Whackstar Hunters

Whackstar Hunters


Hi, I have the following flies tied on high quality hooks to sell: 2 sets (barbed and barbless) Both same price 100 double beadhead stonefly hares ear (hook 10# 100 double beadhead stonefly hares ear (hook 8# 100 copper john beadhead red (hook 10# 100 copper john beadhead red (hook 12# 100 pheasant tail beadhead (hook 14# 100 pheasant tail beadhead (hook 16# 100 hares ear beadhead (hook 12# 100 hares earbeadhead (hook 14# Total 800 flies = US$ 234.50 Shipping US$ 30.00 Total US$ 264.50 Shipping will be through courier, aramex, dhl or FedEx. Paypal: [email protected] If interested please let me know. Thanks, Perminus
Got some reading material
Hey there, I just found that you guys copy and paste one of my stories word for word onto your website. Top 10 things girls should know about guys who hunt. There are no credits to me or my website mahoneyoutdoors.com whatsoever that I can see. This is copyrighted material and I will be pursuing legal action against you for damages. You will be hearing from my lawyer within the next week if it is not resolved.
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NSFW! Looks like a way to trap coyotes...and the occasional cougar =].
If you are a sportsman, please like this page. Our hunting heritage is in great danger because of the criminal enterprise of wolf introductions. The wolf is nothing more than a biological hoax to drive the eco extremist agenda of non-consumptive wildlife use in aggregate with non-consumptive use with of other natural resources such as timber and forage in order to ultimately establish the criteria for the Wild lands Project, Yukon to Yellowstone, Agenda 21, and all the other Socialist/ Eco Terrorist fantasies out there that are only about CONTROL!!! https://www.facebook.com/SaveWesternWildlife…
9 pointer, crossbow 50yrd Stark County Indaina. 11-17-17
For years We've made summer sausage for my friends and family. For years they’ve all said I should sell it. So We’ve decided to create a kit where everyone can make their own. This recipe has been around for many years and was made by my grand father and his friends. We have been making this recipe for 10yrs now with rave reviews. We are working on a jerky mix and a jalapeño sausage mix to be added soon. Please Like and Share our page. Also click the shop now button if you’d like to try your hand at making your own summer sausage. Kit includes: -Seasoning -Cure -4–1lb casings -Very detailed tips/instructions https://m.facebook.com/BestDamnSausageCompany/
Fox vs. Trapper
My daughter's senior trip .What a amazing time we had enjoying GOD'S creation.
Our Bucks Are Typical. Your Experience Won’t Be. If you’re searching for your dream hunt, why would you sort through the bargain bin? At Hunt’s End Deer Ranch, we offer the absolute best value in the industry. You simply will not find another whitetail preserve that offers our mix of experience, credibility, top-notch accommodations and, most importantly, world-class typical bucks. Book your hunt today and experience the Hunt’s End difference.

This page was created to provided an outlet for The Hunting News website's outdoor section. Not everything on The Hunting news is hunting related. So we needed a more outdoorsy page to handle those posts.

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The Oldest Wild Black Bear Ever Recorded

Never knew they lived that long

thehuntingnews.com Have you ever wondered how long black bears live in the wild? According to the National Wild Life Federation most black bears can live to be 30, but most die in


7-Year-Old Boy is in Intensive Care After Being Shot While Turkey Hunting

Please keep the boy and his family in your prayers

thehuntingnews.com Our prayers go out to a young hunter that was shot this week during a recent hunting trip. According to KWCH CBS 12, just before 5 p.m. on 26 April 2020, a


The Funniest Hunting Joke of All Time


thehuntingnews.com A young farm couple, Homer and Darlene, got married and just couldn’t seem to get enough lovin’. In the morning, before Homer left the house for


Man Arrested After Drive-By Shooting of Duck Dynasty Star's House


thehuntingnews.com This past week a Ford F-250 pulled up in front of property owned by Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson and fired off 10-12 shots, striking two of the homes. Wil


Whitetail Deer Takes Flight Of VW Bug [VIDEO]


thehuntingnews.com Ever seen a deer actually flying? I'm sure deer all over the woods have been looking up at the birds dreaming of taking flight and soaring through the air. Well


Is This the New World Record Northern Pike?


thehuntingnews.com Big fish are caught all the time, but its rare that someone catches a fish that could be a new world record. Last year a new world record crappie was caught, no


50 Hunting and Fishing Injuries {Graphic}

That looks painful

thehuntingnews.com List Posts 50 Hunting and Fishing Injuries {Graphic} March 18, 2019August 21, 2019 Aaron Futrell Hunting and Fishing Can be Dangerious if You Are Not Careful Always be careful in the great outdoors and don't let these things happen to you. Shot by Another Turkey Hunter Nose Ring Fall from a Tree S....


