Blacktop Bootcamp

Blacktop Bootcamp

Save your teen driver's life! We teach teens and adults advanced street driving skills that will help keep them crash free. Blacktop Bootcamp's Driving Arts™ Academy teaches advanced street driving skills to licensed drivers 16 years of age and older.

By combining classroom sessions and rigorous behind the wheel training, students learn skills that will save their lives amidst the chaos of the modern road. Blacktop Bootcamp students will learn the following: Basic vehicle dynamics Basic physics as it pertains to cars Basic vehicle maintenance Vision Balance Traction management Braking techniques Accident avoidance maneuvers Skid prevention, correction and recovery Spin prevention, correction and recovery Driving during inclement weather The course is split into classroom sessions where students learn the theory and basics behind what they will use in the on-course portion. In the on-course portion of the class theory is put to work on a challenging, low-speed course. Students drive their own cars so they can learn what their vehicle can and cannot do in emergency situations. In-car instructors guide students through ever more challenging exercises, providing crucial feedback and training as students practice behind the wheel. One of the most important tools is Blacktop Bootcamp's skid car. This vital tool enables the instructor to induce skids at very low speeds. The student gets to feel the vehicle's behavior in various skids, then they are taught how to recover from or prevent the skid altogether. Even though the student is driving, the instructor has the ability to bring the car back under full control at the touch of a button and a brake on the passenger side adds further safeguards. Blacktop Bootcamp selects its instructors from its network of law enforcement officers, high-performance driving and licensed race car drivers. These people are experts in the field of vehicle control and their wisdom and training is our greatest asset. While we don't teach how to chase bad guys or race cars, the laws of physics are the same whether on the street or on the race track and these instructors are masters of their craft. Make no mistake about it, this is not like driver's education as you know it! Classes tentatively begin in October, 2011. Check our calendar for upcoming dates.

Mission: We strive to teach life-saving driving techniques to all licensed drivers age 16 and older. Our courses are for everyone, not just teens.

Rethink Speed

We have written an article geared towards law enforcement driving. It introduces the concept of "Reducing Time Above 90." What if officers are crashing because their cars are too slow? A new test evaluates vehicles.

Our Customers

Lots of agencies are using our ATSS light system for EVOC training. It is rapidly becoming the industry standard. Take a look at who is using our product. The ATSS is currently being used by agencies in Canada, and across the U. S. these are some of our customers:

Blacktop Bootcamp Driving School

The sad truth is driver's education did NOT prepare teens for the challenges of the roads in this area. The statistics show that 85% of all 16-year olds crash in their first year on the road and car crashes are the highest killer of teens 16-19 years old.

Blacktop Bootcamp can ensure your teen doesn't become a statistic. We will be having our next Advanced Teen Driving class on June 17 at Osbourn Park High School in Manassas, VA from 8am-5pm. Our 8-hour hands-on classes teach skills driver's ed left out: basic vehicle physics and dynamics, emergency braking, accident avoidance, skid prevention and correction. Students will actually get to perform these maneuvers under direct supervision of our instructors in a controlled environment. All our instructors are race car drivers, high-performance driving instructors, or law enforcement instructors.

Cheaper than an insurance deductible or a hospital stay don't wait until after your teen crashes to send them to us, avoid the crash in the first place!

If you're a more experienced driver you're welcome too! About 1/2 of our clients are either parents participating with their teen, or folks who simply want to brush up on their skills and learn new things.

See what we do at:

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We hope to see you on June 17th!

Blacktop Bootcamp is a driving school that specializes in teaching drivers how to prevent and recover from skids as well as accidents. With Virginia's only p...

System For Driving Training And Method

Blacktop Bootcamp's Automated Traffic Scenario Simulator is currently in Patent Pending status. We use this innovative system to train drivers how to make split second decisions. A system and method for driving training are disclosed. The system simulates three driving scenarios: lane selection, braking, and intersection clearance. The system features a control unit with vehicle position and speed inputs and signal light outputs so that the driver may react to actual externa...

Blacktop Bootcamp

Winter driving in DMV is no fun!!

We will be having a Winter Driving course on January 14, 2017. This 4-hour class will be focused specifically on skid prevention and control. We will have two sessions: Morning 8-12pm and Afternoon 1pm-5pm. Cost of the class is $199. Go to our web site to sign up:

[01/07/17]   We will be having a Winter Driving course on January 14, 2017. This 4-hour class will be focused specifically on skid prevention and control. We will have two sessions: Morning 8-12pm and Afternoon 1pm-5pm. Cost of the class is $199. Go to our web site to sign up:

Blacktop Bootcamp

We all need to attend Blacktop Bootcamp!

If you were out of the area and couldn't see our interview this morning....

[01/05/17]   If you were out of the area and couldn't see our interview this morning....

