is becoming increasingly common.  More often than not, a couple’s decision to separate is the result of a combination of reasons.  Below you’ll find five of some of the more common causes of divorcein America. If you are considering a split from your spouse...


Who's Getting What in Your Divorce?

Source: Divorce is never easy—especially if the spouses in question have opposing viewpoints on who gets what or alimony.  In this short video clip, you’ll learn from a divorce expert about how such conflicts are settled. More specifically, you’ll hear about alimony payment structu...


How a Divorce Attorney Can Help You Navigate the Ins and Outs of Divorce

Source: Dealing with a divorce is a frustrating and emotionally taxing process. Rather than coping with the ins and outs of your divorce on your own, it’s important that you hire an attorney to handle the logistics—especially if your relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse is less than co...


Legal Resources for Divorce and Legal Separation from Russell Ray Law PLLC

Source: Getting a divorce or a legal separation can be stressful on your entire family. For more information about how to help your children understand the concept of divorce and how to distinguish between divorce and separation, visit the following websites: Visit to learn more about the differ...


What's the Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation? Russell Ray has Answers!

Source: If you and your spouse are struggling to make your relationship work, it may be time to consider your options for ending or pausing the relationship. Couples who decide that their marriage is no longer right for them generally choose between Divorce and Legal Separation. In order to know which is...


Divorce + Children: 4 Ways to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Children #Parenting #Divorce #Tips

Source: Divorces are extremely hard on couples, but they are even more difficult for children to comprehend and accept. To lessen the negative impact that divorce can have on your children, try following these 4 simple tips:  Be honest about divorce. Don’t try and sugar coat the situation for ...


Avoid the Mess! Find a Good Divorce Lawyer For a Smooth Transition.

Source: In order to avoid a messy and miserable divorce, it is important that you hire a good divorce lawyer in Alexandria, or your local city who will ease you through every step of the process. This means you may have to do a bit of looking and research before finding the perfect divorce lawyer.  ...


Child Support and Prenup Resources You Just Have to Check Out!

Source: Many of you have enjoyed our recent blog topics, which have focused on the reasons to hire a lawyer for a child custody battle and the advantages of prenuptial agreements. During our research, we found some great resources that you should check out. We think you’ll find them equally enjoyab...


Divorce & Children: Rights and Duties of Parents During Divorce Proceedings

Source: During child custody hearings, the rights and duties of each parent are carefully considered. From child support to educational decisions to medical decisions, the court will take a number of factors into consideration, first and foremost amongst them being the child’s best interest. In thi...

[05/23/11]   “I'm an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house.” - Zsa Zsa Gabor


Child Custody Cases are Tough. Read Why You Should Make It Easier With a Child Custody Attorney:

Source: When you’re involved in a battle over child custody, the other side is often relentless in their demands. Threats are levied, there’s posturing, sometimes shouting—in fact, often the only thing lacking from the “battle” is actual weapons! If you find yourself in a ch...


Sign the Prenup! Why You'll Regret Not Signing a Prenuptial Agreement.

Source: As summer approaches, celebrity wedding season is looming on the horizon. Prenuptials are sure to be a hot topic on gossip shows and in celebrity news magazines, but prenuptial agreements aren’t just for celebrities; they’re a necessary tool for virtually every marriage and offer...


Going Through a Divorce or Child Custody Battle? Check Out These Resources for Help!

Source: If you’d like to learn more about divorce and custody proceedings or hear from people who have gone through the divorce process, check out these great resources. If you’re looking for a divorce attorney in Alexandria and surrounding areas, call Russell W. Ray. Our team will make sure ...


The Decades Most Top 5 Famous Celebrity Divorces!

Source: Divorce can be an amicable parting of the ways, but apparently celebrities haven’t gotten that message. Divorces between famous people usually resemble cage matches more than court cases with divorce lawyers.  Don’t believe us?  Then check out the worst celebrity divorces in...


The 4 Most Famous Child Custody Battles

Source: Child custody battles can get really ugly, really fast.  It’s understandable on some levels. Parents just want to spend as much time with their children as possible.  But when child custody battles go wrong, they can go very, very wrong.  Just check out these famous child cus...


Looking For Some Resources About Divorce Laws or Bankruptcy? Check out These Articles!

Source: Have our latest posts gotten you thinking about making some changes in your life? Here are some resources for you to check out before you pick up the phone to call your family attorney. Trying to figure out how much child support you should be getting or how much you will be paying? Thi...


When Filing For Bankruptcy is Your Best Choice

Source: Most people don't want to file for bankruptcy, for fear of what it will do to their credit, their homes, and even their marriages. But sometimes, bankruptcy is the best choice to help get back on your feet and get your life back in order. Let's take a look at when it might be a good idea to talk ...

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