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Yay I’m a top fan, Facebook told me 😂 I do love the Cutie Community 😆
Would love to see my inspiration Breena Martinez. She is amazing! Such a beautiful caring soul!
Hello, I have a question. :)
So excited to learn from the best! 😍
Would love to sign up for Sunday's with Shawn this weekend - 8/12 - I think I saw that you would be having one and wondered if there were still spots if so? Hopefully you are - please let me know where I can sign up!!! thank you!

Competition Suit Designer & Stage Presence Coach. Among Winning Physiques We Create a Champions Style! Shawn's Couture Cuties is NOT your typical physique competition suit company.

We are a full-service stage presence company that will guide you in perfecting every aspect of your presentation for the stage. From your walk, posing, hair and makeup to your fingers and toenails and, of course, let's not forget our world famous beautiful and blinging one of a kind couture competition suits. In short, if you need a service provided to perform on a physique competition stage, we have you covered from head to toe! When I work with MY clients, I start with a FREE 1on 1 Stage Presence Consultation to determine what your stage presence needs are. I take as much time as needed to understand all YOUR desires so I can provide you with the best I have. I do not hide behind endless email but rather meet with you in person, by phone or via Skype. If you decide Shawn’s Couture Cuties is a good fit to meet your stage presence needs then I schedule you for one of my Champion 4 Step Couture Cutie Consultation. STEP 1: We collaborate and create your unique one of a kind stage presence blueprint. STEP 2. I implement my proprietary couture deign process that embraces YOUR unique champion style. In short we design a stage presence package that will accentuate your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. STEP 3. My favorite stage and it will be yours as well. Here is where the magic happens, and your blueprint comes to life. Your confidence grows by leaps and bounds as you see all the pieces of your stage presence package comes to life. STEP 4. I make sure you're ready to take any stage in the country with an abundance of confidence and poise. You will feel unstoppable and ready to put the best version of yourself on stage. You can expect every step in our process from my initial contact with you to the day you received your competition suit or stage presence service handled in a first-class manner, and I guarantee it. So if you're ready to solve all your stage presence, competition suit and posing problems fast and forever….I invite you to experience the difference that Shawn’s Couture Cuties can make for you! For Your FREE Stage Presence Consultation: CLICK HERE:

Mission: Our mission is to help female physique competitors design and develop a polished stage presence package that makes and indelible impact, builds unstoppable confidence and ultimately wows the judges. We are committed to working with competitors who aspire to be the best version of themselves while also looking for that ethical competitive edge so that when they are standing amongst winning physiques their champion style shines through. Physique competition is fierce, and you need every advantage you can get if you want to go home a winner. Our goal is to provide each competitor we work with a unique and transforming stage presence package designed especially for them that provides that competitive advantage. That's our passion and it is weaved throughout everything we design and every service we provide. For Your FREE Stage Presence Consultation: CLICK HERE:

Operating as usual

First one was blocked because of music so hopefully this one works!
Shoutout to our Back Stage Pass member @nitrogirl9 holding down center of first callout in Bikini 50 A this morning!

[10/12/20]   Shoutout to our Back Stage Pass member @nitrogirl9 holding down center of first callout in Bikini 50 A this morning!

A group session with a few of our ladies today!
@josieharbaugh @miriamjenkinsifbbpro @cherylrichards_npcbikini @stephswatson_fitness @nitrogirl9

#npc #mastersnationals #bikini #ifbb #groupposing #showday

We have been using the Posing Portal since March of this year and it’s a fantastic tool. Over this time frame I have realized the way in which I respond could be better served in a different format.
What we use to do is I would respond within 48 hours of a video upload. This led to girls not remembering if or when they uploaded sometimes.
So to mitigate that I have decided that my response critiques will go out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
This will help me better manage my own time and also give YOU specific days of the week you know you need to have uploads in in order to receive your critiques back when you want them.
It also allows me to keep the weekends free to dedicate to the ladies getting on stage that weekend and their check ins.
So please take note that starting immediately this is how critiques will be run.
I have videos to respond to today and the next set of responses will go out Monday!
Thanks ladies!
#backstagepass #posingportal #videocritques #posing #posingcoach #coaching

How to learn the Lat spread.
It’s VERY hard to keep your lats open in the Bikini back pose. So what I have found works well is to begin posing clients in the Figure position for their Lat spread and then move them into the Bikini Back pose.
This works very well for lots of ladies.
Check out those wings on @susan.a.gates !
#posing #bikini #figure #latspread #posingpractice #tricksofthetrade