Tesla Autopilot predicts Crash

While we certainly don't want to discount the technical prowess of cars like the Tesla with forward sensing RADAR. The fact of the matter is that despite the praises people are singing about this video it shows the RADAR sensing stopped vehicles several seconds AFTER a good driver would have seen the brake lights of those same stopped vehicles.

This is why it is so important not to drive distracted.

Tesla autopilot predicts crash before it occurs and brakes immediately to a safe emergency stop.

[12/30/16]   We are shooting for a class on January 14 or January 21. Let us know if you have a preference!

[12/16/16]   Watch for our winter driving tips on NBC4 Washington at 5:15pm today!

[11/22/16]   With winter fast approaching we are offering our LAST CLASS of 2016 on December 10, 2016. Come learn the correct way to drive in the winter with our skid car.

Advanced Driving Arts (tm) - NOV 22-Individual Courses | Blacktop Bootcamp - The Driving...

85% of all 16-year old drivers crash within their first year behind the wheel while driving solo. It is important to realize that Driver's Education is just the tip of the iceberg for what teens need to know behind the wheel. On November 22, 2015 come learn what Driver's Education left out. The Advanced Driving Artstm Class is designed for licensed drivers of all ages to learn life-saving skills behind the wheel in a fun and exciting environment. Students will learn basic vehicle physics and dynamics, how these behaviors affect the car; skid prevention and recovery through the use of…

Airbag vs Cone

These are the kinds of things you'll see at one of our classes.

Never underestimate how powerful an airbag can be. This "nice soft pillow" can break bones, cause burns and other impact injuries. Watch the airtime this fiv...

The Families Of These High Young Men Want You To Watch Them Die In Crash

While difficult to watch, this is what risk-taking behavior looks like and what its consequences are. Drugs and alcohol NEVER mix with driving. Two young men, both high, were killed when their wildly speeding Renault Clio hit a church wall and crashed. The whole incident was recorded by the passenger, and was released at the request of the young mens’ families. It’s sobering and disturbing.

10 Worst Car Brands in Initial Quality

If you are looking to buy a new car this handy article will help steer you away from some of the problem children of the auto industry. Notice that TWO of the big three American manufacturers are not listed on here. If you were going to buy a foreign car it might be time to look towards domestic for your motoring needs. The 2015 J.D. Power Initial Quality study has been released and you may be surprised to see what are the top 10 worst car brands in this year's study.

[04/27/15]   We had a great class this past weekend, broke in a new instructor, tested some equipment changes, and a new course setup. Everything worked great!

Can't wait for our next class.

[04/17/15]   Our next class is April 26! Come and enjoy a great weekend learning experience that will stay with you for years to come.

Daylight Saving Time Means More Traffic Accidents

Monday after Daylight Savings Time is one of the most deadliest days on the road, pay attention!- A study analyzing a decade's worth of data from the Fatal Accident Reporting System showed a 17-percent increase in traffic fatalities on the...

Snow Storm: Find Road Conditions, Snow Plow Locator

Keeping you informed and safe: Find Road Conditions, Snow Plow Locator | Leesburg, VA Patch Heavy snow won't just disappear in Leesburg. Here's what you need to know about clearing the roads.

As Snow Approaches, Follow These Driving Safety Tips

As Snow Approaches, Follow These Driving Safety Tips | Leesburg, VA Patch Loudoun Sheriff: Equip your car with a winter driving kit.

10 Must-Have Apps To Ace Your Next Road Trip

This winter has many itching to get out, spring is coming and with that means "ROAD TRIP!" These great apps will help- If you are hitting the road with friends this summer, you'll need to take a look at these ten must have road trip apps to make the ride go smoothly...

Distracted...The True Story of Ashley Umscheid

If you haven't shared this with your #teendriver, your missing a great opportunity to share something very powerful.

This video is a short clip from "Distracted...The True Story of Ashley Umscheid." Ashley's life came to a tragic end when she was texting her...

ZipGripGo - Alternative Traction Aid for Snow and Mud

This is one of the most innovative safety devices I've seen in a while. These would be great packed in a trunk for snow or ice emergencies. ZipGripGo is an innovative new zip tie cleated traction aid that's designed to get you unstuck from ice, snow and mud.

After I Read This, I Have Saved Thousands On My Household

Always looking out for you guys-Save Thousands with these handy house hacks A list of simple, yet effective household money saving tips you should start using today and save a few thousand dollars in just one year.

What to Do if Animal Runs in Front of You

We live in an area overrun by deer and other animals, do you know what to do if one runs out in front of you?

Wild animals are always unexpected on the roadways and all pose a risk to drivers. Here are AAA's tips on what to do if an animal runs in front of...

Ticket Your Parent(s) » Teen Safe Driving | Teen Safe Driving

Here's something you may want to get your family doing, it gives the teen authority to hold over you. It is critical to discuss safe driving habits years before teens actually get behind the wheel. Long before they learn to drive, teens learn...

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