Akron PTSO

The Akron Public Schools Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO) is an organization created to support the school.

Mission: The Akron PTSO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children at Akron Schools District R-1 by fostering relationship's among the schools, parents, teachers and community members.

Mark your calendars! NOVEMBER 2nd at 5:30 - 8:30 Akron PTSO is hosting a Family Fun Night again this year, with a Family Movie Night at the school on Friday, November 2. Concessions open at 5:30 pm with the movie starting at 6:30 pm. The concession will be open for everyone to enjoy soda, popcorn and candy during the movie and for those short on time to make dinner for the family, PTSO is offering a hot dog and chip meal with a soda for $3.00.

[10/29/18]   PTSO would like to thank all those who donated to our concession stand.

Good morning Akron Rams. Be on the look out for you childs(rens) Square 1 Art order forms. They will be coming home Today! All orders are due by November 5th

[10/19/18]   Akronits! PTSO is looking for some food donations for our concession stand and For Family Movie Night.

If you are interested in helping us out please contact one of our officers via messenger or email:
[email protected].

PTSO is on the look out for an old mail box or 2 for a little project. If you have one please contact PTSO via Facebook messenger or email: [email protected]...

Thank You

Our fall dead line to submit our Box Tops is quickly approaching. PTSO needs 👉 your Box Tops!... turned in by October 31st!!!!

Keep up the clipping and collecting!

Akron PTSO's cover photo

Happy Home coming Rams!

Come visit the PTSO table at the Vollyball and Football games... we have free rams tattos for the kiddos... and the big kiddos. We also have Spirit Buttons, and flashing star necklaces for $3.00.


[09/27/18]   Thank you for bring in those Box Tops last week Akron Rams!

Congratulations Pre-kindergarten! you are the WINNER of the Popcorn Party!

[09/20/18]   We have almost made it through our Box Tops for Education competition it's our Last Day to collect for the popcorn party... remember the winning ratio Box Top to student WINS!

[08/22/18]   So, PTSO is signed up for a Football concession on October 26th. We have an opportunity to do a volleyball concession on either August 31st or October 12th would anyone be available to just run a concession with no meal on August 31st? or should we just do October 12th just to give us a little more time to prepare?
Thanks all

Welcome Everyone Back to School!

The Akron PTSO would like to warmly welcome the new teachers and staff members to the Akron schools for the 2018-2019 school year.

As a thank you for joining us here in Akron the PTSO presented a welcome gift to all the new teachers and a new personalized key fob to our new bus driver as well.

Welcome to Akron Schools and have a wonderful year.

Welcome Back to school Teacher's and staff!
Be sure to check your mail boxes in the office today if you did not receive a gift from a PTSO member or find a gift on your desk.
Thank you for your dedication and Welcome Back to School.

[08/07/18]   So, we need to start planning for Family Fun Night. Would Saturday afternoon about 2PM work for everyone? Or would Friday about 12PM?

So post 💖 for Saturday and 😊 Friday in the comment's 👇. Thank you everyone for bearing with me!

Akron Public Schools

Just and FYI if you haven't gotten your child(ren's)supplies yet.

School supply lists can be found on our school website.

Akron Public Schools


The 2018-19 school year is almost here!
Registration packets will be available starting Wednesday, August 1st just outside the school office past the entryway.
Registration will be Thursday, August 9th from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. for all grades.
*The first day of school for grades 6th thru 12th will be August 15th.
*The first day of school for grades pre-school thru 5th will be August 20th.
Student handbooks will be sent electronically. Printed copies will also be available upon request.
We look forward to seeing you.
Go Rams!

[07/30/18]   PTSO is looking for some volunteers to help assist with the Akron 5k Color Fun Run... if you would be interested in tossing some color or assisting with an hydration station. Please post "Me I want to help" I will forward more info when we get closer to the event.

[07/30/18]   If we set up an info board at the school on registration day would anyone be willing to sit with it and talk about PTSO?

[07/30/18]   PTSO members we need to meet up to assemble Teacher's gifts and start brain storming on Family Fun Night.

[07/30/18]   Our options for Family Fun Night in November is...