It’s not just about a “bikini”. It’s about how it makes you feel in it...
“I may or may not have been anxiously waiting for the UPS driver all day but my suit is finally here and it is BEAUTIFUL! 😭🤩😍 Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️ I absolutely love it and feel like a million bucks in it! 😍😍😍
Also I just realized you totally nailed the color inspiration behind the pink despite not seeing the picture 😍 I felt amazing wearing that dress and will undoubtedly feel amazing wearing this suit!”
First show will be @nashvillefitshow !
#bikini #npc #npcbikinicompetitor #shawnscouture #scc #conqueringcutie #athlete #novice #hotpink

Sunday’s with Shawn!
Such an incredible intense class today. So proud of all of these ladies doing the WORK to be better!
Tag yourself if I missed you!
#swe #sundayswithshawn #cutiecrew #posing #groupposing #npc #bikini #figure #wellness @ The Shop Gym

Need that real time practice? Come on out!
Link is in my bio if you need to purchase or if you already have a posing session you can sign up now!
11-12 Starbucks
12-2 train at @theshopgym
2-3:30 posing at The Shop
See you there!
#groupposing #posing #posingpractice #sundayswithshawn #sws

Some more of the beautiful ladies and looks we created this past Saturday at @mmvanpc
You can sign up for your own stage makeup looks on our link here in our bio or on @cutiebeautiecosmeticscbc
@sierra_thefitmermaid hair and makeup
@porsha_sig makeup
@krissy.rainis hair and makeup
@lyds_20 makeup
@mackattack6389 hair and makeup
@trainersarah hair and makeup
#shawnscouture #cutiebeautie #mua #hairstyle #makeup #stagemakeup #npc #npcbikinicompetitor

Congratulations to our two IFBB @ifbb_pro_league pro ladies who killed it today at the Hurricane Pro @tgflex
@drbrit_fit took home 6th in Bikini Open and @miriamjenkinsifbbpro took home 2nd in Bikini Masters.
They are both members of our BackStage Pass Group and ALL our ladies were cheering them on all day... which is awesome! Our Cutie Communuty Rocks!
Suits by us too!
Brittney is coached by @ryanhinton
Miriam is coached by @paulrevelia
Photos by @npcnewsonlineofficialpage
#ifbb #bikini #bikinipros #ifbbbikini #customsuits #stagepresence #shawnscouture

7pm EST this evening check your inboxes if you are on our preregistration list. This will be the first of three preview videos before tickets launch. Get a feel for what CCTS is all about!
And if you’re not on the list now; click the link here to get on it today!
#ccts2021 #conqueringcutie #cutiesconqueringthestage #shawnscouture

When “get tighter” is the best feedback you can get.
This package was absolutely gorgeous on stage this weekend!
I try to remind girls what their goals are.
@unstoppableinheels looked amazing at @npcsouthernstates NPC Southern States and her feedback was she needed her lower half to be tighter.
(We knew that already!). And it was exactly the feedback she wanted to hear.
But why you may ask?
Because while you never want to bring your B game to a show; you also don’t want to peak too soon. Her goal is Masters Nationals in October which means she has another month of prep in front of her. And being ready now; means she likely will be over dieted by the time she gets to the National level.
This is just one reason why having a team you work with who KNOWS the strategy of the game!
Play wisely!
Photos by @jmmanion @npcnewsonlineofficialpage
Coached by @paulrevelia
Suit and Posing by us!
#shineglitterstar #npc #npcbikini #npcbikinicompetitor #southernstates #competitor #shawnscouture

Sunday’s With Shawn!
Thank you ladies for always making my Sunday’s fun days! 💜💜💜
Please comment if I missed your tag! I could find a few of you!
#sws #sundayswithshawn #posing #groupposing #npc #bikini #figure #wellness

💜Repost from @unstoppableinheels

So this happened! 😆😍
‼️ Long post ahead ‼️
I am just so happy to have stepped on stage this year with all that 2020 brought. My coach and I started prep back in April with the hopes of doing a show in August, but due to unforeseen work commitments, I had to cancel two of the shows we initially planned. When I saw that @npcsouthernstates was right here in my back yard, I immediately told my coach this was the show we should do and I’m so glad we did!
A huge thank you 🙏 to the promoters who worked so hard putting it together, including having to switch venues at the last minute due to Covid restrictions. Also to the expeditors who made sure the show ran smoothly, and of course to the judges who had the tough job of judging some amazing competitors who showed up yesterday 🙌😍
Thank you particularly to @tgflex and @gardner.tortuga for staying late and providing your feedback 🙌🙏 I know I speak for all the athletes when I say we SO appreciate it.
I also have to thank my coach @paulrevelia for your guidance and belief in me 🙏 We have improved my physique so much in the year we have been working together and I cannot wait to see how much farther we go! 💪🙌
Of course to my posing coach and suit creator @shawnscouture who I’m truly blessed to have in my corner. Here is my night time routine, where I took my time and didn’t trip on myself 🤪
To my friends and family who not only have supported me through this journey (you all know who you are and there’s too many to tag here but I love all of you) and who came yesterday to cheer me on 😭😘🙌 @divorce_with_cc @olenkasanabria @biancaclarkk @lucasclarkk @bikinifit_md @lizmcelaney @itsmarianaus @josearistimuno thank you so much! I love all of you guys 😘😘😘
Last and certainly not least to my rock, my number 1 fan, my hubs who is with me day in and day out, motivating me every single day to keep pushing to reach my dreams...I couldn’t do what I do without you 😘
Results wise, I got 3rd in masters and 5th in open and I am just so ready to get back to work to keep improving 💪🔥🙌😍
Team: @teamprophysique
Coach: @paulrevelia
Posing and bikini: @shawnscouture
Glam: @ko

