Wellness 1st LLC: Nutrition and Wellness 4 All!

Wellness 1st LLC:  Nutrition and Wellness 4 All!


Harris teeter for the win!
Wanted to give a HUGE shout out to you Karie! A few weeks ago, I did my first CrossFit competition! 7am to 7pm, 5 tough workouts spaced throughout the day! I was so worried about what I was going to eat! I brought 5 servings your Chocolate Whey for my post work out protein as well as a few servings of your BCAA's! Best tasting and so easy on my nervous tummy!!! Can't say enough about these products! They helped me stay fueled for every one of the challenges and ended up bringing home a 2nd out of 16 teams! Thanks again girl for all of the thought and care that you put into your products!! Also....now I need more.....that was a lot of protein!!!

Weight loss, Keto-diet, paleo, integrative nutrition, thyroid & adrenal support, Gut health, & more! Contact me for all your vitamin needs. I sell high quality professional grade supplements that will deliver the nutrients.

http://www.wellness-1st.com http://www.kariezipper.com

Thanks to all our nurses out there working hard! Sincere appreciation for all you do! 🏥#nursesday2020 #thankyounurses

Here it is...Carne asada w coconut flour tortillas! It was delicious! A little avocado, lettuce, & cilantro . 🥩🌮😋 oh & a very skinny sugar free margarita w fresh lime juice! Cheers! Happy 5 of May! 🎉#cincodemayo #keto #lowcarb #lchf #wellness1st #covid19 #tacotuesday🌮

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🇲🇽And taco Tuesday! What are you cooking or ordering tonight to celebrate? I am making carne asada 🥩 & tacos 🌮 and might have a sugar free margarita made w fresh lime juice & lime seltzer! 😋I use 🥬 wraps & family has tortillas. #coronavirus #cincodemayo #quarantine2020 #ketonutritionist #keto #wellness1st #healthyeating #lchf #tacotuesday #lowcarb

We made it to May! 🥂🙌🏼🍾🎉 🦠😷
How much junk food or wine have you been Drinking to keep sane? Is it good for you? Not only do we need to keep our immune systems boosted w clean foods but also clean alcohol. Learn about & taste clean crafted wine 🥂 that actually is good for you! 👏
I am going to do 2 local VA virtual tastings this month. (Within 10 -15 miles of 20105) First 2 to respond will get to be the hostess & get discounted wine 🍷🍾. You will have up to 10 local VA friends that u can give the wine to to join in w us! I will drop wine samples off to hostess b4 virtual party. This is new to me but will be fun! To get more info https://scoutandcellar.com/eventshare/P57320/?u=kzipper


We’re committed to doing the right thing, both for people and for the planet. Today, and every day. In honor of Earth Day, we’re breaking down what our Clean-Crafted Commitment® really means, from sourcing grapes grown using sustainable farming techniques to shipping our products in eco-friendly, curbside-recyclable packaging.

We also evaluate and review farming and production practices to make sure they’re in alignment with our standards. And did you know? For a wine to be considered Clean-Crafted™, it goes through TWO rounds of independent lab testing to ensure it's free of chemical pesticides, synthetic additives, and added sweeteners! We do this because we're committed to offering a more natural, altogether better-tasting wine experience.

Want to learn more? Click the link below to read all about what goes into (and what stays out of) making Clean-Crafted wine. 🌎


Me during #covid19quarantine drinking my Scout & Cellar clean crafted wines & taking my Wellness 1st Liver & Detox support! 🍾Let me know if you need to order any liver or immune supplements or clean wine (delivered to your door) by 3:30pm today! I am placing orders for local NoVA peeps! show me some pics of you staying well during this crazy time! #wellness1st #staysafe #boostimmunity #scoutandcellar #cleancraftedwine

Need more 🍷 ? 🥂Clean crafted no chemicals added 🍇wine delivered to you! You get to pick what you want (pinots, bubbles, cabs, etc) w 💯 guarantee you like! 🙌🏼 you can place your own order with the link provided (FREE shipping over $99) or I will be placing an order either tonight or tomorrow for any local Virginia residents you can tack on with me! Also you can host your own Facebook party easy and simple to get discounted wine! 🍷6 or more bottles 5% off Case or more 10% off!
My favorites: Gallivant rose bubbles, Dog hunt Cab & Pinot, Prosseco, & all the bubbles 🍾
Going to try the new Epic!


