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We are in continuous conversation with Popular Culture, and we publish books that enhance that dialogue. Our growing catalog includes: The Christmas TV Companion (2009), Tis the Season TV (2010), Merry Musical Christmas Vol. 1 (2012), The Story of Archie the Talking Snowman (2014), You Can't Feed Butter to a Cat!

(2015), The Triple Dog Dare (2016)


Die-hard fans of Christmas movies say it's not about the plot

Here's CBS This Morning's coverage of Christmas Con--the Christmas TV movie fan convention--our author Joanna Wilson attended and spoke at the Writers Panel. Watch the video: https://youtu.be/JfOs6vWzA7Q

Thanksgiving marks the unofficial kick-off of the holiday movie season, but for die-hard fans, it started even earlier. Lifetime and Hallmark began premierin...

Up from the murky depths, a large bubble rises to the surface & explodes, releasing issue #5 of is this up into the world.

Issue #5 contains a short story by Seth Borgen that traces the end of the road of a hard-living writer and the two younger writers trying to decipher his life, traveling in his footsteps. Flip the book over and read seven prose poems by Heidi Howell that will leave you whispering their lines into your dreams. In other words: good stuff.

You want one? Click on "Store" in the menu on the left of this page & poke around, or just follow this weird URL here: http://www.1701press.com/shop#!/is-this-up-5-March-2019/p/135586998/category=0

Issue No. 4 of is this up has entered our airspace and contains almost no textured vegetable protein!

This one features prose poems by Syrian-Australian poet Minney Richani and US poet Laton Carter. Richani traces the intersections of memory, family, culture, change and loss in six stunning prose poems. Carter conjures worlds adjacent to our own in which vague cities sprout in the space where two shadows merge. Find out more & get a copy: http://www.1701press.com/shop#!/is-this-up-4-August-2018/p/122743042/category=0

1701 Press is peddling books & copies of ‘is this up’ Literary Cleveland’s Inkubator Book & Resource Fair today at Cleveland Public Library. Come say hi & I will read you 1 weird tweet that I’ve written.

Hey whaddya know! Issue #2 of is this up is here. It's real. It exists! This issue features work by M. Lopes da Silva and Dana Jerman.

What's it like, getting accepted to Magic High School? It ain't Hogwarts, assuredly. First day: report to Violet H.'s lung, get ready for flying class, try to fit in and maybe meet someone special. And what happens when you follow your best friend into the rising heat of a languid summer afternoon that's stuck in an infinite loop? These are scenes from the fever dreams that M. Lopes da Silva and Dana Jerman have crafted for you in is this up #2. Find out more and buy a copy, okay? It's over here: http://www.1701press.com/shop#!/is-this-up-issue-2-June-2018/p/111025691/


Woman plans to transform massive Netflix collection into a dress

1701 Press author Joanna Wilson is turning her research resource into a Halloween dress. Check out the video:

wkyc.com See what's next!

A woman's hands seem to produce an endless succession of wooden coins from nowhere. A man might be a man or a crocodile detective as he moves through an increasingly fragmented landscape.

These are scenes from the wild journeys that Laura Arciniega and Ben Slotky will lead you on in the first issue of is this up. Pre-order issue #1, coming in April 2018: http://www.1701press.com/shop#!/is-this-up-pre-order-issue-1-April-2018/p/100968012/category=0

Or, Subscribe: http://www.1701press.com/subscribe

Here he is, captured in the wild, local weirdo reads poems in the debut issue of 'is this up'

'is this up' is a monthly literary magazine that publishes work by 2 authors, back to back, forwards and backwards. Short stories, prose poems, and, maybe, if everyone is really quiet, some b/w comics. Find out about 'is this up' — issue #1 comes to us from the ether in April 2018 & features prose poems by Laura Arciniega & Ben Slotky: http://www.1701press.com/shop#!/is-this-up-pre-order-issue-1-April-2018/p/100968012/category=0

Thanks to Theresa Göttl Brightman and Steve Brightman for hosting the Latitudes Poetry Night--Workshop! and letting me introduce 'is this up' to everyone who came out, and to Compass Coffee for being a great space for poets and writers! Go to next month's reading: March 21! And thanks to Joanna Wilson for capturing this image & for coming out to support poets and writers.

Happy Birthday to author Tony Vavlas! Have you read his first book, You Can't Feed Butter to a Cat yet? Get a copy without leaving Facebook by clicking the Store tab on the menu, or get one from Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/yadh6mk7

Look for a new book of hilarious & touching conversations between Tony and his Dad in November 2017!

