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Enjoying the Cuyahoga Falls Holiday Mixer Party. Meeting new contacts.
I would like to create an awareness to you to help stop local human sex trafficking of little children.
Thank you Steve Tyson, Colin Baker, and everyone at Akronlife Magazine for a great gathering yesterday at The Twisted Olive. Tuesday Musical Association was happy to be there!

The Magazine of Greater Akron, covering Summit, Stark, Portage and Medina counties. Akron Life Magazine is a monthly lifestyles publication committed to providing information that enhances and enriches the experience of living in or visiting Akron and the 330

Operating as usual

To determine how we got here and seek hope for the future, award-winning Akron writer David Giffels did what is seldom done — listen to Ohioans on all parts of the political spectrum. Through his new book, “Barnstorming Ohio: To Understand America (Hachette Books, $28),” we can listen too.

Read our interview with the author here: https://www.akronlife.com/blogs/330-area-blog/barnstorming-ohio-to-understand-america/

Howl-O-Ween 🐾🎃at the Akron Zoo, a true crime tour ⚠️🔍from the Summit County Historical Society and more are coming up this weekend. Get the details on those and more in The 330 Connect. https://mailchi.mp/bakermediagroup/the-330-connect-akron-lifes-essential-events-f50s5e2921-1382046

October brings chillier days, falling leaves, pumpkin spice everything and a new issue of 330 HOMES magazine! The issue comes to subscribers for free with their October issue of Akron Life or you can order it online: https://simplecirc.com/shop/akron-life //// 📸 Tylar Sutton

Check out The 330 [Connect], Editor's picks for the week's best events!


FINAL HOURS TO VOTE for your favorite restaurants and foods in The 3rd Annual 330 Flavor Awards! 🍽🍷

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What are your favorite restaurants and foods in The 330? Help them be recognized in The 330 Flavor Awards! 🍽🍷🍝🍔🍕🍳🥗🍺



How was your long weekend? We had a great time taking in local music in Umbrella Alley. Check out the Unplugged in Umbrella Alley music series Saturdays in September from ArtsinStark. #radcanton #cantonarts #330Music

Missed our Best of the City issue? Check out the 2020 readers' picks on our website to see who won! ✨🥇✨: https://www.akronlife.com/arts-and-entertainment/best-of-the-city-2020-readers-choice/

Meteorological legend Dick Goddard passed away earlier today at age 89. In remembrance of him, check out our playful throwback interview with the storied weatherman and animal lover on his 50th television anniversary: http://digitaleditions.walsworthprintgroup.com/publication/?m=6680&i=86211&p=44

Wine grapes are not always grown in far-off lands. Sometimes they’re right in our backyard, like at Maize Valley Winery in Hartville. Read more about the history of the farm and delicious wines made there: https://www.akronlife.com/blogs/flavor/maize-valley-winery/

There are so many wonders to uncover at Northeast Ohio parks. 🍃🌸 Five local nature lovers share the places that enchant them. From sunsets to great blue herons and rock ledges to a waterfall, each spot opens up a summer full of splendor: https://www.akronlife.com/arts-and-entertainment/dream-land/ // 📸 Rob Blair

When most people think about helping the environment, the words recycling and carpooling often come to mind. But you can help improve the local ecosystem from your backyard. 🌱 Check out these easy tips on how to do your part in helping Mother Earth: https://www.akronlife.com/home-and-garden/green-work/

Akron Life Magazine's cover photo

In case you missed it — it’s here! THE BEST OF THE CITY! Get your copy today to see your 330 faves! *shout out to Morty's Munchies Dog Bakery & Boutique and our adorable cover pup, Francis* 🐶🧡


Natural Healing

Hemp was banned in the U.S. 83 years ago, but in 2019 that changed — and cannabidiol, CBD for short, became a top-trending supplement. CBD is a chemical compound derived from a hemp cannabis plant that’s low in THC. It doesn’t give you a high, but research has shown that it helps ease pain and stress. Read more about natural healing CBD here: https://www.akronlife.com/beauty-and-wellness/natural-healing/

akronlife.com Hemp was banned in the U.S. 83 years ago, but in 2019 that changed — and cannabidiol, CBD for short, became a top-trending supplement.

