Jane Nordstrom Training

Jane Nordstrom Training

Jane Nordstrom Training offers lessons and coaching for local to A level hunter, jumper, and equitation riders at the new Stone Gate Stables in Aldie, VA.

Jane Nordstrom Training offers lessons and coaching for local to A level hunter, jumper and equitation riders. The business is located at the new Stone Gate Stables in Aldie, VA. Visit the Stone Gate Stables website at www.stonegatestablesva.com Jane has developed competent and confident riders through her 30+ years as a rider instructor. She believes in teaching people how to use their bodies correctly to make their horses go correctly combining solid basics with innovative training techniques. During her five years in the highly-competitive Northern Virginia market, Nordstrom has led her students to an impressive show record. BOARDING Jane Nordstrom Training offers boarding services through Fox Chase Farm, a landmark equestrian facility located on Route 50 two miles mile east of Middleburg, Virginia.

Operating as usual

Stone Gate Stables

Jane Nordstrom Training at Stonegate Stables will have two stalls available on June 1st. We offer:
12x12 fully matted stalls
Fully matted aisles and grooming stalls
Matted Wash stall with h/c water & heat lamps
Free trailer parking
100x200 Indoor arena accessible directly from the barn with new LED lights
150-280 outdoor arena
Rings dragged daily
Small group turnout - grass is seasonally supplemented with round bales
Highly individualized feeding programs with high quality grains
Blanket changes, boots changed twice daily included
European Hot Walker
A hard working, friendly and dedicated staff committed to great care and customer service
Heated tack room with washer & dryer, large refrigerator,
Heated bathroom
Located on Route 15 we have easy access from all major highways in NOVA

We are mindful of your safety with cleaning and sanitizing surface are several times a day and carefully follow CDC & state guidelines for social distancing with a posted ride signup schedule for boarders.

If you are looking for a friendly, supportive and professional environment for you and your horse, Please call to set up an appointment to tour the farm and learn more about our award winning care! Call Jane at 703-966-0139

[01/09/20]   Looking for weekend barn help - paid position or willing to have someone work off board or lessons.
For someone who would like to board in a top notch facility with a large indoor, this is a great opportunity.
We have lovely, kind, easy to work with horses and a great group of boarders, riders and staff.
Either way, you must be responsible, knowledgeable, have own transportation and a passion for horses.
Please call Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139 for more information. We are located at Stonegate Stables in Aldie VA

Stone Gate Stables

If the cold weather of the last few days and the reports of a cold wet winter have you wondering how you're going to be able to ride through this winter, give me a call!
Stonegate Stables has a few stalls opening up December 1st, when one of our tenants moves to her new farm.
Stonegate features a large 100x200 indoor arena attached to both barns with brand new LED lights and great footing. 12x12 fully matted stalls, wash stalls with heat lamps & h/c water; heated tack rooms & bathrooms, free trailer parking and much more.
We offer highly personalized care from a staff passionate about the horses, which has garnered us the Best of MIddleburg for 5 of the last 6 years. Customized feeding program, unlimited hay, small group turnout, free blanketing and many other amenities, including picking feet daily. Plus we have a location right on Route 15 close to both Route 15 & Route 66.
For more information and to set up a time to come see what Stonegate has to offer, call Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139.

[06/13/19]   We are pleased to announce our Riding & Horsemanship Camp dates for this Summer:
These camps feature two daily riding sessions that focus on equitation - teaching the rider how to use their bodies correctly so their horse goes correctly.
There are daily special speakers who will introduce campers to subjects like vet care & first aid; the importance of correct saddle fit for horse and human; natural Horsemanship in understanding and handling horses - and much more, including trail rides & fun!
For parents, we will be holding a short session on the new mandatory SafeSport regulations to help them understand this program.
Cost for each session is $425.
For more information or to register please call 703-966-0139 or email [email protected]

[01/31/19]   With tomorrow's extreme cold, the barn will be closed! Staff will be there working hard to make sure all the horse are warm, feed, have water. Riders stay warm! We will be open for riding and lessons again on Friday.
Any questions, please call!

