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Board certified master hair stylist and colorist and master makeup artist helping you allow your natural beauty to shine through

J Beauty Studio is a unique, private, boutique salon specializing in hair and makeup. Our goal is to provide superior customer service in a comfortable and classy environment. We want you to feel at home with us and to leave looking and feeling your best. We want to build relationships with our clients that are based on trust, mutual respect and open communication. As lifelong students in all things hair, makeup and beauty industry related we strive to bring you the best of the best. As one of the most referred salons in Northern Virginia, we cater to our clients and their needs while staying in budget. Let us help you find your style!

[02/03/20]   Many of you have asked me about the recent news tying hair color to cancer. I couldn’t wrap my brain around what could be the potential carcinogen. I have looked into the report and consulted the American Board of Certified Haircolorists. First, there was only one study done and the participants were recruited as women at high risk because they had a sister with breast cancer. Many of them were already watching their health and were concerned about possible genetic connections. Second, they didn’t specifically study hair color so it is premature to draw any conclusions for these women or the larger population. I hope this helps and we will continue to watch and work to bring you the best products and services. Here are a few excerpts from articles about the study:

"The Sisters Study is a good prospective cohort study—but women were recruited to the study because they had a sister with breast cancer, so the conclusions wouldn't necessarily hold true for women in the wider population, hence the need for further confirmation."

"Researchers don't know which ingredients in the products might be of concern. The study did not look at the specific ingredients in the products women were using, only at whether they had used the product and whether they developed breast cancer."

"I would also point out that the combination of obesity, consuming too many calories and lack of physical activity has a much higher relative risk for breast cancer in both black and white women," said Brawley, a former Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of the American Cancer Society." - there are numereous lifestyle choices that affect our health. Look at the entire picture when making personal decisions.

Did you know that the pH of your skincare may be negatively impacting your skin? Your skin likes to hang out at a slightly acidic pH of 4.5-5.5
Let's talk about what you can do to investigate and make the best choices for you!

[11/25/19]   I had a last minute cancellation on Tuesday morning this week. Anyone need an appointment before Thanksgiving? Tuesday, November 26 at 9:30

[10/08/19]   Cut and color opening tomorrow at 9:30... Any takers?

So I'm finally back in the studio today after 3 amazing days of education and community with my BTC hairdresser family. It was so much information and so much fun! I have new techniques, new technology and lots of life changing/earth shattering/amazing things to share with you all. Thank you for granting me the time to do this and for allowing me into your lives!😘
#blessed #btcshow

[08/25/19]   An amazing first day of training and cutting edge technology!!! I can't wait to share it with you

USE SPF!! I keep this product in every bag I carry, my car, swim bag, gym, wherever my face goes: it goes!

You MUST wear spf and this product is a POWDER! No more gross sticky, pore clogging liquid to rub on.

Quick, easy, light and protects the skin from sun and wrinkles: Spf 25!

We are re-releasing our sold out stick foundation and Kabuki brush! They have sold out TWICE already within minutes. INSANE coverage for anyone who has flawed skin (99.9% of us)

It will go FAST! if you want it, drop me a 🙌

My youngest.... Wants to help kids with no hair due to cancer or other medical conditions. Her hair wasn't long enough to donate unless she shaved her head, so she asked me to shave her head. I love her heart!

In celebration of Memorial Day, we are selling any in stock hair product for just $15. Get yours while supplies last!! PM me now.

[05/15/19]   Had a cancellation for a cut and color Wednesday May 22 at 9am.... Anybody need to get in?

our new 4d wand actually has 2 sides!

A flatter side for more volume and a longer side for more length!

That’s why they stress to wiggle and twirl the wand to be able to take in both sides of the wand!!

Also another tip is when applying more coats to not put the wand back in the tube! There is a lot of product on the wand already and people find putting back in tube makes it too thick!



I'm glad to hear that there are good people out there doing it the right way. Education and knowledge is power!

The global world of hair trading is a completely unregulated business that's reportedly worth billions of dollars per year. It preys on disenfranchised women in the developing world by only offering a few dollars for their long locks.