This beautiful look was on @mediterranean_muscle for NPC North American Championships where she placed 4th in Open Figure.
We did her makeup and also styled her wig for her. Wigs are a fantastic way to bring an excellent polish to your stage look and they are becoming more and more popular!
Need hair and makeup for your next show?
Click the link in our bio here... we will be adding on NPC Nationals and potentially NPC Universe as well now that dates are set!
@cutiebeautiecosmeticscbc #mua #stagemakeup #hairandmakeup #beauty #makeupartist #npc #ifbb #figure #bikini

Cuties Conquering the Stage 2021!
Meet a few of our featured coaches and key note speakers!
You will get hands on training and knowledge from each of these coaches AND MORE!
Are you on our preregistration list yet? You need to be!
Click here or the link in our bio NOW!

#CCTS2021 #conqueringcutie #shawnscouture #ifbb #npc #bikinj #figure #coaching

Don’t forget! This is our last one for the month of September so make sure you get in and get your posing game going strong!
If you have a posing package with me; you can use one of our hour sessions to redeem this workshop.
If you need to purchase; the link is in my bio!
Starbucks at 11
Train @theshopgym at noon
Pose at 2-3:30!
#sws #sundayswithshawn #groupposing #shawnscouture

Just left @massagehope and boy did I need it!
Also guess who’s back for a third year as a Sponsor for #CCTS2021?!
Johnny and his crew can’t wait to see all you ladies again this year at the Ritz! And we got such great feedback from their services the last two years that we have something even MORE amazing to offer from Massage Hope this year!
Just wait!
Like I said; I can’t give it all away now. But click the link in our bio and get on that pre-registration list so you don’t miss out!

#cutiesconqueringthestage #conqueringcutie #massage #recovery #sportsmassage #deeptissuemassage #cupping #relax

Congratulations to @mrs.mckown417 on her WP debut and Win at the NPC Elite Physique Championships!
Her suit is a custom creation of ours using Neon Swarovski Crystals to create that POWpop like no other!
Love this suit!
Photos courtesy of @npcnewsonlineofficialpage
#swarovski #wp #womensphysique #npc #customsuit

It’s Heeeeeeere!
Pre/registration for CCTS2021 is open!
It’s absolutely free to sign up and you MUST be on this list to have access to purchase tickets AND to be eligible to win our fun giveaway prizes!
Click here now!

Link also in our bio.
The 6th annual CCTS!!!
#ccts #ccts2021 #cutiesconqueringthestage2021

A few of our ladies stopped by to serve looks at North Americans on Tuesday... enjoy!
@savannahevelynd we helped her with her makeup and suit. Coached by @ryanhinton
@ifbbpro_aruscilli we helped her with her suit and posing. Coached by @ryanhinton
@neek_fit85 we helped her with her suit posing and makeup coached by @paulrevelia
@jlricker we helped her with her suit posing and makeup
@miriamjenkinsifbbpro we helped her with her suit and posing coached by @teamprophysique
Stage shots by @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @jeffbinns
#npc #ifbb #bikini #northamerican #shineglitterstar #shawnscouture

Congratulations to glam clients @barbarajozwiak @beckyvshort on both winning theirs @ifbb_pro_league card yesterday at North Americans!
@npcnewsonlineofficialpage @jeffbinns #npc #ifbb #cutiebeautie #glam #mua #stagemakeup #stagehair #extensions

Just a few preview shots from today!
@neek_fit85 @jlricker @ifbbpro_aruscilli @miriamjenkinsifbbpro
@npcnorthamerican @shawncarla_ifbbpro #shineglitterstar #shawnscouture #scc #northamerican #npc #ifbb @ Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown

Here we go!!!
Just finished up Group Posing with some of our ladies here at @npcnorthamerican championships.
Can’t wait to see these ladies shine!!
#shawnscouture #scc #groupposing #northamericans #ifbb #npc #bikini #competitors

