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Akron news, arts, music and culture. Here to help you connect with your neighbors, understand the city, contribute to civic life, & have some fun along the way.

We think Akron's creative community--from our artists and musicians to our small businesses and emerging tech sector--has been overlooked too long. Overlooked by outsiders, insiders and the West-/East-/South-/North-siders. But just as we try to highlight all the cool folks and the cool stuff they're doing, we are committed to shining a light on the things we think might hold Akron back.

Exploring Boughton Farm, Copley’s 150-year-old pick-your-own property - THE DEVIL STRIP

While digging for fresh veggies at Boughton Farm, you may unearth some rich history as well. words and photos by Colleen Carroll While digging for some fresh veggies at Boughton Farm, you may unearth some rich history as well. The year was 1853. The buggy business was booming. In France, Vincent Van Gogh was born. Uncle Tom’s Cabin stirred tension along the Mason-Dixon line and cholera wa...

Living in Stereo: 3D-Con 2019 comes to Akron - THE DEVIL STRIP

Next weekend, the National Stereoscopic Association takes Akron by storm. Partake in the joy of 3D! interview by Ted Lehr The Akron Civic Theater is a majestic structure. Over the years it has been home to countless concerts, dramatic productions and graduations. When I was a boy, the Civic would host an annual classic horror/sci-fi 3D movie night. Tickets were a scant $3. The bill was the same ev...

Theatre on the Spectrum creates space for artists with autism - THE DEVIL STRIP

Theatre on the Spectrum's co-founders met when they were working at Miller South and saw that students with autism were drawn to drama. Today, kids and adults with autism meet there to take classes, perform plays and write their own productions.

“Acting is all about connecting with your acting partner or with the audience. Some of the things that kids with autism have challenges with are making eye contact, facing an audience, knowing where they are in space. Themes and activities that we do help them find their space,” says co-founder Wendy Duke. by Aja Hannah In a modest storefront on South Hawkins Avenue in Akron, artists and performers hone their craft as passionate teachers guide them. Masks hang on a wall and risers wait to be filled with an audience. Large glass windows by the entrance are shaded with a blue tint and the walls are pain...

Be safe during this heat wave! 🥵 The community centers at Lawton Street, Mason Park, Patterson Park and Summit Lake will be open from 8:30 am - 9 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday if you need a place to stay cool. All other community centers are open regular hours. No cost. Spread the word!

The next few days are going to reach extremely hot temperatures! Please stay cool and hydrated.

Due to high temperatures, Mayor Horrigan has extended hours at four community centers during the next three days, and they will be open from 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM.

All community centers are open normal business hours and open to the public as a place of relief from the heat. More info can be found here:

Vintage Structures | The Carnegie Building - THE DEVIL STRIP

Steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie donated $60 million of his personal fortune to fund the construction of 1,689 public libraries in the United States in the early 1900s. Akron received one of them, built between 1903 and 1904.

Heads up -- the Kenmore Leg/I-76 Westbound will be closed beginning on Tuesday, July 23!

*Updated Post* Please view the new maps below describing the I-76/Kenmore leg project. All information remains the same.

Trouble With Old People | Senior Social Services - THE DEVIL STRIP

I’m not saying that all older people are clueless about modern social behavior. But you might think so if you were to judge by my friend Bill. by Steve Van Auken I’m not saying that all older people are clueless about modern social behavior. But you might think so if you were to judge by my friend Bill.  One morning recently, he was ordering the Senior Early-Bird Special as usual when his 23-year-old waitress called him “Honey” for ...

Hip-hop duo Neon Vice chases 'witty and gorgeous' sound - THE DEVIL STRIP

“Our overall sound and our aesthetic is rooted in nostalgia,” Kell16 says. “Like, what makes the ‘80s. The synths in particular are a sound that we are truly obsessed with. But we don’t really want it to sound robotic, which is why we mix hip-hop and soul and a little bit of funk in there… We want to make it sexy, we want to make it intimate, but then at the same time we can make it witty and gorgeous if we want to.” words and photos by Kyle Cochrun Lounging inside a second-floor recording studio in Barberton, surrounded by walls adorned with covers for records by Herbie Hancock, Prince, Curtis Mayfield and other top-shelf funk and R&B acts, Neon Vice are having a nerd-out moment.  The Akron-based hip-hop duo, ...

Find a copy - THE DEVIL STRIP

Have you picked up your copy of the July issue yet? Get 'em while they're hot: Pick up your copy of The Devil Strip every month at these locally-owned businesses. And let us know if you want to carry the magazine!

