Mid-Iowa Equine Massage Therapy

Mid-Iowa Equine Massage Therapy


Congratulations on your 100th massage! Very proud of you!
I can not say enough good things about what a AMAZING job Mindi does❣ she is just not here to massage your horse, she listens to what they are saying❣ Chili, Sparky ,and I want to share how grateful we are.
Thank you for your sponsorship the tuff n nuff rodeo association really appreciate it
The horses at the ARL this morning appreciated their massage therapy from Mindi! You could see them relax as she worked on their sore spots!
Chili had his first massage today from Mindi. Im excided to see the results we get from her work. Chili had many spots that were sore. He has had issues on his left front. Im hopeful! Our first massage he showed much release as she was working on him. Thank you, Mindi.
So thankful Mindi Buseman was at a horse clinic. My horse had a meltdown in the trailer before even leaving my farm due to separation anxiety. While working with my horse during the clinic, I noticed her constant lip licking and head shaking. I pointed it out to a friend and she mentioned Mindi performed equine massage, so I asked Mindi to take a look at my girl for me. To make a long story short, after Mindi's treatment, my horse let out a couple long exhales and never licked her lips or shook her head the rest of the 2 day clinic. You could see my horse physically relax as Mindi worked on her. It saved me from having to take her home. I'll be using her again- for sure!

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Operating as usual

[10/01/20]   Been a while since I've posted on here , which means I have been busy , it's a good thing ! Now that fall is rolling in, I'm booking up very quickly. I will be back in the Des Moines area on Tuesday evening and have a couple slots left .

Mid-Iowa Equine Massage Therapy

Did you know that over 60% of a horses body weight is being made up by muscles ?!?

Our Equine partners let us know that EQUINE MASSAGE THERAPY may do them some good in a variety of ways. Some of the signals that your partner may need a little help are:

•Shortening of stride

•Difficulty bending laterally or rounding

•Refusal to take a particular lead or change gaits

•General stiffness

•Head tossing, bucking or kicking

•Hollowing out their back

•Tracking unevenly

•Girthing problems

Looking forward to it !!!

**Attention IOWA NBHA competitors!!**
Mindi Buseman will be at the Marshalltown Fairgrounds for the 2019 NBHA State Show June 2nd! Mindi specializes in deep tissue massage, colic relief, under saddle balancing along with proper saddle fit and placement and can help you on the path to increasing the athletic performance and overall health of your horse.
Treat your unicorn to some relief after a long weekend and take advantage of having Mindi on site!

Biomechanics !!!!

Horse short striding in the front? Maybe a bit "off"? Maybe their shock absorbers are "burned out"..... better call a mechanic before their wheels blow off completely!

Biomechanically speaking, just like your truck, your horse has his own suspension system that helps him to survive those nasty potholes and bumps in the road that inevitably appear when he is striding out confidently believing that all is well. The equine shock absorbers we are speaking of are the ones that absorb the weight of the front end of the horse, where 70% of their body weight is situated. Add the increased force to the front end in speeds like the gallop, and you can see the reason why God supported the weight of the abdominal cavities which contain the mass of the organs with such a brilliant suspension system.

The front limbs of the horse are not connected to their body by a joint, like humans are. Those who have have ever dressed out a deer or an elk have noticed that their blade slides easily through the muscle that attaches the front limb to the body of their game. The muscles that hold the front limb to the animal are officially named: the serratus ventralis, the pectorals, and the subclavius. These muscles are also what allows the horse (and many other prey animal species) to rapidly extend their stride instantaneously to flee an incoming predator.

So what happens when these shock absorbers go out?
Just like your truck, when the shock absorbers go out, the ride gets really rough and everything starts to just shake apart. For the horse, this means that the front feet hit the ground harder, which creates more stress on the sophisticated suspension system of the lower limbs and more stress on the hoof itself, (which we would at this point pray is properly balanced so that it can somewhat at least keep the inevitable added stress being applied to it symmetrical). It would also cause extra stress on everything above the failed shock absorbing system such as the cervical vertebrae as well as the poll/atlas junction. Basically, without a properly operating shock absorber system, the horse gets a beating to the head with every hard hitting footfall of their front limbs. With this picture in mind, it is easy to see why a horse would choose to tentatively stride out (if they choose to stride out at all) instead of confidently reach forward for the ground.

