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Pi Alpha Xi was established to foster good fellowship among students, educators and professional horticulturists.

This is why we love horticulture.

Full moon over an old European beech tree!


Scientists Discovered a 2,624-Year-Old Tree in a North Carolina Swamp. Climate Change Could Kill It.

Why we love horticulture. It's all about the plants.

livescience.com The discovery of a 2,624-year-old tree in a North Carolina swamp proves that America's bald cypress trees are the fifth-longest-living tree species on Earth.

[05/09/19]   It's graduation season. Congratulations to all PAX members graduating. Stay in touch!

More from the Alphas!

Part I - New members, members, and guests

Alpha Chapter, Cornell University where we got our start. Congratulations to all new members initiated this spring!


Why does NASA want people to take pictures of trees?

Hey PAXers, here's a cool project to work on. We all know our trees!

govtech.com Answer: Because the agency would like help checking its work.


‘Stop the massacre!’: When women chained themselves to Washington’s cherry trees

A piece of horticulture history - saving the Washington DC cherry trees from the bulldozer and construction of the Jefferson Memorial.

washingtonpost.com In 1938, garden club militants were desperate to save the city's beloved Yoshino blooms from the construction of the Jefferson Memorial.


Want to Enjoy a Long, Happy Life? Live Near Trees, Say Researchers

Our People-Plant research colleagues wholeheartedly agree! Trees help us in many ways with improving our mental health being an important one!

wakeup-world.com Researchers have now established that if you want a healthy brain and more resiliency to stress, living near a forest is one of the best moves you can make.


The horticulture industry’s age problem is bigger than you think

The Horticulture Age Gap - real and critical to our dietary, physical and mental well-being. Encourage someone to enter the field.

washingtonpost.com Many young Americans lack a basic awareness of plants and their value. Advocates and employers are worried.


2019 Photo Contest Rules

Announcing the 23rd Annual Pi Alpha Xi Photography Contest. For details go to the link below.



pialphaxi.org Pi Alpha Xi


A pathogen is destroying Italy's olive trees

Horticulture, plant pathology, and entomology uniting to save the olive trees in Italy.



Indoor-farming company partners with Gordon Food Service to expand distribution | AGDAILY

agdaily.com Square Roots has partnered with Gordon Food Service, allowing the grower to establish campuses nationwide in close proximity to Gordon's distribution centers.

[03/08/19]   On this day, the International Women's Day, which woman stimulated your interest in horticulture? How many can say it was Mom?

And the Alphas are still at it!

Day #2: Longwood Gardens and its Orchid Extravaganza!

CBS Sunday Morning

The California poppy in it's native habitat.

A super bloom of wild poppies carpets the hills near Lake Elsinore in southern California after weeks of heavy rains. https://cbsn.ws/2VvQ42k

For your Sunday morning. Entomology is an important part of horticulture.

The Camouflaged Looper uses plant parts to disguise itself while feeding. Photograph by HOPE ABRAMS (Hopefoote on Flickr) https://twistedsifter.com/2012/05/wavy-lined-emerald-moth-camouflaged-looper-info-pics/

Alphas enjoying the Philadelphia Flower Show, the granddaddy of all flower shows!

Members of Hortus Forum and Pi Alpha Xi Honor Society traveled to Philadelphia today


Chad Miller recognized as Professor of the Week

Congratulations to PAX member and Omega Chapter advisor Dr. Chad Miller.

k-state.edu Chad Miller, associate professor of horticulture, was named Professor of the Week.


America's Pistachio Industry Came From a Single Seed

Like pistachios? Learn their story.

atlasobscura.com A "plant explorer" helped establish the crop in California.


Blooming hobby: Teen turns bedroom into orchid habitat

How many of us got started this way? Raise your hand!


seacoastonline.com HAMPTON — A white moth orchid with a red lip caught Matt Lajoie's eye at the Home Depot garden center when he was 10 years old. Seven years

Mid week humor! Have a great rest of the week.

Going out on a limb with this post.
New invasive BUG species from Germany.

photo credit: Jack Daniel Parker to "BIG TREE HUNTERS" Facebook Group.


Women Who Surround Themselves With Plants Live Longer

Horticulture therapy leaders Dr. Diane Relf and the late Dr. Richard Mattson taught us this years ago. Why? They are PAX.

gardeningsoul.com We like to surround ourselves with friends, pets, fresh air, and sunshine, but have you ever considered the benefits of plants? According to some new research, living in the midst of healthy vegetation has proven to significantly extend one’s life expectancy. Research coming directly out of the Ha...

Ancient Forests & Champion Trees


Island on the Brink of Disaster Plants Thousands of Trees and is Now a Poster Kid for Adapting to Climate Change

The power of horticulture

goodnewsnetwork.org This little island has not only recovered from the brink of disaster – their conservation efforts are now helping them to thrive.

Horticulture word for the day ...

Thought for the day..

(credit to "old farmhouse" blog on Tumblr)

Hey PAX student members, looking for an internship? Check this out!

