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AI for CRM: How Artificial Intelligence Enhances CRM for Salespeople

True. Implementation of the best systems on the planet are no good if nobody uses them. Industry analysts estimate 30-70% of CRM projects fail, and user adoption is the primary cause. Overcome these challenges by leveraging AI for CRM.


Indian Creek Local School District

Steel slabs coming from the re-fired arc furnace at JSW Mingo! So many good things happening in our District!

What to Expect Before, During, and After Your Dynamics GP Upgrade

The Velosio approach to upgrading enterprise software is nearly identical across software titles. Our implementations and upgrades are thorough, fair, and most importantly proven. Our track record of positive client experiences is unmatched. Does the thought of the ERP upgrade process induce tinges of fear, uncertainty, and doubt? Learn what really goes on during a Dynamics GP upgrade.

Is Your ERP Partner Holding You Back? 4 Tips to Maximize ERP Benefits If your ERP partner can’t, given the chance, solve your business problems to your satisfaction, chances are the weakness is not in the software.

Velosio Awarded 23rd Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle Honor | Microsoft Partner

You need Microsoft? Velosio has you covered. Velosio is the only company to be recognized and named to Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle 23 times —more than any other Microsoft partner worldwide.

Manufacturing is changing - do you have the right manufacturing ERP? | Sage Advice US

Give me a call today for a free consultation! Manufacturers today have a pressure to innovate, keep costs at a minimum, and increase speed and agility. Check out our guide to understand why you...

[06/13/18]   Anyone needing a Microsoft or Sage Partner in Northeast Ohio can get in touch with Jim Fuller at 440-822-3241!

[04/06/18]   So, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting our lot back as promised. Thanks ODOT and the City of Akron for once again displaying cronyism with the rich at the expense of small business. No wonder there is so much empty space in the city.

What Version(s) of Crystal Reports Are Required for Sage 100c? (Updated October 2018)

Get Free Webinar Series Now! Microsoft has been working hard to patch Windows operating systems against the EternalBlue exploit to help shield organizations from threats such as Petya, WannaCry and other ransomware.

But as long as employees keep opening phishing emails and clicking inappropriate links, and attackers keep dreaming up new attack vectors, your organization will remain vulnerable to cyber attack.

It’s high time to accept that malware will get inside your network one way or another, and do some heavy lifting to shore up your defenses.

I love Sage!

For manufacturers today, making products is becoming less important to their long-term survival than servicing those products. In fact, by 2018, service revenues will eclipse product revenues for many manufacturers. Learn more on Sage Advice:

Request a Free FX Fusion Splice-On Connector No crimping, polishing, or adhesives are required for termination, minimizing installation errors. Request a free sample today!

What motorcycle racing can teach you about running a business Officeheads’ Rachel Berneck learned some hard-earned lessons from racing motorcycles that helped strengthen her leadership skills.

Now consulting on this fine product. Call me at Socius today!

By following the SMARTER formula for your goals, you’ll be in better control of your business. We're teaching how in our Accounting 101 series on Sage Advice:

Attend a webinar for a free AP

Next gen stuff. Great gear. In this live webinar, we will show how cloud computing brings simplicity and effectiveness to wireless networks.

[07/17/17]   Interested in a new ERP system or maybe looking to get into an advanced CRM system? Give me a call for all of your Sage or Microsoft needs!

[07/06/17]   With the latest ransomware scare behind us, it is important we stay vigilant. Don't open anything that you aren't absolutely sure of!

Engineer Memes

Check out our "Trust me, I'm an engineer" apparel! We have mugs, stickers, shirts, and hoodies! The apparel also include our awesome definition "An organism that thrives on caffeine and last minute work".

Gamology - The Best of Gaming

Can't wait for this game!

Official Call of Duty: WWII reveal trailer

[12/20/16]   Well,

As luck would have it our Akron facility suffered serious smoke damage in a fire last week. We are operating from the Medina facility and arranging for free pickup and drop off downtown. Call 330-785-5200 to set up an appointment.

[11/14/16]   Do you really need a new computer for Christmas? Bring in your current equipment for a free evaluation. Chances are we can recommend some low dollar upgrades to free up Holiday cash for something more fun!

[10/22/16]   Remember, we always have free diagnostics and advice!

[09/28/16]   After almost two years, we are still finding that people can't find our Akron location! We hope to be back on Broadway in 2019 once the highway is complete. In the meantime, we have a service location at 5 N Main St downtown. That is the Northeast corner of Main St and Market St, facing Main. We are beneath Huntington Bank with our entrance being closest to the corner on Main St. There is a free parking garage attached, or street parking for those who would rather feed the meter. Come down and see us any time!