On our last meeting we started talking about getting the school spirit up. While I was in Sterling Wal-Mart and came across some clearance 4th of July items all for $1 a piece. So before I could get them I need approval from the group. Most of these items are not taged with 4th of July just the use of red, white and blue.

So let's have some fun... Comment with an 😍 emoji for yes and an 🤢 emoji for no below. I have to make a run to Sterling on Monday. So share, share, share

[07/20/18]   PTSO Committee Description
Each Committee will need to make a report and bring all needed actions to the regular PTSO meeting. If you are unable to attend the regular PTSO meeting please pass along the information to one of your Committee members or to the PTSO Vice-President so they can present your committee’s report at the regular PTSO meeting and a decision can be made at that time.

Student Recognition
Coordinate with the school consoler (Mrs. Weers) for the Attendance (Pre-K – 6th) and Honor Roll (7th – 12th) awards (this will only occur twice a year).

Teacher Recognition
Plan teacher gifts, regularly check in with teachers to see if they are in need of something (suggest attending one of the weekly teacher meetings at least once every 2-3 months throughout the school year), and encourage them to attend one of the regular PTSO meetings to request funds.

Family Fun Night
Plan an event for the whole family to enjoy. Brain storm a theme (collaborate with the school they have grants requirements that could assist you in planning this event.) Plan out workshops and fun activities conducive to children of all ages (parents included). We also offer a free dinner at this event. Reach out to other PTSO members/ community members for donations and bodies to help man each of your workshops. Also, ask the School board and principal for their help to keep the order in the school.

Spring Auction
Coordinate with Mrs. Sue as to when she is planning the spring concert. You will need to start contacting the teachers Pre-K through 6th to obtain themes for their basket’s 2 months prior to the spring concert and they will have 2 weeks to collect. Talk with local businesses to see if they would be will to sponsor a basket to display in their place of business. If supplies are need and the teachers have asked for help you must submit the request at the next regular PTSO meeting.

Square 1 Art
Contact Heather Wies to see if she is in any need of organizing this fundraiser. When the art returns around November/December. You will need to assemble a team to help brain storm and assemble the kids gifts we decide to make for them with the free stickers the company sends back with the order forms.

Concessions (Recommended Volunteers 6 - 18)
Need to contact Ali Houston to sign up to do concessions. We generally only do one during basketball season. With our Button Fundraiser we should do a least one concession in every sport our school participates in. Plan out a meal to offer to the participant’s and their families.

Box Tops (Recommended Volunteers 1-2)
Promote the Box top program at the school and around town. Collect all box tops from the collection boxes located at the school. Sort and trim box tops, count and send off every 2 months (2 deadlines a year). All new ideas to promote you must bring to the regular PTSO meeting (example: placing a collection box at the store. Bring this idea to the PTSO. VS. you want to use different flyers or posters check in with the school or where you want to hang them to make sure it is alright.)

Ram’s Pride Buttons (Recommended Volunteers 1 - 2)
Create generic buttons for the new school year. Keep close communication with the yearbook committee for photos of sports players. Print out the picture display, Cut out the button with the hole punch, and use the button Machen to create the button its self.

Bulletin Board (Recommended Volunteers 1 - 2)
The bulletin board in the entry way must be decorated every 2 – 3 months in accordance to what activity or fundraiser we would like to promote at the school. (“Welcome back to school”, Box Tops, 5k Fun Run, Square 1 Art, “Have a Wonderful Winter Brake”, Family Fun Night, Spring Auction, Teacher Appreciation week, Week of the Young Child, and Field day/ Last day of School/ “Have an Awesome Summer”/ End of year Awards (Graduates/ High honor for all grades)

Pencil Machine (Recommended 1-2)
Maintain a decent amount of pencil’s in the machine. Count money and submit to the PTSO Secretary. Research for the best deal for pencils.

(We do not organize this event but Megan could use some additional help during the time of the event.)