What are you making or eating to help stay healthy & boost immunity? I made homemade broth! 😋 Great for immune system, joints, skin, & your overall health! 🥣 Super easy to make w an organic chicken carcass, veggies, ACV, & seasoning! #stayhealthy #boostimmunesystem #homemadebroth #wellness1st #organicchicken #covid19 #liquidgold

🥳Exciting news: scout & cellar released the first clean crafted wine spritzer! Kinda like a “white claw” or “truly” only clean crafted & 3 carbs per can! 🎉🙌
More info

🍷Clean crafted wine still available & shipping FREE over $99. 🥂 ☘️special: 20% off Middle Jane wines til 4/1! 🙌Locals I am placing an order around 3pm today if u need anything I am happy to order for you! Check out our selections...u pick what you like! 💯 guarantee!

[03/16/20]   Ordering supplements today @5
Let me know if u need any refills or immune boosting ones?! 🦠

Wellness 1st LLC: Nutrition and Wellness 4 All!

Check out how to stay healthy w all the bad #%$£€ going around!

✨check out my new blog post: my top recommendations for staying healthy this winter! 🤧🦠🤒😷🤢

Warm up w this peppermint mocha shake! Can also use 1/2 avocado 🥑 in place of 🍌 for low carb & healthy fat option! Makes it creamy. 😋 🍫 #healthyproteinshake #wellness #wellness1st #keto #lowcarb #lchf #peppermintmocha

✨What do my kids take daily to stay healthy this season? I get asked this a lot. Probiotics, Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, & an immune boosting drink. Easy for them to take every Am before school! They also disinfect phones & computers after school w onGuard & wash hands as soon as they come in the house. ☺️ If you are interested in any of these products please reach out to me...some available on my website some are special order! 😉 I will give you dosage info too. #healthymom#wellness1st #ketonutritionist #nutritionist #kidshealth #stayhealthyin2020 #nocoldsnoflu

💕What's your favorite Keto Valentine's Dessert? 🍮Here's a quick one you can make in a ramekin, a mug, or even turn into a chaffle! Add a drop of mint to make it taste like a thin mint! I always recommend 45 sec to start to keep a gooey center! 🍫 Enjoy! #keto #lowcarb #ketovalentines #ketochocolatemugcake #wellness1st #ketonutritionist

Wellness 1st LLC: Nutrition and Wellness 4 All!

Low carb yogurt that tastes delicious! 🙌 No sugar, no sweeteners, pure organic coconut 🥥 cream & probiotics! 2 carbs for the entire jar! 👏 This plain & simple #culinayogurt is at #wholefoods #keto #ketonutritionist #lowcarb #plainandsimpleyogurt #lchf #wellness1st #coconutyogurt #vegan #dairyfree #paleo

Craving a healthy delicious protein shake?! Try this! #wellness #wellness1st #keto #ketoshake #ketonutritionist #gethealthyin2020 #grassfedwhey

So much sugar, food dyes, chemicals & more in our candy! How about substituting for some healthy options this ❤️Valentines Day ❤️for your kids &/or loved ones. Thanks @thefoodbabe for posting this! 🙌🏼 #wellness1st #gethealthyin2020 #organiccandy #healthyvalentines #health #wellness


Survey : Questions

✨I am a FINALIST as Best Nutritionist by Posh Seven's Best of Suburbia! 🙌🏼 Please Vote by 2/14 for me to win if u agree! I am honored that so many voted for me in the first round & I didn't even know! 😉Thanks Erin Arellano Westcott for letting me know! 👏Name is spelled wrong but it's me! 👉vote below! ☺️. Use this link: https://www.poshseven.com/best-of-suburbia-2020-final-round.html


Clean-Crafted™ Wine | From Grape to Glass

This is awesome! All Scout & Cellar wine🍷 is lab tested 2x before bottling! Guaranteed to be clean! 💕 So many great new wines & clean crafted beverages headed our way in March too! 🙌🎉👏 Stay healthy drinking these lab tested wines that taste great! Check out the process....
want to order? Contact me.

