Virginia Commonwealth Chess Kids

Virginia Commonwealth Chess Kids

The aim of VC Chess Kids is to develop future chess champions and better learners in schools!

The aim of Virginia Commonwealth Chess Kids is to develop future chess champions and better learners in schools!

Annual MD Open:

Congratulations to our students!

Under 1500 Section:
1. Arad Badiee finished solo 1st with 4.5/5 points

Under 1900 Section:
1. Barzin Badiee finished strong 2nd with 4/5 points. Barzin is now over 1900 USCF.

2. Alan Jegan finished with 3.5/5 improving his rating to 1760 USCF.

Under 1700 Section:
1. Kent Slate finished with 3.5/5 points and has improved to 1530 USCF.

Prodigy Chess Program: Advanced Wednesday Class. Friends and rivals meet up! Plenty of interesting match ups and quality games! Compete and learn with each other.

Welcome back Dhruva Patil in Virginia!

We are proud to share the accomplishments of these kids:
5 Individual State Championship Titles
2 Individual National Championship Titles
4 Top Girl Titles
1 Official Representative in the 2019 World Cadet Championship in China

1st Colonial Open: Under 2100 Section:

Congratulations to our Wednesday Advanced student Barzin Badiee for finishing 2nd with 4/5 points. Barzin is few points away from crossing the 1900 USCF rating.

2019 Spring Chess Camp:

Rosa Lee Carter K-5 CHESS:

Congratulations to our Level 2 student Xander Nguyen for finishing tied for 1st with 4/4 points.

He also beat a player who has a USCF rating close to 1700.

Job well done Xander!

2019 Va State Championship: K-3

We are proud to say that 7 of the Top 10 Players in the K-3 Championship Section are students of VC Chess Kids!

Congratulations to all our students!

Our very own Dhruva Patil is the OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE of the U.S. Team For the World Youth Championship In China and Pan American in Ecuador!

We are so proud of you Dhruva!

Big News : Dhruva is USA official representative for World Youth Chess Championship 2019 in China and Pan America in Ecuador

World championship will be played in Weifang, China on Aug 20 - Sept 3 2019

More details :

2019 Va State Championship: K-3 Championship Section

Our student Srinandasai “Nandu” Ari finished strong and clear 2nd with 4.5/5 points.

We are so proud and happy of your victory Nandu!


We fight like Bobby Fischer!

2019 Va State Championship: K-5

Congratulations to our student WCM Chance Nguyen for winning her first ever State Championship (Co-Champ) and the Top Girl Award for 3 consecutive years!

You are simply a fighter!

We are so proud of you!

We Fight Like Bobby Fischer!

2019 State Blitz Championship (Elementary):

Our student Brian Tay is the Champion with a dominating performance of 7.5/8 points.

Brian - You are simply amaaaazing!

Congratulations and Keep it Up!

2019 Pennsylvania State Championship:

Brian had a great result playing in the Open section.

He finished with 3/5 pts including his first win against a National Master (USCF 2200) and shared in the three-way prize money of the combined U2000 and U2200 class prize at the conclusion of the tournament.

Good job, Brian. Keep it up!

March 2019: McNair Scholastic Championship:

Congratulations to our students:

K-12: Chance Nguyen finished 3rd with 3/4 points.
K-3: Xander Nguyen finished 1st with 5/5 points.
K-3: Suhas Devarakonda finished 2nd with 4/5 points.
K-3: Michael Morrison finished with 3/5 points.

We are proud of you!

Our students weekly updates:

2019 George Washington Open:

Congratulations to Brian for finishing 9th with 3.5/5 points in the strong Under 2100 Section. 10 year old Brian started with 3 wins and a draw before losing his last round game against the eventual champion.

Congratulations to Srimayi for finishing with 4/5 points (2 draws and 3 wins) that puts her tied for 3rd.

Brian and Srimayi finished 2nd in the Mixed Doubles winning $$$.