So how do we maintain these shock absorbers?
This, thankfully, is not so hard to do- even for the backyard mechanic. Providing that your horse has not been diagnosed with a front limb issue as the primary cause of the failed shock absorber system, keeping the muscles that hold the front limb to the body soft and supple is not a difficult task. In order to do this, here are the steps: let's start on the left side of the horse first. Hold your horses halter in your left hand and flex his head towards you, at the same time take your right hand and with down pointed fingers find the edge of the scapula on the horse (keeping in mind that in horses with restricted shock absorbers- aka "glued to their body" (aka - toasted shock absorbers) the outline of the limb may not be so evident at first). Apply pressure in a downward motion with your right hand, so that your fingers find the glide between the scapula and the thorax of the horse. Repeat the other side. If this is not easily done, your horses shock absorbers are in need of maintenance, and if proper shock absorbing properties are not restored, the front feet are unfortunately in danger of lameness issues. Continue trying to soften the muscles beneath your fingers behind the scapula, go slowly and wait for the horse to relax as deeper pressure is applied. Also front limb stretches forward, back, and laterally to the side will help release the adhesions.

What if I "fix" the shock absorbers, but my horse is still off in the front?
Unfortunately, we will never know what was created first, the chicken or the egg. In the same respect, we do not know if the shock absorbers left first- or if they left after our horses feet became so imbalanced and painful that they had to do whatever they could to lift their weight off their front end- In this case, what was intended to be the shock absorber turns into the only biomechanical option for the horse to brace away from the pain of touching his front feet to the ground. In this scenario, a skilled farrier can assist you by creating proper balance and comfort to the entire structure of the horse. Once the feet are correct, the shock absorbing system can easily be maintained.

Oh this poor girl. Her back end was a mess . Issues here ; , shoulders , Lower back , rotated hip, glutes and TFL and Tilted sacrum . She is tight all over .
After one massage tonight just look at the difference . Follow up is scheduled .

[04/21/19]   Massage should be done before the chiropractor. You’re adjustment will last longer , most times you won’t need a chiro, but always great to follow up .

Riding season is upon us , help prevent injury with treating him or her to a deep tissue massage . Been a long hard winter we want their muscles in a good warm up position . No one wants a lame horse

[03/21/19]   Will be in the Des Moines area on Sunday working on horses . I have 2 slots available .

Mid-Iowa Equine Massage Therapy

Mid-Iowa Equine Massage Therapy

Posted on a friends page and wanted to share this info .
Can cause more harm than good . Good way to ruin a tendon with those temperatures:(

Bearfoot Horse Trimming

Highly recommend!!!

Iowa born and raised in Northwest Iowa. I have over 19 years experience as a farrier with the last 11years focused on natural hoof care.

[01/01/19]   For those of you who entered the drawing and didn’t get the name drawn . For entering you will receive a discounted massage. Please message me to schedule your appointment 🙂
Thank you

[01/01/19]   Congratulations Lori White and Lucy on your free massage !!!

Merry Christmas !!!

Would you like to get your horse a FREE massage.?
Just leave a comment with your horses name to enter the drawing on Saturday .

[12/24/18]   It will be 2 years in June I started doing massages. Set my goal for 300 .
Accomplished that this morning :)

[12/06/18]   As the cold is here , please remember how important it is to keep the muscles working properly and warmed up .
The cold affects the ability of the muscles to contract properly . This can leave muscles more vulnerable to fatigue and strains, as cold muscles are less elastic and don’t absorb shock or impact as well as warm muscles. Cold muscles are also less responsive to signals from the nervous system so movements are less coordinated.

One massage ,a week can do a lot for your horse in the cold !!

Proper nutrition
Plenty of water ; are also vital parts of muscle health in the winter

Worked on Tanner this morning .
Left picture is before and right picture is after .
We are also going to work on his top line and work on strengthening those booty muscles .

Received this message today ! I love getting messages like this 🙂

Look at how Martini is standing now!! She used to be camped under and she is standing super square! She had alot of rest due to the rain and we have our first barrel race since her massage tonight! Last time she was bucking on the way home and swishing her tail. I can't wait to see the difference!