Read more here: https://r29.co/2HN0eV2


You have all heard me rave about the Younique Touch Mineral foundation. INSANITY!!!😍🙌🏻

Well, welcome our Touch Cream Stick! JUST RELEASED!! Those who use liquid, use the same shade!!!

What’s different than Touch Liquid?! It’s just as airy and light, but for those who want upper medium to full coverage!!! It’s a SATIN, nice finish, not drying!

SO SO SO exciting!!! Comment “stick” below if you want to be color matched! 👇🏻🤗💜

[03/08/19]   Not sure if you need setting powder or setting spray for makeup?

Setting Powder
💜Extra oil control
💜Powder to “bake” and set makeup ALL day and night
💜Dust over lips, so lipstick doesn’t budge.
💜Apply over shadows and liners to keep them from budging.
💜Can apply before foundation, too as a primer for a flawless finish!
💜Perfect choice for oily skin types!

Setting Spray
💜Apply before foundation as a primer.
💜Apply after makeup is complete for extra hold. (*before mascara)
💜Spray on shadow brush and then dip in shadow. Creates a more bold or shimmery look! HUGE staying power!
💜If you have dry skin, Setting Spray is a better choice.

Send me a message or comment FLAWLESS for more info!

Which one of these is you?

But I’m busy.
But I'm broke.
But I have kids.
But my circumstances are different.
But I’ve failed before.
But I’m from a small town.
But I don’t have any friends.
But my parents need me.
But I’m too shy.
But I work too many long hours.
But I have student loans.
But I don’t know enough.
But I can’t be like that on a LIVE.
But I have credit card debt.
But I already feel great.
But I’m fearful.
But I can’t take selfies.
But I don’t wear makeup
But I don’t want to waste money
But I don’t want people to hate me


What if you said “BECAUSE” instead of “BUT...”

See how different it feels?! What if I showed you HOW to change everything in your life ... your confidence, your routine, your organization, your finances? How to get on track to become a million dollar earner!

Had I not given this a chance, I’d still be dreaming and watching other people make things happen and waiting for whatever magical thing to appear and make my life look like my dreams....4 kids, my own business, health issues... Until I made the decision to take a chance, spend $99 and to make a change and better my life! It could have been a flop. It could have just gone in a drawer... but IT DIDNT!

This year is all about change and freedom... what changes are you ready to make? I am ready to help you!!

Stop the excuses and let’s make things happen!


Makeup application with mistakes... And how to fix them!

Snow day, finished look of "pulling it together" 😂

Snow day...pulling it together (but not really)

Photos from J Beauty Studio's post


You-ology! Customizable skincare to meet your exact list of demands. Pm me and let's customize your skincare

Customizable skincare! What?!

I'm so excited! I'm going on a journey and I'm taking you guys with me. You guys know I'm a total nerd when it comes to skincare, hair and makeup. I get totally into the science behind, and quality of, products. Every person is so unique and what they need for their skin or what they require from their makeup is personal to them. There is a revolutionary product coming to the market and I'm jumping on board to bring it to you.

I've been a skincare specialist, hair and makeup artist for a long time (I won't say exactly how long because it would give away my age 😂) and I get asked lots of questions about what's best for skin, what ingredients are most important and what to look for when choosing ____________ (fill in the blank with whichever skincare, hair or makeup product you're looking for). There are SO many products and SO much information out there that most people get completely overwhelmed and shut down. That's where I come in! I make it my business to know. I do the nerdy research and find the great products and answer the questions so that YOU don't have to.

Totally customizable skincare born and formulated from some of the industry's top scientists!! Younique to you, your needs, your age, your concerns....Stay tuned!!

J Beauty Studio

Blonde transformation on a gorgeous girl!! #lovemyjob #olaplex

Thank you to all that helped provide toiletries and snack food. Our time this morning was full of God's heart, service, love and laughter as we prepared bins of hygiene and snack packs. #terraformascatter

[09/20/18]   On Sunday, September 30 my children and I are going to join volunteers at Women Giving Back to pack care packages for women and children in need in our local area. We need non-perishable shelf stable food items for the kids and toiletries for the families/moms. If you are able to donate any items, please pm me and I'll get them there to be sorted and packed.
Soap/body wash
Tooth brushes
Maxi pads
Shampoo and conditioner

Aunt Boo Comedy

😂 We all need to feel good. Snatch yourself up!