We are so proud of you!

[02/26/19]   Baltimore Open: Under 1600
Chance Nguyen (Wednesday Group Advanced Student): tied for 2nd Place with 4/5 points.

[02/26/19]   Chesapeake Open Under 1500
Pranav Swaminathan - 5.5/7 points

McNair K-5: Congratulations to kindergarten Ryan Liu for finishing 2nd Place with 3.5/4 points!

Jan 2019: Boston Chess Congress: Under 2100

Overall, Brian had a good performance with 3.5/5 finishing #10 out of #56.

On Saturday night, he also played in the blitz tournament, winning $$$ for the U2100 section with 6/8 points!

Brian is now about 1930 rated USCF.

Congratulations and Keep it Up!

Congratulations to our little chess kid Dhruva Patil for finishing the year 2018 as the number 1 in the Under 7 year old in the nation.

We are so proud of you and hope to see more success in the future!

2018 National Grade Level Chess Championship:

Congratulations to all Virginia Commonwealth Chess Kids students who competed against the best players in the nation.

2nd Grade: Dhruva - 3rd Place (6/7 points)
2nd Grade: Nehan - 28th Place (5/7 points)

3rd Grade: Owen Levine - 2nd Place (6/7 points)
3rd Grade: Neel Bhaskar - 2nd in under 1000 (4.5/7 points)
3rd Grade: Adhiryan -finished with 4/7 points

4th Grade: Ananya 11th Place - (5.5/7 points)

5th Grade: Brian tied for 2nd-5th (6/7 points)

7th Grade: Aadarsini finishes with 4 points in a very tough section. She beat a 1980 rated, but lost to 2 players rated 2100 and 2000.

***each section has almost 200 players

Praise God for this continuous success!

Thank you parents and students for your never ending trust and support of our chess program.

Instant Training games and rated blitz tournament with 3 Masters and 2 US Experts

Training games and rated blitz tournament with 3 National Masters and 2 US Experts

November McNair Chess:
K-5: Kindergartener Ryan Liu of Loudoun County scored 3/4 points to finish 5th in his section.

K-8: Yuvraj and Xander both finished with 3/4 points.


VC Chess Kid Chance Nguyen just arrived from Spain 🇪🇸 from her World Cadets Chess Championship scored a convincing win against a higher rated opponent.

2018 World Cadet Chess Championship:
VC Chess Kid Brian Tay finished with 6.5/11 points. Solid performance against world class competitions.

2018 World Cadets Chess Championship In Spain 🇪🇸!

Good luck to our 2 students who will represent Team USA!

Brian is back to back Virginia K-3 and K-5 Co-Champion. Brian is Ranked 80th out of 200 players in this World Youth Championship.

Chance is the back to back K-3 and K-5 Virginia Top Girl!

One other student was invited, but decided not to participate this year. He is the current Number 2 in the Age 7 and under in America today.

I’m so blessed to have a chance to study chess and get to know these kids.

Go VC Chess Kids! Go USA 🇺🇸!!!

DMV Chess League Season 3:

The Blind Monkeys (2.5) - VC Chess Kids (1.5)

(0) Philip Keisler (2050) - Ian Barruel (1961) (1)
(1) Stephen Jablon (1973) - Aadarsini Ayypan (1571) (0)
(1) Jamie Kowalski (1711) - Srimayi Merugu (1438) (0)
(.5) James Custodio (1561) - Chance Nguyen (1382) (.5)

ChessBase India

Amazing chess results for USA in the Olympiad!

Fabiano Caruana had big pressure on his shoulders as Wesley So had lost his game to Teimour Radjabov and Hikaru Nakamura had drawn against Arkadij Naiditsch. Everything was now down to Fabiano Caruana and Samuel Shankland to save USA in the match. Fabi played a fabulous heavy piece middlegame and dragged Shakhriyar Mamedyarov's king out in the open and checkmated him! This result helped USA to equal the scores and Shankland's victory helped the team to seal the match. USA beat Azerbaijan 2.5-1.5 in an absolute thriller.