[01/28/19]   Yesterday, we hosted our final IEA show of the season. It was a wonderful experience. And, I have a great team of people who helped to make this show run seamlessly - I can't thank you enough. You are amazing people:
Janine Jones - who ran the gate for all three home shows and kept the riders coming so efficiently while always keeping her cool.
Lauri Garret: Our new show secretary this season who managed to keep ME organized before, during and after the shows (no mean feat that!)
Valerie Banks Amster & Erin Black - announcers extrodinaire! Again, helping to keep the shows moving along.
Stevie Williams - kept the team alert to grab horses and get them to the ring - she is now head cat herder! LOL!
And schooled ponies and horses too! Stevie is also to thank for lending her wonderful ponies to the team - Applejack, Fergie, Savannah & Magic - all were great.
Lauri Prendergast: Lauri organized and ran the concession stand for all three shows, telling me "this is one less thing you have to worry about..." And, it definitely was! All I can say is "Tacos in a Bag" YUM!
All the parents who helped with the food: Shelley Kozlowski, Michelle Kirby, Beth Robertson, Beth Krause, Melissa Pickell.... (I know I'm forgetting someone here...)
James Sharp: Always helpful and finished cleaning up the ring when I was exhausted and trying to get the horses, tack and tack room all straightened up. (Plus brought propane for the heater!)
Horse handlers & schooling riders: Katie Nesbit, Jen Nilsen, Emma Smith, Jordan Soris, Dasha Lubovsky, Megan Fangman, Stevie Williams - got up at the crack of dawn and stayed all day to help.
Staff: Samuel Rodriguez - always patient and always there, whether to drag the arena or drag cars stuck in mud (had a lot of mud this year!); Debbie Ingling, Evan Davis, Megan Pickell, Dasha & Jordan. None of this could happen without your incredible work ethic and dedication to the horses and their care!
Sue Buscher and her team for supplying some wonderful horses. More Starbucks cards are on the way!
Our co-hosts this season: Loudoun Valley, Middleburg Academy and Sandstone Farm - Thank you for your support and horses!
And to my team who worked so hard this year! I am proud of you all! Marissa Jones, Remington Sharp, Mauve Prendergast, Megan Pickell, Madison Kirby, Kaillie Scott, Cat Krause, Cassie Robertson, Halle Kozlowski, Jasmine Van Heyningan, Kat Wascavage. Love you all!
It takes a village - no doubt about it. I am blessed and grateful for mine! Thank you, my heart is full.

Stone Gate Stables

Friends! By popular request, Jane Nordstrom Training will be holding an Adult Riding Camp the last weekend in September (September 28-30). The camp will run all day Friday & Saturday and a half-day on Sunday. In addition to twice daily flat and over fences on full days, topics and speakers will contribute their expertise to the program.
Dr. Paul Haefner, a licensed clinical pyschologist who specializes in equestrian sports psychology with his Riding Far program will be part of the program. Stay tuned for announcements regarding other presentors.
Riders are welcome to ship-in their own horses, or ride one of our safe and experieinced horses.
Attendance will be limited in order to give participants a highly individualized experience.
For more information, call or email Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139, or [email protected].
Improve your riding, learn how to increase your confidence level in the saddle and in the show ring and learn more about the horses you love!

[03/26/18]   With IEA Competition season over, Jane Nordstrom Training at Stone Gate Stables in Aldie has openings in our top quality lesson program. We offer one of the best facilities in Northern Virginia with a 100x200 indoor arena, a 150x240 outdoor with great rubber and sand footing and ride out.
Our horses are wonderful - experienced at all levels from beginners to AA show experience so we can custom tailor a lesson program just for you.
Jane Nordstrom has over 40 years of teaching & coaching experience. Her philosophy is to the confidence follows competence with her teaching methods focusing on helping riders learn to use their bodies correctly to make the horse go correctly.
Lessons are all either private, semi-private or small group.
Stone Gate Stables is very conveniently located on Route 15 in Aldie - close to Routes 50 & 66.
Call now for more information or to schedule an introductory lesson. 703-966-0139

[03/20/18]   Watching tomorrow (Tuesday) night's weather carefully. Chance of precipitation 80%. If cold enough to freeze, evening classes will be cancelled. Stay tuned!