Sometimes you have to go to the mirror and tell yourself......

[08/08/18]   It's been a busy summer for me here in the studio (and in life), but while I've been quiet on social media, I have remained hard at work learning so that I may continue to bring the best skills and products to you. I hope that you all have an amazing remainder of your summer and get the kids back to school safely. I'm so grateful for all of you!!

[02/23/18]   I am both excited and sad to share that Jordan is going to be striking out on her own. Starting on March 13 she will be opening and working from her own studio suite in Sterling as Haylo Artistry. She has been a delight to work with these last 5 years and I am sad to see her go. I will miss seeing her every day, but I am so excited for the adventure that she is starting. In addition to missing her, I am really going to miss all of her clients as well. I have formed relationships with so many of you and will miss having the opportunity to catch up with each of you. Please join me in congratulating Jordan as she starts this new adventure.

[11/17/17]   Clients! We're just throwing it out there now... The rest of the year is almost completely booked! You guys know we have the hardest time saying no so I'm listing what I have left and leaving it open! Here's the final openings
for Jacqui:
- Wednesday December 6 at 4:45 for a haircut
- Wednesday December 20 at 3:30 for a haircut

for Jordan:
- Tuesday Nov 21st at 10:30 for cut and color (JUST OPENED!)
- Tuesday Nov. 28th at 2:15 for a haircut
-Thursday Nov. 30th at 11 for a haircut
- Thursday Dec. 7th at 10:45 for cut and color
- Tuesday Dec 12th at 11 for a cut

Get em while they're hot!

[08/29/17]   Update: Jordan's mom passed away peacefully early Monday morning with her family around her. Jordan is so grateful for all of the love and support through this difficult time. She is returning to work Friday this week and will be working as quickly as possible to get her clients that were impacted by her absence rescheduled. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

[08/22/17]   I have sad news. . . Jordan's mom has taken a turn for the worse and Jordan has to stay in Florida with her family. Please continue to pray and keep them in your thoughts. If things don't turn around soon they are going to have to make some some very tough decisions. We will try to get to everyone as quickly as possible. Thank you for your support and patience.

[08/18/17]   Jordan and I are so grateful for our studio family! Thank you for all of your support of Jordan as she is managing her mother's illness in Florida. Hang in there! We are working to get everyone taken care of and appreciate all of your patience. At this point, Jordan is planning to return on schedule next week and will be rescheduling all of those folks that she missed last week. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. Jordan expresses her appreciation to all of you and has said that all the love and support has been overwhelming. Thank you!


J Beauty Studio

jbeautystudio.com Full service in-home hair salon in South Riding area

[11/28/16]   So proud of my partner, Jordan Sacco, for being accepted as one of the Hair Mastered HQ applicants for 2017. She was one of the few accepted out of thousands of applicants. She is an amazing artist and I'm lucky to work with her every day! Congratulations!!

[09/26/16]   Homecoming season is upon us! While Jordan and I are both flattered and honored to be referred, we are unable to take homecoming hair and/or makeup appointments as our schedule is already full. Please reach out to us if you would like to be added to our waiting list.
We are humbled to be so well liked by our clients and hate to make an announcement such as this, but continue to want to provide the best service and maintain our relationships with all of you through honesty. Happy Fall!!


Younique Virtual Party for Jacqueline Neff

Need a glow before the weather gets warm? Try the self tanning lotion or spray, it's great! The AMAZING touch mineral foundation will be back in stock soon, so stay tuned.

youniqueproducts.com Welcome to my Younique Virtual Party! This means that this party is done 100% online! No need to leave your house - let's shop and party "virtually!" So feel free to browse the wonderful Younique cosmetics and remember that when you make a purchase it is helping me reach my party goals! Party on!




blog.olaplex.com If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for the answer to HOW Olaplex can help bring you or your client’s curls back to life. Most likely, you or they, like myself, have gone through years of...

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