Chill serves ice cream flavors 'from mild to wild' - THE DEVIL STRIP

It's gonna be a hot week 🥵 Cool down with some "off the wall" ice cream flavors downtown! by Colleen Hanke Whether you’re a gastronaut or a picky eater, you can find a flavor to enjoy at Chill Artisan Ice Cream. Chill was founded four years ago in Medina, and a second location was opened in Akron in August of 2016. The ice cream shop is owned by brothers Patrick, Jeremy and Zachary …

[07/15/19]   If you want to advertise in our August issue, the deadline is fast approaching! Please contact [email protected] by Friday, July 19.

[07/13/19]   Don't forget to join us and Countryside for Berry Bash // Berry Pie & Jam Contest at CPM on Sunday! Pick up your locally grown groceries and sample all the entries in the pie and jam contests.

Travling Yoyo:

Tonight in the Highland Square neighborhood of Akron, GPat Patterson decided to participate in the national #Lights4Liberty demonstration but couldn't find anything closer than Wooster. Knowing Akron to be a hub for people with open minds, GPat decided to set up a demonstartion here at the last minute. Having recently moved back to Akron from down south, they created a Facebook event at the last minute and hoped for the best. Although this is not a formal gathering, everyone was given the opportunity to participate.
By the end of the evening five persons stood at the edge of Market St holding up candles in silent vigil. Some people heckled, some merely passed by, others gave them the thumbs up, proving that one lone voice can be heard above the din of a Friday night in The Square.

Louie and the Giant Donut - THE DEVIL STRIP

Walking into the warmth of North Hills Donuts, you immediately feel like family. You are greeted by a smile and, behind the counter, two giant donuts. Two 16-inch donuts, to be precise.

Linda and Louie Tsakalis have been serving donuts under this roof since 1976. Read more: by Colleen Hanke Walking into the warmth of North Hills Donuts, you immediately feel like family. You are greeted by a smile and, behind the counter, two giant donuts. Two 16-inch donuts, to be precise.  The giant donut is one of the ways that this old donut shop is staying relevant as Akron contin...

Summit Local Food Challenge

July's #LIFTAkron2019 challenge is to eat locally grown food.

That's why we love this challenge from our friends at the Summit Food Coalition: "Through the end of August, we’re challenging Summit County residents to switch $10 of their weekly food budget to local food."

Sign up here to receive recipes, food tips, and information about where you can buy locally grown food from the Summit Food Coalition:

Ready to get started? Make this week's purchase at our Berry Bash on Sunday! Details:

Urine Luck | Woody's - THE DEVIL STRIP

If you're going to trek through the construction maze downtown, join the daytime bar crowd and you'll be in good company. Woody’s on South Main Street on a Friday afternoon in June was lit. by Emily Dressler Working in downtown Akron instead of Cleveland has made it easier for me to review new bathrooms, and I couldn’t be happier. Like a lot of people, I haven’t exactly been ignoring the businesses downtown on South Main Street, but it’s not like I’m navigating the orange barre...

Eating healthy with Dannika Stevenson, owner of Sip.Savor.Soul - THE DEVIL STRIP

Many of the recipes sip.savor.soul creates, like salads, yogurt parfaits and trail mix, are intentionally designed for kids who can’t use a stove or a microwave. They are also targeted at kids who don’t have many experiences with fruits and vegetables.

“I have kids that come and they look at these fruits and vegetables. They smell, they taste, they hold it. And it’s funny, with the kids, you get their reactions. They’re like, ‘this doesn’t look pretty’ or ‘it feels rough.’ But that’s why I want them to explore that,” Dannika says. “I want them to be curious about it. And I tell them, I just want you to close your eyes and take a bite and if you don’t like it, no big deal.” by Noor Hindi Growing up in Summit Lake, Dannika Stevenson didn’t have access to fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables. Her food source was the corner store or gas station, and as a result, she often struggled with eating healthy. Today, Dannika is a culinary instructor teaching kids and fami...

Reflect | Lighting a New Fire - THE DEVIL STRIP

Celebrating the Cuyahoga River last month was a pleasure. But as we look to the next 50 years, we must consider how we can keep moving forward, protecting the river all our sakes, CVNP's Arrye Rosser writes. by Arrye Rosser In early 2017, students from Akron, Cleveland, and Kent contributed their ideas for how Northeast Ohio could celebrate the Cuyahoga River’s renewal 50 years after the infamous 1969 fire. “We should show everyone that we strive for higher than our expectations,” wrote a Summit A...

A berry delightful summer with Ohio-grown produce - THE DEVIL STRIP

To pick your own juicy berries in a fragrant field and pop them directly into your mouth is sheer bliss. But if you want to skip the work and still enjoy the freshest treats, you can always buy them from local farmers.

