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Betty is a Holistic Wellness Consultant & Spiritual Life Coach for women and young homemakers who desire a life filled with more purpose, peace, happiness, and harmony.

Betty offers both support and education through her services as a Holistic Wellness & Detox Coach. She has also teamed up with Green Organics to offer the quality products you can trust! By offering tools, resources, and supplies for women/homemakers, Betty helps you to achieve the quality of life you deserve...for you, your loved ones and even your fur-babies!

*~ Healthy lifestyle products for the energetically aware! ~* *This page is managed by Independent Consultant Betty Shepard. ~goDesana ID# 588798 ~H&B Naturals ID# 101867 *Product statements and/or testimonials have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These product lines are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. *Compensation plan statements, explanations or illustrations are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Success in any business requires hard work, dedication, and good sales skills! The average participant in this business earns between $500 and $2,000. Some earn less while some earn much more.

Mission: To provide support, guidance, and accountability for spiritual, Christian women, homemakers and moms who are seeking to discover their truth and embrace lasting lifestyle changes to conquer their goals! I am dedicated to each individuals growth and success through my faith-based approach. My perspective helps you to navigate Life’s Journeys using tools such as self-discovery, exploration of natural alternatives, and regular cleansing of Mind/Body/Spirit/Environment. I empower my clients to live with intention & achieve a better quality of life, health, happiness, and success! I coach with integrity and value the determination, self-awareness, continual growth and sustainability for my clients as well as myself in all areas of health and wellness as we each learn to embrace our Path of Life! As your Coach, I aim to provide all-natural products to support you on your Journeys while helping you to achieve the quality of life you desire and deserve. I have teamed up with companies/affiliates with unparalleled quality, efficacy, and safety with our loved ones in mind. I believe overall wellness is the basis for all happiness in life.

[01/22/20]   Are you a prisoner of your past
A pioneer of your future??

[01/17/20]   That spark that ignites from simply hearing an understanding validation for where you are in your journey...priceless!


Run wild, dear one ...

[12/21/19]   Every person, every circumstance, every experience that crosses your path...
Is the opportunity to make a stand for who you are and why you're here!

[12/09/19]   Judgements... expectations... and beliefs (or lack thereof) shape your experiences, whether they are good or bad is up to YOU!

[12/07/19]   What FALSE “Beliefs”
Are Stopping You From Being Who You Came Here To Be?

Spirituality is simply connecting to something beyond ourselves, and that can happen anywhere, at any time, in the tinniest moment.

Are you...
Struggling with creating change in your life? Tired of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost??
Navigating transitions in your life/business?

Let's crush the rest of 2019 & launch into a new decade with momentum!?!

Forget making New Year's Resolutions that don't stick, feel restrictive, and leave you feeling like a failure.

It's time to get someone in your corner because you deserve to live a life you LOVE!
Someone who will support & guide you, who will truly listen to you, who will encourage and push you past barriers.

Working with a Life Coach helps you...

💜 Identify, clarify and create a vision for creating the transformations you desire!

💙 Encourage & guide you on your journey of self-discovery and growth!

💚 Nurture and evoke strategies to create a plan of action based on what fits best with the your goals, personality and vision!

💜 Foster client accountability to increase productivity!

💙 Achieve health & fitness goals!

💚 Align with your purpose, passions, and values!

💖 Learn to love & honor your beautiful self!

Let's work together to identify limiting beliefs, possible obstacles, gain confidence & clarity, and tackle what is holding you back the most in your life!!

Comment below or message me for more details! It would be an honor to join you on your journey and see you fulfill your true potential.
xxBetty 💜

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The Beauty Of A Woman Is Not In The Way She Looks: True Beauty Is Reflected In Her Soul Beauty. It’s sad how people use this word to describe the attractiveness and physical appearance of some people. Beautiful is the first word that comes to our minds when we see a gorgeous woman walking confidently, dressed in a bomb outfit head to toe while tossing her long, amazing hair aside. In...

Do you do regular "Planning"??
Life Plan? Annual Vision? I'd love to hear😎
I've got a holistic system and am SO excited for 2020!!