I could not be more proud of this girl right here. @bshane_bfit
With everything that was thrown at her the last couple weeks she FINISHED.
She kept a champion mindset and did not once make an excuse.
Now unfortunately she had to make the decision to forgo North Americans as she deploys the following day... but in the midst of the chaos SHE asked if she could gift her makeup appt to a Cutie in need.
She asked if she could do this BEFORE Jr USAs btw; in the event that she wasn’t able to make NAs happen.
And as luck would have it; the very first Cutie I thought of; actually needed it!
@savannahevelynd meet your Fairy Bikini Sister Brandi. ❤️
THIS is what I love about these girls. They really are a community of ladies that look out for each other and their success. I couldn’t be a more proud Mama Cutie right now if I tried!
#cutiecommunity #payitforward #fairybikinisister #bikinigirls #cutielove

Quick story about this suit. @savannahevelynd reached out to me a few weeks from Jr USAs asking if there was any way I could help her with a custom suit as she was having issues with a different one she ordered.
Usually on such short notice it’s very hard for me to accommodate BUT I had just had an issue with USPS delivery on another client and had made an extra suit because of it... and that one was just sitting here now with no where to go. After talking to Savannah; the sizing and color was exactly what she wanted so it was kismet!
And BOOM that 4th place finish at Jr USAs shortly followed!
FYI if you wear our suit and win your IFBB Pro card; you win a sponsorship for the lifetime of your competitive career through our Pro Performer Promise program! So let’s see what happens at North Americans!
Great job Savannah!
Coached by @ryanhinton
Posing @jazzyfresh.ifbbpro

Sunday’s with Shawn!
Go to my appt booking link to sign up now!
We may add one more weekend in based on response and need. But for now; get on these two!
@theshopgym @shawncarla_ifbbpro #sws #sundayswithshawn #groupposing #posingclass

The difference a month can make! Before on the Left after on the Right.
After @skylarlanier_ifbbpro last show; Nor Cal; we knew something had to change.
The feedback had been consistent... get fuller.
So with that feedback noted we knew we had to figure our posing that she could do; while eating to fill her frame out.
I think we tried no less than 15 different front pose variations with a solid YES on the one she chose at Optimum @optimumclassic . It allowed her to fill out and accentuate her frame without worrying about her waistline thickening up.
So she trained and ate her way into this show.
And wow what a difference that made!
It was scary. It was a new approach and we didn’t know if it was going to work.
But the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 🤷🏼‍♀️
So instead; we risked it.
And she came out with her first top 5 in the @ifbb_pro_league with 4th place!
This is a fantastic way to cap the season for Skylar and I’m excited to see what she can do next year!
Proud of you!❤️❤️❤️
Coached by @bodybyo
#ifbbpro #bikinipro #posing #posingpractice #backstagrpass #takesrisk #beforeanfafter #try #trysomethingnew #shawnscouture

Congrats to @_xtinaaaag winning her class yesterday at Jr USAs!
She came to us to help her solidify her posing. Watching her work her way into the center during the overall pose down yesterday was so cool to see!
Poised and confident.
That Pro card will come when the time is right!
Beautiful job!
Coached by @shelbystarnes100
📸 @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @danrayphoto #npc #npcfigure #figurecompetitor #futurepro #figure #posing #presentstion #sws #jrusa #nationalshow

In my excitement I forgot we actually have FIVE of our Sponsored Cuties competing this weekend!💥💥💥
@lyonpridefit is also going down to work that Wellness division at @optimumclassic !
Good luck lady!
#wellness #npc #npcwellness #wellnesscompetitor #sponsoredathlete #shawnscouture #scc #shineglitterstar

Shout out to our four Sponsored Athletes competing this weekend!
@drbrit_fit in the IFBB @optimumclassic
@jazzyfresh.ifbbpro in the IFBB @musclecontest Pacific USA
@debrafitnesspro in the @themsolympia Savannah
@bshane_bfit in the @npc.tres Jr USAs!
It’s a busy weekend for our Cuties; wish them all luck!
And cross your fingers 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
#shawnscouture #ifbb #npc #bikini #figure #sponsoredathletes #shineglitterstar

Can you see it?
Most of you all saw that @jazzyfresh.ifbbpro had new connectors this week. But what you didn’t see is the suit bottoms are altered at a V in the front!
Don’t worry; it’s even hard to tell on these photos too!
But what it DOES do is it allows the connectors to pull at a higher angle and create a better illusion on her waistline as well as from the back on her glutes.
We did NOT add more scrunch in the back! All we did was this V.
What inspired this change is our new Wellness Cut bottoms. I find this to be the most flattering cut on frames with a tiny waist and larger hip ratio.
And even though you all couldn’t figure out what the change was; you knew something was different in the right direction... that’s what we mean when we say DETAILS matter!
#details #tinydetails #wellnesscut #bikinibottoms #ifbb #bikinipro

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