January is a great time to find your next internship! Seed Your Future has a great new tool to help you find that next opportunity in horticulture. Check our our new Scholarships and Internships page. https://www.seedyourfuture.org/scholarships_and_internships

[12/23/18]   The Christmas holiday is almost here. Horticulture has always been a big part of the day - sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettia, cyclamen, amaryllis, and Christmas cactus, to name a few. What horticultural contribution is your favorite part of the celebration?
🎅🎄🤶 🎄


Gardening could be the hobby that helps you live to 100

Liberty Hyde Bailey, one of our founders, was onto something. He lived to be 96.

bbc.com Many of the world's centenarians share one common hobby: gardening. Could you extend your life and drop your stress by taking up the pursuit, too?


Roster of Chapters

PAX was founded in in 1923 by Liberty Hyde Bailey, Arno Nehrling and others at the New York City Flower Show. The first chapter is the Alpha Chapter at Cornell University. What's yours? Do you know when your chapter was established? You can check here - http://www.pialphaxi.org/roster-of-chapters.html

pialphaxi.org 1. Alpha - Cornell University, chartered June 1, 1923 - Website 2. Beta - University of Illinois, chartered April 2, 1924 3. Gamma - Penn State University, chartered May 29, 1926 - Website 4. Delta -...


I love my plant job

Who else loves their plant job? We do! We’re PAX!

my.chicagobotanic.org I recently was admiring one of the stately agaves at the Chicago Botanic Garden, and I had a genuine “I love my job” moment. This was not the first time and definitely will not be the last. I took …

Ancient Forests & Champion Trees

If you appreciate the splendor of trees and forests, you need to follow Ancient Forests & Champion Trees

This page is dedicated to the Protection, Preservation, Documentation, & Appreciation of our Oldest Forests and Biggest Trees.

Kiss My Aster!


Happy as a pig in paper: New recycling program keeps Hay River livestock warm | CBC News

What creative ways are you helping the environment? This is a great cycle - trees harvested for paper, used paper shredded and used for animal bedding, animal bedding plus animal waste composted, compost used to improve soils for plant growth.

cbc.ca A simple recycling program that insulates farm animals during the winter is showing how a northern agricultural community is doing its part when waste-reduction programs fall short, or don’t exist.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is nuts! Happy Friday!

[11/10/18]   It’s autumn! Share your favorite autumn horticulture pics here!

[11/05/18]   Hey, PAX normally would not get involved with politics. In fact we won’t endorse any candidate. But we will tell you to go vote! It’s you civic responsibility. People in Congress vote on the budget that impacts the research members may conduct, impacts the taxes as individuals and businesses we pay, and a whole lot more. And, don’t forget the local elections that will impact you as well. The right to vote is what helps make this the country we are. GO VOTE!


Pennsylvania Ag Secretary Promotes Importance of Horticulture Careers

greenhousegrower.com During the Grow Your Horticulture Program, an event hosted by Longwood Gardens, Secretary Russell Redding emphasized the value of horticulture as a vibrant, exciting industry for young people.


Go to a paint store and ask for the color 'mushroom' and you'll be shown a dull, neutral color. Go for a walk in the woods in the fall and mushroom colors are anything but dull. All of the mushrooms in this image form mycorrhizal association with the roots of trees. It's a relationship that benefits the fungus and the tree.

Horticulture wisdom for a Friday morning. We know this. We’re PAX.

Crimes Against Horticulture: When Bad Taste Meets Power Tools

A fun horticulture page. Check it out - Crimes Against Horticulture.

People Perpetrating Pointless Pruning On Peaceful Plants Founder: Billy Goodnick, author of "Yards: Turn Any Outdoor Space Into the Garden of Your Dreams" - Founded February 2011


A Viral Thread Is Exposing The Truth About Peppers, And Minds Are Being Blown

Yes, we already knew all of this. We're PAX.

iflscience.com Let's talk about peppers. Not the most controversial of plants, you might think. But a recent viral thread about one blogger's discovery regarding the Caps


2018 Photo Contest Results

Congratulations to Changbin Chen who won Best in Show for the 2018 PAX Photography contest. All photographs and category winners can be found on our web site - http://www.pialphaxi.org/2018-photo-contest-results.html

pialphaxi.org Pi Alpha Xi

Seed Your Future

When the average recidivism rate in the US is 60% within 3 years of release, horticulture training programs for inmates like this one (recidivism under 10%) are remarkable. Training for quality jobs upon release in careers proven to increase physical and mental health, and an industry supportive of fresh-starts for ex-offenders - that's a win-win in our books! #ILoveMyPlantJob #GreenCollar


General Conference Information - ASHS

Early registration is now open for the annual conference of ASHS. Go to http://www.ashs.org/?page=GeneralConference for meeting information. Don't forget to register for the Pi Alpha Xi lunch and business meeting Wednesday, August 1 from noon until 2:00 pm.

ashs.org The Annual Meeting of ASHS is where the latest science and technology is being showcased related to horticulture. Our mission is to bring together horticulture researchers, scientists, industry, academia, government, and students to cultivate ideas and share new techniques.

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