Meet Brandy Beresh. When things get emotional in Cleveland Clinic Akron General’s Surgical and Medical Intensive Care Units, staff will say, We need a little Brandy today. Read her interview here: https://www.akronlife.com/beauty-and-wellness/brandy-beresh/


July 2020

Get the 2020 Best of the City. We will mail it!


simplecirc.com Best of the City

Here's a cute pup face to give you a little Monday motivation. 🧡 Precious, right? For more, check out our April feature, Paw Prints. Pet photographers and artists create lasting reminders of your beloved family members. They open up about their process and the pets that inspire them. https://www.akronlife.com/arts-and-entertainment/paw-prints/

📸 Tiffany Kelly // Noble Soul Pet Photography

As a father of two living in Akron and owner of The Social Dept. clothing company and Ohioboy Art & Design Co., Andy Taray has found new ways to run his businesses and entertain his kids.

“We support a small family and we run everything through these two businesses. It’s pretty crushing, but I’m not by any means the only one.

It’s wrapping your head around it and coming up with a new plan of attack. You learn how to be resourceful, trying to come up with new ways to reach people. People are struggling, so we’ve tried to sort of sit back and let people know we’re here.

We hope to use it as a time to go down different paths and try different printing techniques. We’re always doing new designs, new series.

It’s just going to be this weird time. You could sit back and say, That was the worst time of our lives, or you could try to find some positives. Being at home, we've taken about 50,000 bike rides and roller skate rides and all kinds of stuff. My son is 5, he’s learning how to ride his bike. He’s all excited. We'll remember this time for positive things like that.” — as told to Nora Vinson

Read more here: https://www.akronlife.com/blogs/330-area-blog/snapshots-in-time/

Emily Butcher leaves her Akron home for 12-hour nursing shifts at Akron Children’s Hospital, while her 11-year-old son, Carter, does his schoolwork remote.

“I'm calling him [Carter] and making sure he's not stuck in his work. In that way this has been difficult because he’s sort of home schooling himself with me on the phone. But I know my job is necessary now.

On your way into work when you're slightly scared and you don't know what's going to happen, you see these little inspirational quotes on the sidewalk. People have been writing in sidewalk chalk. That's been really nice. There's a lot of people chipping in and doing what they can to help.

We have felt so safe for so long. [We thought] this happens to other people in other places, but it can happen here. It is happening here.

I feel very prepared and very supported. The hospital has been proactive. We've done simulations — what it would be like to take patients to the operating room with COVID-19. We have new PPEs, and we’ve gone over it and over it to make sure that all of our body surfaces are covered, make sure we know how to put it on [and] take it off correctly.

We do our best to stay away from each other and wash our hands nonstop. My hands are dry and cracking cause I've been washing them so much. It's a little draining. By the end of the day when you get home and close the door, you're like, OK, I can take a breath now.

Personally, I have been really inspired by a lot of people. The entire world has really stepped up. For the most part, it's brought the best out in every human.” — as told to Madeline Myers // Photo by Autumn Bland

Read more here: https://www.akronlife.com/blogs/330-area-blog/snapshots-in-time/


Shop Local Online

You don’t have to go outside to sustain your shopping habit. 🛍Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, fun fresh decor or a way to give back, support local with these businesses open for digital orders: https://www.akronlife.com/blogs/330-area-blog/shop-local-online/

akronlife.com You don’t have to go outside to sustain your shopping habit. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, fun fresh decor or a way to give back, support local with these businesses open for digital orders.


Cameos of Caring: Nurses Week 2020

It's Nurses Week! 🩺 *THANK YOU* caregivers, for working the long nights and early mornings, for being a pillar in our community and for always showing up to help our neighbors. Here are The 330 nurses we highlighted as the most recent recipients of the Camoes of Caring awards: https://www.akronlife.com/beauty-and-wellness/cameos-of-caring-nurses-week-2020/

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akronlife.com Caregivers, thank you for being a pillar in our community and for always showing up to help our neighbors. Here are The 330 nurses we highlighted as the most recent recipients of the Cameos of Caring awards.