Our chess students` weekend results:

McNair Chess:

Quad: Chance Nguyen (will represent USA in the Girls Under 10 in Spain this November) finished 1st with 3/3 points.

K-3: Kindergartener Ryan Liu in his first ever tournament finished 1st with a score of 4.5/5 points

K-5: 3rd grader Srinandasai “Nandu” Ari finished 5th with 3/4 points.

K-8: 4th grader Akshaj Kalidindi finished 2nd with 3.5/ points. 3 wins and a bye.

Arlington Chess Club Open section:
VC Chess Kid Brian Tay (will represent USA in the Boys Under 10 in Spain this November) finished with a solid 3/5 points.
Lost to 2142
Lost to 1966
Won - 1900
Won - 1837
Won - 1992

VC Chess Kid Barzin Badiee defeated a 2100 and 1970 rated guys.

South Florida Open:
VC Chess Kid online student Dhruva Patil (7 yrs old) won against a U.S. Expert (rated 2008 USCF) and now improves his rating to 1750. Dhruva was also invited to represent USA in the Boys Under 8 in Spain this November.

McNair Chess September K-3 Section: Today marked the 1st ever tournament of VC Chess Kid student Ryan Liu and he showed something special. Ryan scored 4.5 out of 5 points and finished 1st.

Ryan first attended our classes sometime in May when he is close to being an absolute beginner and has been attending since then.

Congratulations Keep it up! We are proud of your victory!

August 24-26, 2018 Atlantic Open Chess:

Congratulations to our 2 Wednesday Group students:

Under 1700: AADARSINI MURUGAN AYYAPPAN - 3.5/5 points. Improves her rating to 1650 USCF.
Under 1300: Pranav Swaminathan - 4/5 points

South Florida Open Under 1800: Congratulations to our online student Dhruva from Florida for finishing 1st in the tough Under 1800 section. This tournament is open to both kids and adults.

After this tournament, 7 year old Dhruva has crossed the 1700 USCF rating. Being one of the top young players in the nation today, Dhruva was invited by the US Chess Federation to represent the USA Team in the World Under 8 years old this November in Spain.

We are wishing you all the success! Go Dhruva!

Dhruva won strong tournament trophy with cash prize $158 (10,900 rs)

International Event:

Our student Brian Tay is competing in the 15th Malaysian Chess Festival.

This annual event (from 8/17 through 8/26) includes 9 different tournaments, of which he will be competing in four of them.

Today, he played in the Open-Rapid Age Group - Under 10 which is a six rounds Swiss rapid with a time control of G/25. Within the section, there were 101 players across 7 different federations; 23 unregistered, 4 from Indonesia, 1 from India, 62 from Malaysia, 4 from Philippines, 6 from Singapore and one player from the USA...Brian. 🙂

With a starting rank of #90 out of #101 (being FIDE unrated), he fought his way up the ranks as an underdog, from 90 to 20, to 6, to 4, to 3, winning the first four rounds and a draw for the fifth round against players from Singapore and Malaysia.

On the last round, he was paired against the top seeded player, a girl from the Philippines who is a two time champion of the ASEAN Age Group Championship and regarded as the best national team player for the Philippines. Unfortunately, Brian lost to her. Brian later mentioned that his opponent's playing skill is comparable to a USCF rated opponent of at least 2000.

With a final score of 4.5/6 points, he placed 9th (for Boys) out of 107 and won a 🏅. A strong start and showing for Brian on his first international rapid tournament. Go Brian - USA!

Final ranking crosstables (all players, male and female) at

This update is courtesy of Brian’s father. Thank you Mr. David Tay

Two of our students in the V.C. Chess Kids have just reached the 1800 USCF ratings this week!