Akron 5k Color Run (Recommended Volunteers 7 - 30)
Meghan and Heather are the leads on this event. As PTSO is a volunteer organization that helps the school/ Kids with whatever they need we should be a prominent supporting hand for them in this event. Whatever they will need help with. Hand out flyers, pass around the word to anyone and everyone no matter where they live, through color, traffic control if needed (our sheriff’s never showed up last year and extra bodies would be helpful). (PTSO Shirts need and should be worn)

[07/20/18]   Treasurer: (in Training)
• Receive all funds of the PTSO.
• Must be present at all fundraiser events to receive payments on behalf of the PTSO.
• Keep and accurate record of receipts and expenditures.
• Pay out funds in accordance with the approval of the executive board.
• He or She will present a financial report at every meeting.
• Any other requests for a financial report will be upon the request of the executive board.
• A full report must be presented at the end of the year.
• Assemble an audit committee of 1 or 2 members of the PTSO.
• All reports must be sent to the audit committee for validation that it is true and correct. Once this is completed the Treasurer will forward the report to the President and Secretary of the PTSO.

[07/20/18]   Secretary:
• Shall keep all records of the PTSO. (treasurer's reports, approved budget, yearly calendar, bylaws, rules, membership list, and any necessary supplies and bring them to the meetings)
• Take and record minutes.
• Prepare Agenda and minutes, forward to President for review and then submit minutes for inclusion on website/Facebook/Twitter/Band.
• Handle correspondence.
• Send notices of all meetings to membership.
• Maintain Web page, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
• Count a rising vote when requested by the presiding officer.

[07/20/18]   Vice – President:
• Act as an aid to the President.
• Shall carry out the duties of the president if he or she is unable to attend, or inability to serve.
• Oversee the committees of the PTSO.
• Attend all organizations general and Board meetings, ensuring all who are present act within Bylaws, and within some approximation of parliamentary procedure.
• Chair the Bylaws committee and review bylaws and standing rules annually. Formal adoption of new bylaws when needed.
• Ensures that the PTSO’s Board is: Nurturing future leaders for our organization, giving adequate training to our Board so that they can lead in the future, matching the skills of our volunteers with their assignments so they can succeed in their job, meeting the needs of our volunteers, building unity and teamwork, being inclusive and including all of our cultures in our organization.
• Help with board transitions.
• Manage/oversee the Nominating Committee Process, forming the committee and remaining available to assist them at their request. Need only attend committee meetings if he/she has been elected to the committee.

[07/20/18]   President:
• The president shall preside over meetings of the PTSO and the executive board.
• Serve as primary contact for the principal and school staff.
• Represent the PTSO at any meeting outside the PTSO.
• Serve as an ex-officio member to all committees except the nominating committee. (Assist in guiding the committee to making decisions for the PTSO)
• Coordinate the work of the officers and committees so that the purpose of the PTSO is served.

[07/20/18]   Attention: Akron PTSO is holding an officers elections for President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer in training on our August meeting. We are accepting nominations now. I will be posting a description of each position and there duties. Feel free to post nominations or interest on the posts of your desired position or send an Email to [email protected].

[07/07/18]   The PTSO is looking over the Fundraisers and events that we have done over the last few years. We feel that we need to change up a little bit and we want your opinion? What fundraisers do you want us to Switch it up on? Or do you have and idea we haven't thought of that you would like to see us do.

Current Fundraisers and Events
1)Box Tops
2)Pencil Machine
3)Square 1 Art
4)Spring Auction
5)Family Fun Night
6)Concessions (1 or 2)
7)Ram Spirit Buttons

[05/17/18]   PTSO will be having a meeting on May 22nd at 5:30pm at the park. We will be having elections for president & treasurer. If you are interested in either positions please let me know!


[05/01/18]   Thank you to everyone for another successful Spring Auction! What would we do without you! Thank you to all the volunteers & donations they are beyond appreciated! Thank you Miss Sue M Hellyer for another wonderful concert and good job to all the kiddos for singing their hearts out!

Akron PTSO's cover photo

Akron PTSO's cover photo

Akron PTSO

Welcome to the Akron PTSO page

Hello fellow community members,

I wanted to let everyone know that the Akron PTSO is now under new leadership. Membership is open to anyone in the community that would like to participate in events and fundraiser's that benefit the students within the Akron Schools. Please feel free to Email, message and post comments on the page.

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