Join Founder & CEO Sarah Shadonix as she explains the love, care and attention to detail that goes into every step of Clean-Crafted winemaking, from grape to...


22 Game Day keto Snacks

🏈 Super Bowl Sunday🏟 what are you making for the big game? I am making Old Bay wings! 🍗😋 I use my air fryer and they come out crispy & perfect! Here are some low carb /keto options that everyone will eat! Enjoy!

ketocookingwins.com Looking for amazing game day keto snacks? Look no further! This collection has something for


My Top Recommendations for Staying Healthy this Winter

✨check out my new blog post: my top recommendations for staying healthy this winter! 🤧🦠🤒😷🤢

wellness-1st.com Top 10 Immune Boosters

🍷Please look at this list of wine known to have high arsenic levels! 😩.


2 new clean crafted wines launch @12pm EST today! 🙌🏼 French Rose bubbles & a red French Gamay Noir 🥂💕🍷
Also the Valentine's special...😍 2018 Washington St Ticklebumps Brut & 2017 CA Dog Hunt Cabernet! Perfect to pair w crab cakes, cheeses, or red meat! 💖🥩🧀 I will be ordering tonight, 1/22, if any locals want these or any other wines in our shop. More info in link

✨Keto cookies: These are delicious! 😋
I try different recipes all the time but have to say these are best yet! 🍪

Modifications I did:
6 1/2 Tbsp swerve confectioners
3 1/2 Tbsp brown monk fruit sweetner
Xanthum gum
No molasses (dash almond extract)


Omg, just made the best Brussels in my air fryer! 7 mins! So good! I cooked bacon & added at the end but didn’t need it honestly
So delicious! I used Wegmans herbed garlic salt to season! 😋

Here’s to a happy & healthy 2020! 🎉🥳

Great way to stock & save! Clean crafted great tasting wines! 🥂🍷



Low Carb Holiday Recipes

Here's some low carb holiday recipes on my blog for you to help you stay on track. Eat well this holiday season! 🥂

wellness-1st.com Holidays always have yummy food, many traditional recipes we want or crave, but honestly most can be made low carb unless it's the mashed potatoes or the sw

[12/17/19]   Ordering supplements today @4pm
Last order b4 the holidays
Lmk if you need anything!

Woot! My favorites 🍾🥂 10% off! Thru 12/17!


Organic grass fed butter is good for you!!
Lots of health benefits & the CLA In it helps burn fat too! 🙌

Why do I LOVE butter? Let me count the ways...

Saturated fats are not the cause of our modern diseases. On the contrary, they play a lot of vital roles in our body chemistry:

1. Saturated fatty acids make up at least 50% of the cell membranes. They are what create our cells necessary stiffness and integrity.

2. They play a vital role in the health of our bones. For calcium to be effectively incorporated into the skeletal structure, at least 50% of the dietary fats should be saturated.

3. They guard the liver from alcohol and other toxins, such as Tylenol.

4. They improve the immune system.

5. Saturated fats have antimicrobial properties, which protect us against harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract.

6. Cholesterol is vital for production and function of serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is the body’s “feel-good” chemical. Low cholesterol levels have been linked to depression and aggression. Anti-depressants often don’t work for patients that are on vegetarian diets.

7. Cholesterol acts as a precursor to important hormones that help us deal with stress and protect the body against cancer and heart disease. It is also important to our sex hormones like androgen, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

8. It is DELISH!

Read more reasons here: https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/why-butter-and-true-causes-of-heart-disease/

🍷🍷calling all red wine lovers! great Cab! 💕


Small business Sat deal!! 🍷🥂🎉🍾


Be Well Live Well Feel Well!

Weight loss, Keto-diet, paleo, integrative nutrition, thyroid & adrenal support, Gut health, & more! Contact me for all your vitamin needs. I sell high quality professional grade supplements that will deliver the nutrients.

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