First set of 3 is before massage
Last two are after massage

Good luck tonight girls !

[07/03/18]   9 massages already this week and it’s only Monday .
6 more scheduled this week .
So grateful I have an opportunity to do what I love ❤️

Chiltern Vet Physio

How bit pressure affects the movement of the hindlimb!!!

The horses tongue attaches to the Hyoid bone (see photos)
The hyoid is Intimately connected to the airways and therefore affects the horses breathing, and is connected to hind limb via fascial. See below

Sternohyoideus connects the hyoid to the sternum
Omohyoideus connects the hyoid to the inside of the shoulder -Direct connection from the tongue to the sternum and shoulder along the bottom of the horse’s neck.

Tension in the tongue – tension in sternum horse can’t lift through back to allow for collection- affects hindquarters

Small muscles also connect the hyoid bones to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the poll. The TMJ is an important center for nerves that control the horse’s balance and proprioception. And the poll—its ability to bend and flex—is of central concern to the dressage rider. Because of the small muscles connecting them, there is a very close relationship (which few riders know about) between the horse’s tongue, hyoid bones, TMJ, poll, head, and neck.

“When the horse’s tongue is free and soft, all of this translates into a horse who is better able to move well, with coordination, improved balance, and a significantly lengthened stride.(L.Tellington- Jones 2013)”
L.Tellington-Jones (2013) Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul: A 21st-century Approach to the Science and Spirituality of Riding and Horse-and-rider Well-being.Trafalga Square. ISBN9781570764264

Meet Tonka , when I first met Tonka he was in pretty rough shape . It was hard for him to stand let alone bend his front left leg. He had several burns and abscesses on all four of his feet from a previous farrier burning his frog off with a blow torch and very uneven trimming.

Along with massages and body work We also soaked him in Epsom salts and treated him with all natural essential oils and animal scents ointment.
We did get Tonka set up with a new foot care , all natural barefoot care.
Attached are a couple videos that were taken today . Now from what I was told he has not been able to do that for about 3 years .
I am very passionate about what I do , this is again one of those moments that make it all worth it .

Natural Elements Horsemanship

Want to have a better , deeper relationship with your Equine partner ? Want to be on your way to possibly riding bit less or reign free ?
Bob is coming back to Iowa to put on a couple of his amazing clinics . I swear this guy is a horse whisperer .
If you want to learn how to “think” your horse into movement you need to come and experience what you and your horse can do together .

Auditors are also welcome .

Two clinics coming up in Iowa in June and July.
The contact person for the Alden Clinic is Mindi Buseman. Reach her @ ‭(515) 209-1061‬.
The July Clinic in Norwalk (just south of Des Moines)contact person is Diane Hickman. Reach her @ 515-778-0313.

You can register via PayPal through our website.

[05/31/18]   YEE HAW

To all you mamas out there . Call or message me today to book a massage in May and save $10 .

Getting to be that time a year where riders are looking for new or different saddles . This is something to keep in mind . Saddle fit and Placement is SOOOOO important .
If your horse bucks this is the first thing you should be looking at. Most horses will buck because they are in pain or discomfort .

Before and after one massage .

As you can see in the left how tight she is and she pinches her tail, and she is not able to square up . Also notice the atrophy in that hind end .

Right picture is after one massage . As you can see the tail is relaxed , she is squared up and I took away the atrophy .

[01/31/18]   With four massages scheduled for tomorrow, it will make for a nice even number of 30 massages this month .

[01/21/18]   What a beautiful January day for 5 massages today . Was great doing them in a sweatshirt

[01/14/18]   Was a chilly day for massages but the horses sure did appreciate them . Important to keep those muscles loosened up in the cold .

[01/08/18]   Had a full day of massages , what better way than to take advantage of the heat wave 😂

[12/28/17]   3 massages tmrw , I think I will dig out my hand warmers . 😬

[11/30/17]   All massages will be $50 in the month of December .

Great Christmas 🎄 idea


**Get that special someone an Equine Massage and (don't forget to get one for the rider)**

Comment below with a 🎄🐴 and receive an Equine Massage for $50 in the month of December

[11/15/17]   Will be in the Des Moines area on Saturday , have room for a couple more.

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