Join us and our friends from Countryside Food and Farms for Berry Bash // Berry Pie & Jam Contest at CPM on July 14! And in the meantime, meet a few NEO growers: by Alissa Danckaert Skovira Ahhhh, summer has finally arrived in Ohio — a season filled with sensory delights. Plump, sun-warmed berries are surely one of the best parts. To pick your own juicy berries in a fragrant field and pop them directly into your mouth is sheer bliss.  If you want to skip ...

Front And Centre Sessions (Season 2 trailer)

We're back with a new seaaaaassssssoooooon!

For those that don't know, the concept is simple. The videos are one shot, one take with some of the best talent around Northeast Ohio. Front And Centre Sessions are recorded, produced and edited by Philip Anderson.

Season 2 comes out in FULL on July 23rd & it features Chris Coles, Jess, Benny Lava, Peachcurls, Kofi Boakye Music, Bethany Joy & more!

To check out season 1 hit our YouTube page:

Travling Yoyo with Jessica Goldbourn:
Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) is a nonprofit organization was created in an effort to clean up the city. Established in 1981, it is now one of Akron's most well known beautification program, but they don't just plant flowers and provide trash cans.
You can actually rent/borrow a trailer full of all tools you need to clean up your neighborhood parks, vacant lots, curbside gardens, pocket parks, what have you.
KAB develops and implements public education and community improvement programs. They encourage all Akronites, from the very young to the very old, to take pride in Akron through their actions. They aren't all talk. They show you how and provide the tools for you, making neighborhood and organizational clean-ups as easy as possible.
They also provide information about curbside recycling.
For more information please visit their face book page:
or web page:

Sober Chronicles: Volume One - THE DEVIL STRIP

Our newest columnist, Marc Lee Shannon, will be sharing stories of living everyday life substance-free. Say hello: by Marc Lee Shannon Hi. My name is Marc Lee Shannon. I’m a father, songwriter, business development analyst and chronicler of this sober life that I have led since November 2014. This monthly journal, Sober Chronicles, will hopefully serve to record the day-in, day-out thinking and living that is ...

On the Street | Jared - THE DEVIL STRIP

After spending about half of his life homeless, Jared moved into an apartment just before he turned 36. interview by Lisa Kane Name: Jared Age: 36  Hometown: Litchfield Township, Ohio Lisa: Where did you grow up? Jared: I grew up on a maple syrup farm. Well, our family farm was next door to where I lived. I had to get up early and do all our chores. It depended on the season, what …

'Making the world a greener place. That’s kind of our schtick' at Garden Box, Akron's seed delivery startup - THE DEVIL STRIP

Réna Wienclaw and Nick Crawford want to take the guesswork out of gardening. Their mission is to make sure you can grow a garden, no matter where you live or what your skill level is, and send you everything you need in a Garden Box. by Colleen Hanke When winter finally ends and warm weather arrives, many people get the urge to plant something. But, where to start? Standing in the garden section staring at a rack of seed packets is how many people begin. With so many choices, you don’t know what will grow in your home, so you ...

One neighborhood, 30 languages: Building community in North Hill - THE DEVIL STRIP

"You’d be amazed at how much a neighbor, and a neighbor’s attitude, and a neighbor’s willingness to cross those language barriers, can help an immigrant feel less lonely." words and photos by Noor Hindi Walking down the streets of North Hill, it’s possible to hear more than a dozen languages. Nepali men wear traditional Daura-Suruwals and Afghani women dress in burqas, maintaining their culture and identity through dress. From English to Vietnamese to Nepali and Ara...

'Buying books is a little bit like treasure hunting,' Bookseller owner reminisces - THE DEVIL STRIP

“One of the things that goes right along with used bookstores is you get people who are, like, the expert in some very little narrow area. And there’s nothing they like better than to tell you all about it."

Andrea Klein reflects on the decades her family has spent running The Bookseller as the businesses prepares to go online-only: by Colleen Hanke The Bookseller has been a staple of the Akron community, at one location or another, since 1948. The book store was opened by Clarence Klein and his son Frank Klein. Nowadays, The Bookseller is at its third location, run by Frank’s daughter Andrea Klein. But after many fond years,...

Artist and designer Lindsey Jo Scott 'believes creativity is a muscle' - THE DEVIL STRIP

Say hey to our July cover artist, Lindsey Jo Scott - Art! Lindsey Jo specializes in surface pattern design and illustration and is the founder of Side Project Sessions - Ohio. interview by Rosalie Murphy Lindsey Jo Scott began her art career at the University of Akron. She took a few years off mid-degree, living in the Dominican Republic and Pittsburgh and working at the International Institute. When she returned to UA at age 25, she fell in love with printmaking, fibers....

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Front And Centre Sessions (Season 2 trailer)



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