[10/29/19]   Surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you, and push you to be your best self! 💕

What do you think...🤔
Do you agree??
Let's us know with a fun GIF!!

💜Sisterhood is the phenomenon that occurs when women quit seeing each other as mirrors, or reflections of themselves, and start seeing each other as one-of-a-kind works of art.

💙Sisterhood happens when women view each other as deep wells of support and inspiration—as teammates—instead of competitors.

💜Sisterhood happens between women who are secure enough to stop being afraid of each other; who do not feel that another woman's different life choices are a judgment of her own choices.

💙Sisterhood happens when we become curious instead of defensive about our differences.

💜Sisterhood does not require the same beliefs or thoughts or political parties or churches.

💖Peace is not about becoming the same; it's about becoming okay with being different.

There is so much untapped power in sisterhood.💕

~Glennon Doyle

Do you honestly feel people are doing the best they can??

This is quite an interesting question/topic that I'm reading/studying about in Rising Strong by Brene Brown.💕 Her stuff is AMAZING btw!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!😎

I feel I do view people with this perspective most of the time, but there are also people or situations where my personal emotions/ego/shadow filters the moment and I'm prone to judgement due to my own expectations or experiences.

Is there someone that comes to mind with this discussion??

How would things change if you truly believed it to be true... and they ARE doing the best they can?

With the knowledge and practice of spiritual laws, we put ourselves in harmony with nature and create with carefreeness, joy, and love.
~Deepak Chopra~

New Research Shocks Scientists: Human Emotion Physically Shapes Reality!

They came to a stunning realization that if our emotions affect our DNA and our DNA shapes the world around us, than our emotions physically change the world around us. Three different studies, done by different teams of scientists proved something really extraordinary. But when a new research connected these 3 discoveries, something shocking was realized, something hiding in plain sight. Human emotion literally shapes the world around us. Not just our perception o...

"Perfectly imperfect"💖

Something about that saying rings true for creating harmony in our hearts, in our our chaotic emotions that come with be-ing well... human!

We are created for exploring our passions,
for discovering our purpose,
and for believing from our very essence that we are enough!!

Being a mother is a blessing that not everyone is able to experience, but we as women are blessed with the ability to nurture and to love wholeheartedly... no matter the curcumstance.

We are perfectly imperfect!💕

Before I became a mama, no one told me that some nights I would have no choice but to sit down in the kitchen floor & hold my crying toddler while dinner cooks.

No one told me just how exhausting it would be sometimes.

No one told me that with a nasty cold my baby would be so clingy & want nothing to do with anyone except mama.

No one told me that some days I would forget to eat because I would be so busy making sure everyone else had what they needed.

No one told me that on most days I wouldn’t get anything done around the house but keeping babies alive .. & that’s ok.

No one told me that I would go the lengths to catch throw up in my hands just so I wouldn’t have to clean it out of the carpet.

No one told me that I would so desperately long for a break only to miss them like crazy the second I got that break.

No one told me just how much sleep
I would lose.

No one told me that I would go & check to see if my baby is breathing during the night ... even when they are nine, six & 18 months old.

But even if I would have been told those things before I became a mama, it wouldn’t have changed my mind. Motherhood is perfectly imperfect, as am I. Some days it’s full of fun & some days it’s on going tears. Some days it’s easy & some days it’s hard. But one thing is for sure, every day being their mama is absolutely incredible. ❤️

Will you share with us?
I'd love to hear and possibly help💕

😎Let's mix it up and answer with GIFs!
psst... mine is in there too!

When there's alignment between personal essence & a greater intelligence, happiness & purposeful action well up like sweet water from an underground source.💕

~Your Soul's Compass~

by Joan Borysenko, Ph. D and Gordon Dveirin Ed. D.

10 Healing Spices Every Kitchen Should Stock With herbs and spices being the key to healing for thousands of years, which healing spices are best kept close at hand in your kitchen?! Here is our list of the top 10 healing spices you should have well-stocked at home!

Called To Mothering

Your most important work is right inside your own home. 💕

[08/22/19]   Daily Gratitude 5:3:1💕
💜 5 things you are grateful for!
💙 3 things you accomplished today!
💚 1 action you will take tomorrow!