Man Kills Giant 10-Foot Polar That Tried to Break into his Home

Wow that’s a big bear

thehuntingnews.com Polar bears are the largest bears in the world and can become super aggressive when hungry. People who live in polar bear country must take extra steps to keep


50 Awesome Hunting Tattoos




Angler Pulls in World Record Paddlefish, But It Will Not Count

Holy smokes

thehuntingnews.com An Oklahoma angler caught the state record paddlefish but had to release it before official measurements could be taken. The fish weighed in at 157 pounds whic

The Sportsmen Party

Be careful where you step https://amzn.to/2K3yfUD

The Sportsmen Party

It could have been a lot worse.


Kid Lassoes Snake Out of Chicken Coop

Holy cow that’s crazy

thehuntingnews.com Snakes in the hen house is not a good thing. They will eat the gets and possibly harm the chickens, so you need to get them out of there ASAP. The problem is th

The Sportsmen Party

Lol have you ever taken a photo like these?


State Bans Recreational Fishing Due to COVID-19


thehuntingnews.com Most states have been encouraging people to get outdoors and go fishing with some even waiving the need for a license, but Washington state is going in the comp

The Sportsmen Party



Lawmaker Introduces Bill Requiring Permit to Purchase Ammo

Don’t let them destroy our rights

thehuntingnews.com Many citizens are exercising their second amendment right by buying guns and ammo to protect themselves from the possible economic fall out caused by quarantine

Gun Junkies

Finally figured out what people are doing with all the toilet paper!!!

Gun Junkies

Order yours for $199 https://bit.ly/33zAKXU


The host of Hunt Masters TV Charged With Wonton Waste and Baiting Violations

Another TV hunter get charged with hunting violations

thehuntingnews.com It seems like every year celebrity hunters get charged with hunting violations. You would think that after so many TV hunters have lost their careers because of

The Sportsmen Party

Sounds like a good plan https://amzn.to/39CIzhn

The Hunting News

These are wicked!

Rack Junkies

Definitely an assault on his character


Everglades National Park Seeking Hunters to Kill Pythons with Shotguns

That would be fun

thehuntingnews.com The National Park Service is ramping up efforts to combat the invasive python within the national park. As of right now, they have a team of people that ca


School Board Approves Free Firearms and Hunter Safety Courses for Students

Every school should do this

thehuntingnews.com So far this year Virginia has been a hotbed of anti-second amendment sentiment. The governor has launched a multi-faceted agenda that aims in stripping the rig


Dragon's Breath Shotgun Shells Fired at Night are a Thing of Beauty


thehuntingnews.com For everyone that does not know Dragon's Breath is incendiary ammunition consisting of magnesium particles that ignite when fired out of a shotgun. They burn su

The Sportsmen Party

Now that’s what you call a hand cannon. Gonna need one of these to go with it https://amzn.to/31skqHl


The Progression Of A Brown Recluse Bite {Graphic}

Nasty little buggers

thehuntingnews.com Outdoors  The Progression Of A Brown Recluse Bite {Graphic} August 31, 2018February 5, 2019 Aaron Futrell     BROWN RECLUSE The brown recluse my be the scariest spider in North America. It is not the size that is scary, because it really is not that big. It is the bite that rots your flesh that m...


Some of the Largest Hunter Killed Animals in North America

These are amazing!

thehuntingnews.com List Posts  Some of the Largest Hunter Killed Animals in North America October 1, 2018 Aaron Futrell   The Largest Animals Ever Killed A lot of pages focus on Whitetails, Elk and the likes, but I wanted to give some of the other animals some love. We have searched the internet to try and find some...


[QUIZ] Do you know your Hunting and Fishing Slang?

There is a lot of hunting and fishing slang out there and not everyone is always hip to the lingo.

thehuntingnews.com There is a lot of hunting and fishing slang out there and not everyone is always hip to the lingo. Take the quiz and see how well you speak the language of t


State Record Whitetails with Pictures

The whitetail deer is the most popular game species in the United States. In every state that they are hunted (43 of them) there is a state record. Here is the list of state record whitetails. (with pictures)

thehuntingnews.com The whitetail deer is the most popular game species in the United States. In every state that they are hunted (43 of them) there is a state record. Here is the


16 Vintage Gun Ads That Would Be Offensive Now

We live in a very politically correct society these days.

thehuntingnews.com We live in a very politically correct society these days.Guns are hot button issue, so we are bringing you a look at what gun ads used to be like.By today's s


How Well Can You Identify These North American Birds [QUIZ]

I have seen most of these while hunting

thehuntingnews.com Simple quiz on how well you can identify north american birds


10 Times Ticks Proved How Brutal They Can Be - The Hunting News

Sometimes nature can be cruel. One of the worst ways to go is from ticks.

thehuntingnews.com Sometimes nature can be cruel.One of the worst ways to go is from ticks.Irecently posted a picture of a snake covered in ticks and it was shared


Can You Tell These Often Misidentified Animals Apart?

It's harder than you think

thehuntingnews.com Quizzes  Can You Tell These Often Misidentified Animals Apart? September 14, 2018August 21, 2019 Aaron Futrell What type of Duck is this? Female Mallard Black Duck Correct! Wrong! - What type of squirrel is this? Eastern Gray Squirrel Black Squirrel Correct! Wrong! - This Bear is standing in Denali...

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