Need last minute Mother's Day ideas? 💛Celebrate the important women in your life with these local gifts and to-go meals. Mom deserves it! 💐 #stayhome #staysafe #shoplocal https://www.akronlife.com/blogs/330-area-blog/mom-deserves-it/


Bean Buzz

Wake up with a cup of joe that tastes like The 330. Support these hometown coffee shops by enjoying their unique drinks and products. With all the social distancing, you deserve a pick-me-up. ☕️ https://www.akronlife.com/blogs/330-area-blog/bean-buzz/

akronlife.com Wake up with a cup of joe that tastes like The 330. Support these hometown coffee shops by enjoying their unique drinks and products. With all the social distancing, you deserve a pick-me-up.

Portraits of a Pandemic

Today was the day that Akron Life Magazine got their May issue out and it is humbling to see so many photos from this series included in the magazine. This is just a portion of the shots they used, there are more photos on the Instagram story. But my cell phone images don’t do this justice! Pickup a magazine or order one online! Take a look at all of the wonderful people who helped make this collection incredible.

The May issue is here! 💛 No subscription? No problem! Non-subscribers can purchase the individual May issue and we'll ship it to you. Here's the link: https://simplecirc.com/akron-life/item/2989/may-2020


Fact Check

Relevant Read: “When Truth Mattered: The Kent State Shootings 50 Years Later” by Robert Giles, a behind-the-scenes look at the Beacon’s Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting of May 4, 1970. See our Q+A with Robert here https://www.akronlife.com/education/fact-check/.

akronlife.com Robert Giles had to make a call. It was right before the deadline for the Akron Beacon Journal on May 4, 1970, and there were two versions of the shootings of students protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State University.

We see all of you heroes out there rocking those masks every day! Akron Life would love to thank you. Send us your favorite photos of you and your loved ones protecting our community in your stylish face masks. Because #SafeSmilesSaveLives! Just use the hashtag #SafeSmilesSaveLives and #akronlifemag in your photos or send them to [email protected]. We will post the best photos on our social media platforms for the the chance to be included in the June issue of Akron Life magazine and some fantastic shop local prizes!

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Enjoy this photo of an adorable river otter and a feel good story to kick off your #earthday. 🌎 We all love seeing the wildlife at the Akron Zoo. But few realize the local and global conservation efforts the zoo carries out daily to go green and help save animals on the verge of extinction. Read all about it here: https://www.akronlife.com/education/long-may-they-roam/

We hope you all get outside to celebrate our beautiful planet today!


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We are all stronger together.

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Colin Baker
Publisher of Akron Life magazine

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330 Hero Series: Infection Specialist Nancy Reynolds

Meet this hero working on the frontlines against the pandemic, looking out for all of us in The 330. Click the link below to read the newest installment of our 330 Heroes series: Infection Specialist Nancy Reynolds.


akronlife.com Nancy Reynolds had a routine. As the system director of infection prevention and control at Summa Health System, she would review lab results, stop by patient units to check on those in isolation and attend a few meetings.


Easter Treats

Hop into the holiday with these local goodies and eats to enjoy at home. #stayhome #staysafe #shoplocal #easter


akronlife.com Hop into the holiday with these local goodies and eats to enjoy at home.

Looking for something to read? You can still get the April issue and 330Homes in mail.



330 Hero Series: Mask Maker Corey Cargill

Next up in our 330 Heroes series: Mask Maker Corey Cargill. This 24-year-old Akronite is helping out local healthcare workers in a big way. ♥️


akronlife.com Identify the problem, then take initiative — this is the mission Corey Cargill lives by. The 24-year-old Akronite started the Make a Mask Akron group on Facebook after realizing the severity of mask shortages.


Get Your Local Culture Fix Now

From gallery tours to craft lessons to an online arts fest, Northeast Ohio institutions have gone virtual. Check out our virtual guide and get your culture fix now.


akronlife.com From gallery tours to craft lessons to an online arts fest, Northeast Ohio institutions have gone virtual.

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