[02/28/18]   All horses will be getting their Spring shots, Coggins for all who are due and microchips for those horses who may or will be going to USEF rated or recognized shows.
Any questions or concerns, please lmk

The Chronicle Of The Horse

“The big thing is that not that we’re going to be perfect. It’s not a sport of perfection. It’s about having the tools to understand how to make things better.”

[12/16/17]   Just finishing class 1 & 6. Running on schedule so far

[11/28/17]   Barn holiday party will be December 17 from 3-7. Courtney Baker is hosting. Please check the board at the farm for address & directions. It's potluck, so plan to bring a dish. Whoo Hoo!

[11/16/17]   IEA riders: if you want to come to Saturday's practice, it will be at 10 instead of 10:30.
Lmk if you are attending

[11/08/17]   Directions to IEA show on Sunday 11/12:
Oatlands Farm, Gaithersburg, MD:

From South of DC
Inner loop of 450 to 270N
270 N to 370 E
Exit 3A to Shady Grove Road
Right on 115 (Muncaster Mill Rd)
Left on Muncaster Road
Right on 108 (Olney-Laytonsville Rd)
Left on Brookeville Road
Left on Zion Road
Left on Riggs Road
First driveway on the right

[11/08/17]   Here's the show schedule for Sunday's Show at Oatland's Farm in Gaithersburg, MD:
Hunt Seat Time Schedule
7:30 Schooling of All Horses
8:15 Course Walk
8:30 Coaches Meeting – includes horse draw for fences and flat
10:00 Competition Begins:
1. Varsity Open o/f 2’6”
2. Varsity Intermediate o/f 2’
4. Future Intermediate o/f 2’
3. Junior Varsity Novice o/f x-rails
5. Future Novice o/f x-rails
Ten minute break to remove jumps
6. Varsity Open on the flat
7. Varsity Intermediate on the flat
10. Future Intermediate on the flat
8. Junior Varsity Novice on the flat
11. Future Novice on the flat
9x. Junior Varsity Beginner on the flat- Walk/Trot (optional)
9. Junior Varsity Beginner on the flat- Walk/Trot/Canter
12x. Future Beginner on the flat- Walk/Trot (optional)
12. Future Beginner on the flat- Walk/Trot/Canter

Riding Far, LLC

Revisiting foundation...foundation, foundation, foundation.

[10/13/17]   Note: we switch to day turnout on October 18.
And, yes - that's next week!
It's fall!!!

[09/04/17]   While we don't know yet the track Hurrican Irma is going to take, for those of you on the Maryland or Virginia coast, I have a few stalls open (new tenants are not moving in until November) and can offer shelter to up to 9 horses. Just bring a current Coggins and shot records.
Thanks Penny Parker and Horse Angels for setting the early example...

Piedmont Equine Practice

Great article by the master, Jim Wofford

[08/23/17]   It's only a month to the official start of fall so winter isn't far behind! If you are thinking about coming in for the winter NOW is the time to reserve a stall.
We offer all fully matted 12x12 stalls, small group turnout, highly individualized feeding program, wash stalls with h/c, grooming stalls, heated bathrooms, a large outdoor arena with new all weather rubber & sand footing, and a 100x200 indoor arena!
Both arenas are dragged daily!
Plus, we have a covered European hot walker so horses get exercise even when there's snow! Many extras that other barns charge for are included in full board.
Call now to discuss your needs and to set up a tour!

[07/20/17]   In the interests of both the health and safety of humans and horses, Jane Nordstrom Training will close to riding tomorrow at 11. Temps are expected to be in the high 90's and a heat advisory has already been issued.
We hope you all stay cool & hydrated while our horses spend their day napping under their fans with plenty of water, hay and love!
Any questions, please call Jane at 703-966-0139

[06/07/17]   Exciting news! New footing is scheduled for delivery for the outdoor arena at Stone Gate Stables! So looking forward to this upgrade! Rubber & silica mix will add support and bounce! Delivery scheduled for June 19-20!
We do have a couple of stalls available. And, don't forget we have a 100x200 indoor for those rainy days! (Which we seem to be having a lot of...) For more information call 703-966-0139.