[09/28/16]   This is a great season to get that PC optimized and running better than ever. We always offer free advice to make your device be the best it can be!

[04/04/16]   We once again have a great selection of used PC's and laptops running Windows 7 and now Windows 10! Great deals on monitors too!

[01/04/16]   Happy New Year from ACS. In addition to our downtown location we are now servicing the Medina area. Call for details!

[11/21/15]   Getting ready for our year end sell-off. Stay tuned!

[11/12/15]   Let's all take a moment and thank a veteran. It is never too late.

Three new malware strains infect 20k apps, impossible to wipe, only af A new adware scourge injecting itself into popular apps such as Facebook and Twitter is also "virtually impossible to uninstall," requiring infected users to replace their phones. Because it only affects...

[11/04/15]   Computer slow? Using Chrome? Try Firefox instead. Chrome records everything you do and every site you visit so that Google can sell your surfing habits. With the holiday season approaching it is sure to get even worse. Try uninstalling Chrome and its plug- ins! See the difference? Yeah...Wow.

[10/27/15]   So today got off to a rough start for me. But, I actually got some great advice from the radio. I know, imagine that! It isn't exactly tech advice, but then again it has to do with something we do with our PC's and devices every day.We all have to use passwords right? Why not make those passwords as uplifting or inspirational as they are cryptic! So when you start that Monday (or whatever day), you can type something to make everything seem better. [email protected]!

Candidate Sanders explains his clean energy plan:

[10/13/15]   We are now offering free diagnostic and troubleshooting from 10am- 6pm on all PC, laptop and mobile devices! Just bring them in, we'll figure it out!

Surface Book - The ultimate laptop

Microsoft is going to spell trouble for Apple now that they have entered to laptop market in full force. Surface Book is a high-performance laptop with power and versatility.

[09/24/15]   If you get a crack in your touchscreen mobile device, fix it ASAP! Once it truly "spiderwebs" or shatters, it will take MUCH longer to repair!

[09/10/15]   Sleek and sexy is all the rage. In laptops, that is...But be careful! Make sure that thin lightweight eye candy is well built. Metal or reinforced construction is a must and Gorilla Glass or a like composite screen is mandatory if you expect that Ultrabook to survive on the road or in a backpack!

[09/03/15]   Windows 10? I know you have been waiting for my opinion of the new operating system from Microsoft. Everybody is getting the "Free Upgrade" teaser and many of you have the itch. I have spent alot of time with the OS and I have to say I like it. Alot. BUT, if you choose to do the upgrade you need to treat it like a new install. Why? Because in the occasion that you do find yourself in trouble, the rescue and reversion process is not foolproof.
1.) Be prepared.
2.) Make sure all of your drivers and software are up to date.
3.) Make sure the system is virus, spyware and approvalware free.
4.)Back up everything. Especially proprietary data files and anything not in the "normal" locations. Hint: .pst files.
5.) Properly uninstall anything that you don't want or is incompatible with Windows 10.
6.) Be patient. The process can take several hours ( if you shut it down prematurely, well that would be bad.).
7.) Reinstall the newest version of any programs that you own if necessary.
8.) Bring back any files lost in the process if necessary.
9.) Update drivers for any peripheral devices if necessary.
Ten.) Enjoy Windows 10!

[08/28/15]   Speaking of upgrades: The hands down best way to speed up any PC or Mac is to upgrade to a solid state hard drive. The performance gains are more than worth the extra cost! Prices have never been better and I expect they will not get much lower before the Christmas (yes i said it) season.

[08/28/15]   This summer has been a whirlwind! Everybody is heading back to school. Time to tune up that equipment! RAM prices are down so buy it and upgrade now before the traditional holiday spike!

[08/25/15]   Well, it has been a while so i am going to post all of thoughts I have accumulated all summer in the next few days. Brace yourselves!

In case you still haven't found us, we are under the old and new Goodyear airships!

Akron building goes down for big highway interchange project

Here is the latest picture of the building above! The first big building has come down for a new $132 million highway interchange planned at South Broadway and South Main Street in downtown Akron.

[05/26/15]   So, over the last 20 or so years I would have to say our customer satisfaction rate is over 99%. So why is it that the only people who post reviews on Yelp, YP, and Reseller Ratings are negative or flat out false? I am asking that all of the satisfied ACS patrons who are my friends and followers here post a good review. Somewhere. Every little bit helps! Thank you in advance!


Sad to say goodbye to an old friend. Such a shame to see my old building go!

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