Jain 108 Mathemagics

This is really neat!!

"One Point Of View Does Not Show The Whole Picture."

Video Credit: via Esoteric HUMOR



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A Wife Like Me

Don’t let him stop you. PRAY. Pray big prayers, believing God will answer them according to His will. BUT PRAY.
Fiercely pray over all of your thoughts, concerns, hopes, and dreams.
Lifting up prayer over in the A Wife Like Me Gathering group today ❤️. If you aren’t a part of the group, join us!

Ooo I love this!!💕


[08/11/19]   Working with a Coach shouldn't be a luxury when it's a necessity!!
💙 #selfdevelopment
#holisticwellness 💜

Are you aware??

When an external event happens to us, we run through our own perception of that event through internal processing mind/body/spirit.

We create our own stories!


I love to look at the stars!! How about you??

The wide variety of things found within Creation are not only beautiful but intelligently integrated to sustain a greater whole!💖💕

"I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Pic by Lars Leber Photography

Mechanics of Being

Yes! Yes you are💖

Happy Friday ladies!!💕
What are your plans this weekend??

Eclectic Path Wellness

I am, how about you??

Take care of you!

Our Story

Hello and welcome to Living Wellnessence!

I’m Betty Shepard, founder of Living Wellnessence. I absolutely love to join forces with women and fellow homemakers who are seeking truth, support and accountability throughout their transformations within themselves, their life, their health and their wellness.

As your Holistic Wellness Coach and Spiritual Development Mentor, I help you to achieve the life you have always dreamed of with the unique combination of self-awareness + discovery from a holistic perspective, utilizing the 7 Dimensions of Wellness, and the integration of more natural alternatives/methods that are both synergizing and scientifically validated although ancestral and traditional. Together, we grow your Essence...who YOU are, we conquer new territories and learn to love ourselves with strength and compassion each step along the way! You can learn more HERE

I hold a truly transformational vision! One that inspires you to get back to our roots, back to nature and experience your true potential, to create harmony within yourself Mind/Body/Spirit/Environment. By simply presenting you with information, ideas, and inspiration within a safe space you can begin to raise your awareness which allows you to step into your power, embrace your capabilities, and restore your hopes of achieving the quality of life you both desire and you deserve through sustainable habit and lifestyle changes! I encourage you to ditch the shame, guilt and negative self-talk; lose the dogmas of religion, labels, diets, the one size fits all approaches; tune out the confusing noise and to truly live a life filled with spirituality, vitality and intention. Together we begin to blend the dimensions of wellness in a way that feels right for you as the beautiful individual you are! Having a mentor or Coach throughout your Journey will prove to be an outstanding addition and defining asset in your success as we were created with the need for community and connection, the desire to be supported and loved and the need for a safe space to flourish! We ALL fall “off the wagon” at times but what matters is that we love ourselves enough to get back up each of those times with a strong compassion and new understanding!

Personally, I have always found a sense of wonder and enjoyment by being in nature! I love to explore, understand and to be out in it! (Please don’t get me wrong... I’m not a fitness buff lol) But my sense of curiosity supported the feeling I had deep within that there was something bigger and more powerful than we are, One that sustains and guides us on the Path of Life. None of this really came in to play until I was about 20 yrs. old. Like many of you, I began to feel worn down, lost and overwhelmed as a young wife and a stay at home mom along with everything it entailed. I desperately wanted to truly nurture my relationships with my husband and children, to give my family the best quality of life in both health and happiness. We started experiencing different trials that life can throw at ya and we found ourselves trying to navigate through various health concerns. Little did we know genetics was only a small factor. So I began questioning and actively seeking better ways to approach the stress, the confusion and the unknown in caring for these treasured roles God had blessed me with. Through LOTS of research, experimenting, and dedication I found my Path in life... my purpose! Guess what…my Journey into Holistic Wellness began with ME! Since then, I have dedicated myself to being a student of life, to growth, to exploration and spreading the love to those around me. It has been the best investment I could have made and worth every minute, even through the ups and downs and I have been blessed with the opportunities to share this Journey with others.

I would love to hear where you are in your personal Journey and how I can support your unique life transformations more naturally!

xxBetty Sue

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