Super Excited to be going to The Book Club of Detroit 1st annual Detroit Festival of Books! FREE! We're bringing 1701 Press author Joanna Wilson to sign her books, plus we'll have our other title, You Can't Feed Butter to a Cat & a specially curated used book sale of pop culture, media, music and cool stuff. It's this Sunday, 10 - 4 pm at Eastern Market Corporation.

1701 Press is coming to Detroit on Sunday, July 16th. We'll be set up at the Detroit Festival of Books--with book author Joanna Wilson signing books. Will we see you there? More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1331258120254171/

What are YOU reading this holiday season? Author-signed books are available for purchase at our website: http://1701Press.com

Catch Joanna Wilson on Ed South's super-cool podcast "What's Your Favorite Movie?" talking about Triple Dog Dare, as well as Miracle on 34th Street, Scrooged and The Homecoming: A Christmas Story.

Our latest episode is now available for your listening pleasure! We get into the Holiday Spirit with our very special guest: Christmas Movie Expert & author Joanna Wilson! We talk about her new book THE TRIPLE DOG DARE and her challenge to watch all 24 hours of the annual marathon of A CHRISTMAS STORY! Plus Joanna shares her other favorite Christmas movies! A festive and cheerful new episode available on iTunes, Spreaker and the playable link below. Feel free to share this post with your Christmas and movie loving friends! Http://www.spreaker.com/user/edsouth/17-joanna-wilson-author-of-the-triple-do

Triple Dog Dare

Hey Akron--have you purchased your tickets yet to the screening of A CHRISTMAS STORY at the The Nightlight Cinema--on Sunday, Nov. 27th? There are 2 screenings: 1pm and again at 4:30pm. Join the movie trivia game with me down in front of the Christmas Story themed window displays on Main Street (next to lock 3) for fun and prizes. You can also get a copy of my new book TRIPLE DOG DARE on that day. Here's more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/675207185970254/

Triple Dog Dare

What's YOUR favorite Christmas movie? I join podcast host Ed South to discuss my favorites as well as my new book Triple Dog Dare. Give it a listen on iTunes or here at Spreaker: http://www.spreaker.com/user/edsouth/17-joanna-wilson-author-of-the-triple-do

Nothing like a cup of joe and a good book!

"Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas" is on its way. Get your copy of "TRIPLE DOG DARE: Watching--& Surviving--the 24-Hour Marathon of A Christmas Story" today: http://1701Press.com

Triple Dog Dare on sale now at http://1701press.com
It's indescribably beautiful.

Belt Publishing & Belt Magazine


An excerpt from The Akron Anthology on a very important matter

Triple Dog Dare is officially released today! The last of the pre-orders go out in the mail today. If you haven't already ordered it--there's no time like the present. http://1701Press.com

Coming soon!

From back cover:
1 Woman. 1 TV. 1 Movie. 24 Hours.
Every year since 1997, Turner Broadcasting has aired 24-hours of A Christmas Story from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day. The marathon has become a cultural phenomenon—many families tune in and watch the movie at least once—some watch several times. But no one watches all 24 hours, right?

Christmas TV writer Joanna Wilson trains her expertise on the 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story to find out what really happens when you watch all 12 screenings of director Bob Clark’s classic Christmas movie, non-stop, commercials and all. Along the way, she discusses the traditions of Christmas on TV, the nuances of Bob Clark’s filmmaking, the ongoing appeal of the movie and its relation to the multilayered, literary storytelling of Jean Shepherd, the activities of binge-watching and hyper-viewing—and she experiences what may or may not be the first recorded case of soap poisoning.

Triple Dog Dare

The New Book is coming October 15, 2016. We Triple Dog Dare you not to love it!

New book: The Triple Dog Dare: Watching--& Surviving--the 24 Hour Marathon of A Christmas Story, by Joanna Wilson

Nice review of the Story of Archie the Talking Snowman in the most recent issue of The Devil Strip. Check it out!