[05/16/17]   Jane Nordstrom Training at Stone Gate Stables has been named "Best in Middleburg" for the last three years! Come find out why!
We have openings for boarding with options for full, lesson, and grooming board. You can choose the options best for you and your horse!
All stalls are 12x12 fully matted with windows. Great turnout, highly personalized feeding program and -since we pick your horses feet daily, they are checked daily for cuts & scrapes, shoes & ticks.
JNT @ Stone Gate includes many amenities other barns wish they had!
Call today to discuss your horses needs and schedule a time to stop by.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Relationship With Your Trainer

horsenetwork.com Her voice gets louder. “RIGHT leg! Why are you hanging on the inside rein?!” You feel the anxiety begin to build in that familiar part of your gut. Your face is red as a tomato and you’re sweating more than you thought possible. You’re using all of your mental energy to try and operate your Continue...

[03/09/17]   Sadly, after almost three years of being part of Jane Nordstrom Training, barn manager extrodinaire - and friend - Allison Guidry is moving to Colorado with her husband who has a new position with a Denver TV station.
The search to replace her is on: if you or you know of someone who is responsible, has great horse & people skills, experience working with horses, willing to roll up their sleeves and commit to being part of a wonderful team please send them my way.
I offer a very competitive salary, including paid vacation/sick time, possible board for one horse, reasonable hours and work load, well-behaved horses, snacks (famouse brownies) in one of NoVA's best facilities.
Pony Club background is good, recent grads with equine degrees are welcome -with practical experience. Ability to drive a tractor and handle farm equipment is a huge plus!
Please call, email or text: 703-966-0139 or [email protected]

[03/02/17]   I will have two stalls available April 1 for full or lesson board. Great facility with 12x12 fully matted stalls, matted aisles, wash stall with h/c water, grooming stalls, heated water buckets in the winter and fans in every stall in the warmer weather, heated bathroom, 100x200 indoor & 140x285 outdoor, small group turnout, free trailer parking, hot Walker and rideout!
Excellent care includes feet picked daily, water buckets dumped & cleaned daily, blankets changed twice daily and boots put on at no additional charge, complimentary shampoo, conditioner and tack cleaning supplies plus complete transparency. Grain fed 2-3 times per day, ample hay - including round bales as needed.
All from an outstanding staff who are passionate about their work!
For more information, please give me a call at +17039660139


There’s always someone watching at every show – So don’t be a brat

Yes, there is always someone watching. And, taking notes... I'd like to add that it is also never acceptable to take out a bad ride on your horse. Ever.

eventingconnect.today   There’s always someone watching at every show – So don’t be a brat We all have bad rides and the most upsetting of these ride...

So you think equestrian is EASY? (ORIGINAL)

I made this when I was 12years old, 3years ago. I never expected this to go worldwide which it has. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO, YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS VIDEO ...

Heritage Farm

Charisma and Taylor St Jacques topped the USET 2* this morning at WEF with a stunning round, watch their winning ride

US Equestrian

HH Azur - International Horse of Honor. 2006 Belgian Warmblood mare owned by Double H Farm and Francois Mathy and ridden by McLain Ward. Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

Vote: https://www.usef.org/_IFrames/hoty/default.aspx

[12/07/16]   Congrats to the StoneGate IEA team - Reserve Champion at the Century Manor IEA show on Saturday! Whoot! Whoot!


What is the Ideal Seat for Equitation Classes? – EquestrianCoach.com Blog

equestriancoachblog.com What is the Ideal Seat for Equitation Classes? November 17, 2016 Geoff Teall Ask The Experts 0 Comments Panel Experts: Geoff Teall and Julie Winkel Submitted by member: Lona More and more in the IEA equitation over fences classes, I see riders sitting the canter all throughout their courses. I have…

[09/21/16]   I'm adding a third practice session for the IEA team members. In addition to the practices on Tuesday at 5:30 and Saturday at 10:30, we will also do a practice on Thursdays at 5:30. Please call or text me to sign up for which practice session you prefer. Space in each session is limited, so please let me know ASAP. Thanks and looking forward to a great season

[09/02/16]   All area schools will be back in session next Tuesday! IEA team practices will be held this year on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 and, depending on show schedule on Saturday mornings at 10:30. IEA team members should let me know which session they will be attending. Thanks!

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