Mid-Atlantic International Chess in New Jersey- Brian Tay beat two US Experts -2000s USCF.

Washington International Chess in Maryland -
Barzin Badie won 1st in the Under 1800 section and some cool cash! Barzin is our student in the Advanced Wednesday Group.

Special Mention: Anish Mariappan also improved his rating to 1600 after finishing with a solid 5.5/9 points in the Under 1800 section.

2018 Pittsburgh Open Results:

Congratulations to our student Brian Tay who won and shared in the first and second place for the Under 1900 prize, winning $375!

Round 1 - Lost to a 1972 (current 2040)

Round 2 - Won against 1943 (whose peak was 2031 and is a 14 year old chess prodigy)

Round 3 - Draw with a 2057

Round 4 - Lost to a 1972 (current 1982)

Round 5 - Won against 1885

Final score: 2.5/5

Great job in a very strong section! We are so proud of you!

Potomac Open Under 1000:

Monday Class student Kevin Shen won 1st Place with 4.5/5 points and some cool cash!

Congratulations Kevin Keep It Up!

July 16-20, 2018: Summer Chess Camp Part 2: Art of Attack in Chess!

Fun, challenging training, and intense battles!

Thank you to all parents and kids!

June 2018 Summer Chess Camp Part 1: Art of Attack!

Thank you to all kids and parents!

VC Chess Kids Results:
2018 Continental Chess Championship:

Under 1800: Brian Tay finished with 3.5/5 points and improved his rating to 1714 USCF.

Under 1600: Aadarsini Ayyapan finished with an impressive 5/5 points to secure the 1st Place finished and the $1300 prize. She now improves her current rating to 1631 USCF.

Under 1600: Oliver Yung finished with 3/5 points. He now improves his rating to 1350 USCF.

2018 Continental Class Chess Championship Under 1600 Section:

Congratulations to my Wednesday group student Aadirsini Ayyapan (6th Grader) for winning her section with a perfect score of 5/5 points and won $1300.

Aadirsini entered the tournament with one of the lowest ratings, but successfully finished the event with a clear 1st place.

She improved her rating to 1631 USCF.

She joined the group when she was very new to chess and now has been attending for a year and half.

VC Chess Kid Brian Tay played in the 2018 Carolinas Classic (U1800) and ended the tournament with 3.5/5 pts and tied for third place.


Mid Atlantic Blitz Tournament: Anish finished tied for 2nd-3rd in the Championship Section! Congratulations!

America's Got Talent: 8 Kids Crowned National Champions -

Last year’s 2017 National Online Chess Championship Recap:

Our student Dhruva Patil won his section and the only player who had a perfect score in the whole tournament. From June 2-4, 42 of the most talented chess kids in the U.S. competed in the ChessKid Online National Invitational Championship (CONIC), held for the sixth ...

Cherry Blossom Under 1300 Section:
Oliver Yung finished tied for 2nd with 5/7 points winning some cash prizes!

2018 Cherry Blossom Scholastic Chess:
K-5: Michael finished 3rd
Under 1000: Gautham finished 4th!

Congratulations to both kids!

Results of our 3 chess students who are currently State Champions/Co-Champions in VA, MD, FL:

Maryland Mid-Atlantic Championship Section: Brian scored 2/3 beating higher rated players (1788 USCF and 1910 USCF) before losing to his good friend U.S. Chess Expert Jason Liang. After the tournament, Brian is now sporting his peak rating of 1711.

Maryland Mid-Atlantic Junior Varsity Section (Under 1600): Anish won his section with a perfect score of 4/4 points. Anish improved his rating to 1496.

Florida Open: 7 year old Dhruva scored 2/4 points in a very strong open section beating Marvin Gao (1950) and another 1820 rated player. He then lost to 2100 and 2000 rated players. After the tournament, Dhruva is now sporting his peak rating of 1707.

Congratulations to all the kids and their family. Thank you parents for your support and trust.

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