Have you read the latest STORY OF ARCHIE book review? This one comes from The Devil Strip--on newsstands now. Or, read it on-line here: http://issuu.com/thedevilstrip/docs/final_proof_41da75165251f4

"If your childhood Christmas memories include visiting a twenty-foot-tall talking snowman with flashing red eyes, then you undoubtedly grew up in Akron, Ohio. The Story of Archie the Snowman is the story of the people who helped make Archie more than just a store Christmas attraction. It's also the surprising story of Akron s hundred-year history of elegant, extravagant, and occasionally plain weird retail Christmas attractions from the enchanting downtown windows of O'Neil's and Polsky's, to talking Christmas trees, trained animal acts, and Santa arriving by satellite. It's the fascinating context for how and why Archie came to be." http://Storyofarchie.com

"If your childhood Christmas memories include visiting a twenty-foot-tall talking snowman with flashing red eyes, then you undoubtedly grew up in Akron, Ohio. The Story of Archie the Snowman is the story of the people who helped make Archie more than just a store Christmas attraction. It's also the surprising story of Akron s hundred-year history of elegant, extravagant, and occasionally plain weird retail Christmas attractions from the enchanting downtown windows of O'Neil's and Polsky's, to talking Christmas trees, trained animal acts, and Santa arriving by satellite. It's the fascinating context for how and why Archie came to be." http://Storyofarchie.com


Local books and authors: Archie the Snowman; romantic thriller for young adults; kids’ book...

1701 Press' latest release THE STORY OF ARCHIE has gotten several new press reviews lately--from The Suburbanite and the Akron Beacon Journal. http://www.ohio.com/lifestyle/books/local-books-and-authors-archie-the-snowman-romantic-thriller-for-young-adults-kids-book-comforts-from-afar-events-and-signings-1.634880 Have you purchased your copy of the book yet? http://1701Press.com


Story of Archie the Talking Snowman

Help me spread the buzz about THE STORY OF ARCHIE book. Please consider writing a customer review/book review at Amazon, GoodReads--or tell your friends and family about the book.

Tremendous new blurb for The Story of Archie the Talking Snowman from best-selling author David Giffels. Have you read his book, The Hard Way on Purpose? It's wonderful. Essential reading & a great stocking-stuffer for the Northeast Ohioans on your Christmas list (Along with The Story of Archie). :)

I'm overjoyed with an exciting new endorsement for THE STORY OF ARCHIE:
"Considering that Akron’s icons include giant floating gasbags, a rock band in flowerpot hats, and deep-fried sauerkraut, why not toss in a towering, slightly out-of-proportion snowman with flashing red eyes and a disembodied voice? Archie the Talking Snowman has done his part to keep Akron weird, and now Joanna Wilson has pitched in to tell his tale. Thank you, Joanna. Mr. Jingeling would be proud."

--David Giffels, author of The Hard Way on Purpose: Essays and Dispatches from the Rust Belt

Archie is coming!

From the introduction: "Tom the Talking Horse? A nine foot-tall Raggedy Ann doll? A walk-through zeppelin “ride” to the North Pole? A Santa that arrives by helicopter to Polsky’s downtown parking deck? For nearly a century, young Akronites have witnessed these fantastic magical Christmas experiences. A giant talking snowman named Archie doesn’t seem that far fetched or even out of the ordinary. Yet he is." More: http://www.storyofarchie.com/p/blog-page.html

Archie Events are coming soon!

Have you had a chance to see the long list of upcoming events and book signings on my schedule? Get out your calendars and check out the EVENTS tab on the website--or click the link: http://www.storyofarchie.com/p/blog-page_6.html

Story of Archie the Talking Snowman

Akron's skies used to be filled with helicoptering St. Nicks each year. This particular ad is promoting Santa Claus' arrival at O'Neil's in downtown Akron in 1950s. For more Akron Christmas history, check out THE STORY OF ARCHIE: http://www.storyofarchie.com/p/blog-page.html

1701 Press author Joanna Wilson reaches a milestone with her blog/website Christmas TV History. Congratulations Joanna!

I'm celebrating today! The CHRISTMAS TV HISTORY website has reached an important milestone--thank you for joining me on this journey. And, thank you for reading. More on this success story: http://www.christmastvhistory.com/2015/08/time-to-pour-champagne.html

Story of Archie the Talking Snowman

It's been exactly ONE MONTH since THE STORY OF ARCHIE was released. Do you have your copy yet? #AkronHistory http://www.storyofarchie.com/p/blog-page_20.html

Come on out, grab a burger and a book!

Book author Joanna Wilson will be signing her new book THE STORY OF ARCHIE at the National Hamburger Festival on SUNDAY, Aug 9th, 1pm-6pm during the craft beer/indie band showcase in downtown Akron on S. Main Street. Great time to pick up your copy of the book!

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